Crazy Summer Ch. 02


As I approached the end of the pool by the patio, I heard Elaine talking to Cindy in the kitchen. At first I tried to ignore them, not typically being into eavesdropping, but when I heard the word breast I decided to find out what they were talking about. I stopped and just stood in the pool by that end with just my head above water.

"...and in addition to that they get incredibly sore later in the evening unless I express. The best part is the feeling of the initial release. It is very sensual and sometimes I have these little orgasms deep in my belly. I can't wait until tonight; I've been looking forward to your visit for so long I think I'm going to burst. I think my pussy has been wet ever since Mary suggested you come up for the summer. Just wait until tonight, you'll be able to suck my milk again." They both laughed when she said that, and I couldn't believe my ears or eyes. Cindy and Aunt Elaine making out like a couple of lesbians. And I thought nothing could shock me after what happened last night!

I went for a couple of more laps thinking about what I had just heard and what it all meant. When I was finished I swam to the pool step and got out. Cindy was just coming out the door and asked how the water was. I replied that it was a bit cool but very refreshing. She decided to have a swim also and disappeared to change. I retrieved a couple of chairs and lounges from the pool house, hosed the dust of them and set them up on the patio. I laid down on one to catch some rays and lose myself in thought.

A few minutes later Cindy appeared wearing a bikini that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Unlike the one piece she wore to the public pool yesterday, this little number was definitely meant for a private pool or beach. The panties were cut high and hugged her pussy very snug and tight. The top was two triangles of material held together with sting. I could see her tit flesh spilling out on all three sides, and the wisp of cloth barely covered her nipples and aureole.

She spied me looking at her, with my tongue halfway down my chin. She walked over to the lounge I was laying on and leaned over swinging her breast flesh in front of my face and smiling. "Hold my shades will you, I going in."

With that she dropped her sunglasses on my crotch, turned on her heel and walked back to the pool. The bottoms of her bikini pretty much disappeared up the crack of her ass giving me an immediate woody.

I was still sitting there enjoying the view, when Elaine called out from the kitchen asking if I could come in and help her out. I said I'd be right in and got up, wrapping a towel around my waist in an effort to hide my boner. I glanced at Cindy gliding across the water and decided that I needed a distraction anyway.

I entered the kitchen to find Elaine getting supper ready. I asked what was needed and she handed me a jar to spin the lid off. I did and handed it back to her. She thanked me for all the work I had done outside. I said it was nothing and that after testing the water I just couldn't resist going in for a swim.

"I should have one too. I have not been for a swim since last July, almost a year ago. Your sister seems to enjoy the water. She sure looks great in that bikini, as I'm sure you noticed." You're telling me, I thought to myself, but I guess if you're a lesbian you would react the same way I did.

She continued, "You know, maybe I can't go in after all, I don't even think I have a suit that will come close to fitting me. I'll have to check some of the ones I have." I couldn't help but think of what Elaine would look like in the suit that Cindy had on right now. Boy, talk about breast spillage! I'd be surprised if they came close to covering more than a quarter of those juggs. My cock start getting hard again so I sat on the counter stool opposite Elaine and watched out the window as Cindy got out of the pool and dried herself off. She walked over to the door and asked if she could help with supper but Elaine said everything was under control and we would be eating in about half an hour.

"We better get changed then," Cindy replied, "come on Don, you don't want to hold up the show." She walked by us in the kitchen and disappeared through the door. I hesitated, not wanting to stand up and have Elaine see the bulge caused by my hard rod. I just sat there until Elaine mentioned that I had better get going. I eased myself out and worked myself over to the door without embarrassing myself. I went up the stairs and was walking down the hall to my room when Cindy came out into the hall stark naked, reached over and grabbed my towel away and rubbed by cock through my trunks.

"What kept you silly? I wanted to suck your cock as an appetizer before supper. She knelt down, pulled my trunks down and started sucking my prick like there was no tomorrow, right out in the middle of the hall. I was nervous thinking Elaine might come up any minute, but her mouth was so warm and wet I knew I couldn't stop her before shooting a load down her throat, which happened within a couple of minutes. She swallowed every drop and stood up licking her lips and smiling.

"That was quick but definitely worth the effort. I wanted to give you something now because I don't think we'll be able to get together until real late tonight, if at all. Elaine wants to discuss a few things with me."

With that she turned and went back into her room. I picked my trunks up and ran down to my room with my semi-hard tool dancing in front of me. I closed the door, went into the adjoining bath and showered off before getting dressed and going downstairs for supper. We ate and cleared the dishes by about nine o'clock. Most of the conversation that evening was Elaine asking about mom and other family, just trying to catch up on news.

I was tired from the trip and being up most of the previous night wondering what was going on with my sister. Cindy must have felt the same because she mentioned something about getting some sleep tonight and her and Elaine got up to leave. Cindy just continued on upstairs but Elaine turned and asked me if I could close up the house, check the doors, get the lights and all that, to which I agreed.

"I just knew having you around for the summer was a good idea, I am so glad you came." I was still sitting and she came over and bent to give me a kiss goodnight. Although I had worked really hard not to stare at my aunts oversized melons all day, no man could have helped himself. Her blouse now had three buttons undone, so it was too easy to take a good look at her massive amount of tit flesh. Both my mom and Cindy had good sized tits, but Elaine was on another order of magnitude- both bigger and fleshier.

There was no gap between her breasts, the weight of them hanging down and her bra pushing them together. Even with a full cup bra on I was pretty sure I was seeing more skin than most chicks showed braless. I was mesmerized and after staring like that for what felt like an eternity, my aunt decided to say something, although not what you'd expect.

"You must be a boob man," she said, still remaining bent over me. I was shocked out of my trance at those words, clearly caught red handed taking in an eyeful of her beautiful breasts. I could feel my face getting hot as I hung my head in embarrassment. She reached down and pulled my chin up so she could look me right in the eye. "Don't be embarrassed, Don. I don't mind you looking, I actually kind of enjoy it if you want to know the truth. There is something I have to tell you though, because you may as well know what's going on with me from the start."

She was smiling at me, and sat down beside me on the sofa, holding one of my hands gently. "Of course you know about me losing the baby last spring when your sister came up to help me," she started.

"Oh yeah, I know Aunt Elaine, I was so sad when that happened. It must have been really hard for you," I felt awkward talking about her problem with the birth, it was really my first experience with anything like that.

"Don't get all upset, Don. I'm okay now and I always figured things like that happen for a good reason you know. I was stressed out about the asshole leaving me just as soon as he heard a child would be cramping his style, giving him responsibilities he had no desire for. I couldn't divorce him fast enough and the good news was both his parents recognized him for the selfish prick he had turned into and virtually disowned him. Pretty much everything he had was really his father's, so instead of me having to fight him over it all in a messy divorce his parents just gave me whatever I wanted, including forcing him to give me top dollar for the business we started. That all happened while I was still pregnant and it was clear he had abandoned us. Even after I lost the baby they still have been real kind and generous." She stopped and reached up and brushed my cheek with her fingers.

"Anyway, a lot of physical changes happen to a woman when she is pregnant and one of those things is her breasts get ready to nurse the new arrival. When I lost the baby my body didn't stop its natural process and my boobs started making milk. It was real hard at first, and without a baby to feed, my breasts got really sore and hurt a lot. The nurses helped at first by expressing some milk with a machine, while they gave me some hormone drugs that were suppose to stop the natural process. I was pretty depressed at the time and went along with them, but the pills didn't help, they just made them hurt even more and the milk didn't stop either.

"When I got home from the hospital Cindy came up to help me and because they didn't seem to be helping matters, I just stopped taking the pills. Cindy went to the drugstore and bought me one of the milk pumps and I was able to get relief by draining the milk. We had read that babies just feed less and less when they are ready to stop so we figured I could do the same thing and allow my breast milk to go away naturally." She stopped and just sat there smiling at me. I didn't have a clue what to say of course.

"So I just thought I would tell you that so if you noticed anything weird, you wouldn't get freaked out. That's why my boobs are so big. By the way, now mine are bigger than your moms for the first time ever. I bet she's going to be jealous." She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, thanked me again for locking up, and proceeded upstairs.

I was lost in a cloud of mixed emotions as I walked through the house making sure everything was locked up. Here I was lusting after my sister and my aunt's tits, never really thinking too much about why her boobs where so big in the first place. After finding out it was because of her pregnancy and lost baby I felt guilty for thinking such weird thoughts. I could be such a dick sometimes.

They both were upstairs and I suppose waiting for me to close up the house and make my way to my room. As I walked down the hall I heard them in Elaine's room talking so I knew where they were. I wondered if they had started making out like I had heard them talk about earlier. I turned on the flat screen TV and flicked through the channels. Not surprisingly, my uncle had every possible channel available on his satellite feed, including all the pro sport feeds and every adult channel I had ever heard and then some.

Still thinking about what my aunt had told me, I thought that I would watch a little TV to take my mind off things. I caught up on all the ball scores, but it was still early in the season so not too much excitement there. I listened to some commentary on the upcoming football season and the NHL draft which had just happened. Finally I flicked through the adult stuff and found all kinds of stuff. Gay, lesbian, straight porn, some real kinky stuff, the Playboy channel was interviewing some past Playmates and stuff like that.

After 45 minutes of so I decided that Cindy was probably going to be with Elaine all night and I was just going to lay down in bed, watch a movie, probably jack off and go to sleep. I muted the set and got up to brush my teeth. I passed by the hall door and thought I heard something out in the hall. At first I thought it may be my sister coming but it didn't get louder, but also didn't go away, it was real muffled.

For some reason it never occurred to me until that minute that I may be able to sneak a peek at the two of them making out. With all the other revelations I had had today I had almost forgotten about the conversation I had heard earlier. Just getting a glimpse of Aunt Elaine's giant tits were worth the risk of getting caught I thought to myself.

I stepped out into the hall and made my way down to the door leading to Cindy's room. I quietly opened the door and could hear their voices a lot clearer now. I stepped in and found both doors to the nursery were open a bit so I could clearly hear everything they were saying. I opened the first door far enough to sneak through the empty nursery. The door from the nursery to Aunt Elaine's room was open a good twelve inches so it was easy for me to see what was happening. The noises I had heard and the voices where crystal clear now and I found myself in a near state of shock as I listened and peeked through the opening in the door.

I stared in wonderment as Elaine, completely naked with her back to me, sat across Cindy's stomach. She had lowered her chest and one of her breasts was right over Cindy's head, which she was happily sucking on. Elaine was moaning loudly and telling Cindy to suck harder, make her come. Cindy must have complied because within seconds Elaine was clearly in the throes of a massive orgasm.

She pulled her chest up so she was sitting straight, grabbed her other breast, and started to milk it. I couldn't believe how much milk there was and how far it could squirt. She was covering Cindy's face in the stuff and they were both giggling. My cock was rock hard by now and I no longer felt guilty. I was rubbing it through my boxers enjoying the show, when I stupidly leaned too far in and nudged the door, causing it to faintly squeak.

I froze for a second and quickly made my way back across the room, through the doors and out into the hall and back to my own bed, my cock quickly deflating with the threat of almost being caught. I lay there thinking about what I had just seen and eventually dosed off, but not before jacking myself off. I hadn't expected Cindy that night now and if she did show up she would probably see me sleeping and decide to let me alone. I suspected that she was probably tired out anyway.

As promised, when I came down early the next morning, Elaine had a giant breakfast waiting for me. "I made up a list of chores for you to do, nothing too serious. You've already done the two on the top of the list, getting the pool ready and the patio furniture out, although there is some more of that. I do have some ground rules though. You can only work until noon and after supper if you need to. The afternoons are for fun and relaxation plus it's too hot to work then anyway. We will all be following the same routine, as that fits well with my work schedule.

I took the list and read it over and asked if they were in any particular order. She said not really but most of the stuff on the top needed attention pretty soon. I quickly ate the rest of my breakfast, grabbed some drinking water and got at the work. Before I knew it Cindy was calling me for lunch. We sat around and talked about our morning and agreed that we all needed a swim to cool off.

I went up and changed and was the first into the pool. Cindy was next and wore the same bikini as yesterday, much to my delight. We swam together for a while and Cindy came over and told me I was sleeping by the time she made it to my room. I explained that I was tired and as much as I wanted to see her I couldn't keep awake. I got out of the pool and went over to the patio table and picked up a glass of the lemonade that Cindy had brought out for us.

I lay down on the lounge chair and was just getting comfortable when Elaine emerged from the house. It was my fantasies from the previous afternoon come true. Her bikini suit was similar to Cindy's, very small. Elaine was a bit taller than Cindy but had the same shaped figure, nice legs, firm ass and thin waist. However her boobs made Cindy's look small, they were as huge as any I had ever seen on someone that was so petite otherwise.

She had one arm drawn across them and smiled shyly at me as she lowered herself into the pool. The sheer volume of tit flesh that was in the pool right now mesmerized me. Cindy and Elaine were chatting near the middle of the pool but I couldn't make out what they were saying, and frankly I didn't care. Just getting a look at these two dressed the way they were was worth a million. As I watched, Elaine started slowing swimming across the pool while Cindy got out. She grabbed a lemonade as well and sat beside me on the lounge.

"She sure has big tits, doesn't she?" Cindy said. I didn't know if it was a statement or a question, but the response was the same either way.

"They're great! I'd love to sink my head between them and suck on them. I can't stop thinking about them, except when you are around, and then I think about both of you. I can't believe this is happening to me Cindy. Three days ago I never thought I'd ever see your bare ass, now I'm thinking about what it would be like to fuck you. And what can I say about Elaine that isn't already obvious, who wouldn't want the experience of her boobs."

"I gathered that by the way you've been staring at her with every move she makes. Don't you just love the way all that flesh jiggles no matter how small the movement is? A girlfriend would be jealous, but I'm your sister and I love you no matter what and like watching you get aroused, whether I'm causing it or not. I love watching you watch me, your eyes feasting on my body, dreaming of making love to me. I'm getting hot right now thinking about it and I notice you are too."

As usual, Cindy's talk was giving me a hard-on. I reached for the towel to over my trunks but Cindy grabbed it first and walked away with it. I lay there with one leg raised while Cindy laughed at my predicament from the other side of the table.

"What are you guys laughing about over there," Elaine asked from the pool.

"Oh, nothing," came my weak response, regretting that I had drawn her attention by speaking at all. I moved my leg slightly to see if Elaine was looking my way, which she was. She started climbing up the pool ladder right in front of me, looking at the edge of the pool to check her footing. As her breasts emerged from the water, their sheer weight and mass, plus the downward pull of the water, allowed the bikini top to slip even further down revealing the top half of both dark areas surrounding her nipples. She didn't cover up quickly enough however and I was able to get a good look. She looked at me with her arm across her chest, barely containing her breasts. She reach through with her other hand and adjusted the cups, trying in vain to have them hold more flesh then they were designed for.

"I give up," she said in a frustrated voice, "I don't think I'll ever be able to wear anything like this for a long time. Maybe I should just go and buy a new wardrobe, sometimes I just feel like an old cow"

"I think it looks just fine," Cindy replied sympathetically, "you think so too, don't you, Don?"

I knew Cindy was trying to set me up with saying something stupid and looking dumb, but Elaine looked like she needed a bit of a lift so I played along. "Don't worry about it Elaine, I think you look as beautiful as ever, even more so. You look so happy since you broke up with Ted." Elaine was looking at me and her face suddenly broke into a big smile, her eyes gleaming again.

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