Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 13


The first week of school went pretty well, except that my bed was too small for me. I couldn't stretch out the way I could in my California king at home. I missed my bed almost as much as I missed Megan. We called each other every other day and texted all the time. She sent me a picture and I put it on my computer as my screen-saver. Chris thought Megan was cute, too.

My classes were fine and the professors seemed decent. Unfortunately, Chris and I didn't have any classes together. I did notice several very cute girls in my classes and lots more walking around. I was feeling really horny by the weekend. Megan wanted to stay at Penn to study, so I either had to go see her there or just stay put for the weekend. I could have gone home to see Darci off, but Chris was staying at school this weekend and planning to go home the next, so I decided to keep Chris company over the weekend.

The fraternities and sororities were already in full pledge mode trying to grab freshmen to join. Chris and I weren't anxious to join one, but the idea of free beer had us show up at a few of the parties with some other guys on our floor. The parties were wild with lots of drinking, but Chris and I usually left early.

I did meet a few girls in my classes and even knew some by name. Playing off Chris' strength for abstention, I managed to keep from getting too involved. I was more confident with women now, but that didn't matter if you had only a passing interest in getting to know them. I did meet a few I thought would be fun to study with, though.

On Friday, I was thinking about little other than heading home for the weekend. Megan and I had planned to meet back home. I was looking forward to leaving for home and couldn't think of much else. Chris didn't have a car at school and he appreciated my offer to drive him to Phillipsburg, New Jersey, where his girlfriend would meet us. It was only about a half hour or so out of my way, so I was happy to do it.

Chris and I had packed before classes, but I had to wait an extra period for him. I finished my last Friday class at eleven. I was leaving the class a bit slowly, in no hurry, when I saw Piper separate from a friend and step towards me. She was in two of my classes and I noticed her the first day. We'd even sat close several times and often said hi.

She was very cute and somewhat tall. Her straight dark, almost black, hair framed an adorable face with bright blue eyes. She had a few freckles across her nose, which I'd grown fond of courtesy of Monica, Penny, and Megan. Piper had a nice smile and I got a good dose of it as she said hi.

"Hi, Piper," I replied.

"Hi, going to be around this weekend?"

"Heading home," I said.

"Oh," Piper responded, trying to sound matter-of-fact.

"Yeah, I'm driving my roommate part way so he can see his girlfriend," I declared, somewhat purposely not mentioning my own design to see Megan.

"Oh, I thought you might be going to some of the frat parties again."

"Not this weekend," I responded. I'd seen Piper and two friends at one with Chris the previous weekend.

"Ok, just thought we might run into you again. Have a good weekend."

"You too." I couldn't help but feel some disappointment watching her walking away.

It was a nice warm day and I just sat on a bench outside waiting on Chris. I had homework and started to read the assigned chapters in one of my books. It was hard to concentrate though, as the warm weather had many of the girls showing legs and even strapless tops.

Chris got my text and joined me outside. We walked quickly to our dorm, grabbed our bags, and headed for my car. I hadn't started it in days, since Chris and I went for pizza one evening after studying, but fortunately she turned over fine and we headed off.

It took about two hours to get to Phillipsburg and we managed to find Jennifer in a parking lot of a McDonalds off the highway. Chris bought me lunch for my efforts and I got to meet Jennifer and talk with her over a quick lunch for about a half hour. I felt like I'd known her forever. She was very sweet and friendly. I could see immediately what Chris liked about her.

Megan was supposed to be home by three, so I got in the car and hurried back home after saying goodbye. I agreed to meet them at the same McDonalds at three o'clock on Sunday, as both Chris and I wanted to be back relatively early to study.

I got home and hugged my parents hello. Darci wasn't coming home this weekend. My mom helped me unpack and offered to do all the dirty laundry I'd brought with me. My parents wanted to hear all about school, but I managed to talk quickly enough to satisfy them and still get a text off to Megan. She could get away at five and I promised her dinner.

I was very excited to finally be heading to see her as I left the house at quarter to five. As I walked out the side door, I spotted Anna and Penny near her car in the driveway. They heard me and came closer.

"Hey, Davey," Penny was the first to say.

"Look whose home already," Anna said joyfully.

"Hi, you two," I replied. I smiled at them, but then remembered the last time I'd seen them. "How are things?"

"Fine," Penny said smiling.

"Good," Anna followed and added, "and you?"

"Great, now that I'm headed to see Megan," I replied, wanting to get it out there.

"Oh," Penny said. "Nice."

I could sense a little disappointment in her tone, but Anna just said to have a good time.

"Thanks...what are you two up to?"

"Just going to listen to some tunes upstairs," Penny replied.

"If you get home early let us know," Anna offered.

"I will," I answered, but doubted inwardly that it would happen.

Megan answered the door about five seconds after I pushed the doorbell. She hugged me hard and we kissed. Her lips were soft and her lipstick greased my lips. I tasted strawberries and her tongue worked for entry to my mouth on the second kiss.

"I want to rape you right here on the porch," she whispered into my ear.

"Me too," I said softly back.

"Let's get outta here."

"Ok, I'm ready."

"One second," Megan said, retreating into the house for a few seconds.

She returned with a sweater in hand and yelling "bye." We nearly ran to my car and I helped her into the passenger side. I got behind the wheel and took off as Megan leaned closer and held my arm with both hands.

"Where're we going?" she asked, kissing my cheek softly.

"Quigley's?" I suggested.

"Fine, but can we go somewhere first?" she asked with a gleam in her eye.

"Sure, but what do you have in mind?"

"I can't wait to get at you," Megan gleefully exclaimed.

"Me too."

She pulled my face around for a fast kiss. I kissed her, but made sure I kept my eyes on the road. Megan's hand settled into my crotch as we cruised down the road. I decided to head for that same park around the corner. Maybe it wouldn't be busy even though it was a weekend day. My dick had been reacting to Megan's kisses and now her squeezing fingers brought new stiffness.

The park was way too busy. People on bikes and several soccer games in the fields had parent's cars all over the lots, even into the back lot where we last parked. There was no way we could get intimate here.

"Damn," I moaned aloud, "Where to now?"

"I've got an idea," Megan said excitedly.


"My grandmother's house."


"My mom told me my grandmother's at my aunt's in Pennsylvania for the weekend. I know where she keeps the key to the back door. The couch in the basement would be perfect."

"Oh, I like your thinking," I affirmed, following her directions.

Her grandmother's house was ten minutes away in a quiet neighborhood. We pulled into the driveway and all the way back to the detached garage. We exited the car as fast as we could, and Megan quickly found the key inside an ornamental frog by the back door on the porch. A minute later we were inside and down in the basement.

"Strip," Megan commanded, as she managed to get the zipper on the back of her dress down.

I peeled the golf type shirt I had on over my head, kicked off my shoes, and dropped my jeans to the ground. My cock tented the front of my boxers as I watched Megan. She'd shed the pretty printed sundress she'd had on and only had a lacy matching purple bra and panties beneath. The bra followed her dress over the back of a leather chair and the panties were down fast too. She still had her high heels on as she stepped towards me.

"Let me do that," she said pointing to my boxers.

Chewing on her lower lip, Megan had an intense look on her face as she stared at my boxers. She moved to me and wrapped both hands around my covered stiffness. Her hands immediately brought more hardness to my excited cock. She squeezed it and moaned before looking up into my eyes.

"God, I've missed you and this."

"Me too," I agreed.

Megan's nipples were deliciously stiff looking. Her pubes were shaved into a strip just above her cleft. She looked so hot and tall, wearing only her heels. I reached for her to pull her in for a kiss, but she dropped to her knees first. Her hands pulled at the waistband of my boxers and my cock popped free like a diving board.

"Oh, geez...he looks even bigger than I remember," Megan gasped. "Sit down."

I moved a half step or two back with my boxers around my ankles and sat down on the couch. Megan helped remove my boxers completely as she shuttled between my legs. Her hands wrapped around my cock and balls. It was a little cool in the basement and her hands felt cold against my superheated dick.

Megan stared at my cock as she began to stroke me with one hand and tease my balls with the other. I watched intensely as she leaned forward and kissed the head. After a couple kisses her tongue brushed over the soft spongy head of my cock. I'd been saving myself all week and the unbelievably erotic sight of my girlfriend licking my cock caused a dollop of pre-cum to push out from inside. Her tongue made sure that it quickly disappeared.

"Oh, god," I gasped.

"Mmm...I've wanted to taste you again so bad."

"I'm so hot for you I might not last."

"That's not a problem, right?"


"Good...then let me please you."


I kept watching as Megan licked the head and down the sides. Tender little kisses caressed the sides of my cock and down to my balls. My smooth balls rolled like eggs in a bag away from her probing tongue. She tried to suck a ball into her mouth and did. It felt exquisite and I told her so.

"Oh fuck, Megan."

"Like that?" she asked, popping her mouth off my wet testicle.

"God, yes."

She took my other nut into her mouth as her hand rubbed my long stiff cock against the side of her face. I could feel my nutsack tightening as she stroked my cock and worked back up to the head with licks and kisses. Sensing my growing need, Megan sucked the huge helmet into her mouth. I nearly lost it as her tongue danced across the underside of my tip.


She backed off and looked up at me with a smile. "'re so delicious. I could suck you all day."

"That would be incredible," I groaned.

Megan stroked me lightly, which helped me regain a modicum of control. Her other hand rolled my saliva-coated nuts in their sack. She rubbed the tip against her pursed lips and ran her tongue along the sides.

It felt amazing when she took me back into her mouth and pushed down. I held her long pretty brown hair from her face so I could see her lips descend my cock. The head of my dick touched up against the back of her mouth. Her gag reflex kicked in and she coughed lightly as she tried to accept my cock into her throat. She couldn't, and backed off for a second to recover. She looked up at me, disappointed and with tears in her eyes for her efforts.

"Nice...feels great," I complimented.

"I still can't do what Anna can," Megan complained. "I can't deepthroat you."

"No need. You're still incredible."

"Thanks, but I'm going to keep trying," Megan stated with determination.

She took me back into her mouth and used one hand to stroke the part not in her mouth. She bobbed her head, taking me deeper until again I approached the back of her mouth. I noticed her other hand was down between her legs. Her eyes were closed and she moaned on my cock as she bobbed faster.

Megan looked magnificent, kneeling before me in her high heels as she worked my cock in her mouth. Her moans intensified and she sucked and licked on my cock. I could feel my cum getting ready to burst in my balls. I think Megan was trying to time our cumming together.

"Oh, babe...I'm close," I barked.

Megan just moaned and tried even harder to get me off. I couldn't take any more and felt the first expansion of my cock just before the cum exploded. Megan must have felt it too, as she pulled me back until just the head remained in her mouth. I couldn't see what she was doing to herself, but I could see her upper arm moving rapidly. We groaned together.

"Oh fuck, babe."

The burst of my cum in her mouth was immediately too much for her to handle. The first two pulses detonated with incredible force and quantity. She gagged up cum and it exploded around my cock in her mouth. She coughed, but still tried to keep her mouth around me. Managing to regain control, Megan took the next few lesser shots of my seed with ease. I felt her mouth gulp down some and try to hold the rest. I was amazed. Megan had never swallowed me before.

"Oh, shit," I exclaimed as the final throes of my orgasm and sperm left me.

Megan continued to suck on my cock and wiggle her tongue teasingly until I relaxed and settled back on the couch. She looked up at me with a smile on her face and pulled gently off my cock with a mild pop.

"God...that was fantastic," I complimented.

" came a lot," Megan gargled with a smile and still half a mouthful.

"Sorry, I should have warned you I might cum a lot."

"Mmm," she moaned and opened her mouth for me.

The light wasn't great in the basement, but I could see my sperm still coating her tongue. Megan looked at me and then brought her cupped hand up to spit in it. She let most of my cum run from her mouth and lips down in a stream to her hand. She then pushed the rest out with her tongue. Finally, she spit into her hand.

I watched mesmerized as she leaned back and looked at me. Her smile returned as she held her cupped hand steady. I was beginning to wonder what she was going to do, when she stood up before me still with her cupped hand. I tried to look everywhere at once. Her face, her tits, and her sweet gash that looked ready for me.

"I'll be right back," Megan said.

I watched her sweet ass sway back and forth as she sexily walked away in her heels to the bathroom and disappeared for minute. She returned with a few tissues, wiping her face. I drank in her body as she neared. My cock lay spent for now, against my left thigh.

"You look so hot, babe," I said as she sat beside me.

Her smile immediately lit up and she said, "Did you notice what happened?"

"Yeah...I'm sorry I came so much."

"No not that...I swallowed some."

"Yeah...I did see that."

"I had to, or I might have choked again. I didn't plan to do that, but it sort of happened before I could even think about it. It was gone down my throat and it wasn't that bad."


Well, it was sort of by impulse, but who knows. I might be able to do it again."

"Wow... that would be cool," I agreed.

"Now me," Megan declared. "I need you so bad."

She shifted onto the couch and I got between her legs. I could smell her arousal and it turned me on, too. I kissed along her thighs, but wasted no time in attacking her pussy. I knew she wanted it bad and I wanted to give it to her good. I did, too. I ate her beautiful pink pussy to one fast orgasm and then worked at her with all my pussy-eating skills until she exploded big time. With the first orgasm, she moaned and held me to her cunt. With the second, she trashed around on the couch and I could barely keep my mouth on her.

As Megan eased back from the peak of her second orgasm, I still licked away her sweetness. My fingers had tormented her g-spot and my mouth had sucked her clit with added tongue torture. She moaned and still held my face to her beautiful sex, but not as aggressively.

I got to my knees and moved over Megan. She opened her eyes and looked at me as I positioned myself to enter her. My cock was a raging battering ram again, ready to ravage a juicy pussy. Megan's was open and ready for me. She looked down at my menacing cock and reached for it. She looked back into my eyes with a beckoning stare.

"Fuck me, Dave. Fuck me over and over."

I slipped forward and pressed my cockhead against her yielding nether lips. Her wetness allowed me to slip between her folds and soak the end of my rigid member. I moved it around until I found the entrance to her sweet body, looked back into Megan's eyes and thrust. The first few inches pushed her tight walls aside and gained depth inside her.

"Argh," Megan gasped. "Oh god, you're so big."

Another thrust, and a few more inches pushed inside her vaginal sheath. She was wet from two orgasms, but her pussy was still very tight. It enveloped my cock like a wet, velvety fist. I pushed once more, and I could feel myself deep inside her.

"God, I feel so full of your cock," Megan exclaimed.

I let it rest inside her and allowed her to feel the fullness and get used to it. Megan soon began to wiggle beneath me, wanting more. She pushed her hips up to me and clamped her cunt muscles down even tighter.

" me...fuck me hard. I need you to fuck me good and cum inside me."

"I'm going to make you cum until you can't take it anymore," I boasted.

"Yes...fuck me, sweetie...fuck your girlfriend's hot little cunt."

I did just that, and soon brought her to a wonderful climax. Megan had her long legs around my hips and urged me into her. I could feel the strap of one high heel rubbing annoyingly against my lower back. I tried not to think about it, but it irritated me enough to hold my attention. Ultimately, it worked to take my mind off my own pleasure and allowed me to fuck Megan to another shuddering cum.

Her pussy clamped me like a vise and I looked down at her tortured face as she gasped and moaned through her second orgasm. Wetness coated my cock within her. Her pussy felt like a furnace around my manhood. She clung to my arms as my cock rested deep inside her. She moaned loudly and shook beneath me, as the delicious waves of bliss washed over her until she finally stopped trembling and calmed.

Megan was getting some great orgasms, but I was ready to press for one of my own. I started pounding hard into her cunt. She dropped her legs from around me and gave me full access to her vulnerable pussy. My balls tightened and I kept going hard. Megan groaned and looked into my eyes just as my climax hit.

My dick exploded inside her, and my hot cum blasted deep into Megan's womb. She groaned and started trembling as a small orgasm hit her, too. My balls pumped what seemed like a gallon of cum into her cunt. She groaned and just looked into my eyes. I felt the last of my cum pump out into her and my remaining strength seemed to go with it. I held myself up on my elbows, trying not to crush her. I could feel Megan's erect nipples poking my chest.

After I caught my breath, I slid off Megan and managed to get my legs to the floor. I was kneeling by the couch and she was naked, sweaty, and still splayed out on the couch. Her head looked towards me. I saw the love in her eyes and I leaned in to kiss her. She kissed me back tenderly and pushed her tongue against my lips. I accepted it and kissed her back with the same earnestness.

Suddenly, Megan broke our kiss. She reached for between her legs. "God, I feel you running out of me."

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