tagBDSMCrazy Uncle Ed Ch. 01

Crazy Uncle Ed Ch. 01


If you asked me yesterday, I would not have called him my favorite uncle or even have said that we were close.

Today? I miss that crazy old bastard dearly and love him with all my heart. What changed? He died, in a car crash with another guy who worked for him. They had been out drinking and driving drunk and had crashed into a telephone pole, killing both instantly.

I learned all this as I was sitting in a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan. After I had gotten out of the military I had become one of those private military contractors probably not one of my best decisions in life but at least it paid well. Not the way that you want to end your day when you still have 2 months left in country of a 12 month tour.

I don't know why he did it, maybe it was that summer that I spent out there taking care of him when he fell off his roof a few years ago. Maybe, it was because i was the only one in the family who cared about the old loon. You see, he really wasn't my uncle. Well he had married into the family and then his wife died leaving him with a nice sized fortune. Not saying that my family was racist, but we are black, he was white. That didn't matter to Aunt Ellen though, she loved him all the same. If it didn't matter to her, it never mattered to me either.

I thought he was fun and visited him every now and then. Uncle Ed loved to piss off everyone in our family and it is true that he was an old dirty bastard. Even more crazy is that we were all the family that he had. No one left on his side.

I guess that you had to understand his sense of humor...or just accept that he couldn't be understood. Maybe that is why he bought that ranch out in the middle of nowhere. It was in one of the Carolina's, never could remember which one. And ranch is being extremely nice about it, it was really just a huge house, barn that was falling apart, and about 30 acres of just plain wild land. To be honest, I couldn't remember what he owned or where he worked until his lawyer emailed me a few days later. Uncle Ed's last act of pissing off the family. What he did was he left the entire operation to me, and this guy was loaded.

WTF? Damn uncle. So here I sit the new owner of 30 acres of land on which appear to be 4 structures and one of the properties is being rented by a family of three. He also owns the shop which is rather large and is the main source of income for most of the town, they make some kind of specialized aircraft parts. Talking back and forth with the lawyer I come to find out that a family of three is living in one of two trailers. The other is uninhabited. What was Uncle Ed trying to do start a damn trailer park? Well this actually does solve a problem. When I deployed over here I sold everything. So when I come home now I guess I have somewhere to live.

I tell the lawyer to handle things till i get back. I send flowers to the grieving wife, call and email the plant managers and tell them in no uncertain terms that while I own the plant, they run it, its their jobs on the line. If the plant becomes unprofitable I will shut it down.

It gets better or worse depending on your point of view, the family of three is actually the wife and two daughters of the man that uncle Ed died with in the crash. This wife didn't work and is now scrambling to find a job, which in this economy are extremely scarce. I put it to the back of my head and just try to make it through the next 2 months alive.

With 2 weeks left in country I am making preparations to go home. The wife, Sara, has been unable to make rent or even get a job, and the lawyer is getting pissed off because he is not a realtor and doesn't want to get stuck in the middle of this mess, it seems the younger daughter is handling affairs for some reason. I tell him to not worry about it and will be there in 6 weeks. After a successful mission and debrief I drive up to see just what kind of mess I have inherited.

I get to town at night and just check into a local hotel. The next morning I wander over to the lawyers office and surprise him. After he catches himself he gets the papers for me sign, gives me some keys, a sealed envelope and just like that its all mine. I follow him over to the plant for the first of many days of briefings on plant operations and just what they do there and how they do it.

At about noon my head is about to explode and I call it for the day and wander back to my office. Uncle Ed was weirder than weird, someone had told me that the reason the door to the office was so massive because Ed had wanted the office to be sound proof. Really? What the fuck? Who does shit like that? Crazies like uncle Ed that's who. Inside there is a leather couch on one side and on the other is a desk for my assistant, Chyna, or something like that I think. My desk is centered on the windows with the magnificent view. While I am checking my email I chat her up and am shocked to learn that she not only works here but lives at the factory as well. It seems that is a requirement that Ed had levied on her. Looking through her file, Ed's private file, I find it is one of many including a very risqué dress code. As an aside uncle Ed kept a weird assortment of personal sometimes highly incriminating files. I tell myself to look in her general HR file tomorrow. She offers to show me the residence. Curiosity gets the better of me and then we are headed up a back private stairwell to an apartment with view more amazing than my own of the adjacent valley.

I suddenly realize I am alone with this very beautiful, sexy little girl. Early 20's, thin athletic frame, soft brown skin, shoulder length black hair, very very short skirt, long sexy tanned legs, nice DD cup breasts. Sexy and seems very submissive to, really my type but I was still to much in a state of shock to take advantage of the situation. And here we are in her private apartment with her still flirting and being extremely suggestive. It is obvious that she was uncle's personal slut but I wasn't ready to go there quite yet. I expected uncle to have a mistress or two, but there was something going on that I had not figured out yet, I mean yeah guys have mistresses, but who keeps them at work and makes them live there? I somehow make my escape and head over to my new residence. En route there I notice the envelope and open it up. Inside is a very cryptic handwritten note from Uncle Ed, telling me that I took care of him now he is going to take care of me if i can take care of his property and land. Typical uncle Ed, as cryptic as possible what did property and land mean?

The front of the residence is exactly as I remember it. I drive up and park in the front of the house and remember sitting out on the porch with my uncle. The note did answer one question, "I took care of him", that phrase I guess that summer really meant a lot to the old guy. I was just trying to be family to someone who had none.

I can hear the stereo from outside, odd I think. When I get to the front door I find it unlocked, and ease my way in. MTV or something is playing, the house is cool...ac is clearly working along with the water and power, and I can smell... is that popcorn ....?

"What the hell is going on, someone having a party," I think to myself?

As I ease around the corner to the family room I see her. She must be one of the daughters from the trailer, watching TV on uncle Eds massive television and surround sound. Shaking her ass and singing was so damn inviting. Damn, the lawyer told me that the girls were 17 and 21, I hope that this is the legal one. Long blonde hair down to her ass, and a lovely ass at that. Maybe 5'6 with long sexy legs, tiny waist, bronzed skin. From behind she was amazing. Tight wife beater T-shirt, short cut-off jeans.

Damn I wanted to give her a rough and violent spanking. White trailer trash slut. Not to thin, not to thick, just the right amount of cushion in all the right places. I quickly surveyed the room. Food wrappers and beer bottles everywhere. If she was going to use the house, the least the bitch could do would be to clean up a little. The place was trashed. Uncle Ed I didn't really expect to clean either but someone had to.

She was going to shit herself when she turned around and saw a 6'6 240 pound black man staring at her. When I got done staring I started knocking on the wall and the bitch damn near jumped out of her skin and damn were those breasts amazing when she did. Bouncy and huge, they had to be implants. Damn I need to get me a woman. Face somewhere between a bimbo and a devil that scream I was made for fucking.

"What the hell, you scared the crap out of me? Who the fuck are you?" She burst out with a look of shock and terror on her face.

"Relax, I think I am the new owner of all this."

"You aren't supposed to be here for another 2 months!"

"How about you turn it down then we don't have to yell! Better. See that picture over there," I say pointing to a picture of me and Ed on the mantle. "Look familiar?"

"You're not supposed to be here for another 2 months!!"

I laughed and picked up one of the beers. "What is your name sweetheart?"

"Chloe, your Mike right?"

"Yeah, are you the older or younger daughter?"

"I guess I would be the younger." But that question clearly took her by surprise, why?

"How tall would you be Chloe?" I shrugged.

"5'7, Hey!!! Where are you going?"

"Hmph....Looking around my house! Come along if you want to, or keep watching tv. Whatever." I yell over my shoulder as I walk away. If I stayed there and continued to stare at those huge breasts I was going to commit a crime. A few of them.

She followed me as I wandered the house, flirting with me all the way, I remembered what the lawyer said about a younger daughter running things, but didn't even bring it up. Just didn't feel right. Not only was she using the TV, stereo and kitchen, but what I assumed was her stuff was scattered about. Including quite a lot of it in the master bedroom. Damn teenagers.

The thought came to me that she probably didn't know that I was straight out of a combat zone and had not been with a woman for over a year. "Calm yourself Mike, there will be time for that later, learn your new environment first." It took a bit of effort but eventually I get her leave. It was almost like she didn't know where to go. "Tell your mom to stop by so we can figure out the rent," I called as she was leaving.

Upon saying this there was an immediate change in her. So I called her back to the porch and found that mom still couldn't find a job. I didn't know what that change was, at first I thought it was desperation, ideas instantly started forming in my head, but I shook them out and found out that she had just graduated from high school had just turned 19(damn lawyers) and was looking for work herself. Yeah working real hard on that one sitting here in uncles house watching tv and drinking his booze but I didn't let that one out either. I guessed that every single word out of her mouth was an outright lie. Mysteries are really beginning to pile up around here.

It had been a immensely busy day so I offered to walk her home hoping she would decline, which she did, so I sent her on her way but not before telling her to come back with her mom and giving her a very deliberate and methodical eye fucking which she did not miss and clearly made her uncomfortable. I was as horny as fuck, we were a both a bit intoxicated, she was as hot as hell, clearly uncomfortable and a fine layer of sweat had begun to form on her face and chest. I reached out to her and took her cheek in my hand and pulled her close and took a long deep kiss which she almost returned. Almost.

But did I really care? She was just a dumb blonde bitch, and in my book, white bitches are only good for one thing.I picked her up and threw her against the wall. Trapping her there and kissing her again, this time roughly exploring her body with my hands. Her body was so warm, her soft tanned skin was butter in my hands. When I started none to gently kneading her breasts in my hands she tried to push them away, I couldn't resist any more, I reared up on her, slapped her hard across the face, my inner predator had come out and I pulled her back into the house.

"Before we fuck, tell me how big are these things?" I asked as I patted her breasts.

"What makes you think I am going to fuck you," she panted as she tried to swat my hands away.

"Option A is you let me fuck you and we fuck. Option B is that you say no and I rape you. How big?"

"Go to h....," was all she got out before I slapped her so hard I knocked her over the couch. I then jumped over the couch and mounted her from behind, spanking that sexy ass into submission. I didn't deliver to much of a spanking as what my predator wanted, demanded to be fed was her ass in a different way. In no time I had reached under her, unbuttoned her jeans and yanked her shorts down her legs. As soon as I saw that bare sexy ass, I ripped her shorts the rest of the way off, the slut didn't even have on a thong or anything. I couldn't resist the urge to spank her bare ass some more.

"Blonde fucking whores," I yelled at her as I spanked her. "All you are good for is pleasuring men in whatever way we choose." She was screaming by now, begging.

The little slut knew what I wanted from her and wisely let me do as I pleased, removing the rest of her clothes and devouring her from head to toe. I noticed that she was not a natural blonde, as I pleasured myself. She knew just what to do and was also very skilled in pleasing me. Biting, licking, sucking, kissing every womanly part. My hands found their way between her legs and found her soaking wet. Without hesitating I slammed into her with everything I had, this wasn't about our mutual enjoyment.

This was about that dumb office slut Chyna, Ed dieing on me, Chloes' sexy seductive ass, Afghanistan, a years worth of getting shot at in dumps and dirty, dusty hell holes. I flipped her over and without caring about her one bit lined up with her asshole and started pushing in. She screamed and fought at first but was no match for my size, my anger or my hatred. What started as rough sex had quickly evolved for me into the delivery of a brutal anal rape. Between my dick splitting open her ass, one hand pulling her hair and the other choking her, she was in no position to resist and I rode her until I came in her.

What happened next was completely unexpected, but as soon as I rose off of her she got to her knees, turned around and took me into her mouth and cleaned me off. This little slut had thoroughly enjoyed what just happened. She stumbled back and I saw my opportunity, I used that long mane of hair as a leash and dragged her bent over by the hair to the shower. "Now I asked you a question, an answer will get you a shower, attitude will get you a whipping. How big slut?" To emphasize the point she got slapped across the face again.

"36FF, please.... please"

"These shits are far from real," I said as fondled and squeezed her breasts. "How many surgeries?"

"please...," she started as I slapped her again, harder this time. "please let me suck you .... "

I had to laugh at her persistence, "How many surgeries slut?"

"3," she said as she dropped to her knees.

She got the picture quickly and started to perform again. Through her very adept touching and oral ministrations I was hard again in the shower in no time and proceeded to give her the hard fucking that she so eagerly wanted. This time went much more slowly and with the anger gone, or at least heavily sated I was able to enjoy her more and bring about a greater level of enjoyment to her. But at 19 this little slut was absolutely magnificent. When I finally came in her again, I fed her my dick for cleaning again. When she was done, all I said was that it was past time for her to go, and she quickly gathered her things and left. I watched her walk into the distance, both because it was such a nice sight to see that she was definitely walking funny, and because I was just zoning out after a long long day. Between her and Chyna this little corner of the countryside was definitely a huge step up.

Looking around, the place was a royal mess. That was uncle ed, nothing changed, he hated to clean. Huge house though, 2 floors plus that basement that I wonder if he ever finished. 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, its going to take me forever to clean this place up. But in the back of my mind I already knew that Sara and her girls were going to clean it. I wander throughout the house looking at what was new and what I had inherited. Something felt strange. Not bad, just different and I couldn't put my hand on it. I shrugged it off to exhaustion and just finally went to bed. Looking out the window, it looks like he put some work into the barn, its not going to fall over anytime soon at least.

The next day I had more meetings with managers and accounting. By lunch I am ready to go insane and head to my office where Chyna awaits. I sit at my desk and invite her over. When I sense that she is near I ask her what her primary purpose here is?

"Um sir? I am your assistant," she smiles and giggles playfully at me.

"What functions do you perform here," I ask more forcefully.

Suddenly more uncomfortable she begins to move around and starts telling me that she gets me stuff like gets food, papers, files.... She stops talking when I start laughing at her.

"No no, not how are you trying to reinvent yourself since Ed died. What's you job here Chyna? Let me help you, stop me if I get some detail wrong. You are the personal sex toy of the CEO, aka, me. And anyone I tell you to serve". While I am saying all this I am also watching her. Watching the transformation. I was wondering if she really wanted to transform. Her HR file the official one, showed her as being hired on her 18th birthday, fired the next day, then rehired the next day as a volunteer. But she had a special expense account. She didn't abuse it but she definitely used it. I now suspected that she served Ed long before she was legally allowed to.

The look in her eyes was the only confirmation that I needed. "Look sweetie, go upstairs and make me a turkey club sandwich. If you do wish to have an honest job then serve it to me dressed in something a bit more conservative. If not, nude and those five inch heels you have on. But I do want you to choose." While I am saying this I can't resist the urge to slip my hand up her skirt and am not the least bit surprised to find that she is not wearing panties.

She starts to say something but I quickly shut that down, "Look you pathetic bitch make a choice, now go get my fucking food." I slapped her ass to emphasize the point.

The hurt look in her eyes almost makes me feel bad, but I am hoping that she comes down here fully dressed, which she does about 10 minutes later. Nice sun dress, low heels, a little conservative, a little naughty. In reflection it is probably the longest dress she had. She also had taken the time to put her hair up into a bun. It makes no difference though she hands me the sandwich and goes back to her desk. The club was OK, but really my attention was focused on her. I had no intention of helping her go legit, I just wanted to give her hope and then crush her. Today I would be staying late. I finish my lunch and head out to my next meeting when I stop and tell her that I think her hair is more sexy down, as I am saying this I am taking it out of its bun. She doesn't issue any complaints or say anything the whole time I have my hands on her. I give her a few trivial and a few not so trivial tasks to be completed by the time I returned. The type of stuff I knew she couldn't do.

It is my an unending joy to take the innocence of little dumb naive girls and completely destroy them. Little did I know that this one had her innocence taken long ago.

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