tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCrazy Uncle Ed Ch. 04

Crazy Uncle Ed Ch. 04


Standing I snapped my fingers and had Chyna follow me up the stairs to her apartment. Heading into her bedroom, I see on the bed a tiny micro skirt, black a triangle bikini top and black stiletto heels.

"I like how you think slut, this would have been okay 45 minutes ago, but why don't you show me a short dress. Something that covers you from your breasts to say 3 ish inches below your pussy."

"Yes, Master, will this do," she asked as she pulled a tube looking dress out of her closet.

"Pull out three or four for me... " Which she dutifully did, I took my time and pick a light green mini dress that was revealing but not overly so.

"When you are dressed, bring your hairbrush and comb out here." Less than five minutes later she was kneeling at my feet while I combed her hair out. More than once she attempted to speak. The first time I just shushed her, the second time she got a light tap on the ear with the comb and she didn't need a third time.

On the drive home I opened up to Chyna getting serious with her about where things were going. "Okay, time for more honesty. This was a lot more than I imagined or dreamed of. When Uncle Ed died, it was a shock. He was like... A brother almost, well an older brother. Okay a older crazy lunatic, you get the picture. But that, then getting here and learning about you and your mom Sara and Chloe. Chloe, your half sister, my second cousin...."


"The company is doing really well, with the house and the land and the company, I think I can safely say I am rich enough. That and more pussy than I literally know what to do with." As I was saying these last words we made one of the last turns to get home.

"Before today, when was the last time you saw your mom?"

"Long time Master, I don't even remember"

"And Chloe?"

".... I don't know ...," she whispered. Something told me that was an outright lie, but I left it alone for the moment.

"Well as you saw on the video, for the moment Sara is living here with me, Chloe is being stored in the basement, I haven't decided what to do with her yet. Every time I think up a plan for her something comes up."

"Master, can I ask you a question?"

"Of course, what's up?"

"Do you have a plan for me?"

"What I should do is, to ask you what you want. My plan, is to keep you as my personal slave and slut. Pretty much everything that you were doing in the office, you will be doing 24/7. If you and your mom get along, we will find a place for her. Can she cook do you know?"

"Maybe but not better than me," she said with pride and more than a little arrogance.

I laughed at her response then glanced over to her, "How does my plan for you sound?"

"Perfect, thank you Master. Perfect."

Perfect indeed I thought to myself. We rounded the corner and pulled up to the house. Getting out of the car I led her inside and told her to remain dressed until I told her otherwise. Looking around I could hear Chloes screaming from downstairs, looking at my watch yep it was about that time.

Sara didn't hear me when we descend the steps and jumped back in shock when she finally realized we were there. Sara was wearing one of my shirts and I wonder if I ever told her that she would be nude at all times in this house. Either way she is getting a spanking. The entire basement stinks of Sara's success, and she seemed rather proud of herself.

"How many times did she cum today?"

"Never Master, not once," she proudly stated. "Chy.... " The two of them stare at each other as Sara finally notices Chyna. Sara reached for Chyna, they embraced each other and I let them have a moment. While they are saying hello I wandered over to in front of Chloe where I raised a straw to her lips. She sucked down whatever is in the cup and looked at me with eyes barely able to focus. Before I untied her wrists and ankles, I located a collar for her and put it on. Then I picked her up and lowered her to her knees.

She looked up at me and whispered, "Please, please, can I please have your cock, I need it so bad..."

"Not yet..." I said and cuffed her wrists to her collar behind her head. "Slaves come, lets have a chat."

Chyna and Sara walked hand in hand and both knelt next to Chloe. Sara's light brown features, Chyna's nearly the same. They could be sisters. Then Chloe, no resemblance at all.

"Chyna, you come here, you know your place" I said as I motioned to her. Then when she approached I spread my legs and guided her to her knees between them. "Little girl you are always at my side you understand?"

"Yes Daddy," she said as she possessively hugged my leg.

"Ok, now that I am getting a firmer grasp on what's going on around here, I just thought that we should all have a talk and get on the same page. Chyna here is going to be my permanent all around slave, pleasure, sex, domestic, whatever any and all. Her head is in the right place, she is the most beautiful of all of you and I honestly find her the most enjoyable to have around."

"Sara, you can't compete with either of these two physically. You just can't. You have a nice enough body, pretty enough face, but in this crowd you come in dead last. But your heart and head is in the right place so that counts for a lot. I didn't tour the house yet, but it looks a whole hell of alot better. So my thoughts for you are maid / housekeeper / groundskeeper / whatever. And yes whatever includes whatever erotic thing I want you to do. You are free to leave whenever as well."

"Chloe, fine as hell, sexy to no end. Shitting fucking attitude. Period. Because of that I have no use for you and no idea what to do with you. I was going to slut you around but that was Ed's game, that isn't my style. Ed built stables for boarding so I assume he had some contacts. I have thought that maybe I could sell / trade / just plainly give you away just to get rid of you. Or I could keep you as a pet, something for Sara to take care of. You are of course not quite as free to leave, I have thought of digging a ditch and dropping you in it, *sigh* what the fuck am I going to do with you? Thank goodness its Friday...."

"Sara, back to you, first question, why are you wearing clothes?"

"Master I'm sorry, " she said as she slipped out of the shirt she was wearing.

"Remind me to give you a spanking of 20 strikes with a wooden paddle tonight before I go to bed."

"Yes Master, I'm sorry Master"

"Uh huh, how do you feel about my new plan for you?"

"Mas... Master, I want to serve you, I know that you are a good kind Master. I know that everything you have said is true. I just beg you to let me continue to serve you." She crawled forward and started licking my shoes. I let her for a moment before snapping my fingers. She started to go back to her place until I stopped her.

"No, you come over here. Kneel at my side." As she was doing this, I said, "well two down one to go. The problem is that you are the difficult one. Chyna find me some latex tape in one of those drawers over there. Sara, help her and get me a paddle, a wooden one while you are at it."

While they were away I just stared at Chloe. After less than a minute she averted her eyes. I walked up to her, maybe three feet away, and she crawled to me, bent over and very tentatively started to like my boots just like her mom did. I let her get started then reached down, put her back on her knees and then slapped with both the palm and back of my hand 5 times.

Sara came back first, I took the paddle from her, bent her over the table that Chloe had been tied to and quickly gave her her 20 strikes. Making her count each one. The first time she got to 6, she lost count and had to start over. When she made it to 20 the next time I tossed her to the side. Next I dragged Chloe over and used it on her. Dropping a quick but very violent series on her ass she was sobbing in no time. I kept going for 10 more strikes before stopping.

"Sara, go make dinner for 3 adults and one pet," I said as I patted Chloe on her to head to make sure everyone understood what Chloe was now. "And sara?"

"yes Master?"

"If you want to be my house slave, this needs to be one of the best meals you have ever made... Chyna, go make sure that your mom doesn't burn down the house." I knew that instead of Sara making dinner, she would actually just help and watch Chyna make the food. In truth I wanted Chyna to help her mom out.

When they had left I returned my attentions to Chloe. I said, "if you do anything to try and get off without permission I will let both Chyna and Sara beat your pussy and breasts all weekend long. I saw how the three of you stared at each other. I saw the hate in their eyes as they realized that you no longer have any power over them."

Somehow, someway, my dick was rock hard again. "Get to your feet pet." I walked around her slowly admiring her white skin once again.

"You stink pet, you smell like sex, you stink like a slut. Slut what am I going to do with you? Do you want to be my pet? Do you want me to try to trade you? Do you want to be the new office slut? What do you want? "


I picked up the paddle and jolt her with one hard slap to the ass. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT SLUT!!!!" I roared at her.

"I want you dick, please, I just want that hard black dick in my pussy. Please... " she was crying now.

"Get back on the ground on your back, " I said.

Stripping off my own clothes while walking over to the stairwell, I yelled upstairs, "Sara get your ass down here, I know Chyna is doing all the work anyways." In no time flat, Sara had reappeared. I slapped her hard across the face and dragged her over where I had Chloe tied down. Forcing Sara down I had her kneel above Chloe, while I explained to both of them what I was doing. "Chloe here wants my dick, but I don't think that she wants it enough yet, instead I am going to fuck this cunt here," I said as I started shoving my dick into Sara's dry cunt. "Chloe might get some of this dick if she begs enough."

"Sara, she has a choice," I said to no one in particular. "She can do absolutely anything she wants to that bitch below her or she can concentrate on my dick and make me cum, effectively denying anyone else this dick... her choice," I said as I finally succeed in getting the head of my dick in her dry cunt. Sara had clearly made her choice as she started to slap Chloe around. Then as Chloe yelled from the punishment that Sara was inflicting and started begging for dick, I grabbed Sara's thighs and slammed all the way in.

If I had been more in tune with what Sara was doing to Chloe I may have gone softer, but instead I just slammed into Sara's backside as hard as I could. I didn't wait for her to get wet or get adjusted. I just roughly fucked her pussy. At one point Sara couldn't take it anymore and collapsed onto Chloe.

"Bite that bitches neck," I coaxed Sara. "I better see bite and teeth marks when I take you off of her," I said. When Chloe screamed again, I knew that Sara was doing her job, but Chloe never stopped begging for cock. By then she wasn't begging for mine though, she just need any dick inside of her. I pulled out of Sara and moved her to the side. "work her breasts over, use your teeth all over this slut, show me that you want me to keep you here slut," I said as I urged Sara on.

Then I lined up my dick with Chloe's cunt and slammed into her highly aroused sex. Chloe screamed again, but this time it was completely from pleasure. Her cunt had been primed all day and was ready for a dick to fill it. With Sara literally chewing on Chloe's breasts I wrapped my hands around Chloe's neck and choked her while I fucked her. I could feel Chloe's juices covering my thighs and dick, but her screams were pleasure and pain as Sara didn't let up. I felt the tremors running through her body as she was finally able to obtain sexual release of all that built up lust. At one point I released her neck and started slapping her in time to my thrusting in and out. I rode her sweet sopping wet pussy until finally I exploded inside of her.

I got up and pushed Sara aside, feeding my softening dick to Chloe to clean off. As she was doing this I said to Sara, "If you want to fuck this slut some more, go find a dildo that is impossibly big." In no time Sara was back with what had to be dildo modeled for a damn horse or elephant or something. Chloe screamed when she saw it, I just laughed and shoved my underwear into Chloe's mouth.

"Two rules, Sara." She looked up at me as she was rubbing the huge tip against Chloe's pussy, "Don't kill her and her pussy only, you understand?"

"Yes Master, don't kill her and her ass is to be saved for your future pleasure."

"Okay well to be completely accurate don't kill here and save her ass for Chyna," I said as I patted her head. "Give Daddy a kiss goodbye," she pounced onto my limp dick and sucked it deep and hard until I pulled her off.

As I walked / staggered back to the stairs I told her to come and get me when she got it all the way in.

Fucking sluts, I thought when I saw Chyna. "Chyna, who told you to get undressed," I asked as surprised by her initiative as she was by me popping up behind her.

"Daddy, I thought, I thought that you would prefer me like this," she said as she dropped to head. "Would you like me to get dressed?"

"No, you are right, I do prefer you nude. But next time I tell you something weird, like leaving your clothes ON, you wait until you are given instructions to reverse what you have been explicitly told to do. Do you understand?" I said as I walked up to her, gave a strong, firm swat on her ass and then stroked her cheeks and breasts.

"Yes Master."

"Is dinner ready?"

"Yes Master, I was just getting ready to call you. Master what, who?" She asked as she looked down, made a weird face and dropped to her knees. She then proceeded to lick and suck all over my thighs, groin, dick and sack. I let her do as she wished and when she was done she stood and with confidence simply said, "that trash doesn't know how to clean you properly...or fuck for that matter, you are limp but I bet I could get some more cum out of you."

"I bet you could," I said as I ran my hands through her hair. "Where is pet's food?"

"Here Master," she said as she points to a salad on the ground.

"Good girl."

"Thank you Master," I look at her as she said this then am overcome with a desire to teach her something.

"Okay look Chyna, whenever my lips touch yours, you should at least part yours and offer me your tongue. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master," she said and smiled. I kissed her as she did so and got back a very timid response.

I pulled back and said, "That was ... unacceptable, again" I slapped her not hard but firmly and kissed her again, this time she opened up to me much more easily. Pulling back I said "better, this time with more passion and you will never disengage from me unless I want to, you will wait until I am done to finish the kiss. Kissing her again she let go over whatever was holding her back and kissed with passion and fire. Wrapping her arms around me I pulled her to me as our mouths danced. I held on to her for longer than anyone would have thought normal then finally released. Looking at her she was crying. These tears I liked and kissed and licked them away.

"Serve me dinner slave."

"Yes Daddy, will mommy and the pet not be joining us?"

I noticed immediately that she referred to Sara as mommy, and Chloe as pet but didn't say anything or comment on it. "They are both busy for the moment. For the minute it is just you and I. And pet will rarely if ever eat with us."

"Yes Master," she said as she brought me a plate of blackened fish and green beans. As was our norm, I fed her from my plate. It was a quiet dinner mostly. When we were almost done screaming erupted from down in the basement.

"Master? What ... May I ask what is going on down there?"

"Chloe must have gotten the gag out. Your mom is letting her daughter know who is in charge of who. Tell me, how do you feel about your half non sister."

She looked away when I asked, then in a small whisper, "... I hate her ..."

"If you want it, you will have your chance to get your revenge."

"The only revenge I want from her is to never let her have you again," she said as she stared up at me with fiery eyes of hate, lust, possession and determination.

"And your mother?"

"I will share you with mom."

"Come with me little one," I said as I rose and led her to the couch. She rose and followed me kneeling between my legs on the couch. "Tell me what do you think I should do with her?"

"Toss her out Master. I don't like her. Digging a hole and tossing her in sounded good."

"And that is why I am the Master," that comment got me a dirty look but I just kept going. "I can't just toss her out, she would come back and best case would be that she came back and just stayed then we would be back to square one. Worst case is she would tell someone about how she came to be, then this whole house of cards might come crashing down. Either we keep her as a pet or... "

"or Master?"

"Or we find someone to take her for us, preferably make her think that it would be her idea to go. I can't legally sell her. She may be evil and spoiled and all around bad. But she is still a person. Either on Monday or sometime this weekend we will go to the office, I need you to go through Ed's files and find out if he had anyone lined up for the boarding stables. Then maybe we can arrange for her to 'escape'. Understand?"

Before she could answer Sara popped up and told me that she had done it, it was then that I realized that I hadn't heard any screaming in a while.

"Master, I'm sorry that I didn't come get you earlier, I think you would have liked to see her cum as she did when I bottomed out in her."

"Wow you... you really got it in her?"

"Yes Master, well I got her pussy stretched around it, and partly in. You said don't kill her so I didn't push it all the way in."

"Chyna, put some food in a bowl for you mom, then join me downstairs" I said as I walked towards the basement not waiting for an answer.

What Sara had done was not only forced the elephant cock inside of Chloe, but strapped it to her so it couldn't have been forced out. Chyna joined me as I was loosening the harness. Chloe was laying in a pool of her own sweat, piss and cum. I sniffed her face and realized that Sara had rubbed her pussy all over it. That would have been interesting to watch.

I gripped the dildo and started sliding it in and out of her. I motioned for Chyna to take over but to go slowly. Chyna needed to use both hands to move the dildo in and out.

"I let Sara break open your pussy so its only fair that I let Chyna break open your asshole." When Chyna heard this she sped up just a little and I let her.

The audible sounds of the dildo suctioning in and out of Chloe were mind boggling.

I got up and retrieved some oil from one of the cabinets, and dripped it on the dildo. Then I slowed Chyna down to where she was just barely moving in and out. I carefully picked Chloe up and carried her to a corner where I chained her to the wall and unhooked her arms from her neck.

"Ok, now, Chloe go ahead and take over." While her resistance was admirable, it was also foolish with two people in the house who hated her guts.

"Sara do you need to urinate?"

Confused, she looked at me and said "yes... Master?"

"Well go ahead."

I saw the light bulb go on as she squatted over Chloe. I put a hand on her to slow her down and said, "Pet you better open your mouth and drink as much as you can. You do anything I don't like and I will let Chyna do your ass with this thing tonight." That did it. As the stream of urine came out of Chyna, Chloe opened her mouth and drank and drank until she couldn't take anymore. Even when she was coughing and choking she kept her face in the stream.

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