tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCrazy Uncle Ed Ch. 07

Crazy Uncle Ed Ch. 07


Exhausted Jack went back upstairs where he saw Chloe back in bed waiting. Ignoring her for the moment he went straight to the shower. As he was waiting for the water to run he felt a small fist softly punch him in his back.

"I am going to ignore that for the moment, it would be wise of you to find somewhere else to be."

"If you are going to piss off a lion, best piss off an exhausted one, you worked her over big time...You know I am the one who should be pissed at you for using me," she said as she wrapped her arms around him, her soft breasts pushing into his back.

"And how did I use you?"

"To teach Chyna a lesson is how... That's ok I'm not mad, but you did manage to surprise me" she said as she reached down and cupped his sack.

Stepping away from her into the shower he mechanically said, "you need to go live at your moms place, I'll set it up. She will take you in as her sister."

"Oh god! Please don't make me go there, please," she said as she stepped into the shower with him. "There has to be something, somewhere else. She resents me in so many ways. I might as well start hooking on a corner."

"That might happen anyways, though I am going to make sure that you are financially provided for. Look, this isn't up for discussion. You know you can't stay here and you know why."

The hot water running over them, they stood in a close embrace with neither of them speaking for a moment. "Let me be the office slut," she said quietly, "everyone knows that the factory has the best salaries, is the most productive and profitable in the state. But very few know why."

"Do you know what you are asking? To be shared around like you were nothing? I am offering you whores millions, and all you want is a belt and some dick. There is something that I haven't told you, I am going to set the three of you up. Like I am going to set the three of you up financially. You need to consider it."

"What do you think I did before you came around. Okay, Ed didn't share me, that doesn't mean that I didn't get around on my own. And besides, I have slept with most of the execs already. You are right I don't know how to do anything else, and you have to admit I am pretty good at fucking. And just a hint, some discipline and sex is all any girl wants"

"You don't really believe that any of the three of us are going to fucking take it do you? I am the most coherent of all of us and that sounds ludicrous even to me. I don't care how many millions it is. Money can't replace this, this is where we belong, in service to this," she said as she touched and massaged his cock. "We stayed, we all stayed when ed died, don't you get it? This is what we want. This is who we were born to be. In service to you."

Mike was silent again before asking, "Who is the brunette in some if the videos?"

"Bree? That is Breeona Donnis. Fred Donnis's wife. She played with us sometimes, she sucks at her job but she is still there because she is such a massive slut."

"So one of the executive managers got his wife a job that she can't do. Let me guess, she gives favors to her boss?"

"Yeah, but her boss is Ms James, and yes she eats her out. Ed used to use her to though."

"And Fred?"

"Doesn't care? Doesn't know? I don't know how he couldn't know. But he likes us young and Chy is even younger than Bree. Bree is 28 I think."

"How old is Fred?"

"Like 40," she laughed.

"You know where all the bodies are buried don't you?"

"Another reason to let me be the factory skank."

They didn't say to much more that night. She saw that he was distracted and let him be fearing that he really would lash out at her. She simply cuddled up close to him in bed and drifted away.

"You all have been doing a helluva job running this place and I wanted to say thank you," Mike said to all 30 of the factory exec and managers that he had assembled in his office. "I could never do even one percent of what yall do every day. But there are some irregularities that we have Ed left me that we have to deal with. So first we are going to watch a video, hence the projector, then we will have a chat."

Mike snapped his fingers and Chloe turned off the lights and hit play. The video that played was a very interesting highlight reel of the many injustices that had been visited on Chloe, Chyna and Sara over the years. The video was full color, some of it high def and had audio as well. Many parts of many rapes were played.

Ten minutes later the lights came on and the room was deathly quiet. "So," mike started, "what do we do here. What do I do? Option #1 keep letting it happen. Clearly I am not going that route as I stopped that the moment I got here."

"Those damn sluts wanted it!"

"Fred is that you? Come up here. Right to the front," as Fred got up mike explained. "For those of you who have been missing the, well lets call it the cave man incentive program, Fred here has been very active on your behalf. We will get to his role soon enough. But I have a problem. I have three whores that I don't know what to do with. One I am going to keep, maybe even two. But all three of them together is a massive cat fight that I am not going to deal with. So first problem, all these videos. There are more by the way."

"Now I know that I am a hypocrite and a adulterer and I have done some pretty bad things myself. But the key difference is that I wasn't unlucky enough to have it all caught on film. I wanted to do right by these girls but the problem is that if I give these video's to the police, well like I said, yall run this place. You all go to jail, the plant will shut down, and all your families will be out. Quickly."

"So what you are being handed are blackmail forms. You will each contribute ten percent of your monthly net income to go into a fund for the ladies that you raped. This will continue for ten years or until you contribute an amount of money that is specified in your packets, they range from 300 to 700 thousand. Some of you were very active in their lives. If you decide to go to leave the company and do not obtain employment of a similar salary, your video goes to the police. If your productivity drops, your video goes to the police. If I start to not like you, guess what happens?"

"So we can pay 300k and we are good?"

"Some of you, yup."

"How do we know you won't change the deal?"

"You don't."

"You can't fucking do this, you can't make us sign this!"

"I can do it and no I can't make you sign it. 10 years to me or 10-20 finding out what rape is like from the other side in jail. The evidence that I have on all of you is rock solid."

"We could all go to the police and tell them that you tried to blackmail us," Fred said.

"That is why you are sitting right here in the front Fred. What are you going to do, tell them that I gave you the choice of 300k or jail for rape? They might give me an award for just trying this. Go for it and you just earned an increase from 600k to 800k for suggesting that you cross me."

"So it is your choice, though you Fred, you are special. You were the greatest offender of all and I can't figure out why. Have any of you seen Fred's lovely wife? Lets do a show of hands who has seen Freds wife?"

All the hands in the room went up.

"Now of those who haven't had any, who wants a piece of Freds wife or of those who have, who wants another piece of Freds wife?"

All the hands in the room went up again with some laughter this time.

"Like I said earlier I am an adulterer, I had a piece of Fred's wife last night and she is amazing. What if I made you a deal Fred, your 600 well for you its 800k is wiped clean in exchange for free access for everyone to your wife? Oh and she will be treated the same way you treated Sara, Chloe and Chyna, that is to say if she says no, she will just be raped. How about it?"


"Fuck you Fred!" Bree came out of the hidden door to the apartment in the back of the office screaming like a banshee. "Fuck you, you spineless sack of shit, you don't trade me like one of your whores!"

"Looks like no deal Fred. Bree come here, do we have a deal on option 2?"

"What deal," Fred looked on still in shock.

"God yes," she said as she knelt at his feet. Chloe walked up next to her and did the same.

"What deal," Fred now on his feet yelled again.

"The one I made with Bree earlier this morning. You see this last night after work Bree and I had a conversation, well first I fired her, then we fucked, then we talked, but anyways. She watched two video's, one of her letting herself be passed around at a party. And a highlight reel of you over the years. I gave her some choices. Option 1 was of giving you her video and inducing you to divorce her and give her to me, the video of her infidelity would make sure that she got nothing in the divorce settlement. Option 2, the one she has selected, is of giving her your video to divorce you. She will get 50% of your salary after the 10% that goes to the Chloe, Sara, Chyna support fund, and that will continue from here on into eternity plus the house, the benz, the boat and 75% of all your cash assets, which may I add are very impressive. Oh and of course she is giving me power of attorney so those will be mine, not the companies, mine. So in short she could have nothing and be my slut or nothing, be my slut and be taken care of."

"But what happens still depends entirely on you. Option 1 is that you sign the paper, Bree files for divorce and gets whatever she wants which is all that stuff I just said and probably a little more, and that gets turned over to me to take care of her. Obviously she will be living upstairs for use by anyone you see in this room. Oh and you keep working here, you have a nice salary, half is more than you deserve... Option 2 is that you don't sign the paper, I turn your video's over to the police, you go to prison for the rest of your life, she files for divorce, gets everything and that gets turned over to me, again to take care of her. In either scenario she is one of two new office sluts to be used by any of my execs, managers and whoever they want to give them to. Well whoever minus you."

"You can't do this! I won't sign!"

"Then don't. Whatever. If that paper isn't signed by the time you leave this office, a copy of this dvd goes straight to the police," mike said as he tossed a copy to him.

"For the rest of you, the offer stands, sign and get back to work. Or don't I am sure the police will find you quickly. And meet your new caveman incentive program, miss Bree and miss Chloe. You will find that they are very eager to serve and if you find that they are not, let me know and I will adjust them."

"Please take advantage of miss Bree, she will be going away soon to get a series of breast jobs. These, stand up slut," he said as he tore her blouse off and unhooked her bra from behind. She stood there exposed for all to see. "These 36C's are nice," he said as he kneaded them in his hands, "but I think she will look amazing with bolted on stripper boobs. She is going to have surgeries until we get her to double E's." He unzipped her skirt, removed it and revealed that she wasn't wearing any panties. All it took was a look from him at Chloe and she stood and removed her clothes as well.

"Oh one thing," he said, "see how they both still have heels on? They are only allowed to take them off to change shoes, shower, and sleep. Enjoy them."

Every single person signed.

Mike left for the day, his managers more than capable of running things. When he pulled up to the house Chyna was kneeling on the porch. She looked like mike felt she should. Hair a mess, bruised battered all over, lip still busted, and not one but two black eyes. One of which was still swollen shut. Sara hadn't bothered with makeup, correctly thinking that if he had done this to her, he wanted to her to look like this.

"Chyna why are you here?"

"I am waiting to serve my master, I was given no instructions so I knelt here awaiting instructions."

"How did you know I would be home so soon?"

"I didn't I would have died here waiting if that what was called for."

"Good girl," he said as he patted her head, "come lets get you into bed."

She obediently crawled after him into the house.

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