tagIncest/TabooCreamed Toes

Creamed Toes


Perry heard a bunch of giggling upstairs, coming from his sister's room. He knew his sister Kimmy and her African America friend Robin must be having a good time.

Perry was left alone with his older sister for the weekend, while their parents celebrated their second honeymoon. Perry didn't mind staying with his big sister because she was gorgeous, and although they're brother and sister, it had always crossed Perry's mind about feeling his hard cock between his sister's warm fuzzy socks and possible between the smooth arches of her bare feet.

Perry had an obsession with feet especially his sister's feet. He always watched his sister, as she came downstairs, perhaps wearing a pair of fuzzy socks or plain barefooted. Perry's cock would harden at the sight of his sister's big feet. While she was away, Perry would be in her room, sniffing and rubbing his face all over her fresh clean socks. Perry went as far as rubbing her fresh socks on his dick to get a feel of what it would be like to have his sister's feet actually in them. Perry even took his sister's dirty and sweaty gym socks and pleasured his cock on them.

Kimmy's feet weren't the only pairs he liked on his sister. He also adored his sister's huge pair of breasts. Perry figured out that Kimmy wore a whooping 48DDD bra. His cock would ache while rubbing his sister's huge bra cups up against his face and chest, smelling her wonderful fragrance, which was captured inside her bras.

Perry got curious as to what his sister and her friend Robin were giggling about. Perry started creeping up the staircase and slowly tiptoed to Kimmy's door, which was slightly open. Perry peeped inside the cracked door and got a view of Kimmy and Robin's backs, as they were on Kimmy's computer, looking and gigging at something.

Perry looked down on the floor and saw his sister's feet. Her toes were pressed into the ground while her wrinkled soles faced towards him. Perry just wanted to cum all over her feet. He looked over and saw Robin's dark feet. Perry has never fantasized about a black woman's feet before, but after seeing Robin's feet, he knew he had to start. Perry felt his cock growing extremely large in his pj pants. He leaned into the room a little bit more, trying to get a better look at Robin and his sister's feet. Suddenly, Perry fell forward and the door swung widely open. Kimmy and Lola stood up and separated from each other, giving stupid Perry a good look at what the girls were looking at on the computer.

A woman's feet wrapped around a man's soft cock.

"PERRY!" Kimmy said angrily. "What have I told you about invading my privacy?"

Perry didn't say anything but kept on the ground, staring at Kimmy and Robin's beautiful toes, pointing towards him. He slowly started lifting himself up off the ground, with his eyes moving up and down Robin and his sister's bodies.

Kimmy had on some old gray sweat pants and a long white tee, which stretched out low and forward on her chest, showing off her mountainous slopes. Robin wore a pair of tight blue shorts, which stopped at her thick thighs and a pink belly shirt, which hung away from her body, capturing her own set of huge breasts. Kimmy's breasts were bigger then Robin's, but Robin was no handful either.

"I'm sorry, sister," said Perry as he stood up and watched Robin's face turned into a surprising facial _expression.

"Oh my God, Kimmy! You're brother has a...a...a...boner!" Robin said surprised.

"Holy crap, Robin! My brother is huge!" Kimmy replied. "I never knew he had a big dick, but I guess there is a reason for me not knowing. He's my brother."

"He's 18 and totally packing a monster under his pj's," Robin responded. "And after looking at these pictures, I am kind of hungry," Robin said, followed by a sexy roar at Perry.

Perry cracked a smile and then turned to look at his confused sister.

Kimmy started walking towards Perry. She walked behind him and pressed her ample melons up against his back. She looked over his shoulders and saw his cock growing.

"Mmmm, so Perry, you like it when my big tits are pressed against you, huh?" Kimmy asked teasing as she continued pressing and smashing her huge tits against his back. "I know you were in my sock drawer," Kimmy whispered to him.

Perry's heart literally jumped and he began to sweat like a pig.

"It's ok, brother, I've always known you had a thing for my feet," Kimmy said.

She placed a bare foot up against Perry's ankle and started rubbing.

"Mmmm. How does that feel, younger brother?" Kimmy asked him while purring in his ear.

Perry didn't reply as he was in another time zone, enjoying his sister's breasts against his back and her foot rubbing up and down his leg.

"Looks like fun. May I join in?" asked Robin, getting down to her knees in front of Perry and pulling down his pj pants. His massive cock sprung out and slapped against Robin's cheek.

"Holy shit, Perry! You're fucking huge," gasped Robin as she never saw a white cock so big. "You must have some black in you. It's so thick and long. Oohhhh."

Perry was enjoying being fondled by these two sexy ladies. He felt Kimmy's hands immediately cup his firm buttocks and gave them a few squeezes.

"Let's give my feet obsessed brother a nice treat, Robin," Kimmy suggested.

Kimmy grabbed Perry by his hand and threw him down onto the bed. Kimmy got into her sock drawer and pulled out some fuzzy white socks.

"You feet fuck him bare and I'll keep his cock warm," said Kimmy to Robin.

As Kimmy put on the white socks, Robin sat on the floor, in front of Perry and lifted her feet up to his hairy crotch. Perry got a good look at Robin's dark tanned soles. She wiggled her long, red painted toenails and wrapped his throbbing big dick between her creamy arches.

Slowly, Robin started sliding her feet up and down Perry's cock. As soon as Kimmy had on the white socks, she sat next to Robin and placed her sock-covered feet under his huge balls. Perry thought he was going to lose it after feeling Kimmy's fuzzy socks rubbing his hanging balls, bouncing his balls on the tips of her toes, and banging them against his thighs.

Robin started picking up speed and jerked Perry's cock harder between her arches, rapidly sliding her soft arches up and down his hard pulsing shaft. Her big toes rubbed around his swollen cockhead every time her feet moved upwards.

"Oohhhhh!" moaned Perry in pleasure. This was like a dream come true for him.

Kimmy kept her cozy socks rubbing away at Perry's balls, pressing her toes into each huge sack and wondering how much cum will Perry produce?

"How does this feel, younger brother?" teased Kimmy as she took one foot off his balls and planted it on top of his cockhead, slowly moving his cockhead in circular motions against the fuzzy soles of her socks. The fabric of Kimmy's socks was tickling his cockhead.

"Ohhhh! Ahhhh Kimmy! I want to cum," moaned Perry, gripping the bed sheets tightly.

"Not yet, Perry," demanded Kimmy as she increased rubbing his cockhead.

"Oh God! His thick cock feels so good on my feet. Mmmmm!" moaned Robin as she was rubbing her wrinkled soles all over Perry's fat shaft. Her rough heels bounced off Perry's hairy balls. "Mmmm! The hair tickles my heels," Robin moaned.

Kimmy pressed the socked sole in front of Perry's cockhead. She began sliding her sole up and down his cockhead while Robin's bare feet slide up and down his shaft, gripping her long toes around his thick meat and wiggling them up and down it. Perry's body was full of tingles and chills. His moans could he heard all over the house.

Robin placed her feet at the base of Perry's shaft and Kimmy placed her fuzzy socks in the middle of his throbbing member. Perry had four pairs of arches, soft, smooth, fuzzy, and warm, sliding up his ready-to-erupt cock.

"UHHHHHHH GOD!" moaned Perry as Kimmy and Robin's feet swiftly jerked his dick.

Robin could feel the heat on her feet rubbing Perry's big dick rapidly. Robin's feet began to glisten in sweat, making it smoother for Perry's cock to slide through.

Kimmy could feel the moisture in her socks as her feet began to sweat. Kimmy started matching Robin's jerking, feeling the fuzzy fabric of her socks, sticking to her wet feet.

Perry started lifting himself up off the bed, thrusting his meaty wet cock between their arches. His huge balls beat against Robin's sweaty heels, and he leaked pre-cum on Kimmy's socks.

The girls were breathing hard as Perry thrusted in fast pace between their arches. Kimmy's huge breasts were swaying uncontrollably under her white tee and the same was happening to Robin's breasts.

"Uhhhhh! Look at our big braless tits, Perry. Watch them sway back and forth under our shirts," moaned Kimmy.

Perry watched and couldn't take the grueling pain any longer. He grabbed Robin's ankles and lifted her wet feet up to his face and began licking and sucking her sweaty soles, sliding his tongue along her soft arches and around her heels, tasting her salty sweet and smelling the stinky odor her feet had produced.

Kimmy meanwhile, continued moving her sock-covered feet up and down his big dick. Kimmy pressed the fuzzy soles of her sock bottoms on either side of Perry's big, juicy dick. She began rubbing his big dick between her soles like rubbing two sticks together and making fire.

Perry was moaning while sucking on both of Robin's big toes. Robin had an orgasm and began cumming in her shorts.

"Ahhhhhhh I'm... Cumming!" shouted Perry as Kimmy began giving him long and hard strokes between her soles.

Kimmy quickly pulled away and took off her sweaty socks. She and Robin placed their feet together in a row and Perry grabbed his cock and jerked for a while. Massive steams of spunk splashed all over his sister and Robin's bare feet, ankles, and parts of their legs. Perry pressed his cockhead against their toes and make sure they got drenched in his white goo.

Perry finished unloading his cum over Robin and his sister's toes. Kimmy and Robin stayed in their positions on the floor and started laughing while wiggling their cum-covered toes and watching as Perry's sticky semen began oozing down their luscious feet.

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