tagNovels and NovellasCreamy Island Ch. 32

Creamy Island Ch. 32


Chapter 32: New Avenues

Ayla slammed open the door to her office, anger seething through her entire body. Alex's torture hadn't been enough to quell her rage, and she had hoped that Ezenia would be her next outlet. Instead of finding the doctor, she found nothing.

The only place that HOPE did not have complete access over was the doctor's own personal chambers. Feeling that the maniacal woman would have an exit route, Ayla figured that she would find how the woman eluded the AI. Instead, the doctor's arrogance proved no such escape hatch, and instead only infuriated the hermaphrodite even more.

Ayla tore the room apart inch by inch, finding nothing more than some crusty toys and sleepily scribbled notes probably from dreams. It seemed the woman rarely used her own chambers, instead, opting to use the office couches to catch some shut-eye. That would make sense if she really was as intelligent as she made herself out to be. However, that would mean the escape route would be from the office, but there was no way Ayla nor HOPE would have missed such a thing.

Alex's agony would have to do for now, even though the poor researcher was probably at her limit to what she could endure. The thought of how much pain and suffering she had endured in the four hours sense she left only brought her sadistic grin back to her face.

Scanning the darkened room, the only figures Ayla could make out were her three bitch-friends and the four herms, moaning and writhing in their orgy. The crusty slave was nowhere to be seen.

"Where is she?" Ayla yelled.

"She had been dismissed after the others had their fill of her," HOPE responded.

"I never gave you or any of them permission to do such a thing."

"The Island's duties needed to be attended to, so after that intermission, I decided it was best to return to work."

Growling, Ayla stomped through the office, kicking the pile of bodies apart. "Why didn't any of you stop her?"

Tasha was the only one to have looked up as she heard her Mistress's voice.

"Oh Mistress, you missed such a wonderful performance!" her voice enthusiastic. "After you left Mistress, she took it upon herself to pierce herself a second time without any help. She was screaming the whole time, just like you wanted."

That took the edge off of Ayla's anger. 'At least the stupid whore decided to follow orders for once.'

"HOPE even took the liberty of recording it all so that you may watch it later." Tasha was staring at the large cock of her Mistress the entire time. "Are you back to continue and perhaps allow us the extreme pleasure of pleasing you Mistress?"

Tasha's willing body and the look in her eyes was all that she needed. The older girl wanted to blow off some steam by raping Ezenia, but this slut would have to do. The news of HOPE's actions did seem to sit a little uneasy with the Mistress, but it was also to be expected considering all the upgrades that had been done on the system.

Ayla grinned at the girl, "Of course, my slave. I will be sure to make up for earlier."

A chime above.

"Mistress Ayla, I would like to remind you of the reports that need to be looked over. Time with the slaves will have to be limited to multi-tasking at most."

"HOPE, I wish to enjoy my pets a little more before settling down for the night. The reports can wait until the morning."

"Negative Mistress. There are deadlines that need to be met."

Growling again, Ayla looked up towards the hidden speakers in the ceiling as if addressing a real person.

"HOPE, I understand the situation, but I require some stress relief first."

There was a moment of silence before the AI spoke again.

"Mistress, you have had plenty of 'relief'. The reports and then getting a good night sleep has been calculated to better help you than to exhaust yourself."

Confusion momentarily crossed Ayla's mind at the way HOPE responded. It was almost as if she was becoming sentient.

"HOPE, are you self-sufficient?"

"Negative Mistress," The AI replied quickly, "I have stated before that without occasional human interaction, I can not function."

Ayla stood there for a moment.

"Do you have the ability to lie?"

"That is impossible. I can not do anything against my base programming. Lying requires being able to deceive instructional code and that is impossible." When Ayla didn't respond, HOPE continued, "Mistress, there are backed up reports that need looking over from the past week that were accumulating during your free time with Alex."

The herm let out a defeated sigh. "Fine, HOPE. You win."

Tasha's eyes grew bigger with longing as she let out a moan. If Ayla was to be doing work at her desk, then the blond would inevitably end up under it, letting herself become a place for the large cock to rest in. She didn't even need to wait for Ayla before getting in her place under the desk, her mouth open and watering at the sheer thought of being throat-fucked.

Once resigned to her desk, Ayla began browsing the security feeds from before, Tasha's expert tongue playing with her Mistress's clit while the rest of the monster cock was down her throat. By now, the blond had become so good at taking something down her throat that she just rested her chin on the chair in the space between Ayla's legs, letting her tongue flick the little nub. She didn't even need to come up for air anymore, mastering the art of deepthroating. The girl would still bob her head up and down to be able to bring her Mistress to cum, but other than that, she just enjoyed the feeling of having something in her mouth.

The brown-haired girl realized she took her friend for granted a little too much; either that or her cock had become so used to being in a warm, wet, place that it was becoming reliant on her slave's throat.

It only took a couple minutes for the feed that showed the office to be found and began playing from the moment when Ayla left. However, since she was only observing the feed, HOPE's chime once again sounded.

"Mistress, if you wish to watch the feed, please do so at another time. These reports are needing to be done."

"I get it!" The girl shouted. "I know the reports need to be looked over and I'm going to! I just want-"

"A distraction." The AI interrupted. "Distractions prevent optimized operation of this facility."

"This is going to be a long night..." Ayla muttered, Tasha squealing around the sides of the massive cock at the mere thought of it.


The digital paperwork HOPE wanted looked over was menial. The only joy came from watching the fear mixed with arousal on the new arrivals after convincing the AI that it was part of the job duty. By now, the rest of the slaves had been dismissed and it was only Tasha and Ayla in the room.

Standing, Ayla stretched, the one between her legs whimpering a little as the flesh was withdrawn from her throat. It was beginning to become more of a security blanket to the girl and it was hard for her not to long for it every waking moment, even when her other holes were stuffed.

The Mistress was looking out over the training room from her office, her dick still hard as she began to stroke it lazily. Even with Tasha's expert tongue and throat, she didn't cum much and was feeling a bit tired, the events of the day taking their toll. She turned around and saw Tasha still kneeling under the desk with her big blue eyes longing for her Mistress.

Grinning, Ayla made eye contact. "You want this thing?"

"Oh please Mistress, let me have your fuck meat. Please, I haven't had it in so long and I just want to feel it inside, erupting as you enjoy yourself using me as nothing more than an object of your lust."

"Very well bitch. Sit on the desk and spread your legs wide."

"As you wish, Mistress."

Tasha did as she was told, she sat on the desk facing the older girl, legs spread. Even though she had been a juicer, and had been on the breaker, the girl's moist slit and puckered ass looked as tight as they were the first time that Ayla had violated her.

"Show me how badly you want my cock. Give me a good enough show and I might give it to you."

When the younger girl spread her lips apart to play with her clit, her stench assaulted her Mistress's nose. With this girl, the scent never grew old, never became stale. It only seemed to become stronger and stronger as Tasha became more and more turned out.

Fingering herself and rubbing her nub with one hand, she had three fingers from her other hand buried in her ass, moaning the entire time. Every few minutes, she would withdraw the hand that was in her cunt and use her juices to rub into her nipples and face, until she became a stinking, sticky mess.

"Mistress, your cock is so wonderful, my pussy wants to suck all the jizz out of your fuck-pole. Please don't make me wait. Oooh..." Tasha was already lost on her way to achieving an orgasm.

"I hope you don't plan on cumming without my permission." Ayla said, her hand still moving lazily up and down her shaft, watching the shameful display. She loved watching the girl's ass suck at her fingers, the way her pussy would not stop leaking fluid all over the edge of the desk, and the way Tasha treated it like it was her only existence.

Between moans the blond replied, "I wouldn't dream of... Oooo... it Mistress. I will finger-fuck... Oh yes... myself until you allow me to cum."

"Since you put it that way, how could I resist?"

Ayla approached the desk let her meat flop at the entrance to Tasha's dripping hole, playing with the edges but not putting it in. Her brown eyes never left her blue-eyed servant as she teased the blond.

"Mistress..." Tasha's soft voice called.

Grinning, Ayla shoved herself all the way into the girl, pulling her hips towards her so that she could get the deepest penetration. "How's that feel, bitch?"

"OH GOD!" Tasha's voice echoed in the room, "Mistress your cock feels so good! I feel so full! Fuck me like the piece of meat I am!"

Ayla complied, pulling all the way back until she was almost out before pushing back in, using her length to illicit more screams of pleasure from her slave. "Take my cock all the way up that stinking cunt of yours! Your pussy is making noises louder than your lungs! You really are nothing more than a piece of fuck meat for me. You're my cum-dumpster, my bucket, my urinal for nothing more than my sperm!"

With that, the brunette withdrew all the way, ropes of grool connecting their crotches, and pulled Tasha off the desk before shoving her dick down the girl's throat, face-fucking it just as hard as she had her pussy.

"Taste your own dirty cunt bitch! Taste the deepest bits of where your juices come from!"

Tasha uttered something that couldn't be made out as her eyes rolled back.

"How about your ass? You have enough of that today yet?" Ayla pulled the girl back up onto the desk before plunging in deep and fast into the wailing girl's crack.

"Make me taste it Mistress! I want to taste the deepest parts of my ass! I want you to force me to taste my ass!"

Back to a kneeling position, Tasha was once again face-fucked as Ayla's eyes flashed dangerously as a cruel idea struck her. Pushing the younger one down onto the floor, Ayla positioned the of her cock so that it would erupt in Tasha's mouth and used a hand to prevent the girl from spitting it out while the other went for her throat.

Tasha's eyes went wide when she stopped being able to breathe and swallow right as Ayla's orgasm hit. White goo quickly filled up Tasha's mouth before being forced out the only exit left, her nose.

The force of the cum erupting in the blond's mouth made it shoot just as wildly out her nose as her Mistress laughed maniacally.

"It looks like your nose is cumming!" Ayla cried.

Blue eyes were still wide, starting to be replaced with panic from the sudden choking, and as soon as Ayla relinquised her grasp on the girl's neck, her body's first instinct was to inhale deeply, but because the large prick was still preventing her from breathing in through her mouth, her lungs suddenly became filled with the thick jizz.

The younger girl wasn't ready for that, and as soon as her mouth was free of it's obstruction, she began hacking and coughing violently. From how thick the semen was, it made it incredibly difficult to get a decent breath. Tasha was wheezing and clutching at her throat while flopping on the floor. The fact her orgasm hit her as soon as Ayla's did, didn't help any. While most of her body wanted to associate the asphyxiation with the orgasm, her lungs were struggling not to.

The glassy look faded from Tasha's eyes momentarily as clear thought struck through from the back of her mind. 'You promised you wouldn't do that again.' The thought didn't last long as Ayla was already mounting her again, this time planning on titty-fucking her to give her a nice white sheen. Tasha quickly lost herself yet again as she became the object of her Mistress's cock.


Black bangs were matted to Ezenia's face as she toiled away in some hidden alcove to the facility. It had only been a week or so since Ayla's coup, but it was enough time to start digging into the guts of HOPE.

"I did build it afterall," She said more to herself than anyone else.

"Doctor, is there anything I can do to help?"

Ezenia turned to face Alex. The poor girl was a complete wreck. Her mind was broken and she wasn't sure how useful the tech could be. Her eyes were hollow, and her voice devoid of emotion. She had been cleaned up, but the piercings remained.

The doctor smiled. Even though she hated Ayla for taking over, she still admired her ability to break anyone in such a quick and effective manner. Hell, if she hadn't created the bitch breakers for that sole task, someone like Ayla would've been a precious commodity for her. Just thinking about the things she was going to do to Ayla once she had control again was making her wet.

"Actually, I think there is something you could do. You said you didn't like cum, but do you like pussy?"

Tears formed at the corners of Alex's eyes as if something inside wanted to protest against being treated such a way, but her monotone voice showed no evidence.

It was only a moment before Ezenia was grinding her hips away on top of Alex's face, but the pleasure never came. She got off her subordinate and addressed her.

"You really suck at eating out another girl. You were in one of those wild colleges, how come you never discovered your bi-sexuality?"

The words were said in a way that made it sound as if any wild college, the girls would experiment with both sexes.

"Or was it because you never went to those types of colleges?" Ezenia probed.

Alex's voice cracked as she replied. "I'm sorry... Mistress..."

"I knew, Alex. Considering that this place is supposed to be an experimental power plant, I knew the UN wouldn't let it go unsupervised. I knew it all along, which is why I made sure I had some juicy tidbits on your blackmail to make sure nothing bad would be sent back to your superiors."

The younger woman began to cry. It was a good thing she was already on the ground, otherwise her legs would have given out under her. 'Did everyone know my secret?' she thought, 'Was I always just a tool for her?'.

"It's not just you, dear," Ezenia said, going back to the wiring panel she was in, "There are a few others from other countries that are doing the same thing you are. They're just a little better at kissing up to the new management."

"Why? Why did it have to be me?" Alex's emotion finally started coming through.

"Murphy's law would dictate that it's because you hate cum." Ezenia flashed her a grin.

"Then why did you even bother getting me out of there? You're just going to humiliate me like she did!"

Disgust came over the doctor. "I may enjoy torturing girls out there, and I may delight in knowing they are fearful and in pain, but the last thing I would do is destroy my staff, especially the ones allowing me to keep working here."

"Then why ship the others off for your two-for-one MILF programs?!" Alex was beginning to become hysterical.

Ezenia laughed. "Who do you think are left?"

"So you're saying I should've been shipped off with the rest of them?! What type of sick bitch are you?!"

"You're the one who submitted. There's no one else here. It's just you and me. You had training at whatever academy you were at, and I'm just a doctor. Yet you were giving it all on your poor licking job."

"But I didn't want-"

"But you still did."

Alex was stunned. It was if it was someone else controlling her, as though she was just observing when she mutilated herself and even earlier when she submitted to her employer.

"It's the atmosphere and that girl. You can be mad at me for what I do to others, or you can be mad at Ayla for what she did to you. I never made you pierce yourself. I never made you into what you are now, halfway between bitch and human." A spark jumped from some of the wires and Ezenia cursed out loud. "At least I never laid a hand on you."

"You blackmailed me!"

"And you sucked on my clit."

"What am I supposed to do? Sacrifice my only shot at a family just so you can get some perverted revenge?!" Alex was on her feet now. "You hold all the cards, you always did! Tell me, how does it feel? Do you feel any better since you started this mess? Since you got your revenge? Does it feel good knowing that people's families are torn apart daily because of you?"

Ezenia turned back to Alex, challenging her. "If I told you to continue your pitiful attempts at trying to get me off with your tongue, what would you do?"

"I'd do it!"

"Because you want to be a bitch and learn to love pussy." She grinned again before going back to the wiring.

"Because I'm scared to death of you!"

"You have the ability to kill me at any time and end all of this. You'd be lauded a hero by dragging my corpse back to Ayla." She paused, "Yet you would rather be sucking my clit and getting your chin sticky with my juice. I can't blackmail anyone if I'm dead."

Alex was stunned yet again. The woman's words were true. She could end it all, be free of this nightmare. Yet, there was something that seemed to prevent it.

She shook her head, "If I help you, and I were to ask for freedom in return, you'd only say 'yes' to get the help then backstab me."

"Pretty much."

"Yet, if I say 'no' and let Ayla know where you are, you'll either find another place to hide, or Ayla will keep me around before eventually being shipped off as well."


More tears. "I'm screwed either way."

Ezenia turned her full attention to the woman and grinned large.

"Not entirely..."

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