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Creamy Thighs


Tight, hard, and hairless bodies with creamy thighs, resilient flesh on muscles of steel; and flexibility; flexibility is a must. I insist on that; and obedience and total subservience. And I possess them all. I fuck them all, women and men alike. I fuck them all regularly, without showing favor. That's the only way to keep order. And they stand in line, audition for the privilege of being possessed by me, regularly fucked by me.

Six men flying across the stage, dancing in the audition set to show me what they can do. Three I already possess, are members of my premier troupe. Three others are auditioning for one opening.

One obviously has done his research well, knows what it will take to win the position. He has long, silver-blond hair, pulled back in a pony tail, but thus far he seems to fulfill the other requirements. It will be tough, though. There are two more days of auditions.

He flies through the air, legs higher and stretched out farther than the other two who are auditioning. And he knows he is auditioning for me by the way he is playing to me. And I highly suspect he knows all that is entailed in being in my premier troupe.

The first set is so invigorating that most take off their leotard tops for the second pass. The silver blond takes off his leotard bottoms as well. He's dancing in tiny briefs. He is lithe and has a long line and a natural effortless flow. He also has a well-developed chest and biceps—and a nicely projecting basket, the long line of the cock easily seen. This undoubtedly would be reflected favorably at the box office among the women patrons, and among some of the major male benefactors as well. This thought makes me smile. The silver blond catches my eye and shares in my smile.

They go through their set paces. All are flexible but none more so than the silver blond. He leaps right in front of me, turning his legs as he does so, so that I see the creamy thighs.

The audition ends and I send all away—all that is except the silver blond. We stand there facing each other on the lit stage as all the others sort through their gear and depart through the stage door.

Then, in the silence, the silver blond slips off his briefs pulls his hair out of the pony tail, letting it flow around his face and down to his shoulders, and stands there, legs slightly spread, arms out from his body at a forty-five-degree angle, palms turned toward me, a shy smile on his face, and a long slender cock dangling between his legs; standing there, in supplication, awaiting my bidding.

He is hairless other than that silver blond hair cascading around his head—and hard as steel.

I slowly strip off my leotard and he comes to me in light, dancing steps and raises his right leg, almost parallel to his body and leans it gently against my shoulder, exhibiting premier flexibility. His left hand takes both of our cocks together; his long slender one and mine, heavy, long, and thick, and holds them together as they both rise. I feel my chest swelling and rising and falling in quickened pace, while there is no trace of excitement or concern in his—total control.

I run one hand over his chest and torso; hairless, no sign of stubble at all; resilient skin covering hard-as-steel muscle. I run the other hand over the leg he has raised to me. Hairless, silky, creamy; I kiss and tongue the creamy calf and thigh while my other hand follows the line of his sternum down his tight abs, over his flat belly, and down around where he is holding our cocks together and to his balls. Not a hair or a trace of a hair to be felt—all warm, pliant flesh, covering muscles of steel.

He releases our cocks and pushes at my belly with the palm of his hand. I sit down on a mat, my legs stretched in front of me and a little open. He sits his pert little butt between my calves, and lifts his legs up and out in front of my torso, pointing his toes to make his leg muscles tighten, and does little twirls in place with his legs.

I take each leg in turn and kiss and tongue them, from his heels down his calves and along his creamy inner thighs to where creamy thighs meet tender, hairless groin. He is sighing and moaning for me to sell me on the idea that he is thoroughly enjoying my fetish.

My lips travel back up his inner thighs, alternating legs, and, as they near the inner hollows behind his knees; he bends all the way forward at the waist and swallows my cock nearly whole. It takes superb flexibility for him to do this without lowering his legs from the attention I'm giving them. He's still auditioning.

When he has pumped me up with his lips, he digs his elbows into the mat and crawls his buttocks up my thighs until our cocks cross swords. With one hand, he positions the bulbous head of my horse-hung cock at his asshole and then resumes crawling his butt into me, letting his ass channel muscles grab my cock and pull it inside him.

He is panting and groaning and telling me what a nice, huge cock I have and how I hurt him and please him simultaneously, working hard on this private audition. I like being ingested by his ass just fine, but I'm still marveling at his creamy thighs.

At length, however, I do stand, maintaining my purchase deep inside him. He has one creamy leg running up my torso and he wraps the other one artfully around my buttocks. He arches his back toward the floor, playing the dying swan for me. I work on reviving the swan by putting a strong arm under his buttocks and using is as a lever to raise and lower him, while I pump him deep with my heavy, long, and thick cock. Some of his moans and pants begin to sound genuine.

In another demonstration of ultimate flexibility, he lets his legs down and does a slow spin and twist that moves me from facing him to being behind him with my cock still deeply embedded. His feet are on the mat now, and I'm behind him, my hands on his hips and fucking him with long strokes. I come deep inside him, and, to his surprise, I show him my own flexibility by putting my feet inside both of his and taking us down to the floor in a slow full split. I pull his back over onto my chest and reach around and slowly stroke his cock to eruption. He is mine now.

I can call off the auditions for the next two days. The male dancer opening has been filled.

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