Creating Alyson


"Is it an acid?" Diana answered hesitantly.

My snigger from the back of the room told her it wasn't. I knew people thought me arrogant, and a know-it-all, but as usual I couldn't resist.

All year during the chemistry classes for the science course she was following, Diana had struggled. Almost all year I had sniggered at every wrong answer she gave and made snide comments to my friends. Well, not really friends as such, more the people who tolerated me, mostly because I was so clever.

A couple of her friends told me that I was a 'jerk'. I just shrugged and said smugly, "At least I'm a jerk who knows the difference between an acid and an alkali." Only my annoyingly whiney voice prevented it sounding superior, even to my ears.

Although I sounded smug, in truth I wasn't happy. Early on in the year I had once held faint hopes that I might help Diana, by peer-tutoring her. She was, after all, a stunningly attractive blonde; who wouldn't want to help her? I had sent her an e-mail offering my help, but she had never replied. In my mind this lack of response equalled rejection and I was annoyed. From then on I'd found myself being horrid to her, trying to convince himself he was interested in her lovely slim legs, or brilliant smile.

It was a real surprise when she came up to me a couple of days later.

"Hi Alan!" Diana was smiling brightly at me.

Flustered, I know that I blushed as I asked, "What do you want?" Inwardly I winced at my snappy tone.

"Well I know we haven't been the best of friends this year, but I'm having a pool party at my Aunt's house. To show there are no hard feelings, I'd like to invite you."

I hesitated, taken aback by Diana's generosity.

"Please say you'll come!" urged Diana.

Eventually I agreed and Diana gave me the address and the time to be there. Before the day, I had to buy some swim shorts. I found myself smiling and, I guess, I became almost pleasant to be with, my confidence and self-esteem buoyed by the invitation.

On the day I had to dawdle, to avoid arriving too early, but I rang the bell right on the dot of 1pm. Diana, wearing a t-shirt, shorts and a bright smile answered the door.

"Alan, how wonderful, you've come!"

Feeling oddly light-headed, I followed her into the house.

"I'd like your opinion Alan." She held up two swimsuits for me. "Which should I wear?"

I looked at them intently. One was red, the other black. I couldn't tell for sure, but the red one looked slightly more revealing.

I told her the red one looked nicest. She walked elegantly behind a frosted glass screen where she casually threw her shirt and shorts on the floor. I suppressed a gasp, realising that the silhouetted figure was naked and watched as she stepped into the costume. Diana appeared from behind the screen looking as sexy as I had hoped she would.

"What do you think?"

"You look stunning!"

"I'm not sure, I'd like to see what the black one looks like in comparison."

Diana paused and looked thoughtful.

"If only my friend Cheryl was here, she's about my size. She could try it on and I'd be able to see how it looked on her." She paused again then continued doubtfully, "Mind you, Alan, you're about my size too. No", she shook her head, "I couldn't ask you to do that for me."

"Ask me to do what?" I asked eagerly.

"Well, could you slip on this black costume, just so I can see how it looks? I couldn't ask most guys, they'd be all like 'no way, it's a girl's costume', but I just know you're more mature than that."

I was doubtful. I did want to help her out and it would show her how cool I was, but still it was a bit kinky.

"I know it's a lot to ask, but there could be a kiss in it..."

A kiss? The thought occurred to me that one kiss could maybe lead to more; surely that was worth looking silly for a couple of minutes.

"Well as you've noticed I am more mature than most of my peers; I'd be glad to help you out Diana." I said, for some reason sounding higher pitched than ever.

In an instant she had handed me the swimsuit and almost shoved me behind the screen. I took off my own clothes and struggled into the swimsuit. It was very snug and it seemed to have something to hold my tummy in very tightly, giving me a slim, feminine waist. It also had lightly padded cups, so I looked as if I had small breasts. I looked down; an embarrassingly small bulge at the crotch spoiled the fit of the swimsuit. Conscious of the smallness of the bulge, I reached down and tucked my small cock between my legs, where the tight swimsuit held it firmly in place.

"Are you ready yet?" called out Diana.

I answered by coming out from behind the screen. Diana greeted him with a wide, friendly smile. She was clearly pleased.

"Wow, you look great," enthused Diana

"I do?"

"Totally, except..." she paused. "Well your under-arm hair and hairy legs spoil the effect. It's a shame you're not one of those guys who shaves off his body hair."

"Shaves?" I echoed dumbly.

Diana named a few famous celebrities, all famously macho, who she claimed were shavers. It did the trick; eager as I was to please her, the list of men who shaved seemed genuine enough.

"Well, I'd been thinking of doing it anyway," I fibbed, "so if it would help..."

Diana needed no second invitation and she set to work with her electric shaver. Soon I was sporting hairless armpits and beautifully smooth legs and looking very much more like a girl of eighteen, rather than a man.

"You look great, very huggable," she said encouragingly. "What do you think of your boobs?"

I looked down. "They look a bit odd."

"What do you think of my breasts?"

"They're fantastic!"

"Do you fancy a bit of fun?"

"What sort of fun?" he responded hopefully, trying to sound cool.

"Well, I once had a boyfriend who let me make him up like a girl, before we, um, you know... It was great fun!"

Now as I type this I can see it sounded a bit unlikely. Unfortunately I was so intoxicated by her sexiness and the implied 'fun' I would have agreed to almost anything.

"Will there be time before the others get here?" I asked, stalling for time to think.

"Oh yes, most of them can't get here until three, that gives us ages."

I agreed, on the condition I'd be back to normal before anyone arrived.

She wasted no time, applying subtle make-up appropriate to my young appearance. I didn't look too tarty or grown up. As a final touch she put some mousse in my hair and styled it a little.

"Wow, you look so pretty. I must take a picture before your make-up gets spoilt. Come on Aly, walk out to the pool with me."

"Outside? What if someone sees?"

"There's no-one here to see. Um, ..." she paused teasingly, "do you like blow jobs?"

I felt myself blushing embarrassingly. I knew what they were but apart from watching some internet porn I had no experience of them. I decided to lie.

"I think they are great."

"We'll have to see what happens then..."

I followed her outside, as she led the way to the pool. I posed as instructed for a couple of pictures. Then Diana turned and smiled, but it was a nasty, triumphant smile.

"Right you fucking little prick, you listen to me. I've been taping you all the time and I've got you nailed. Listen to this bit..."

I watched and listened to the clip in horror.

"You look great, what do you think of your boobs?"

"They're fantastic!"

"I was talking about yours!" I protested. "You stopped and started the recording!"

"Yeah, but it sounds like you were talking about yours! I guess I'm not so dumb after all. So now you are going to do exactly what I tell you or this gets emailed to everyone on our course."

"You wouldn't!"

"Wanna bet?"

I shook my head, reflecting how stupid I had been. I knew I was in an impossible situation. My only option, I realised, was to do whatever Diana told me and hope she kept her side of the bargain.

"You are going to pretend to be a girl from my college called 'Aly' or 'Alyson'. If anyone guesses; I send the email. If you tell anyone; I send the email. Understand?"

"Yes, Diana, I understand."

"Good." The doorbell sounded. "Get ready my guests are arriving."

My hopes of hiding in a corner somewhere were dashed instantly, as Diana set him to work fixing drinks for the guests. A couple, Dave and Jane, and Diana's boyfriend, Steve, arrived and for an instant I relaxed, hoping the two paired up couples would ignore me.

Then the doorbell rang again. Diana answered it and returned with a tall, athletically built young man by her side.

"Aly, meet Victor, your blind date."

Horrified I managed a smile somehow.

"Hi." I said weakly. Victor flashed me a big smile.

"Hi Aly, pleased to meet you." He said as he leant forward and kissed me on the cheek.

Diana put the final nail in my coffin. She turned to Victor.

"I was talking to Aly, before the others arrived and I promised she would get a kiss and a cuddle, so I hope you'll oblige Victor?"

"It'll be my pleasure!"

"It'll be worth it. Just between us, cover your ears Aly, she told me that she just loves blow jobs!"

I thought quickly and protested, remembering to stay in character. "I told you that in confidence, Diana!"

The two other couples soon began to take advantage of the sunshine.

"You're very pale Aly," said Victor, "let me put some sun-block on for you, before you burn."

"Thank you" I murmured.

Although I found Victor's concern very touching, it led to a tricky few minutes. I lay very still as Victor's large, strong hands tenderly rubbed sun-block on each leg and then each arm.

"Turn over" he instructed.

Meakly I obeyed, turning face down to allow Victor to repeat the process on my back. Unused to any physical contact I was surprised to find that I, Alan, quite enjoyed the experience. I felt totally relaxed as his strong hands roamed over my body. I was quite sad when he finished.

The roles were now reversed as Victor lay face down on a towel, while I, his 'date', began to return the favour. His legs and back were very muscular and I watched as if watching someone else, as my slim hands, with painted nails, smoothed sun-block over his body.

"Mmmm, that feels really nice, Aly," sighed Victor.

"Thanks, you'd better turn over."

To my astonishment when Victor turned over the front of his shorts was tented up by an erection. Oddly I felt pleased, even a little proud; I had caused that reaction. I had an almost overpowering desire to touch it... but I resisted. Touchingly he apologised and threw a towel over his lap. I was not going to stop though.

"You're really enjoying this aren't you," I whispered, "so lie back while I do you, I mean, d-do your front!" I blushed at my slip of the tongue.

My hands lingered over his big pecs and toned six-pack, and I noticed proudly that his erection grew a little. My pride took me by surprise. I realised that amazingly I was really enjoying myself!

We lay side by side. I noticed Diana heading inside. I swiftly followed her.


"What is it sissy little Aly?"

I took a deep breath before speaking. "Will Victor kill me if he finds out I'm a guy?"

"What do you mean?"

"When I was rubbing on the sun block I gave him an erection," I explained.

"How delightful - he thinks our little sissy is cute!"

I took the plunge. "I hope so, cos, um, I fancy him and want to do something about it."

She stepped back and stared at me.

"Are you kidding?"

"No, Diana, dressed like this it just all seems so natural. You've released the real Aly!"


Clearly she hadn't anticipated this. Diana thought for a moment then spoke again.

"You'd better leave Victor to me. I'll tell him you needed the loo. Then I'll sort him out. Go up to my bedroom and lie down."

I did as she instructed. A few minutes later there was a knock.

"Aly, can I come in?" It was Victor.

"Of course you can."

He came in and shut the door. "Diana's explained everything."

"Everything?" I echoed warily.

"Everything. I know that you're a pre-op transsexual. If you weren't so pretty I'd break your neck for what you've done, but I'll forgive you if you give me a good enough blow-job."


"Yeah, come on Aly, show me what you can do."

So I dropped to my knees in front off him. He dropped his shorts. His cock had gone a little soft, but with a few gentle strokes it sprang back into life. Cautiously I opened my mouth to begin licking his tip, but Victor grabbed the back of my head and shoved himself into my face. Although it wasn't too fat, it was quite long and it was more than a mouthful for me.

He continued to hold my head and fuck my face. I tried to relax a bit, keeping my teeth out of the way, while clamping my lips around his cock. I tried to flick his tip with my tongue, but it was too difficult for me. I was starting to enjoy it when Victor groaned and started to spurt his cum down my throat. I'd like to say I swallowed it like a pro, but I didn't. He only shot a few short squirts but it caught me off guard and I started to choke and gag on it. Most of it dribbled out over his deflating tool and onto my swimsuit.

Victor wiped his cock with a tissue, pulled up his shorts and walked out, saying, "not bad for a first time, Aly."

I was left kneeling on the floor with my lips all glossy from my saliva and Victor's cum. Diana came into the room, clutching her video.

"Well done Aly, wanna watch it back?"

Next term there was going to be a new girl in our class. I had taken the decision to become Aly full time, prior to undergoing gender reassignment. I wonder what kind of reception I'll get?

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