tagLoving WivesCreating an Addiction Pt. 01

Creating an Addiction Pt. 01



If you've read my "A slut visits" series of stories I wrote many years ago, you'll know I have been lucky to know, and fuck, a true cum slut. She has few limits and together our sexuality evolved - we taught each other a lot about ourselves sexually. I am also married and have a loving relationship. My wife, Nat (Natalie) is not aware of my 'dark side'. Quite a few years ago now my wife did use to 'play' a little - chatting and sexting with a few guys, with my permission, and a couple of times she did meet up with one of them and fuck, which did inspire some of my "hot wife" stories. Unfortunately (for me), she has let guilt and negative feelings stop her being the hotwife I would love to encourage, for both of our increased pleasure. I had organised a rare meeting with my fuck buddy, and that was the start of something brand new....

* --- *

I was in London, in a bar I'd never been in before, with my long-term slut fuck buddy. I had to keep this liaisons secret, as a happily married man doesn't usually stay that way when the wife finds out her hubby has been getting up to all sorts of very dirty sex with another woman. My slut, Sam, wasn't a lover in the old-fashioned sense, we knew what we wanted from each other, and met up on rare occasions to act out what we often messaged each other; nasty and hot sex. We'd known each other many years, having first met online in web chat rooms, old-fashioned these days compared to modern messaging apps, but we had fun still. My wife Natalie, Nat for short, used to play back then too, her pussy often soaking wet after a prolonged sex chat session with one of her virtual lovers. We even sometimes sat close to each other, both 'cheating' with online partners, stroking ourselves close to orgasm as we were naughty, retiring to the bedroom to fuck and cum together. That was quite a few years ago now, and that side of things had stopped, to my chagrin. Yes, I still not only played on the odd occasion but also still fantasised and dreamed of my wife doing the same - yes I wanted a 'hot wife' - or even 'slut wife'. I am far from wanting to be a submissive cuckold, but the thought of my loving wife fucking and sucking other guys with my blessing still got me hard every time I daydreamed about it.

I had met Sam out of work, and we both sipped our glasses of wine in a quiet corner of the bar while talking dirty and playing footsie under the table.

"Oh, I have something to show you that you will be interested in," Sam told me, taking her phone from her bag. "You remember Richie, my old boyfriend?" she asked.

"Yeah, of course, he's the one who got you into anal - really into it, isn't he? The one with the fairly big cock?" I grinned, knowing I had a fair bit to thank Richie for, Sam was a true anal slut.

"Yeah, that's him" Sam replied, a wicked smile on her lips as she remembered their times together. "Well you know he used to chat with your wife years ago, sex talk like us?"

"Yes I remember, those were the days, he used to get Nat really hot - I never got to see much of what they said, but I know it did the trick!" I said, thinking back to how Nat's pussy felt after a long chat session with Richie.

"Well... I reminded him of Nat and what they used to get up to while we played online, and it got him quite turned on. He knows we two have kept in touch for all these years, but Richie and Nat stopped chatting ages ago. It turns out he'd love to get back in touch - in fact, he'd REALLY like to talk to Nat again." Sam laughed, he eyes playfully twinkling.

"Oh yes?" I asked, intrigued, knowing she wasn't telling me everything. "What did he say?"

"I can show you, come and sit next to me so we can both read," Sam replied, patting the chair next to her.

I moved my drink and took my place, enjoying Sam's wondering hand under the table as she placed it on the growing bulge of my cock trapped in my jeans. She took out her phone and placed it on the table between us, scrolling back through a long text conversation before showing me.

"There, this is when it started. Boring... boring," she murmured, scrolling back through the exchange, until finding the start of the more interesting part. "Yes, here it is! Here I am telling him that we are still in touch, and mention Nat. Look I tease him about what he used to get up to with her."

"Oh fuck look he used to talk about fucking her arse with her," I exclaimed, feeling my cock harden as I read about how this Richie described how my wife would beg for him to fill her arse with his cock.

Sam giggled, rubbing my hard cock over my jeans, moving her lips close to my ear. "Oh yes your wife was a right anal slut for him in cyber chat, he used to tell me all the details, and she never let you take her there did she?"

"No, never, although she did 'joke' that she might let someone else break her in. I hadn't realised she was getting so hot talking dirty about it to a near stranger." I marvelled, my heart was thumping in my chest I was so turned on. I moved my hand under the table, so I could slide my palm and fingers up Sam's leg, feeling the heat radiating from her pussy. The good slut had removed her knickers, and her cunt was dripping wet. "This turns you on nearly as much as me doesn't it slut?" I whispered back, kissing her neck, which I knew drove her wild.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, breath catching as I slid a finger inside her, "It's quite naughty talking about your wife, keep reading though, it gets better. He's quite obsessive about fucking her arse. Look for yourself, I think I wound him up nicely."

I continued to read down their text conversation, enjoying the series of increasingly sexual texts between Sam and Richie, her dirty nature egging him on to reveal more and more, as he obviously got excited and carried away. My heart pounded in my chest as I learned how another man wanted to make my wife his submissive slut, his anal slut.

"You naughty slut, look at how you got him so worked up," I laughed, forcing my eyes away from the texts to kiss Sam hard, two of my fingers now working their way inside her pussy, feeling wetness almost pouring from her.

"I think it's getting you worked up too," she teased, as her fingers expertly unzipped me, cupping my rock hard cock, pre-cum was seeping through my underwear I was so turned on. "Carry on reading, it gets even better," she promised, nuzzling her lips against my ear, whispering in the way that sends shivers down my spine.

The conversation continued about how Richie would want to use my wife on a regular basis, he didn't care if I knew - Sam did make hints that in her view and knowing me well, that I'd be more than happy to share. His texts got dirtier as he got into the fantasy, and Sam is so good at getting men hot with her own very dirty mind and imagination. Richie described in detail how he'd train Nat, firstly to be an anal whore, and then to be able to deep throat, and then, making me gasp with excitement, how he'd force her to suck his cock straight from her arse.

"Oh fuck that's hot, he's a nasty fucker isn't he?"

"Oh yes, I can testify to that," Sam chuckled. She had taken my cock out of my pants and was rubbing the pre-cum leaking from it over the head, not enough to make me cum, but more than enough to keep me on edge. He wants to make your wife such a dirty slut, just like me. You'd like that wouldn't you - to own a whore at home and have me too?"

"Fuck yes, that would be amazing," I replied, my mind racing at the thought. "It would give us more time to play ourselves wouldn't it, when she was playing herself?"

"Mmm yes Master, it would. But keep reading, he has more plans for her if he got his way, he has one specific perversion you've not got too yet," I had to keep reading, it was like I was in a sexual daze, Sam reading with me, pointing out how she urged him on, how hot it made her at the time, how horny she was right now.

"Now we are coming to the juicy part," Sam said breathlessly, her hand gripping my cocking tightly in her own excitement. If felt the fingers from her other hand join mine at her pussy, rubbing circles on her clit. We were in a sordid world of our own, not caring now if anyone watched us in our dark booth in the bar.

Reading more texts, Richie's real fantasy started to come out - he wanted to not only make my wife his slut but then take her a step further, to introduce her to 'go black', specifically a black guy with a big... no HUGE cock. Sam teased him with her replies, and he detailed his fantasy, about giving my wife to a gang of rough black men, who would push her limits and turn her into their fuck toy, training her to take huge cocks in all holes. He described how they would force her to lick their arseholes, rimming them deeply, sucking cocks covered in cum and slime from her arse. He wished to turn her into a depraved whore, who would ANYTHING for anyone, but especially massive dark meat.

"Wow that's so fucking hot," I said, finding it tough to talk with the blood pounding in my head.

"Yes it was, you love the idea of Richie making your wife his slut don't you, especially a slut who gets used by black guys with huge cocks, stretching her, ruining her?"

"Shit Sam you know it does, it's just so nasty," I replied, barely able to get the words out I felt so excited. Sam continued to whisper obscenities into my ear, describing how my Nat's cunt would feel so loose after taking so many big cocks, and that I better make sure she's on the pill, as they will all want to cum in their white married slut.

"Oh you slut, you organised all this so I'd agree to help make it happen didn't you? So we can play more together?" I exclaimed, realising her plan.

"Of course, but you like it don't you Master?" she teased.

"I'll show you just how much, wank me hard, fast, and catch my cum in your other hand," I hissed, taking charge.

"Yes master, can I cum too?" she begged, humping my hand, which now had four fingers filling her sloppy cunt.

"Cum when you feel my spunk hit your hand, as my cock throbs," I ordered, locking eyes with my slutty slave.

Sam's hand blurred under the table as she wanked me faster and faster, and I slid my fingers out to frig her clit at the same frantic pace. As I felt my orgasm build, the pressure growing, I leaned in to kiss Sam hard, my tongue forcing its way into her mouth, meeting hers, our hot breath mixing as I exploded, moaning into her mouth as my cock jerked over and over, spunk hitting Sam's waiting hand. I could tell Sam was close herself, but she never came easy, especially with nothing filling her. I carried on rubbing her clit, and as I calmed down, I leaned in again, and whispered "Eat my cum you whore,"

I watched her lift her hand to her mouth, breathing in deeply to smell my musk, then her tongue lapped at my offering. As she swallowed down, her orgasm hit her, the smell and taste of cum overwhelming her. Her tight pussy spasmed and her back arched, breath ragged as she gasped. She unconsciously opened her hand and rubbed the remains of my cum over her cheeks, wanting more cum on her, over her - a true cum slut. "Fuck that was hot," I pant, zipping my cock away as I check to make sure no-one has spotted us. I spy one older man who looks a little distracted, watching Sam lick up the last of the spunk on her hand. "I think that guy over there enjoyed your show," I tell her, indicating with my eyes.

"Mmm, if we had more time I might let him have some fun with me, but I think we should get back to the hotel?" Sam asked me, both of us knew we should waste no time in the bar when we had a room waiting for us with some wine chilling.

* --- *

An hour later we had finished the wine, we were both naked, and I was fucking Sam's cunt hard and fast, pinning her down under me, my hand on her throat applying enough pressure to choke her a little.

"You dirty slut, you knew I'd use you all the harder after what you did in that bar," I grunted, thrusting hard and as deep as I could, our bodies slapping together, sweat running down me dripping onto her. She was so wet her cunt made obscene wet noises as I pulled out, only to punch my cock back into her hard. I knew I could never fuck Sam hard enough, she loved it rough. I spat down on her face, making her gasp and wriggle under me, so I spat, again and again, sticking her eyelids down with slime.

"Yes master, fuck your devious slut," Sam begged, grunting between the words as my cock violated her over and over.

Her face was a mess with my spit, so I grabbed her around her throat, feeling my orgasm approaching, I pinned her down harder, squeezing, so she gasped, hardly able to breathe, her face going red. Holding her down, I slapped her tits HARD, the sound ringing out, her eyes going wide with the pain, but unable to cry out. I hurt her breasts in time to my thrusts, the pain bringing on her own orgasm, as she felt totally humiliated with my spit decorating her, and completely helpless as I controlled her breathing and her body.

Leaving her tits covered in red finger marks, I reached down to rub her clit hard and fast, my arm muscles burning as I brought her off, taking my hand from her neck only as I saw her stiffen, knowing it was the sign she was about to explode. He breath suddenly gasped, and the extra oxygen helped trigger her orgasm, cumming hard, her pussy squeezing my dick as the waves took her, milking me, driving me over the edge. My own orgasm took me, my spunk filling her pulsating pussy, our juices mixing in her. My sweat dripped down onto her as I rammed my cock home a few last times, enjoying the feeling of her now so slick hot insides.

"Oh shit that was good," I signed, pulling my cock out of her with a wet sound, falling beside her.

"Mmm yes, we both needed that," Sam purred, her finger tracing her pussy lips, feeling the cum leak out of her, playing with it, her love of cum never lessening.

We both took a few minutes to regain our breath before I jumped up off the bed and grabbed her hair, pulling her face to my groin. "Clean me slut, then into the shower."

Sam loved her place, an obedient slut, and she loved the taste of our cum, hungrily lapping my cock, cleaning me thoroughly, sucking the head in case I had any drops of cum left.

"Such a cum hungry whore aren't you Sam?" I marvelled, stroking her hair as she sucked my balls clean of their sweat and cum.

"Yes master," she smiled sweetly.

"Come, let's go take a shower and clean you up," I said, offering my hand to help her up.

* -- *

The hot water felt good as we shared the shower, lathering each other, enjoying the feeling of slippery flesh.

"So do you think you can get Richie to contact Nat again?" I asked, my thoughts returning to the earlier conversation in the pub.

"Well, I was thinking I might drop him her Facebook profile link? Hint that he should start off slow and see if he can get her chatting again, maybe share his phone number," she replied, showing me she had already started to plan.

"Good idea, make sure there's no suggestion I'm behind this - and he's not to mention you, not yet anyway. We want her chatting with him without knowing about us at first. Only later, once, and IF, he gets her being naughty, do I want him to order her to tell me what she's up to. Once he has her turning slut, I want it in the open, and not a secret from me. But while it's early days and she could be scared off, he can keep their play secret." I told Sam, our plot starting to take shape. While I wanted a hotwife, a hotwife who was a total slut, I wanted control - I did not wish to be a wimpy cuckolded husband, more a dominant stag who shared his wife for both our pleasure, but also having my own fun with my sluts.

Taking hold of my cock in her soapy hands, Sam started stroking it gently and was rewarded with it starting to fill with blood once again. "So you want to go through with this, no matter how far it goes?" she asked me with a sexy grin, knowing she was turning me on again. "I'll encourage Richie, it won't take much. It will start slow I'm sure, but he's an impatient guy, and has a way of turning conversations dirty. Before you know it, your wife will be sneaking off with her phone or tablet, to have long conversations with him. He'll get dirtier, encouraging her to fantasise about him fucking her... fucking her arse especially. I know he will have her get her toys out and fuck her holes as they chat. Before long, he'll have her chatting on the phone not just typing, and he'll make her cum talking dirty with him.", Sam whispered, her hand sliding up and down my rock hard cock.

"Yes! I want that, I'll know it's happening as she will get hot after their chats, and I'll get to fuck her hot cunt," I replied, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Oh you'll know all about the details, don't worry, as I'll make sure Ritchie reports back to me. I'll tell him it gets me hot - which it does - and he'll be keen to share.

"And you can help encourage him to take it further?" I whimpered, my heart pounding again as our plan formed.

"Yes, much further. You can organise another night for us to get together, and make sure she knows well in advance. If our plan is working, she will tell Richie, and he will organise a night for them, he's such a horn-dog he won't be able to resist. Do you want him to make her tell you at this stage?" Sam asked, tugging at my cock.

"No, for the first few get-togethers they should still be sneaking and cheating on me - as far as she knows! She's to tell me once she's become a true whore when she's addicted to other guys cocks."

"I'm sure he'll want to visit her at your home, he'll want to fuck her in your married bed, cum in her, all her holes, in that bed," Sam teased, knowing that would drive me wild.

"Yes... that's so fucking hot. I hope he really fucks her arse hard and breaks it in for me."

"Oh he will, he's quite a big boy remember? He will have had her prepare with toys first though, so she's ready for big cock."

"So then we encourage him to get her addicted, keep her hot all the time, find more times to use her, make her careless, she wants his cock so much." I urge.

"Oh yes, and when we meet up I'll take your cock as I tell you all the dirty details - of how your good wife is an anal whore," Sam said breathlessly, hands working my cock and balls. "Once he has turned her slut, then part two of our plan will start when I encourage him to find her some black cocks for a party. At that point, he will have made her tell you, and you, of course, will then be able to tell her how much it turns you on, after the initial 'shock'... she will be a good slut and thank you for understanding, buy giving you all her holes to use however you wish.

I knew I was going to cum yet again, Sam's dirty words were so fucking exciting to me. "And I will encourage her to let Richie come round when I'm there, so I can see them both in action, show I really like her being a hotwife and slut," I continued.

"Oh and remember, when she starts playing with others, when she has her gang bangs with big black cocks, I want to be there with you, fucking as we watch them get nasty." Sam cooed, she was as turned on by this as me!

"Of course, we share it all," I promised. "In fact, I'm sure you'd want some of that massive black cock yourself? Why don't I pimp you both out? We could have some parties... two white sluts hot for as much cock as a gang can provide, no holes barred?" I ask, pushing Sam to her knees as I knew I was about to blow my load.

"Of course master! I want that cock too. Make us your whores, whore us out to black guys - white guys... anyone!" she begged, wanking my cock hard, holding it close to her lips and open mouth.

"Oh shit, yes, I'll make my home a whorehouse - I'll set-up video cameras, film it all, sell the footage online, who nasty filthy cum eating whores," I cried, cumming so hard, my cock exploding spunk into Sam's waiting mouth, as her talented hands milked me, he tongue lapping it up, swallowing my cream down.

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