tagSci-Fi & FantasyCreation's Guardian Ch. 13B

Creation's Guardian Ch. 13B


Author's notes:

Special thanks to Cecilia Martin for her invaluable advice on story content!

Let's not forget Taco1085 for a super editing job...Thanks Larry!


This time Bob ported all four women directly to the second floor of the hospital where once again, he found both doctors ready and waiting. Asimah delivered her baby first and Bob named his fourth daughter Selene after the great Djinn prophet at Asimah's request. Artemis presented Bob with Bianca and Jethro about twenty minutes later. Then Demeter delivered Suzanne and Thomas within minutes of Artemis's delivery. Hestia held on for about another five minutes before delivering Brigit and Anthony. All four mothers and their children were put in the same room again, and they were right next door to the other three goddesses. Bob spent a couple of hours visiting with the four new mothers and his seven new children. Then he went next door to visit with Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena and his other six children.

When Bob got there all the twins were sleeping peacefully in their cradles having just finished being breastfed by their mothers. As soon as he was seated in the overstuffed recliner, Aphrodite rose from her bed and sashayed over to sit sideways in his lap. She gave him a passion filled, long, slow, deep, tongue wrestling, spit swapping lip lock that left them both breathless.

Aphrodite gave him a wink and said, "hello, Master; I've missed you, we all have. Tell me, now that you've seen seven of your women give birth to your children; have you learned anything from all that experience?"

Bob thought for a couple of long minutes then gave Aphrodite a confused look. "I know you're trying to tell me something; but I'll be dammed if I can figure out what it is, Sweet Cheeks."

Aphrodite looked over at Athena and Hera giving them a wink then she turned back to Bob brushing her soft lips gently over his. "Hmm, that's exactly what we thought." She tipped her head towards Athena and Hera then continued, "You may be the most powerful being in creation; but you're still a male. You don't know anything about childbirth. I've been sorta drafted by those two to explain a few things to you. See for Olympian women, Djinn women, the Titanides, and even the Atlantian women who are carrying your children, the whole process of carrying and delivering your babies is different than that of a normal female. Your babies are... 'Magical babies' for want of a better term. From conception, they develop certain magical abilities that allow them to survive and grow within our womb. All your babies use a form of magic to take whatever nourishment they need directly from their mothers. So there's no need for a placenta or afterbirth as you'd probably call it. There's also no bleeding and very little pain for us. Our deliveries are a hell of a lot faster and smoother and we're fully healed within an hour or so of giving birth.

We know you didn't realize any of this, but the Doctors Rodgers sure as hell did, and THAT took a bit of explaining. It's impossible for any of your women to ever have any complications during pregnancy or delivery. There never was any valid medical reason for any of us to be here. We only went along with it because it's what YOU wanted and expected of us. Every single one of your women has the knowledge and ability to act as a midwife. That knowledge is ingrained in our DNA; it's an instinctive ability that we don't even have to think about. The simple truth is that all seven of us are perfectly fine and ready to come home. The doctors have reluctantly signed all of our discharge papers already. I say reluctantly because they're both fascinated. They really want to learn more about how we carry and deliver our babies. Even though we've all been officially discharged; none of us will leave until you say it's okay. Oh, and Cassandra already has everything ready for us at home so you don't have a thing to worry about when you take all of us home either."

"Well in that case I'd suggest you get your sexy little ass moving and get our children ready to travel while I check in at the nurse's station. I'll let them know you'll be leaving. I'll stop in next door and have them get ready too; then I'll call in some reinforcements to help get all the babies home at the same time."

When Bob arrived back at his castle, he wasn't surprised to see all the planning and work that Cassandra, Kadir, and Selena had done. They had turned half of the second floor into a giant nursery. Not only were there enough cribs for Bob's current thirteen children, Cassandra had planned ahead by adding cribs for the other four Olympians and the six Titanides as well. The walls were adorned with everything imaginable; butterflies, dolphins, dragons, you name it and it was on the walls of that room. She had placed recliners between each pair of cribs so that the mothers could be comfortable while feeding their babies and there were musical mobiles attached to each crib. The lighting in the room was soft and there was an archway carved in the wall into the master


Downstairs, the trio had created a similar day room with cradles and infant swings right off the dining room to make things easier for the moms during the day. They had even thought to have enough twin infant carriers and carriages so that trips up and down the stairs and to the beach would be simplified. Cassandra and her two helpers had gone so far in their planning that even each Governor and her teammates had everything they could possibly need when their babies arrived a month or so down the line.

Cassandra explained all this to Bob as she sat on the bed while holding her infant sister and brother, cooing softly to both babies in between her telling him what she had done.

Bob kissed Cassandra softly then said, "You did a fantastic job, Sweetie. Thank you I really appreciate it." His eyes flicked down to the twins then back to Cassandra's face."

Cassandra grinned. "You're very welcome, Master. But don't even think about it; I'm still not ready to become a mother yet."

"What? I was just thinking how beautiful you look holding them."

"Uh huh. Remember this is me you're talking to. I know what you're thinking before you do," she laughed. She gently laid both babies on the bed then continued, "I'm sorry, Master. I know you want me to have your children. Believe me, I want that as well. But I've got six thousand years of catching up to do; I'm just not prepared to become a mom right now. I hope you understand."

Bob smiled softly. "I understand that, Sweetie. I'm in no hurry for more children right now either. I know when you're finally ready, you'll tell me. In the meantime, just think of how many babies you can spoil rotten," he laughed.

Aphrodite was laying at the head of the bed propped up on some throw pillows. She giggled then said, "I heard that, Master." She turned to Cassandra. "It's okay, Sweetie. They're your little brother and sister. I don't mind if you spoil them some. I plan on doing a little spoiling of my own. Let's not go too far overboard with it though; okay?"

Cassandra leaned down giving both babies a kiss on the cheek. "I'll try not to spoil them too much, Mom. But they're sooo cute, and I love them soo very much. I may find it impossible NOT to spoil them rotten," she giggled.

Aphrodite laughed softly. "You're right Cassandra, they are very cute. I love them just as much as I do their big sister. I guess I'll just have to learn to deal with her spoiling them as much as she wants. If you're done playing with them; it's time to fill their bellies again. I swear they never seem to stop eating. The little gluttons nearly drain my boobs dry at each feeding. I'm gonna have to get my hands on some golden Olympian apples if I'm ever gonna keep up with their huge appetites.

"I guess I'm done, for now anyway. Stay there and relax. I'll bring them to you." Once the twins were settled on Aphrodite's tits sucking happily away, Cassandra smiled then said, "I think that's the most beautiful sight I've ever seen, Mom." She connected with Selena's mind. "I need some golden Olympian apples."

"That's no problem. How many do you want, My Queen?"

Cassandra sent a mental giggle then thought back, "Stop with the formalities already. This is just a request from one sister to the other." She explained why she wanted them. "I'm really not sure how many we'll need. Let's just start with a couple of bushels. We can add more later as we need to. Just put the two baskets on a table in the nursery for now. Oh wait; we might wanna add a third bushel on the dining room table too."

"Okay, Sis, all three baskets are in place. I hope they help. We sure don't want any babies feeling hungry."

"Thanks, Selena. I'm sure the all moms will appreciate your kindness."

Cassandra walked into the nursery picking up a basked of the apples and brought it over to Hera. "Here ya go, Hera, take a couple now then eat as many as you feel you need. Don't worry; there's plenty more where these came from."

"Olympian apples," Hera exclaimed! How in heaven's name did you get them? I thought Olympus was sealed off."

"It still is. But I got Selena to use her wish magic after Mom mentioned that she needed these to help her produce enough milk for her twins. I figured that if she needed them, then all of you would too."

Hera looked down at the twins sucking hungrily at her huge tits and said, "Momma's gonna really be able to keep your little bellies full now thanks to your Auntie Cassandra, and your Auntie Selena!" She took a bite of an apple, closed her eyes and groaned with pleasure, then opened her eyes and looked at Cassandra. "These apples are absolutely heavenly! Thank you Cassandra, and thank Selena for me too."

Cassandra bent over giving Hera a soft kiss. "You're welcome, Sis. I'll tell Selena for you. I'm sure she'll be as happy about being an auntie as I am. Thank you; I'm very honored, Hera!"

Cassandra passed out apples to all the other moms telling all of them the same thing she told Hera. She set the basket on the table and grabbed two apples from it for her mom. She returned to the bedroom and handed Aphrodite the two apples. "Here ya go, Mom. Munch on these. My little sister and brother need to have enough milk to fill their bellies."

"Ooh, golden Olympian apples! Thank you, sweetie; these will help a lot! I'll eat one now and save the other one for their next feeding."

"No, Mom. Eat them both now. There's almost two bushels of them in the nursery and another one downstairs in the dining room on the table. Eat as many as you need to; there's plenty more where those came from. I already gave some to all the other moms and with a little help from Selena; we'll keep you all supplied with as many as you need for as long as you need them."

Aphrodite practically inhaled the apples. She felt their effect almost immediately. "There ya go, My Little Darlings. Drink all you want. Momma's got lots of milk for your hungry little bellies now." She looked up at Cassandra. "Thank you, Sweetie. They've come really close to sucking me dry a couple of times today. If I only had one child, I could just switch boobs and I'd be all set. But these two have huge appetites and they both wanna eat at the same time." She shook her head with a soft giggle. "Your little sister and brother seem to be extra hungry tonight. They're acting like they haven't eaten all day. Could you please get me another apple? I think I'm gonna need it." she giggled again.

Cassandra laughed softly. "Sure, Mom; no problem. But I think I'd better have Selena enchant all the baskets so that they refill automatically when they start getting low. That way I can be sure there's always apples whenever you or any of the other moms need em."

"Well I know that Hera and Athena's twins eat just as much as these two do. So I think that may be a very wise precaution, Sweetie," Aphrodite finished with a laugh.

When she entered the nursery Cassandra giggled as she watched Hera toss an apple to Athena. Hera grabbed an apple for herself then said, "I hope you don't mind. I gave everyone another apple. These little tykes seem to be really going at our boobs tonight. It's almost as if they instinctively know they're home and they're finally getting comfortable."

"I don't mind at all, Sis. My only concern is that all the babies get as much milk as they need. I've had Selena enchant all the baskets. They'll refill on their own now. I don't care if all of you eat a dozen apples apiece. If that's what it takes to fill your babies bellies; have at it. There will always be plenty of apples for everyone now."

Cassandra returned to her seat next to Bob, "What's up with the apples? I thought you told me they restored health?"He asked.

"There are three basic types of Olympian apples, Master. The ones I used to heal Rhea and the other Titanides were the red Olympian apples. When they're combined with ambrosia, they restore health and vitality and heal wounds very quickly. Then there's the golden Olympian apple. They have no effect on a male; but for a nursing mother the effect is quite dramatic and almost instantaneous. The milk glands in a woman's boobs are stimulated to produce many times the normal amount of milk. The green ones are a key ingredient in the making of ambrosia. They're actually the catalyst that allows the other ingredients to mix properly. Also, mixing the juices from different colored apples in specific proportions can produce potions that can be used for different purposes. For instance there's one potion that all of the goddesses thought was especially vile, but that all the gods loved. If the juice from all three colors was mixed in the correct amounts, they produced a very powerful aphrodisiac that would drive a normal female into a sexual frenzy, fucking anything that moved until either it wore off, or she passed out. The gods loved it because they could fuck any normal female for as long as they wanted. All the Olympian females hated it; because to use modern terms; we considered it a rape drug. Of course there are really useful potions that can be made as well. One of Hera's favorites was a mixture of juices from red and golden apples. It relieved the pain of childbirth and prevented excessive bleeding. When one of her favored was having a difficult delivery, Hera would instruct her priestess to give the mother a few drops of the potion. I can't count the number of times I saw that as I was growing up. I never saw it fail. When it was all over, both mother and child were always perfectly healthy."

Aphrodite giggled. "Enough with the talking about apples and potions already. I've got my body back and it's been a while since I've had a really good hard fucking. I'm as horny as a bitch in heat. I'm gonna put these two in their cribs so that we can get down to some serious fucking. Whose turn is it to get first ride tonight anyway, Cassandra?"

Cassandra laughed. "Yeah, I'm horny as hell too, Mom. But we're both gonna have to wait. It's Hestia's turn to get first ride tonight. Come on, I'll help you with the twins. You take David and I'll carry Alicia for you."

Hestia came out of the nursery with her arms stretched over her head doing a little dance as she walked. "YAY! I get first ride! I hope you're ready, Master. Because I'm SUPER horny tonight! In fact I'm hornier than I was the first time you fucked me!"

Hera laughed. "Oh shit. Thank heavens Hestia doesn't have any virginal pheromones left. But I still think we should all stick our fingers in our ears or something. Because I've got the feeling that she's gonna be a REAL screamer this time," She laughed again.

Hestia giggled. "I ALWAYS scream when Master sticks his big, fat cock in my tight, little pussy. It stretches my hot, juicy, little pussy to the max, and it feels sooo fucking good! But you're right, Hera; THIS time they might hear me all the way over in Tranquility city." She slowly and sensuously crawled over Bob and said, "I wanna ride on top for a while okay, Master?"

"That's fine. Climb aboard and ride me, Cowgirl!"

Hestia grinned as she squatted over Bob's massive cock. She rubbed the angry looking mushroomed tip along her outer lips coating it thoroughly with the lavish juices that were leaking steadily from her overheated tight, wet, cunt. Then placing the huge head of Bob's massive cock against the opening to her soaking wet, hungry twat, Hestia moaned loudly as she slowly impaled herself on Bob's monstrous cock; one maddening inch at a time. "OH FUCK; YOU'RE STRETCHING MY HORNY LITTLE PUSSY TO THE MAX. IT'S SOOO FULL AND IT FEELS SOOO FUCKING GOOD, MASTER," Hestia screamed as her luscious little ass finally rested in Bob's lap and she felt the gigantic head of his enormous cock pushing against her cervix.

Hestia was twerking back and forth on Bob's huge shaft and grinding her swollen little clit against his pubic bone as she screamed out again. "OH GODS; SOOO GOOD. IT'S BEEN SOOO LONG SINCE YOU'VE BEEN ABLE TO FILL MY LITTLE PUSSY ALL THE WAY LIKE THIS." She rode Bob's humongous cock this way for about fifteen minutes. All the while moaning loudly and screaming at the top of her lungs. Then she changed to bouncing her sexy little ass all the way up and down Bob's monstrous shaft. After about another ten minutes Hestia screamed, "GONNA DO IT! GONNA, GONNA, GONNA CUMMMMM!" Her eyes rolled, as she desperately tried to suck in air. Every muscle in her body twitched and convulsed as every neuron in her brain sent jolts of pure ecstasy to every nerve ending in her body. Bob shot spurt after spurt of hot, gooey, white cum deep into her spasming cunt causing Hestia to go limp and pass out from a massive orgasm that just wouldn't stop.

Bob laid Hestia's head on his shoulder and squeezed the firm flesh of her fantastic little ass for several long minutes before Hestia's orgasm slowly faded away and she regained consciousness. "Gods, Master! That was awesome! I'm totally fucked out," Hestia giggled as she rolled off Bob.

Everyone laughed when Bob said, "I'm glad you had fun, Hestia. I guess you weren't kidding when you said they'd hear you in Tranquility. I hope Lyssa and Jacobia weren't sleeping yet. If they were; they sure as hell aren't now," he laughed.

Hestia's candy apple red blush extended all the way from her perfect "C" cups to the top of her head as she replied, "oops, I forgot about them; sorry, Master."

Cassandra giggled. "Don't worry about it, Hestia. Master was just teasing you. Lyssa and Jacobia certainly aren't virgins; I'm sure they've both done some screaming of their own at times."

It was the wee hours of the morning before all of Bob's women were finally sated. When Bob's head hit the pillow; he closed his eyes and fell asleep instantly. Even when all the babies cried at the same time and their moms left the bed to feed them; Bob slept right through every bit of it.

It only took three days to negotiate the alliance treaty. Bob basically gave Jacobia everything she asked for. Most of it was standard for that kind of treaty and things he would have asked for himself. After the treaty was signed by all parties, Bob shocked the federation by announcing that they were not alone in the galaxy, and that he had agreed to an alliance with the Atlantian Empire. He went on to say that embassies had already been built on every planet, and within thirty days they would begin issuing visas so that both races could visit the others planets. He then stated that because of the alliance, clothing would now be optional on federation planets, but mandatory on Atlantian planets.

Bob had given Jacobia a great deal of advanced military tech that Cailin had discovered in the time space gap from races that once existed in long dead galaxies. Most of it however, he kept to himself for the time being. He realized that Amanda was right; the Federation needed a space fleet of its own to protect its boarders from unwarranted intrusion. After that, Lyssa, Jacobia, and her crew headed home by passing through a portal Bob had created in orbit around Nueveia's moon and out another one in orbit around New Atlantia's moon.

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