tagMind ControlCreative Cosmetic Inc.

Creative Cosmetic Inc.


Sophie had been called into the executive conference room moments ago by her boss' secretary. She had taken the job only three months ago, right out of college. She was working as a junior executive and had overseen the shipment of Creative Cosmetic Inc.'s product line to those who ordered it. Still being somewhat new to the company and younger than most of the employees she was still highly intimidated by being summoned into a meeting with any of her superiors.

As she entered, she quickly glanced around the room. At the opposite end of a table sat her direct supervisor, Thomas Robertson, and what appeared to be two other high-ranking executives. She was offered a seat at the table and she sat down looking at the three men.

"You must be wondering why I called you in her today." Started Thomas. Sophie only nodded her head in response. "It's about your job performance I'm afraid. See, you haven't been keeping up to the standards we require here, and we just can't afford to keep you on full time if the work you've been doing is all you can provide for the company."

"What? I'm so sorry Mr. Robertson, I'll try my best to step it up and do better. But please, this is my first job and-" Pleaded Sophie.

"Look I know Sophie; the economy is tough, and our finances are spread pretty thin already. And I don't want to fire you, but the only way you'll be able to stay on here is if you pick up some extra volunteer duties."

"Ok" She sighed, slightly relieved, "what would those entail?"

"Well, we always need new people to work with our r&d department, if that sounds like something that wouldn't add too much to your schedule."

"Ok, yeah that sounds fine."

"Great. Just head down there after work today." Sophie returned to her desk. She had been so worried she would be fired during the meeting but picking up a couple of hours pro bono working with the research and development portion of the company wasn't too bad. It was much better than getting laid off.

Who knows, she thought to herself, she might even get to try on some good new makeup.

When she was done for the day, around 5, Sophie got in the elevator and went down to the 3rd floor. The doors opened with a ding and she walked up to the receptionist's desk. Something struck Sophie as odd about the receptionist though. She was stunning. Her golden-brown hair was just slightly curly and wavy, resting just below her color line. The very ends reaching the beginning of soft silky skin that extend downwards into two perky breasts. She displayed tasteful cleavage, only showing enough to hint at the fact that she must be gifted but not abnormally so. Sophie would've guessed just under an E cup bra size.

The receptionist had manicured eyelashes but in such a way that Sophie could not be sure. They were long and made her eyes glint. Accenting the cuteness of the face that now turned to look up at her.

"Hi, I'm Sophie. I was told to report here at 5." Sophie informed the receptionist.

"Yes hi, we're so happy you're here. If you could just go through the hallway to your right, you can meet up with the rest of the subjects." The bubbly receptionist said. Subjects? Sophie thought as she began down the hallway. When Thomas had told her about this, she thought he meant she would be working with them in an executive role. Of course, that wouldn't preclude her from some free samples. But subject implied experimentation. The thought made her hesitant.

She found the first door and walked through it. Immediately she was greeted by a man in a lab coat. He sized her up, briefly murmuring something about her appearance. Sophie had never been particularly vain, but she knew she was gifted in some respects.

Her hair, although currently in a bun, was long and flowing and she prided herself on managing it well. She wore a 32C bra and although she knew some would consider that average, she was shapely and perky. Making them look not only larger but more inviting. From there her body tapered to a somewhat average waist before flaring out around her hips. Her butt was no laughing matter either. When she wore yoga pants, she often got glances and some of her friends would jokingly cat call her. Even going so far as to call her bubble butt.

The lab coated man moved on and Sophie inspected the room she was in. It was small. Contained within it were only two other girls and a table with four seats on one side.

Farthest away from the entrance to the room was a redhead girl, somewhat shorter than Sophie. She wasn't tall, but Sophie stood at a respectable 5'6". However, this redhead looked about 4 inches shorter than she was. Sophie glanced down and realized that she might be slightly bustier.

The other girl in the room was less endowed. She looked like a solid C cup but looked quite perky. Her silky black hair flowed in rivulets and lighted just above her shoulders. Her butt was quite more impressive. Her slim jeans accented the mass of flesh back there. It looked firm and squeezable. Like a perfect pillow.

Then the man in the lab coat went down the line, handing each girl a stick of lipstick. "Please apply this lipstick when you get home. You will report their effect tomorrow at this same time. This is for our new line of makeup so please follow the rules and report honestly how your experience was. That is all, you may leave." As soon as he ended his monologue Sophie was out the door.

She was ready to leave and the first day of this had already gotten her a little freaked. She felt like a subject, not a volunteer.

When she got home, she went to her mirror and pulled out the lipstick. She twirled it in her hands. Stopping it only briefly to notice what the label said. "Bimbo pink" chuckled Sophie. That's certainly a name that shows what kind of audience this lipstick is trying to appeal to, she thought.

Sophie went about her nightly routine. Watching tv and checking the internet mostly. She then, as usual, after dressing in her pajamas, took a makeup wipe to her face. She decided not to remove the lipstick, after some thought, it made her lips look a little plumper than usual. And although the name of the lipstick didn't particularly appeal to her, she did end up liking the shade. It wasn't the neon pink she suspected, rather a nice cute pink that, although bright, had its appeal.

Sophie awoke with a yawn. She felt refreshed and although she knew today, she would have to work extra hard to make up for her performance, she somehow felt excited to go to work. She got out of bed and started to walk over to the mirror. She was slightly taken a back at what she saw. Overnight it appeared that her lips had swelled to almost twice their size last night. They were plump and sexual. She stuck out her tongue and began to run it along the length of them. However, she was stopped the second her tongue and lip touched. She gasped.

Her lips were incredibly sensitive. Just running her tongue along a small part of them felt like her clit was being licked. She couldn't help it. Subconsciously she pressed her hips against the dresser beneath her mirror and her tongue ran back and forth along her pink bimbo lips.

She almost couldn't stop herself. But she stepped back and retracted her tongue. Her heart was racing, and her chest was heaving. She was panting, and she couldn't close her mouth. She had been so close to orgasming right there and then. She walked over to the kitchen carefully, noticing that a wet spot had formed on the panties she had worn to bed.

She attempted to have her usual cereal for breakfast, but barely made it four spoonfuls before her legs automatically began to spread apart, the wet spot between her legs growing. She barely made it another two spoonfuls before running to the bathroom. She lay sprawled on the floor. Desperately working with a hand down the front of her underwear. She reached out for the cabinet under her sink pulling out her dildo. She started to move it downwards but reconsidered. She put the long phallic item between her lips. She came almost instantly.

Her belly twitched, and her hips pumped into the air against her hand as she came explosively on her floor. Sophie's body shook, and she moaned as she rode out the climax.

Her lips sensitivity had dulled after the bathroom floor adventure, however, after a few hours of work she found it getting harder and harder to concentrate. She kept on absent mindedly running her tongue over her lips. Sophie shuddered as she did so, and a damp spot had formed progressively on her chair. She couldn't help it. Everything disappeared as soon as anything contacted her lips and her tongue seemed to have a mind of its own and wanted her to come.

She watched one of her male coworkers walk by and accidentally thought to herself how good it would feel to give a blowjob with these lips. She tried to snap out of it, but she couldn't. She had never seriously thought about giving any of the guys she worked with a blowjob. Now that's all she could think about.

She had to come. Every second she sat here her lips got more sensitive and the desire became more overwhelming.

She shook her head, snapping out of her momentary When she realized the nature of the thoughts, she was having she tried to quickly snap out of it. Sophie had to calm down and get rid of these thoughts in her head, no matter how tantalizing.

Sophie got up and went to the bathroom, leaving a prominent wet mark on her chair. She splashed some cold water on her face. "Snap out of it Soph" she pleaded to herself into the mirror. Looking into the mirror, she saw a horrible sight. The stall door opened and out walked her coworker John. In her hazy confusion she must have accidentally walked into the guys bathroom.

"Sophie this is the wrong bathroom, what are you doing in here?" He questioned.

"Oh sorry, I'm just... a little out of it today."

"That's ok, just save yourself some embarrassment and don't do it again." He joked. And John was so close now. She took a step towards him. She couldn't help it. She leaned in and kissed him hard. Sophie moaned against the kiss. Her hyper-sensitive lips bringing her closer to orgasm just from the feeling of her lips against his. Before she knew it, she had fallen to her knees.

She hurriedly unbuttoned his pants and felt around for his cock. She panted excitedly as she withdrew it. The hard member sitting erect in front of her. It was all she could focus on. She was so horny and needy. She couldn't help herself, she needed to come.

She wrapped her lips around it and begin sliding up and down along its length. Her hips wriggled and pressed against the floor while her belly twitched. She didn't even make it three strokes before she came. Sophie moaned loudly against his cock and she couldn't stop her hips from pumping and grinding while she orgasmed.

It didn't take long for her to come again. However, this time he came with her. Pumping his hot cum down her throat. The feeling just made Sophie want it more.

After John was down filling Sophie's belly he pulled out of her mouth. He smiled and pulled up his pants while he left the bathroom. Leaving Sophie to sit in the puddle of her own juices, still dazed in her post orgasmic bliss and wondering why she had felt so compelled to suck him off.

Later that day she sat back in the lab room with the other two girls. The man in the lab coat began explaining.

"That lipstick you all tried yesterday was specially designed here. It creates two things in its users. The first, something I'm sure you were all a fan off, extremely increased lip sensitivity. That should've made even conversation an erotic experience. The second, well the second was a growing compulsion to give blowjobs. The longer you went without blowing someone the more focused you became on sucking someone off until all you could think about was exactly that. Sucking anyone off." Sophie looked around at the other two girls, each with their own bright pink lips. Their embarrassed faces told her that they had all had a similar experience.

Sophie had grown very worried. This lab was apparently extremely successful. Not only had she felt everything he described, she had blown a guy from work simply because of her lipstick. And just seeing this guy talk to the three of them made her want to jump him too and swallow a load of his. Apparently, they had the ability to make her do anything. The possibilities could be endless.

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by AlexiaAlexander12/10/18

Yummy Story

I have to say that after reading up to the part where the lab guy explained the lipstick I was beginning to want to have my own on my lips. The thought of just being able to blow some guy because I ammore...

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by tripletrip12/09/18

enjoyed it

Especially the first part was really good. Maybe the Sophie could have fought against her desires a bit more. And if the lipstick had just worked to 1. Increase the size of her lips and 2. Increase theirmore...

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by Anonymous12/09/18

Wow so great

I love how original this story is.

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by Anonymous12/06/18


Please continue it is a great story!

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