I had come to the club directly from work, and was dressed a bit nattier than I usually would have been on any other day. I had come to sip a few vodka martinis and watch the people, as they made their little plays for one another. It always made me smile to watch the "dating dance" on Friday and Saturday nights. It was pretty amusing, really. But this was the first time I had seen this particular trio of lovely ladies who sauntered in tonight. They immediately gave me the impression that they were looking for someone or something specific, and that they would leave if they didn't find it...whatever it, he or she was. They certainly weren't the "normal" type girlfriends out for a little excitement after work. It almost seemed to me that this WAS their work. They were serious about this quest.

I watched them for a while after they sat at an empty table and scanned the room. They quietly sipped their drinks, and were approached by more than a few men and women throughout the early evening, but all were dismissed. They weren't nasty in their dismissals, but there was no doubt that a dismissal had been issued.

They were all totally attractive -- each in their own way. Two of them - the blondes - were shorter...perhaps around 5'2 and 110 lbs and looked like sisters. The redhead was maybe 5'10 and 130. They were sexy, without overstating it. Even the clothes they wore seemed to be the perfect understatement, and certainly helped complete the entire package.

I just couldn't figure them out. So I stopped trying. Smiling toward them briefly, I turned away to concentrate on my Grey Goose.

Perhaps that was the key that unlocked their door, because no sooner had I disregarded them, I was suddenly surrounded by them.

The tall girl spoke.

"I'm Michelle. This is Annette and her sister Corinne." I was, of course, pleased to meet them and I told them so -- offering my name in return.

"May we ask something of you?" Of course they could.

'We are in need of a man who is not afraid to try new things, and we have all judged you to be such a man." I was indeed.

"Do you like adventure?"

As she spoke, I was aware that there was something...I don't know...compelling might be the right word, in her voice. Not like hypnotism or anything, but there was definitely an odd lilt to her words. It was almost as though she had the ability to read my thoughts. When I spoke, it felt as though my words were an echo that she had already heard.

I told them I was interested, and that they had indeed chosen the right guy for whatever adventures they had in mind. I knew what I had in mind, and it involved skin to skin contact with each of them. And mouth to skin, and and and.

"Then we should be going now, because we have much to accomplish tonight."

Annette and Corinne had not yet spoken, but they were both smiling as I got up from my seat and we headed for the door in masse.

I headed for my car, and Michelle told me that they would prefer to walk. I asked our destination, and she simply smiled and hooked her arm in mine to lead the way. We headed toward the hotel district and eventually entered the lobby of the Marriott. We took the elevator to the 15th floor and at room 1569, Michelle unlocked the door, ushering us inside.

The two blondes still had not spoken, but they each radiated lust and sex in their small, perfect frames as they passed by either side of me.

The room was opulently furnished -- more so than I would have figured for a Marriott in this town. I mentioned this, and Michelle told me that the suite had been furnished to their explicit specifications prior to their arrival. Now THAT was interesting. She explained that they had come into some money and they expected the best when they traveled. I told her that I thought they had exquisite taste. They really did. The suite was gorgeous.

I turned toward the bedroom, and I was met by the sisters, who had somehow changed into ivory and peach teddys in the few moments that I had been appreciating the main room. They were sitting at the edge of a massive canopied bed, and it was now Annette and Corinne that I was appreciating. When I turned back to Michelle, she too was wearing satiny lingerie that barely covered her sex and accentuated her long, lovely legs. How she managed to change so quickly was beyond me, but at that moment, I didn't care. I was having issues keeping my cock from tearing its way through my pants.

The girls surrounded me and I felt 6 hands and 30 fingers as they melted the clothes from my body. All those delicate hands and fingers were aided by silky hair, hot tongues and soft lips as my body was caressed a thousand different ways. I was transported to a place that was not of this earth in those minutes...or was it hours...that I experienced their gentle onslaught.

They ushered me toward the bed and I found myself lying down on soft cushions as the girls continued their intense sexual attack on my body.

Their natural perfume was intoxicating. Not unlike a powerful aphrodisiac, I fell victim to their scent and closed my eyes, drinking the flavour in the air.

I'm unsure how it happened, but I soon found myself attached to silken ropes at wrist and ankle. And then I felt two sets of lips as they attached to each side of my shaft. Alternately the sisters would move up and down with occasional licks at the tip of my now glistening cock. As I was straining not to cum, and shoot my seed into the air, my mouth was met by a wet and ready pussy. Michelle had backed up to me from above my head and lowered herself onto my mouth, covering me with her secretions from nose to chin as she moved back and forth across my face. Her pussy was amazing as it seemed to move of its own accord across my lips and tongue. I felt her start to moan as she moved quicker and quicker. I could sense her powerful orgasm as it started deep in her belly and surged down past her cervix through her vaginal walls and pulsed her clitoris. The flood of her cum shot out of her and I swallowed everything, since she had clamped her nether mouth onto mine.

I was crazy close to orgasm, but something stopped it from happening just at the brink.

It was then, that I heard Michelle...not with my ears, but inside my head.

*We are not ready for your seed*

*We are in need of more from you, and you will allow us to take what we need*

*We are not finished*

And then it was Annette...or possibly Corinne that took Michelle's place on my face. Someone's fingers played my cock like a flute as this sister rocked herself towards the same intense orgasm as Michelle had experienced. She, too, clamped her pussy against my mouth as she came and shot her orgasm down my throat. She disengaged and the other sister took her place. I licked, nibbled and warbled her cunt until she gave me her flow, which shot out of her like a hose under pressure.

All this time, I was a breath away from my own orgasm, but they had stopped it, prolonged the build up, prevented the release. I didn't know how, but I knew it was real. And I had been blinded somehow. It was internal, it was maddening.

*We will ride you now*

And I felt my cock slide into a wet and wanton pussy. I wanted nothing more than to shoot my load deep inside this creature, but as hard as I tried, it would not come. She pistoned up and down until I felt her unload on my groin, and then a tighter pussy took over, riding up and down until she spasmed her juice to mingle with the first. The third pussy was the tightest, and made me want to cum even more, but as much as I needed to, I was blocked. The tight pussy fucked me in a blur until it washed me with cum. Then 3 tongues gathered the fluids and one by one, deposited the juice into my mouth.

I wanted to cum, but all that I was to them was a rock hard cock, to play with until they were done with me.

Once again, a pussy mounted my face as I felt a hand hold my shaft and direct it into one of their waiting assholes. As I grunted and delved into the velvet tightness, another orgasm shook its flesh, and with her flood of cum, I felt a warm spray begin and to flow across my stomach and up toward my chest. The creature was pissing as she fucked the cock in her ass. As she fucked me and pissed on me, another one straddled my chest and then all three were pissing on me. Hot urine bathed my face, my chest and my groin and soon, two more releases of orgasm washed over me.

The one who was impaled on my cock lifted up and sat immediately down so my cock slid into her pussy.

*We will take your seed now*

And I felt my cum surge through my shaft into the cunt that rode it. But my balls continued to pump as the first one left and another took her place. Still I pumped and pumped my viscous cum into these creatures as the third took her share.

At last the surge released me and I began to see once again.

The creatures were gone and the ropes slowly dissolved, freeing me from the pleasure prison that I had become for them. I stood and looked around at a room that was average, at best. None of the opulence remained. Nothing but a plain room.

I showered and put on my clothes to once again return to the life that I had known before this day. But as I walked towards my car, I heard her once again.

*We will return for you again in time*

*We carry your child*

*She will be fed*

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