tagSci-Fi & FantasyCreature Ch. 02

Creature Ch. 02


Due to requests to continue this story, I give you part 2. Enjoy.

Creature Again

*She will be fed*

The voice in my head had gone silent after that last, alarming message. What it meant, I had no idea, but it scared me more than I wanted to admit.

Arriving home, I poured myself a drink, but even before taking my second sip, i had fallen fast asleep on the couch. I awoke the next day with a start...along with a brutal hangover. Not only that, but my throat was sore, almost as if I had been screaming for hours. And that taste. It was not unpleasant, but it was constant, and in control on the back of my tongue. I thought of the liquids that had poured down my throat during the encounter. What was the intent?

My experience with what could only be described as "the creature" the day before, had given me odd dreams. Not nightmares, but not really pleasant, either. Sex, skin, water, bondage, caves, acid, pregnancy and more terrible, wonderful sex flew in and out of my dream world without any glue that could have held them together. And during my REM...i had the itchy feeling of being watched by something powerful.

I went on with my life, but knew that I had been changed in some strange way from the encounter. The headache lasted 3 days, no matter how many Advil I downed. My throat remained sore for almost as long. The taste remained for weeks...months. Fact was, I could taste it even now.

I attempted to become the man that existed before that fateful day. I worked, slept, ate, even dated a few women, but knew that i could never go back to what I used to be. I visited the bar on Fridays and Saturdays, and never saw Michelle or the silent sexy sisters return. I wasn't even sure i wanted to, for that matter. My interest in sexual encounters became flat, and even occasional masturbation sessions became a distant memory as the months rolled on.

The odd dreams subsided, but never truly went away. During waking hours, I started to have that same background feeling of being watched, but filed it away as a trick of the imagination.


It had been around 8 or 9 months since the creature had come into my life, and i had nearly forgotten about the incident, when the voice returned.

*She is with us now*

I had been on the phone with a client when i heard it. My world faded away and the voice became my only thought. i stumbled on my words and ended the call more abruptly than I should have. Sweat beaded on my forehead, and the TASTE came back as strongly as it had been right after the encounter. i felt fear. I felt paranoia.

I left work immediately.

Driving home, the words tumbled through my mind over and over again. With us now she is with us with us with us now she is with us now...

i parked in the driveway and ran to the door. Locking it after me, I walked straight for the liquor cabinet. I poured himself a shot of whiskey and downed it in one fell swoop, dropping the glass on the carpet. The TASTE remained, blocking even the burn of the whiskey on my throat.

With us now with us she is with us now... The words wouldn't let go.

I loosened my tie and sank into the couch, ready for nothing, expecting anything.

I sat there, with the taste in my mouth and those words in my head. I tried to clear my mind, but it was impossible. I needed to get control, to find myself. I wanted to forget. i would not let myself be trapped by fear. But when I finally decided to move, i found himself unable to even lift my arms, or move my fingers. It was almost as if I were paralyzed from the neck down. I fought my unresponsive body, and willed myself to move, dammit. But nothing. Only the words and the taste remained.

I scanned the room from where I lay, not seeing anything, yet feeling the presence of a powerful SOMETHING that radiated from behind him. And then the intoxicating scent of the creature came to me, building and further entrapping me with it's flavor.

When the sisters shimmered into form in front of me, I knew that there was no escape, and that I would be needed for some new part of their ritual. They solidified into naked and sexual beings and smiled at me, then looked behind me. Oh God, I knew that Michelle was there. She walked into view, and I saw, once again, this amazing and terrible creature. This sexual and otherworldly creature. She was naked as well, and holding her hand, another female.

She looked to be around 8 or 9...or no...maybe older. No...older still. I watched as this new creature slowly aged in front of me. Her body changed, developed curves, pubic hair grew from her naked groin and changed from soft down to a triangle of blond curls. Her breasts swelled and became the perfect size to match her frame. She looked to be 16 or 17 now, and still she developed. Her curves enhanced, and her face matured to that of a 20 year old, and she was perhaps the most beautiful female i had ever seen.

I became aware that, although I was unable to move from the paralysis, my cock was fully engorged and aching to be released from the prison of my trousers.

The sisters came forward and gently removed my clothes, freeing me from their confines. They avoided touching my cock, even though it was the only part of me that seemed to have feeling. Glancing at it, I saw that it was bigger than normal, and pulsing with the need for attention.

Michelle and this new female creature stood and watched as the sisters gently shed the clothing from my body, and I felt all eyes focus on my cock. When the sisters had finished, they went to either side of me, and lifted me as if I weighed nothing. Michelle and the new creature walked towards my bedroom, and the sisters followed, carrying me with their warm and gentle fingers cradling me. As we moved, I noticed, with some confusion, that my house now had the same opulence that the hotel had, during the encounter 9 months earlier.

I was laid onto a bed that was and wasn't mine.

*She is here now*

*She will be fed*

And the new creature, which I now knew was of my own seed, came forth and stood close to me.

She looked into my eyes, and I found myself falling deep into them, until the room faded away and all that existed was her body and my raging cock.


This new voice was hers. She seemed to be struggling to speak, as if this form of communication was new to her.

*Drink of you*

And she bent as if to kiss me.

But what I felt at the moment her mouth met mine was not a kiss, but a desire for sustenance, for the liquids that had brewed inside me for 9 months. I felt them surge from me as they were drawn into her. Her mouth was locked onto mine as the fluids released from deep inside me and fed this beautiful monster. I could breathe as this happened, and didn't feel as though I was getting sick into this gorgeous beast, only releasing the fluids that Michelle and the sisters had given me. But I also knew that as I had held them for all that time, I had added to them, changed them, built on them, until they were not what they had been, and she was drinking OF me, rather than just FROM me.

Soon, her feast ended, and her mouth released mine. I watched her back away with the bend of her waist, and saw a smile appear.

I became aware that all 4 of them now surrounded me, and soon 8 hands caressed me intimately. I still had no strength to move, yet all tactile feeling had returned to my body.

*Mine?* she asked of the others.

*Share* came the reply from Michelle.

I watched as one of the sisters mounted me as the other 3 caressed my skin from head to toe. She rode me until her orgasm was critical, but she removed herself before she could release her liquids onto my shaft and stomach. Her sister took her place and fucked me, with her tight pussy gripping my shaft, as it stretched her and bottomed out at her cervix. She came just as close to orgasm as her sister, yet, she too, removed herself just as I felt her vagina start to pump me with her imminent orgasmic explosion. I watched as Michelle climbed onto me and lowered herself onto my rock hard cock. As before, I wanted so badly to wash her cunt with my own orgasm, but they had stopped it, waiting for the right time to catch the release.

Michelle's pussy gripped and released me over and over, as she slid faster and deeper up and down on my hardness. She opened her eyes and looked into my own as she rode me like a bitch in heat. I felt her voice enter my head once again.

*MINE* she said.

But before Michelle could take my seed, I felt my "daughter's" energy burst out like a thousand suns and tear the creature from me. I saw Michelle burn out of existence as she floated above me, hearing her scream inside my head.

There was a moment of silence until I heard my daughter once again.

*Mine now*

She climbed above me, and I could see the sisters directing my cock straight into her virgin creature pussy. I felt her maidenhead break, and the blood trickle down my cock as she continued to engulf me with her tight and hot pussy. When I was fully inside her, she stopped all movement and smiled at me. My engorged cock pulsated inside her, and I felt myself smile back.

*All mine*

No sooner did she speak those words, when I began to feel the intense and imminent release of my orgasm as my balls bunched and released and the built up pressure began to spew into her. It was as if a whole volcano of cum was blown deep into her tight and worthy body. She started to buck against the onslaught as her eyes rolled up into her head. She took the entire load until I felt my blast recede. Her eyes met mine again and she stood up above me.

*Feed him*

And then a sister sat down on my face and within moments, shot her cum down my throat. The other did the same, and I drank their gifts, knowing that I would need to give it up to feed my daughter when she hungered once again.

I watched her pussy as it came towards my face and hovered only a fraction of an inch above my waiting mouth. Her fingers came down and spread her lips.

*Drink, my love*

And her nectar started to flow.

I drank everything that came from her.

As the last drop hit my lips, I opened my eyes, and they were gone.

But the taste lingers on, and I await my next encounter with the creature that is my daughter.

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