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Creatures of the Night


The door swings open and Michelle rushes in. Caitlyn barely twitches as she sits on the couch flipping through channels on the television, a bowl of candy sitting before her now primarily full of wrappers.

"Hey, those were for the children, Cait."

"I only ate the Kit-Kats."

"Yeah, those are the best ones. Do you want us to have the worst candy on the block?" Michelle flops onto the couch and removes her side bag.

"No," she says unwrapping another.

Michelle laughs and picks up a generic looking foil-wrapped chocolate.

For a couple moments they sit munching on candy and staring at overdone commercials advertising last minute Halloween deals on costumes, candy, and more.

"So you got a movie picked out?" Caitlyn asks, leaning her head on Michelle's chest."

"Huh?" Michelle asks through a mouthful of candy."

"Tonight. Movie. Pick one?" She rolls her eyes and readjusts her head on Michelle.

"Um, actually. I was thinking maybe we could do something different tonight."

"What? What do you mean different? We do this every year. It's tradition." Caitlyn jolts upright and stares at Michelle.

"I know, but I'm so tired of just staying in and watching movies. I mean it's great, I love spending time with just you, and relaxing, and handing out candy--or whats left of it," Michelle tips the bowl to peer into it, "but I wold love to go out with you."

Caitlyn pushes the wrappers around the bowl. "But it's tradition." She says softly.

"I know," Michelle wraps and arm around her and strokes her side, "just for tonight, baby?"

Caitlyn bites her lower lip, considering. They'd been doing Halloween movie night and passing out candy for six years. She loved being able to just cuddle up to Michelle while being scared out of her mind by what ever horror flick she'd brought home. She loved seeing all the costumes that the neighborhood children came up with. And she especially loved ending the night with a couple shots and light passionate sex that left her satisfied and sleepy.

"If we leave then we can't pass out candy."

"No we can." Michelle rifles through her bag.

"What do you mean? What is it that you want to do?"

"I thought," she pauses to smooth out the orange and black flyer, "that this year instead of bringing the spooky to us, we would go out and find it."

A thin, perfectly manicured, eyebrow arches and Caitlyn leans forward reading over Michelle's shoulder, while she reads aloud.

[ October 31st, join us for a night of pure, delicious, terror. Enter our dungeon maze and find yourself entranced by themes taken from five classic monsters. At this Friday night fright event we're bound to make you scream--one way or another. Event lasting from 5pm to 12:30am.]

"I don't know about this."

"It sounds fun."

"I suppose it does. Still. How much is it to go anyways?"

"Well the flyer didn't say but I'm sure it's not too bad." Michelle tilts her head to the side, "Cait, it's at least worth checking out. And if you don't like it we can always leave."

"Promise?" Caitlyn pouts.

"Yes." Michelle assures.

"Ok, we can go."

It was a forty-five minute drive to the location of the event. Time spent in Michelle's small sedan, with both of them flipping through different radio stations each time a song they liked ended, and musing what level of scare they were going to endure tonight. Caitlyn loved the adrenaline rush from fear.

Caitlyn rolls down her window and eyes the address listed on the building, comparing it with the one on the flyer. It's a giant building that looks like it should house cubicles--not a Halloween themed maze. She hands the flyer to Michelle and points at a nearby parking spot.

"Let's just wait until someone shows up, ok?"

"That's fine with me," Michelle replies as she turns off the ignition.

For several moments they wait quietly. Tight knots bloom in their stomachs. What if they had made a mistake. The amount of time spent driving could have well been put to use for other things.

Suddenly, a man and a woman emerge from around the side of the building. Each is sporting a pair of leather pants, but the man isn't wearing a shirt, just a leather collar. The woman wears a strapless leather bra.

Caitlyn whirrs around to look at Michelle who just shrugs, "costume, I suppose."

She looks at Michelle for a couple more seconds before looking away and doubtful.

"Come on." Michelle places a hand on Caitlyn's thigh, which makes her jump. "Let's head inside and see what this place is all about."

An unconvincing smile plays across Caitlyn's lips as she forces herself to move, unbuckling the seatbelt and pushing open the car door.

A blast of cool air hits them as Michelle opens the building's door for Caitlyn. Not even a moment after entering the building a woman behind a counter greets them. She pulls out a clip board and several sheets of paper. Caitlyn grabs Michelle by the wrist and shoots the woman an inquisitive glance.

"Cait. We're fine." Michelle pats her hand.

"Please have a seat," the woman gestures to a soft, black suede couch, "it should only take a moment to fill out this paperwork. Also, if you have id's I will take those now, just to check, and you can have them back shortly."

Michelle nods, taking the paperwork from her and sitting down next to Caitlyn. "You're going to need to fill these out too." She nudges Caitlyn's side.

"Holy shit. No." Caitlyn's eyes widen and she points incredulously at the forms.


"Have you not been paying attention. Do you even know what any of this is?" She hisses into Michelle's ear. "This is a Dungeon. A real, dungeon. You know. For BDSM."

"What?" Michelle repeats.

"Yes. Is this some kind of joke? Did you know you were taking us here?" Caitlyn crosses her arms.

It's not very often that Michelle experiences Caitlyn's anger, but she can feel the heat in Caitlyn's ice blue eyes, and at the sight Michelle's face flushes red. "No. I didn't," Michelle mumbles.


"Really. I'm sorry." Michelle pleads.

Suddenly aware of how quite it is, they both risk a glance in the direction of the counter. The woman behind it is eyeing them both with an amused look on her face. Her chin resting in her palm.

"I can't believe this Shell." Caitlyn huffs as she sinks into the couch.

"Baby, I'm really sorry. Like I said, if you don't want to stay we can go."

Briefly, she contemplates this. She looks around at the room she's in. Most of the furniture is soft, plush, black suede. The counter is a fine marble. The paintings are of nude men and women, but tasteful. Occasionally she spots little decorations for Halloween. Tiny bats hang from a vent. Witches decorate a candy bowl filled with an assortment of hard candies. Her eyes fall once again on the smirk of the woman behind the counter, and the pen in Michelle's hand, poised just above one of the items on the questionnaire. Suddenly her pride is on the line. There is no way in hell she's going to run out of here, with her cheeks burning red of embarrassment, and her girlfriend chasing at her heels.

"Let's stay." A definitive tone hangs off her words.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I mean we drove all the way out here. Why not give this place a shot. Besides, you wanted to do something new and exciting for Halloween. Can't really top this now can you?"

Michelle nods and swallows hard. This wasn't exactly what she had had in mind. She felt that in a way Caitlyn was punishing her for her ignorance. She finishes filling out her information on the clipboard and hands it to Caitlyn, before heading up to the counter to pay.

"So how much do I owe you?"

"Well, since we have a couple's special going on. It's ninety-five per person." She winks at her and takes the credit card in her hand. Just as she's handing it back along with their ids, Caitlyn returns with the clipboard. She sighs, bracing herself and takes Michelle's hand.

"Ok, so everything is in order. In just a minute your guide will be here to take you though the maze."

Just as another couple enters the building--one who obviously knows what they are doing there--Michelle and Caitlyn's guide emerges from behind a door with her head bowed.

"If you're ready, Lady Miera and Lady Eva will see you now."

The room they enter is filled with a sweet, musky scent. A polished wooden table, set in the back of the room, is filled with various alcoholic drinks and an assortment of chocolates.

"Help yourselves," the guide says, gesturing to the refreshments. "There's red wine, Bloody Mary's, various pink champagnes, and a concoction of their own, 'O Positive.'"

Caitlyn reaches for a wine class. It's plastic and not filled very high, to which Caitlyn concludes is for safety reasons. She tastes a couple sips and offers the glass to Michelle who is already halfway down a Bloody Mary.

Slowly soft, yet ominous, classical music wafts around the room note by note. It draws their attention in, scanning for the source. As they look for the cause of the music, they piece the contents of the room together. The walls are made to look like grey stone bricks, and sconces line the walls every so often with a fake burning flame. The most substantial light shines down from a chandelier, but even that is dimmed. Vanity mirrors hang above a dresser. In the very back, centered against the wall, is a king sized bed, with deep red, velvet curtains hanging down, obscuring the view of two women.

Caitlyn gulps down a larger portion of the wine than she had intended and tightens her grip on Michelle's hand. "Look." She breathes softly.

Michelle eyes the dark silk sheets carefully. Slowly, one of the women rises up. She pulls the other woman up with her and smiles at the couple.

"Did you have a nice nap?" The first one coos as she stretches and nuzzles her neck.

"Of course darling. I always do when I sleep next to you." She twists her fingers in the first one's hair and tilts her head up to kiss her. "Mm. You still taste like the last woman we had in here." She dabs a bit of red off the corner of her mouth and licks it from her fingers.

"Oh, Miera. You shouldn't. It appears we have guests."

Miera glances over her shoulder at them, smiles and turns her attention back to the girl in her arms. "Eva. I'm feeling hungry again." Her mouth parts and fangs are exposed before she lowers them on to Eva's neck."

"Miera." Eva closes her eyes and arches her back. Her nails dig into the exposed flesh of Miera shoulders. When Miera finally pulls away, a thin trail of red is left trickling down Eva's neck, and Miera's chin. Eva leans in and runs her tongue over it. A larger portion of Eva's hair knots its way in to Miera's hand.

Slowly Miera runs her hands along Eva's matching silk gown. When her fingertips reach the edge, she pulls the fabric up, carefully inching it over her thighs.

Eva licks along Miera's lips, teasing them before she kisses her. Their bodies move together, passionately, rhythmically, indulgent. They slide lusciously across the bed, moaning louder, moaning quicker.

A knot forms in Caitlyn's stomach, and she finds it hard to breathe. She looks over at Michelle who watches the scene unfold as though she should be taking notes. When she finally senses Caitlyn's eyes on her she smiles.

"Interesting, huh? Vampires making out." She whispers softly.

Unsure of how to respond, Caitlyn moves closer to Michelle and watches in the same manner.

Just as Caitlyn finishes her glass of wine, Eva extends a hand. "Look Meira. We have a couple of voyeurs." She laughs at the slightly offended look on Caitlyn's face.

"Why yes, and I think they want to join us."

Neither of them moves from where they stand. They become statues at the look of impatience on the face of the two vampires.

"Come here," Miera repeats.

Slowly Michelle takes a step forward.

"Shelly!" Caitlyn whispers.

"I want the blonde." Eva smirks nodding to Caitlyn.

The vampires emerge from their bed and glide over to where the couple stands. "Come, come play with us." Miera says, her voice as eloquent as the melody floating in the air. "Sit here, in this chair." She shows Michelle to a chair made of the same polished wood as the table. "If you're good, and do what I say. I will reward you." She smiles at Michelle, and then Caitlyn.

They each nod. Eva brings a chair and sets it behind Caitlyn. "You sit too." Without a thought, Caitlyn complies.

"Good," Miera approves, "now both of you close your eyes.

They each suck in a breath before following their instruction. As soon as their eyes close, a long finger greets the curve of each neck.

"If you're good. If you do exactly what I say, I can bless you with a vampire's kiss."

Michelle nods and Caitlyn offers more of her neck to Eva.

"So eager to please. I love it." Eva continues. "We're going to bite you--softly--and you're not going to giggle."

Caitlyn braces herself by holding onto the seat of the chair, and Michelle shift her weight to her feet. When they appear ready, the vampires lower their fangs onto their victims neck, carefully scraping their teeth along the curve. It tickles, but neither makes a noise.

Eva smiles proudly, but Miera looks disappointed. "Good," she says holding Eva's stare, "now we are going to bite harder, and you are not allowed to squirm."

Caitlyn who is used to having her neck bitten, stifles a moan. Michelle, however, tenses under Miera's fangs. She draws herself up and walks away from Michelle, laughing.

"Tsk." She wags a finger. "I said don't squirm. I can't reward you for disobedience now can I? But this lovely lady." She runs a long slender finger below Caitlyn's chin, forcing her head up.

Miera moves to one of the drawers and pulls out a black and pink vibrator. Michelle eyes the toy carefully, praying that she's guessing wrong about what is going to happen with it. She turns it on a low setting and places it on the inside of Caitlyn's knee.

Using every ounce of willpower she can muster, Caitlyn focuses on holding still. She watches as Miera moves the vibrator up her thigh while increasing the speed and continues to stifle moans as Eva sucks and bites at her neck.

Instinctively Michelle places her hands on the edge of the chair, ready to push herself up and claim her girlfriend, but she stops at the sight of Caitlyn's pleasure. Just as the vibrator nears her inner thigh, Eva bites a little harder, and they manage to coax a moan out of her. The two vampires pause briefly and smirk at each other, pleased with themselves.

Miera places herself between Caitlyn's thighs and uses the vibrator on the other one, using her hand to work out the spasming muscles on the other side. Eva's hands twist into Caitlyn's hair, and Michelle swoons at the blonde tangles wrapped around the vamps fingers. Another moan escapes from Caitlyn and Michelle swallows hard.

Caitlyn looks across from her to Michelle, her eyes smoldering with lust, her lips parted and breath heavy. Michelle's chest seems to set itself on fire, and she struggles between pissed off at watching her girlfriend get off on these fanged woman, and being turned on.

Eva smiles at the expression on Michelle's face and pulls Caitlyn's shirt up her waist, stopping just before her breasts. She locks eyes and continues to suck at Caitlyn's neck as she drags her fingernails up her stomach.

Forgetting the rules of the game, Caitlyn arches up, pressing her flesh deeper against Eva's nails. Slowly Eva pulls away, letting Caitlyn stay in her aroused state.

The mess of blonde hair falls from Eva's fingers and Caitlyn follows Eva's retreat with her eyes. When Miera moves away she relaxes her muscles and shoots Michelle an apologetic glance. Michelle returns it with a nonchalant half-smile and rises from her seat, crossing the short distance to kneel at Caitlyn's feet.

"Come Miera, I think we've given these mortals all they can handle. And I'm feeling sleepy again."

"Of course my love." Miera take's Eva's hand and once again they are kissing on the bed between silken sheets.

"Come," the guide says, stepping away from the wall, her head still bowed. "You still have quite a ways before you are free of the dungeon." The couple slip through a door on the opposite side of the room, close to the bed, and Caitlyn wishes she had taken a second glass of wine with her.

The room that the guide leads them to next is much brighter than the first, and covered in golden and silver objects. It's just a little warmer too. Masks hang from the walls, and the room is covered in strange symbols and multicolored animal statues. The counters in the back are much like the one in the other room, lined with various alcoholic beverages and candy.

In the center of the room is a young woman. She has jet black hair, and bronze colored skin. Her eyeliner is done heavy and in beautiful swirled designs across her face. Her lips are thick and pink and curved upward to match the mischievous gleam in her eyes. The dress she is wearing is fashioned from some kind of textured fabric, and wrapped around her body.

Almost at the same time it clicks for the couple, what kind of monster she's supposed to be conveying. And just as quickly they realize what their next encounter is going to be.

Caitlyn glances over her shoulder for where the guide is located and then back over at the woman playing the part of a mummy. The woman moves toward the two of them, her focus on Michelle. As she walks she undoes the binding on her body, from the bottom up. Underneath their Egyptian Goddess wears a string around her waist, with almost see through light blue fabric covering her arse and pelvis. She unwraps herself further, fully exposing wide alluring hips. She stops just before Michelle and finishes removing the wrapping. Her chest large, just as tan as the rest of her body, and bare, bounces out as she drops the cloth to the floor. Michelle swallows and watches with her cheeks turning red as the woman grabs her side just above the fabric and tucks her fingers in.

"Welcome, to my tomb." She gestures around the room with a sweep of her arm. She circles the couple, and once behind them orders them to get on their knees. She nods approvingly.

Suddenly she straddles Michelle's legs. Her breasts press into Michelle's back and she slides her hands down Michelle's arms. "I want to tie you up," she breathes into Michelle's ear with the most exotic accent she's ever heard, sending chills up and down Michelle's spine. "Good. You want it too."

The woman moves to one of the walls and pulls down a roll of light pink tape and some rope. Caitlyn gives Michelle a don't-you-dare look, but she's too preoccupied by the giant ankh tattooed on her back to notice.

"I'm not sure I like you with clothes on." The woman smiles, setting the items down on a series of stone slabs meant to be a bed and beckoning Michelle forward. Michelle begins to fumble with the buttons on her white long-sleeve shirt, but Caitlyn's hands close over Michelle's fingers.

"Let me please." Caitlyn says in barely a whisper. She chooses to leave off the 'if you really must let yourself be tied up while half naked'. Michelle nods and her eyes flicker between her girlfriend and the woman holding the rope taut in her hands.

"Splendid." She rises from her perch and sets to work. Binding wrist to ankle, shoulder to body, around thighs, hips, and neck. Her eyes scan over Michelle, who is now clad only in a bra and boy shorts and rope. Her index finger trails from the blade of a shoulder down to the curve of Michelle's ass.

"I'm going to do things to you," she pauses for effect, "at your girlfriend's request." She focuses intently on Caitlyn. "Anytime you ask me to do something, you must say Mistress Aria."

Caitlyn feels her jaw drop, but nods. Could she? Could she really ask this woman to do what ever she wanted to Michelle? She places a hand on the small of Michelle's back and smiles when her eyes close at her touch. "Mistress Aria. I want you to run your nails up Michelle's back."

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