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Credit Cards


I sat on the couch in the living room watching the television. Well actually, the television was on but my attention was elsewhere. My husband, Kevin, was in the study going over the monthly accounts and every so often I could hear him swear or his fist thump the desk. "Why do I do this?" I wondered to myself for the umpteenth time, "Why can't I stop using the credit cards?"

Finally I heard his footsteps on the timber flooring of the hall. I kept my eyes on the screen as Kevin stopped at the living room door.

"Darling," He said in a soft voice, "Come with me please."

I looked over to see him smiling and holding out a hand to me, perhaps it wasn't as bad as I had thought? I rose to my feet, walked over and took Kevin's hand for him to lead me to the bedroom.

My spirits soared for a short time when Kevin led me to the bed, gave me a kiss and sat me down on the quilt. He smiled at me again then my stomach sank as he walked across to the chest of drawers containing my underwear.

"Honey, Victoria's Secret, there are three separate entries on the Visa account for last month. What do they sell?"

Kevin's question sounded so innocent, he knew as well as I did the answer to his question.

"Ummmm they sell lingerie darling, why?" I replied, the tremor in my voice giving away my anxiety.

Kevin's answer was to pull out the drawer containing my panties. He reached in and pulled out a pair of panties in an unopened package.

"One!" He exclaimed and threw it at me. "Two, three, four, five!"

Five packets of new knickers landed on the bed and the floor close to me. I knew I was in big trouble.


I jumped when Kevin called my name; mostly he used minke or darling or sweetie when talking to me.

"Marie, count these as I pull them from the drawer."

This wasn't just a request, it was an order. I had never heard my husband talk like this before.

Panties that I had worn once or a few times were flying through the air and I had trouble keeping count. Finally the drawer was empty and Kevin stood looking at me, his face red with anger.

"How many?"

"Ahhhh, I counted twenty seven pairs." I said quietly, my eyes downcast to the floor.

"Twenty nine actually, plus the new ones makes thirty four! You could wear a different pair every day of the month and never have to wash them! What have you got to say for yourself Marie?"

I sat there biting my bottom lip and looking contrite. Kevin knew as well as I did that I really had no excuse so I just kept quiet, praying that he would look no further. Alas he pulled open the next drawer containing my bras.

"Oh my god, Marie, this drawer is crammed full! Count them again!"

Once again he threw the unopened packs at me. My real weakness is for lacy bras of all colors and shapes. I shielded myself as seven new packets hit me or landed on the bed.

"Count these Marie!"

Kevin was angrier than I had ever heard him before so I looked up as he flicked each of the forty-five bras from the depths of the drawer.

"How many Marie?" There was venom in his voice.

"I made it forty-five," I whispered.

"Well at least you got the total right this time, now let me see what is in the wardrobe!"

"No, please don't!" I couldn't stop myself from saying those few words, and I felt sick in the stomach as Kevin slid open the wardrobe doors.

"Please don't?" Kevin mocked my words. "Please don't Marie? What could be in here you don't want me to see?"

Kevin pulled a chair close to him and then started to go through the wardrobe, separately examining each hanging item of clothing. Skirts, tops, shirts, jeans, slacks and even a new snowsuit were all laid out over the chair, each and every one of them with the incriminating price tag still attached.

"Fifteen pieces Marie, fifteen that have never been worn. You would never wear anything with a price tag," Kevin moved over and slumped onto the bed beside me. "What am I going to do with you Marie, we cannot afford to waste money on clothes like this."

"I, I'm sorry darling," I managed to whisper, before Kevin cut me off.

"Sorry! It's no fucking use being sorry Marie, no wonder the bank rang me when there wasn't enough money in the account for the payment on our housing loan. Just shut up and let me think."

Kevin had never sworn at me in anger before in all the years of our marriage and deep down I really couldn't blame him. We sat side by side on our bed, the bed we had shared since our wedding. The bed where we had enjoyed the wonderful sex that helped make our relationship so loving and successful. The minutes ticked by with my mind in a spin. What was the man I loved so much thinking? I looked around the messy room at all the new items I had never worn and wondered again at my inability to stop shopping.

Fifteen minutes passed in silence and I jumped when Kevin spoke.

"Right Marie, this is what is going to happen. Every one of the new items that can be is to be returned for credit. I take it you still have the invoices and dockets from the suppliers?"

"Ummmm some." I replied.

"Oh hell I should have known, well tomorrow you are to look out every docket you can lay your hands on and match it with the items on it. They are to be returned for credit tomorrow as well, do you understand me? I will not accept any excuses."

Something in the way Kevin was issuing instructions made me excited, this was a side of my husband I had never seen before and, amazingly, I quite liked it. I stammered, "Yes darling I understand."

"That means new shoes, other clothes, kitchen stuff and anything else that I haven't seen yet. Anything new that you cannot match with a docket is going to the Salvation Army to be passed on to the needy."

"Given away to the Salvos? You can't do that with my new clothes!" I was shocked and once again I had opened my mouth without putting my brain into gear first.

Kevin turned to me, grasped both my shoulders and physically shook my body. "You will do exactly as I say Marie, I have been too easy with you for too long and the situation has now changed forever. I love you and don't want to lose you but this waste of money has now stopped!"

Kevin's words and shaking action had an amazing effect on me as wetness flooded my vagina. My pussy felt as if we had been engaged in long and sensual foreplay and my mind reeled at the latest surprise of the evening.

The shaking stopped and Kevin held me and looked straight into my eyes. "Do you understand me Marie?"

"Y'yes I do darling, I'm so sor…..." I stopped myself from using the sorry word once again. "I love you and don't want to lose you either."

"Good, we seem to be getting somewhere at last, now go and get me all your credit cards and some sharp scissors."

I scuttled off to collect my purse and a pair of scissors; returning quickly and handing them to Kevin who was still sitting on the bed.

"You get the cards and cut them up in front of me," Kevin ordered as he passed them back to me.

The instruction sent another tremor of excitement through my body and I removed the credit cards from my purse. One by one I cut them into small pieces, my hands shaking as I obeyed the direction and the jagged bits of plastic fell onto the floor.

"Right, I want this room tidied up right now, call me when you have finished."

With that instruction Kevin rose and strode from the room.

I sat on the bed for at least two minutes trying to comprehend the sudden changes in my life and their effect on my libido.

"I can't hear any sound of my instructions being followed!" Kevin called loudly from the living room.

I jumped off the bed and set about tidying the room. All the small packages I placed in a large plastic garbage bag and took them to the den with the larger items of clothing. How I was going to sort out what items matched the few invoices I had retained I wasn't sure but I did know I was going to have a busy day tomorrow. So much for my planned trip to the new mall I thought to myself with a wry grin. When I had checked the bedroom twice I sat on the bed with a demure look on my face, thinking that the worst of the night was over.

"Kevin, I have finished darling!" I called out. "Our room is all tidy again."

Kevin pissed me off by keeping me waiting for another ten minutes or so and my expression must have given away my thoughts as he entered the room.

"Hmmmm you don't look too happy my sweet, but then again, I guess losing your credit cards has been a big shock for you," Kevin said with an evil looking smile. "Well, I have few more surprises for you tonight."

I smiled sweetly and said sarcastically, "And what would they be Sir?"

'Stand up!!" Kevin barked the order. "I'm not putting up with that sort of remark!"

I don't know why but I stayed sitting and pouting on the bed, an action that proved to be one of the more foolish of my twenty-eight years.

Kevin grabbed my right arm and pulled me off the bed. I almost lost my balance and steadied myself against the bedside table.

"That hurt." I complained as I rubbed my arm.

"No it didn't," Kevin said confidently, "This will hurt."

Before I knew what was happening Kevin had sat on the bed and pulled me face down across his knees. I felt his left hand in the middle of my back, steadying and holding me in position. I was so shocked at the sudden turn of events that I was speechless for one of the few times in my life. Kevin's right hand took hold of and lifted the hem of my skirt and I felt cool air as he bared my arse cheeks.

"Mmmmmm, a red and black thong, lovely darling, you know my favorite colors, and oh so practical for a spanking!"

"Spanking? Whaaaaat?" I yelled. "I'm too old to be spanked, you do and I'll tell my father!" I felt like I was back at primary school when I made the 'tell my father' remark.

"Go tell him, he already knows I'm going to spank you," Kevin laughed. "I asked his advice this afternoon and he said go right ahead, told me he should have spanked you twenty years ago."

My mouth moved but no sound exited. My own father who had spoilt me rotten all these years, telling Kevin it was ok to spank me, I felt shattered.

"Whack!" - "Ouch!"

The sting of Kevin's hand on my arse interrupted my thoughts.

"Whack, whack, whack!" The firm spanks continued to rain down on my buttocks,

My legs were kicking and I was crying out with each spank but there was no way I could wriggle off Kevin's knees.

"Whack, whack, whack!"

"Perhaps this will be the lesson you need to start behaving like an adult," Kevin started to admonish me as the spanks continued. "If I treat you as a spoiled child deserves them maybe sometime in the future I will be able to again trust you with credit cards."

"Spank, spank, spank!"

The stinging sensation each time Kevin's hand landed and his words had my complete attention until I noticed a tingling sensation in my pussy. A tingling that grew stronger and stronger with each smack!

"Whack, whack, whack!"

Oh my God! I couldn't believe how turned on this situation was making me, my thong must have been soaked by now. My thong! Suddenly Kevin gripped the elastic and started to pull my brief panties down! The wet material stuck in my crack for a second or two until my legs automatically spread a little. This allow Kevin to slip the panties right off my arse, down my legs and off over my feet.

"Mmmmmm these smell great Marie, is my naughty girl enjoying her first spanking?" Kevin laughed as he resumed the spanking. "The web site said that many women get turned on by being spanked, looks like you are one of them!"

"The web site, ouch! Have you been planning this? Ouch!" Once again my mind was spinning as the realization dawned that I was enjoying the situation. Sure the spanks stung but the effect they were having on my sexuality outweighed any pain.

"Whack, whack, whack!" Kevin's hand continued to spank, slowly and with more force.

"You should see the color of your bum darling," Kevin sounded almost gleeful. "It's pink, looks lovely."

"Whack, whack, whack!"

Another sensation worked its way into my confused brain; Kevin's cock was erect and pressing hard against me! I moaned loudly, crying out with each hard spank. Part of me wanted the spanking to stop and for Kevin to fuck me. But another part wanted the spanking to continue; I admitted to myself that I wanted the amazing sensations to keep flowing through my tingling body.

Kevin stopped spanking and rubbed his hand over my hot arse cheeks. I moaned loudly as he slipped a finger into my wet pussy.

"Is that it, has my spanking finished?" I asked, surprised at the sound of disappointment in my voice.

"Finished? Oh no, it's not finished yet my sweet, see how you like the hairbrush!"

As he spoke the word the hairbrush cracked across my stinging backside.


"Crack, crack. Crack!!!" The sting of the brush was twice that of Kevin's hand.

I was screaming loudly at each blow and squirming madly on Kevin's knees.

"Crack, crack, crack!!!"

"Please owwwwww Kevin, darling, no owwwwww more please! I beg you stop, please stop!"

"Crack, crack, crack!!!"

After three more hard whacks with the hairbrush that had me sobbing with tears falling down my cheeks, Kevin mercifully stopped the punishment.

"Marie, do you promise me no more overspending? Do you promise to get my permission before you buy any more clothes?"

"Oh yes Baby, I promise, I sure promise. Please no more hairbrush today." I gulped as I realized that by inadvertently saying 'today' I had virtually said I wanted more in the future.

"No more today Marie my love, but that doesn't mean I won't use it on you again." Kevin rubbed his hand over my hot arse cheeks then once again slipped a finger into my pussy. "God honey I have never known you to be so wet, I want to screw you right now."

The expression on my tear stained face must have been pure lust as I pushed myself up off Kevin's knees to stand on wobbly legs. Kevin stood too and marched me over to the full-length mirror. He placed me with my back to the mirror and I was able to twist my head around to see my reflection. Wow, my arse was bright red, I would never have thought that I could take such a punishment and still be able to stand.

Kevin pulled me over to the bed and hurriedly stripped his and my clothes off, leaving a mess on the floor. We did not want to make love; we just wanted to fuck. His cock was erect with pre-cum trickling from the hole; I bent and greedily licked like a kid with a Popsicle. Kevin moaned and quickly lay down on his back with his hard cock pointing at the ceiling. I grinned and clambered onto the bed straddling his tense body with my legs. I bent my knees and lowered myself, so his dick slid straight into my waiting pussy. We both moaned loudly as we began to fuck hard and fast. My breasts were bouncing; my head was tilted back with my now matted hair falling down my back. Kevin's hands went to my breasts and pinched and pulled on the nipples, it hurt but felt so good too. His hips were thrusting up at me matching my downward movements and both of us were grunting as out bodies shook with passion. The wildest fuck we had ever had soon came to an end as we both climaxed with loud cries. I slumped down onto Kevin's chest and we hugged and kissed each other as we gasped for air.

After a while I rolled off and we lay side by side, holding hands like we had as teenagers.

"Wow, that was amazing." I managed to pant.

"What a turn-on honey," Kevin said as he turned on his side to look at me. "As I said I had read of girls being aroused by spanking but you were incredible. Looks like we have found a new addition to out love life."

"Mmmm well as long as there is not too much hard hairbrush spanking, that really stung at the end."

"Well Baby, I guess that depends on how you change your spending habits. I can always use a leather belt or buy a crop or a cane if you continue to misbehave."

At the mention of belt, crop and cane I moaned as my pussy flowed and another orgasm shook through my body.

Kevin noticed my reaction and cuddled me tight. "Mmmmmm, from that reaction I think we have some experimenting to do. Tomorrow night I will show you some web sites I have looked at and you can read all about consensual spanking and stuff like bondage and toys. But right now my darling roll over again."

I did not question Kevin's order; I just turned over on my tummy as he knelt up beside me. Once again he began to spank me but this time it was gentle and sensual. He alternated light spanking with erotic caressing with the flat of his hands. Electric sensations were flowing through my body once again and I was moaning loudly. His fingers flowed over my arse like a percussionist playing lightly on tom-tom drums. I spread my legs wide apart and he spanked the inside of my thighs. I was in heaven and when his fingertips tapped on my pussy I erupted again with another orgasm. What an amazing night it had been, I may have lost my credit cards but we both had discovered something that would change our lives in many ways.


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