tagLoving WivesCreme de la Creme Ch. 01

Creme de la Creme Ch. 01


All copyrights held by author, no reproduction or archiving to commercial sites or for material gain, without express prior written permission from the author.

Warning: If you are offended by graphic detail, bodily fluids, do not proceed. While there is romance, it's off-the-wall, some would say, perverse.


She had the body of a swimmer; the only hint of softness was her small breasts. Seeing her in the thin orange fabric of a tiny bikini turned his cock to wood-and firmed his resolve to get to know her. The nipples weren't very big, but they had hardened in the cold lake water, actually pointing upward, which made Jason catch his breath.

He had often heard his college roommate mention a 'cute' sister, but he'd taken it with a grain of salt; here she was, 17, with a button nose that crinkled when she smiled; a tanned face showed off her blond hair loosely pulled back. She had the 'all American' look of Kirsten Dunce; "Nice to meet, ya. I'm Kelly," she said, "Coming to swim with us?"

Lying near one another, on towels at the edge of the lake, they talked; to his surprise, she was interesting to listen to; her father had 'exited' when she was 12; her mother was quite willing to say what this showed about men when they encounter the rocks and potholes on the road of family life. Her plans for the future, he found, were well mapped, considering her age: to go to art college after high school. He'd been thinking that any 'career' plan of hers would be pretty light-weight, in accord with the pink SUV she loved, a gift from her mother; he might have pictured her as a dental hygienist; but as they talked other things didn't fit. She liked Stephen King and had tried her hand at writing scary stories. One time, in their discussion of the college, she said,

"I can help pay my way as a figure model. Do you think, on the job, I'll have to fuck all the instructors?"


They were in each other's company a great deal in the next three years. She loved him deeply, and he responded in the same way. To him, she appeared to have no interest in marriage. Once, he'd referred to her as a 'life partner.' She responded "No criticism of you, honey, but how do you ever know?"

"Know what?"

"If your SO, your would-be life partner, will go the final mile with you."

"I'll be there for you." He saw that the matter wasn't settled. She repeated her favorite saying, 'Not just to talk the talk; but to walk the walk.'

*** In a few more years, Jason was finishing law school as she prepared final projects for her art diploma. She'd taken up a series of mixed media compositions as she called them, on the theme of Mother Earth; she liked to quote Zora Hurston; the earth accepts everything, pure rain water and urine, indifferently; she is never defiled.

Kelly would say, "The earth is like a woman's body, its fluids, its nooks and crevices"; she modeled them in clay and fabrics on canvas, deep brown and siennas with the cloth in gathered in folds and cracks that called to mind a number of lubricious thoughts. One time she noticed Jason looking at a new composition, still damp, she said, "Here, it looks like a pussy, don't ya think?" She could surprise him. "Here, have a look." She pulled down her pants and panties. Her pubis was close cropped, so the delicious folds were prominent; just as the fabric had been molded in the composition.

Her manner of dress changed. The pinks and mauves had disappeared from her wardrobe; purples and blacks were in her favorite items, often contrasted with the deepest and truest reds. She'd started frequenting an erotic writers' website; some of her early submissions were pretty breezy and hardly anyone read them, but she began to write her feelings and later submissions had been well received. Each story contained a note, "E-mail your comments, but don't ask to cyber or meet. I have the sexiest lover." Jason was surprised by the frequency of domination themes, but he soon found that, in real life, he was often the beneficiary. She had them try silken ropes, feathers, candles. Her body stretched out between four bedposts made his breath short and hardened his cock. Her rack, as he called it, now filled out, always made his mouth go dry; he liked to watch the nipples crinkle at the touch of the feather; her breasts would swell under the soft leather lash she had him use. The sight of her twisting under it always brought him to say, "I love you, Kelly." He could see how far she'd go with him, in giving up control.


They'd finally gotten an apartment together. They began entertaining and liked having friends over. Lise was her oldest friend from art school, a slender brunette Jason had no trouble getting along with; she also seemed fascinated by fertility themes and Jean Shineda Bolen. She had even formed a women's 'circle' that would dance in the full moon's light. He liked to say to her, "Will you guys be boiling up any eye of newt and toe of frog?" One day, when she came to visit, just after the full moon, he made that remark, and she said, "Close your eyes, I've got something for you."

Something dropped into his shirt pocket. "Open," she said. He felt something small, dry. "A newt for you-from the gang." After he hastily dropped it, they all laughed till their bellies hurt.

Her passion for drama got her jobs as Entertainment Director at several of the fraternities and sororities of the State College in the city. Pledges couldn't be painfully hazed any more, but Kelly gave Jason hints-about "productions" Lise arranged for the newbies. She had a commanding presence which-he guessed-would make her a fine director of any erotic hijinx. Kelly often visited her apartment, but Jason didn't ask what they did there; maybe sex, since Lise often would graze her fingers over Kelly's arm or some other part; the thought turned him on so he didn't worry; and Kelly never seemed less devoted or receptive on the home front.

Living with Kelly, he became very open, and didn't try to hide anything, including the movie a friend had recommended, "Bukkake Supreme." When she saw the video case, she asked about it, and they ended up watching together. In one scene a slender Japanese young woman knelt, smiling at first, and received the ejaculations of a couple dozen guys, some pretty scruffy, some fat, some bare bones but well hung. The young woman's look became more intent as her face became coated in glistening slime, for a good many of the guys missed her open mouth. Jason's cock hardened; Kelly noticed, but she seemed quite engrossed, too: "It sure pushes the boundaries"; a concept that had appealed to her from her art schooling. She reached for his cock as the scene finished; thirty guys had come; the model opened her mouth wide and showed a pool of semen she'd managed not to swallow. Jason felt stomach go queasy as she gulped, smiled, and with her fingers began scraping the cum off her face; she then licked the goo from her fingers, seeming to enjoy the taste; he was stone hard and ready to jump Kelly, but couldn't help exclaiming, "Look at that slut."

Kelly withdrew her hand immediately, frowned a little. "Slut?"

"She's enjoying that cum."

"She received it all, but she kept her dignity. You thought of spilling on her face too, didn't you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Then it would be your cum too. Would that be gross?"

"No, Kelly."

"I swallow every time."

"Yes. ...Honey, let's just drop the subject." He couldn't explain, but he thought her objection had to do with her views of Mother Earth.



Their lovemaking that evening was more passionate; Jason was thinking of the film scenes. He wondered at their power to arouse, though partly he felt disgust. Kelly took his cock head into her crack and jammed her hips toward him. Her pussy was almost as tight as when they first had become intimate. With her tongue snaking into his mouth, he moved toward the edge quickly. It was a slight surprise when she stopped after a couple minutes and eased his cock from her; "I'm going to suck you." "Fine, Honey." He always loved feeling her blond hair in his hands while her lips took him in and her tongue flicked at the his cock's 'eye.' Shoving further towards her throat, he started to lose control--which she sensed.

There was a second surprise for him: Without losing a stroke, she removed her mouth from his cock but kept jerking it. "Come on my face!" There was just a second to react and the image of the actress's face came into his mind; he couldn't resist. His awareness centered down to his exploding prick, his eyes closed; dark flashes blanked his mind; he shot several pulses of cum and as his jerking subsided, looked down. The thick white strands criss-crossed her face; there was a small pool on her closed left eye. Gobs of white were on her lips, which were half open. "Thanks, Love," she said.

"You're beautiful."

"And now I have a assignment for you." Her third surprise. Taking her fingers, she scraped gobs from her face, and with her digits pushed the cum into her pussy. She did this three times so her crack was dripping with it. She knew her sex, messed up, always excited him, though he didn't often get a close look after their love-making.

"You are to lick my face clean, honey, and then my pussy." She was looking at him steadily through the one open eye and enjoying the expression on his face. He hesitated. Again there was a queasy feeling. "I'm beautiful, no? Well, go to it!" It was not time, he knew very well, to say he was half disgusted; and it would be pretty odd to object to her directive after he had happily spewed all over her face.

He kissed her wet cheek; she tried to get him going by inserting a coated finger into his mouth. This sampling was not a big deal since he'd tasted his own semen as a curious teen; but he had not dined on it, which seemed to be what was happening. The dank smell was in his nostrils as his tongue began to lick the salty slick from her cheek. It wasn't so much the taste the affected him, but the consistency. "Don't swallow. Let me see it in your mouth."

H opened up, just as the actress had. "Swallow. ... What's it like on the receiving end, dear?" The connections were becoming clear. His condescension to the 'slut' had created the problem; Kelly was going to teach him a lesson. As he licked up the pool next to her eye, his feelings were changing-his sense of power over their encounter was slipping away, but that was not unpleasant, since his cock had begun to stir. There was another feeling: "You're demeaning me."

"Demeaning?" Her laugh was gentle; she glanced at his swelling cock then looked at him steadily. "I guess that's what you thought of the girl's receiving thirty guys' cum."

"Didn't you see it that way? It's a traditional disgrace."

"But we weren't watching a medieval drama. The actress, or prostitute, did a scene in the 1990s, kept her dignity, and walked away at the end. In your fantasy she was ashamed; that turned you on."

It had. And so it did, now. His cock became fully erect, as he continued to lap up the fluids from her face; taking him in her hand, she said, "You're enjoying this," as she gently stroked. When he licked vigorously, she jerked his cock more forcefully; he was being trained.

"That's fine, dear." She said, wiping her cleaned face with a tissue. "Good job. Now my pussy." Lying back, she spread her legs, separating the folds of her vulva. "Don't delay. It's running out." The cum was beginning to flow and turn transparent, dribbling onto her upper thighs. "Go for it." He knelt beside her, facing her feet; he first kissed her pussy, trying to quiet the unease in his guts. Her hips swiveled upward, and she directed his head towards the opening. "Stick your tongue in and clean me out."

The goo was quite far inside; he had to extend his tongue to the fullest into the tender hole, which twitched and grasped, and squeezed more semen from her. There was the fine taste of her love juices, mellowing the pungency of the own semen. "You like that fuck." Her favorite term for their mixed juices. He found himself in a new territory, licking the fuck from her pussy that he barely had a chance to screw. Her hand, which she had dampened from her slit, slid easily on his cock, pleasuring him. The dining at her "Y" continued; his tongue was in her as he felt his excitement build. The peculiar of mix of shame, unease, his own taste and the incredible sensations of stroking would remain in his mind for a long time. She didn't rush her masturbation; she wanted her whole crotch area cleaned before he was brought off. He sucked the aromatic slime from her tender skin, and she ground against his face. Finally she came; in convulsion, more of her juices gushed out. "Dessert," she said.

Afterwards, she jerked his cock strongly with one hand and caught his large emission in the other. Relieved, he saw her dip a finger into the puddle in her palm; she put the finger to her mouth. "Mmmm." She was Mother Earth; it was quite a turn-on. His relief was short lived. "Help me. Dig in."

Her views were becoming apparent. "What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander." From her palm, he spooned his own cum with two fingers and put them in his mouth. The same odd taste, of course, minus the sweet taste of her pineapple-ish cunt juices. Yet he was still in the grips of memory: tongue in her cunt, bathed in fuck; the feast started to agitate his balls. He was hard stone; his queasiness had vanished.


Their connection took on a strange heat after this incident. She was more eager than before, yet there was a clear shift in power. No longer interested in being bound, she wanted, instead, to see how he responded to her binding; and she meant to do it psychically. Sometimes she had him eat cum from her hand; she liked the symbolism of that act. Yet she didn't condescend or distance herself from him; her love was still there, but now accompanied by a desire to teach him quite rigorously what was objectionable about his former views about 'sluts'. When he did look up from the now routine post-fuck dining on her pussy, she had a look of intensity; she seemed so tender. "There's another side of you I'm starting to love."


"The side that that loves our juices, like mother's milk."

"Mmmm." Her beautiful ass loomed above him.

"Is it good for you?"

"Yes." Not wholly convincing.

"You like cleaning my pussy, don't you, honey?"

He saw she wanted him to learn something and couldn't say anything but 'Yes.' After a few days it was completely true, and she noticed: "It's starting to feel like you're sticking around me"

"You mean like I'm sticky around you." She smiled.


Inevitably that Lise was drawn in. She came over often and always flicked her tongue when she kissed him in greeting. Whatever she did with Kelly, she had no distaste for men. Lise was over for a visit when they glimpsed him in the hall in his underwear. Kelly said, "Hot buns." Lise added, "We should put a few stripes on them, some time. I'd like to see how he'd shoot."

The first time for them was at the apartment, on the living room sofa and spilling over to the floor. It was Kelly and Lise, kissing, nude, while Jason stroked Kelly's pussy and was introduced to Lise's prominent dark nipples. Lise held his testicles in the gentlest of pressure as he fucked Kelly. "Give it to her," Lise urged, reaching behind Kelly and shoving a wet finger into her ass till she came. "Now!" she said, slapping his balls and he twisted in ecstasy; he kept fucking till he was exhausted; the women resumed their kissing, and Lise reached her climax with three of Kelly's fingers, churning inside, while Jason tugged, then bit, her thick nipples.

When they were alone together, Kelly said, "She's hot."

"She sure is."

"She's totally in love with me..."


"And my pussy. Do you know how I know?"


"You've notice anything about my visits to her place?"

"Well, they're frequent."

"Often it's after we make love."

He hadn't noticed. "Oh."

"She loves attending to my pussy."

"Wow." He didn't know what to say. He was uncertain about his feelings; he added, "My cum."

"Our fuck."

*** Jason guessed they had talked, for the next encounter was different. Lise paid special attention to his prick as Jason and she kissed Kelly. When he finally mounted Kelly, Lise thrust a couple fingers up his ass, jamming at his prostate. His cock was well primed; the internal massage unleashed a flood in Kelly's pussy. There was leakage even before he withdrew. Lise began kissing Kelly again while he recovered; he saw her fingers in the gooey folds of Kelly's labia and figured she'd use the lubrication to frig Kelly's clit. His cock roused up at the sticky scene. Then Kelly said, "Lise, suck me!" Lise, glancing at him, went down in an instant. She wanted him to be able to see, for she held her head slightly to the side, like in the porno movies, as her tongue delved into Kelly's distended hole. He turned to hard wood while she finished. Her ehthusiasm was puzzling; he'd been told of it before, of course, but he was struck when he saw that she had not hesitated, even for a second. And she didn't even care if he was watching. Finally everyone was very tired and they pulled blankets over themselves and slept; Lise left the next morning. Kelly smiled contentedly in the dawn's light. "She's a red hot lover."

Then, Jason's mouth, again, split things wide open. "Hot. Yes, Kelly, I do see you've got her pussy whipped." A bad joke, for he loved her sex.


"Well I see she's a slave to your fine cunt, and don't think I disagree that it's fine." He added the last words, lamely. It was too late.

"A slave?"

"Well, a clean-up person. But I guess it's her way of loving you." Trying to extricate myself.

"It's your cum, dear. Does it reflect on her if she eats it from my pussy?"

"Well, why would she?" The question just popped out.

"There seem to be some things you don't understand."

It was a very quiet time the rest of the morning. He was reminded how she reacted to his comments on the Bukkake girl, but this seemed to affect her more strongly. Rationally he understood. Why should his cum, in Kelly's pussy, be a problem for someone who liked both Kelly and him, yet he could not see it.

A few evenings later, Kelly said, "We're invited to Lise's apartment this evening."

"Fine." Entering the lobby of her building, we waited for the elevator. Several people get off, ladies in coats. There were some young women in t-shirts that said "State College"; their nipples, upward pointing, reminded him of Kelly three years ago; they seemed to attract the admiring glances of a couple young men in jackets bearing Greek letters. One of the women, a red head, was a particular tease; without looking at the guys, and as if unaware of their presence, she smoothed her shirt over one of her breasts. They got to Lise's place on the fifth floor; she welcomed us.

Things began to happen fast. Kelly started with Lise in a clinch and their tongues fought together. Lise beckoned him over and massaged his cock as Kelly kissed him.

All of them dropped onto Lise's wonderful thick rug. Kelly's tongue was halfway down Jason's throat; Lise jerked his cock. He felt like a sultan. The women undressed each other, but took turns keeping him 'fluffed'; one kept diddling his balls. Kelly lay Lise down on some cushions and started gnawing at her nipples as Jason stroked her belly and proceeded southward. His hand encountered a mass of stickiness atop Lisa's pussy. For a second, he hoped it was her muff over-reacting to the attention, but it was semen. Kelly was whipping his cock, and he heard her directive, "Clean up her pussy!" It was hard for him to think. Lise was watching him. He realized they'd planned it; the two frat boys had just serviced her; he remembered the insignia. It was Kappa Alpha, one of the fraternities she worked for. His cock was about to explode in Kelly's hand, and her biting kisses brought fire into my nipples. "Now!"

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