Crime and Punishment


Cassandra said, "As Erin's counsel I have access to all the evidence. I'll grant you access when I get back to my office."

"OK," said Cathy, "I'll start as soon as I hear from you."

"How long do you think it will take?" Ellen asked.

"A couple of weeks at least; maybe a month; I don't really know, it depends on too many things," said Cathy.

"Do your best. If you need anything let me know," said Ellen rising.

"I will," said Cathy.


"How long have they been in flux, now?" Alex asked.

"Close to 72 hours," replied Laura.

"Remove them and clean them up. Afterwards let them rest," said Alex.

"Yes Mistress," said Laura leaving.

Erin had never been so miserable. Her entire body ached and throbbed; she felt as if someone had beaten her from head to toe. Even the roots of her hair ached as she shivered and perspired with nausea. The diapers that covered her lower body, numbered well over ten and she could no longer close her legs, which lay completely spread open. Worse, her body under the diaper was covered in a complete pasty mess. Every hour she felt water flowing into her ass, as she had long ago given up on trying to prevent the enemas from occurring. The enemas, of course, caused her to start sucking on the tube so that she could wet herself and clear her vulva of the stimulating mess which would inevitably flow over her pussy when she expelled. The pattern would repeat hour after unending hour. When the tunic clad slaves finally entered and un-strapped her, Erin curled up into a ball, as stomach cramps and nausea continued to wrack her body.

"Get up, filthy sluts!" commanded Laura entering the room.

Erin and Jan struggled to their feet still in a daze, doubled over with cramps. Both would have collapsed if the slaves had not been there to support them. They assisted Erin and Jan into the next room where Laura ordered their diapers removed. Erin felt 50 pounds lighter when the diapers about her lower body fell to the floor with a dull thud. Looking down, she saw the lower part of her body was covered in what looked like an inch of yellow-brown paste. Only her slit showed through due to the constant wettings. Erin and Jan staggered into the shower and began to rinse the muck off their bodies.

Erin let the warm water run over her head and body as she stood with both hands against the wall. After a minute or so she started to feel better. The cramps had started to subside and the persistent nausea faded. After they were clean, both women bent over and were douched by the slaves, who then helped them to dry off. Erin did not remember getting re-diapered but when she returned completely to her senses she found herself standing with a clean diaper on, watching Laura finish diapering Jan. Afterwards, they were ushered to their cells where Erin collapsed on the bed and slept.

The next morning Erin awoke to a full bladder and the need to empty her bowels. Looking around the cell, confirmed the lack of toilet facilities, which was just as well she thought, since removing her diaper to use the toilet was sure to bring swift and severe punishment. Erin considered her options. She could try and hold her bladder and bowels and hope for an opportunity to relieve herself later, or she could mess herself now. Her latter option unfortunately seemed the best. It was unlikely that she would be afforded the opportunity to use anything but her diapers to relieve herself later. At least now she was in the relative privacy of her cell and would most likely be changed soon as part of the morning routine.

Erin therefore decided to try and relieve herself in her cell, however this proved harder than she would have imagined. She was not used to willingly messing and wetting herself. In addition, she knew that it would be best to have the bowel movement first, so that she could 'rinse' her pussy by wetting herself afterwards. Erin got out of bed and stood in the middle of her cell and concentrated on releasing her bowels. But try as she might, she could not bring herself to mess her diaper. In frustration she knelt down and sat back on her heals hoping that being in a seated-like position might help her.

While she was in this position, the cell door opened and Laura walked in causing Erin to blush with surprise and shame, for she could see from the look on Laura's face that she knew what she was trying to do. "Out!" commanded Laura half-smiling.

Erin got up and went outside and stood in front of her cell door, eyes downcast. A whistle blew and the slaves in tunics turned and marched silently away. After they had left, Laura led her four diapered charges to the changing room. The other two slaves had messed themselves and stood, blushing, as they were undressed. However both Jan and Erin were clean when their diapers were removed. All four women showered and were re-diapered as they had been before. Laura then led them to breakfast. Erin's need for relief had been growing and she had trouble not urinating in the shower when stimulated by the sound and feel of the running water.

When they reached breakfast, Erin did not feel like eating because of her condition. Laura looked at her and Jan and said, "Eat up. I don't want to see a crumb or drop left." Erin and Jan looked at each other and forced themselves to eat and finish their breakfast. From the look on her face, Erin could tell that Jan also needed to relieve herself.

After breakfast, the two diapered slaves were led away again by another woman in black, leaving Erin and Jan alone with Laura. Laura led them back to the training room where they found two of the tunic-clad slaves sitting upright on the edge of two padded tables.

"Today you'll learn how to satisfy a woman," announced Laura. "Your eagerness shall be judged by how wet your diaper is when you are finished. The one with the wettest diaper shall be allowed to masturbate and cum."

With this, the slaves on the table laid back, spread their legs, and pulled up the fronts of their tunics, exposing their pussies. Unlike Erin, the slaves still had their pubic hair. "As you can see," said Laura, these slaves have the pussies of mature women, unlike you. Bring them to orgasm with your mouths."

Erin had never done this to another woman, and she was both excited and embarrassed by the sight of the exposed bodies of the slaves, but her need for both a bowel movement and to urinate was becoming intense and this tempered her excitement. "Now!" barked Laura.

Erin and Jan were startled by Laura's command and hurried over to the slaves and knelt between their legs, blushing. Erin kissed the vulva of the slave and was rewarded by a moan of pleasure. Using her tongue, she started to lick the woman's vulva and clitoris. By this time however, cramps had started in her belly and Erin's need for relief grew urgent. The thought of messing herself while pleasuring the girl slave intensified her excitement and shame. Knowing that it was only a matter of time before she would mess herself, Erin decided to release her bowels with the onset of the next set of cramps.

Erin felt the slave tense with the beginnings of an orgasm just has the cramps hit her. Relaxing her buttocks and pushing, she filled her diaper with warm mush. Almost immediately afterwards she released her bladder, flooding the front of her diaper. The slave Erin was ministering moaned with pleasure and cried out as she climaxed.

Laura, seeing that Erin had messed and wet herself said, "Looks like you were so excited that you couldn't control your bowels either. Erin blushed deep red in shame and embarrassment. Meanwhile, the slave Jan was pleasuring climaxed, moaning. Jan's need for release and not been as urgent as Erin's and she still had not messed or wet herself.

"Good," said Laura, "it looks like you can do something right. But that's enough for these two." With that the two slaves sat up and closed their legs. "Sit," commanded Laura to Erin and Jan. Blushing, Erin sat in her mess, feeling it spread between her legs. Jan was breathing hard with both excitement and embarrassment and looked at Erin questioningly.

"Since this slave displayed no enthusiasm for her work," said Laura, addressing Erin and pointing to Jan, "You have permission to masturbate. But don't come until I give you permission."

Erin blushed in embarrassment, but the excitement of pleasuring the slave coupled with the feel of the mush in her diaper was overwhelming. The mess in Erin's diaper had already spread between her legs and Erin was gripped with a sudden frantic desire that she could not control. Sticking her right hand down the inside of the front of her diaper she began rubbing her clitoris. She immediately felt the mush between her legs and soon her hand was covered in the brown-yellow excrement that she rubbed into her pussy as she masturbated. Erin began to moan with pleasure and excitement. With her left hand, Erin rubbed her bare, full breasts and rolled her erect nipples between her fingers.

"Would you like permission to come?" taunted Laura.

"Yes Mistress. Please let me come," begged Erin moaning and blushing in shame at the realization that she was masturbating in her own mess in front of four women.

"You need to earn my permission," said Laura. "What will you do to earn permission?"

Erin was now frantic with excitement and new if she did not get permission soon, she would come anyways. Desperate for relief she said, "Anything Mistress. I'll do any thing. Please give me permission to come."

Laura smiled. "Anything hey? You may regret that. But OK, you have permission to come, now!"

With the word 'permission', Erin's masturbation became frantic and no sooner had Laura finished saying 'now', Erin climaxed moaning and crying out, "No. Oh god no!" Her orgasm was so intense that she swooned, the tattoos on her cheeks turning dark black. When she recovered, Erin blushed in shame at what she had just done.

While Erin had been masturbating, Jan sat staring at her, but her mind was elsewhere. The cramping in her belly had become unbearable and her bladder was becoming painful. Jan lost control of her bowels and bladder at the very moment Erin came and she filled her diaper with hot urine and warm mush. In surprise Jan cried out, "Oh, no. I messed myself! Not again, no!"

"Time to pay for your pleasure," said Laura when Erin had recovered. "Remove your hand from your diaper and use it to masturbate this slut, who also can't control herself," said Laura, pointing at Jan. "Remember, slave," she continued addressing Jan, "you don't have permission to cum."

Erin was reluctant to touch Jan with her filthy hand as well as to put her hand into Jan's messy diaper. Worse yet, she didn't want to be responsible for getting Jan punished if Laura didn't give her permission to come. "Move!" commanded Laura.

Erin knew she had little choice in the matter, so removing her hand from her diaper she went to Jan and, sitting down behind and straddling her, reached into her diaper and started rubbing her clitoris. Jan moaned in pleasure and leaned back against Erin's breasts. Erin wrapped her left arm about her and began massaging her breasts and erect nipples. "Oh Erin, I'm so embarrassed! But you feel so good," said Jan.

"Rub her harder and faster and make sure to spread plenty of mush into her virgin cunt," said Laura.

Erin continued her masturbation of Jan, who began moaning wildly. "Please Mistress, let me cum. Please give me permission to cum!" Jan pleaded.

"No," said Laura, "You don't have permission to cum. Don't cum!"

Jan moaned and became frantic. Erin seeing the poor girl's desperation begged, "Please Mistress let her cum. Please give her permission."

But Laura remained silent. Erin felt Jan's body tense and saw the tattoos on her face turn black as she climaxed yelling, "Oh, god no! Oh no!"

Laura, looked at both women icily and said, "You came without permission again. It looks like you didn't learn your lesson from last time. I guess we'll just have to give you another one."

Laura led them into the changing area where Erin and Jan had their diapers removed and showered. When the women were clean, Laura led them blushing and naked back to the training room. On the floor a diaper, about a foot longer than the diapers Erin had worn was spread on the floor. Laura said, pointing at the diaper on the floor, "Sit back to back on the diaper." Erin and Jan looked at each other, but having little choice, complied.

When the women were seated, Laura bound them together by tying a soft rope around their waists. A slave then fastened the diaper around Erin and Jan, effectively diapering them together. Laura fastened their feet to the floor using leather cuffs and then bound their hands together. Erin was then presented with a small vile of clear liquid. "Drink," said Laura. After drinking the liquid Erin immediately became thirsty. Laura also made Jan drink a vile of the liquid and then attached feeding and drinking tubes to the sides of their heads so that the ends of the tubes entered their mouths.

"Since you like to play in your messes, I thought you might enjoy being indulged," said Laura walking out of the room leaving Erin and Jan alone.

"Erin," said Jan, "Laura must have activated my control devices. My rectum feels open. I also feel very thirsty after being forced to drink the liquid she gave us."

"Me too," said Erin, "but my rectum feels OK. She must have opened yours as part of the punishment.

Jan started crying, "Oh, Erin. I can't bear the thought of messing on you. I'm so embarrassed, I couldn't control myself. But it felt so good having you hold and touch me. It was the first time we could touch each other, and now, look what I did to us."

"Jan, its OK," said Erin. "It's not your fault, don't worry about it. No one could have held back."

"Oh, but Erin," said Jan continuing to cry, "I love you. I don't know what I would do without you. And now I'm going to mess on you. I just can't stand the thought of that."

"Its OK, Jan, its OK," said Erin trying to comfort her. "Really, I don't mind. Its not you it's them. Remember, their forcing us to do this."

Jan must have been comforted by her words because, after a while Erin heard her stop crying and say, "You're so good, Erin. I love you."

"I love you too, Jan," replied Erin. "Hang tough, we'll get through this."

Erin and Jan sat diapered together for what seemed like hours. Both women were plagued by a constant thirst and forced to drink from the feeding tube which did little to quench their desire for water. As when they were in flux, the tube would occasionally fill with paste that they would have to eat to clear the tube before they could continue drinking. After a while, Jan said, "Erin, I think I am going to have a bowel movement soon."

"Its OK," said Erin, "We knew this was going to happen sooner or later."

After a few minutes, Erin heard Jan exclaim "I feel it coming!" Erin felt warm mush fill the bottom of their shared diaper and cover the back of her buttocks. "Oh, no! No!" cried Jan, "I messed myself. Not again."

Jan started to sob with shame and embarrassment at what she had done. Erin tried to comfort her the best she could, "It's OK, Jan. It's OK."

Eventually, Jan stopped crying out of exhaustion more than anything else. Then Erin's turn came to make a contribution to their shared diaper. "Jan," she said, "I need to go now, too." And with that Erin released her bowels feeling the warm mush cover her buttocks and slide upwards towards the small of her back. Erin blushed furiously and said, "I'm so sorry." To make matters worse, Erin was forced to relieve her bladder also, filling the front of the diaper with hot urine.

Jan however was in a state of shock; she sat in their mess staring at the ground between her legs reflexively sucking on the feeding tube. Erin felt her add uncontrollably to the diaper several times and heard her urinate periodically as well. After a long while, Erin fell into a stupor, stirring to semi-consciousness every so often to urinate, mess herself, or in response to Jan messing.


"The slave Jan is making good progress," said Alex has she watched Erin and Jan in the training room.

"Yes, Mistress," said Laura.

"The other one, Erin, seems more resilient. Urinary incontinence might make her less so. When they're done with this phase, get her started."

"Yes, Mistress," said Laura, "right away."


Erin again entered into a world of constant nausea, continual gramps, and unending low grade agony. Her senses dulled to their surroundings and her mind seemed to focus entirely on her pain and discomfort. Erin was unaware when the slaves finally came to release them, and it was not until they were completely disconnected from the tubes that she came to her senses. Looking around she saw that she and Jan sat in a pool of urine and yellow-brown mush that had escaped from their shared diaper. After freeing them, the slave unfastened their diaper and removed the rope that bound them together. Erin staggered to her feet, almost slipping in the mess that surrounded her. She bent over Jan, shook her and helped her to her feet saying, "Its OK Jan, it's over. Let's go and get cleaned up."

Erin and Jan were led back to the changing room where they showered and were placed back into diapers. Laura led them to their cells, where Erin collapsed on her bed, instantly asleep. When Erin awoke she felt better, but had lost track of time. She had no idea whether it was night or day, morning or evening. Becoming fully conscious, she realized that the need to relieve her bladder and bowels is what had awakened her. Erin resolved that she would relieve herself, alone in her cell this time, rather than being forced into humiliating herself by doing so in front of Laura and the other slaves, later.

To this end, she rose from her bed and knelt on the cell floor, sitting on her heels. By relaxing and concentrating she was able to coax her body into the beginnings of a bowel movement. Even though she was alone, Erin was embarrassed by the act of consciously messing herself. Up to now, she had more or less waited until she either lost control or was close to loosing control before going in her diaper. This time, was the first time she did so deliberately. As she felt the mush begin to fill her diaper, she relaxed further and pushed, completely relieving herself and filling her diaper with warm mush. By relaxing her bladder, she was able to begin urinating. The small trickle soon became a torrent and she flooded the front of her diaper, blushing in shame.

The release of her bowels and bladder so deliberately into her diaper also excited her. Erin found the sensation sensual and for a few moments exhilarated in the feel of her wet and messy diaper. This feeling was short lived as shame coupled with excitement swept over her. Erin knew that she would repeat this pattern of embarrassment coupled with sexual excitement, daily as she attended to her body's needs, and relieved herself alone in her cell, by messing and wetting her diaper. She also knew that no mater how many times she performed this necessary and routine bodily function, she would always continue to find the act of deliberately wetting and messing herself in a diaper, embarrassing and shameful. Each time would be exactly as the first for the rest of her life, adding to the slavish humiliation of her existence. What bothered Erin even more than this was the continued sexual excitement she experienced every time she was forced to humiliate herself in this degrading manner. What's wrong with me? She asked herself. Nina's Cut must have somehow left her defective. For how else could she explain her perverse excitement? Oh god! Thought Erin, I'm going insane! Erin wanted to cry, but she stopped herself. "No!" she said out loud. "I've got to keep my head." Cassandra was right, she couldn't give in. That was the path to insanity.

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