Crime and Punishment


"I hope you enjoyed that," said Susan. "It's the last time you'll do that with hair on your pussy." Susan then produced an aerosol can and shook it. Taking the cap off she said, "Time to remove all that pubic hair. This is depilatory cream that permanently removes body hair. It has to stay on for 15 minutes, so relax until I get back."

With that she depressed the top of the can and spread the white shaving cream like contents over Erin's pubic area.

Erin protested, "Please, don't! Take it off before it starts working, please!"

"Sorry," answered Susan walking away, "diapered slaves don't have pubic hair, only free adults do."

Fifteen minutes later, Susan returned and rinsed Erin's pubic area. The hair fell away with the cream, and Erin's vulva was left completely smooth and bare. Examining her bare pussy, Erin started to cry again.

"We're almost done now," said Susan. Two technicians entered the room with wheeled metal tray-stands. One technician stopped on either side of Erin, near her head. The trays each contained what looked like a small electric drill, and a couple of containers holding a dark ink-like fluid.

"Hold still," said Susan. "They are going to apply your tattoos. Its completely painless, but if you move, you'll botch it up."

As the technicians began to work, Susan moved between Erin's spread legs again and began to rub oil into her denuded pudenda. Of course, Susan made sure to massage Erin's clitoris, occasionally sticking a finger in and out of her vagina as she rubbed in the oil. Erin became quickly excited, and despite her best effort let out several moans. "You are such a slut," commented Susan to the blushing Erin.

Meanwhile, the technicians applied the standard slave tattoos. Two large lazy 'S' symbols were tattooed on to each of Erin's cheeks. Erin's full name was tattooed near the top of her right arm where it met her shoulder. Below her name the word 'Diapered' was added along with the date. A linked chain, the universal symbol of slavery was placed completely around her right ankle, forming an unbroken circle. A similar tattoo was added to the outside of her left hand and to the base of her neck, in the back. On her right shoulder blade, a picture of a whip was placed. Finally, on Erin's left buttock another whip was tattooed.

Susan was right the procedure was completely painless. Erin could not even feel the instruments touching her skin. When the technicians were done, they collected their instruments and left without a word. Susan, looked at Erin and said, "Very nice." She held up a hand mirror and showed Erin her face. Erin was shocked. Two blue S-shaped lines slashed across her cheeks like scars.

"Oh god!" gasped Erin.

"You should know," continued Susan holding the mirror for Erin, "that the ink on the facial tattoos is hormone sensitive. In particular, it turns from its current blue to black when ever you have an orgasm."

Susan smiled at Erin's shocked expression as Erin moved her face side to side in front of the mirror, looking at each cheek. "That's right," continued Susan as if reading Erin's mind, "You will never have another orgasm without letting everyone around you know."

Tears again welled up in Erin's eyes as she heard this further humiliation that had been thrust upon her. She looked away from her image in the mirror and Susan set it aside, smiling with satisfaction. Susan then grabbed what looked like a socket wrench and stood over Erin holding the tool. "Now for the control devices," she said. "This won't hurt, but hold still," commanded Susan.

Susan first moved Erin's shoulder length black hair aside, exposing the base of her neck. She placed the head of the tool against Erin's skin and pressed a button. Erin heard a hissing sound and felt a slight pressure against her skin, but that was all. "That's the brain and tracking sensor," Susan informed Erin. "It will monitor the other devices that will be installed, provide tracking of your whereabouts, and give information on key bodily functions, such as heart rate, respiration, and hormone level, to name a few."

Susan next placed the control device installation tool over the nipple on Erin's right breast and pressed the button. Erin heard the hissing sound again and felt the same slight pressure. Susan repeated the process with the nipple on her left breast. "These will cause your nipples to become hard and erect and will also squeeze them, if desired," said Susan. Erin, looked at her nipples, but could neither see nor feel anything.

"You won't be able to see anything. The control devices are liquid collagens engineered by cloning skin cells from your body," said Susan. They solidify or re-liquefy when an electric signal of the right frequency is emitted near the surface of your skin. Varying degrees of hardness can be achieved by varying the signal. These nipple devices can be used to give either pleasure or pain, as desired."

Susan then moved to the lower part of Erin's body and in quick succession, repeated the installation process on her rectum, urethral orifice, and clitoris. "I'll leave it to your imagination what these do," said Susan sarcastically. Erin realized that she did not need much of an imagination to guess their purposes.

"One last detail, and we're done," said Susan putting the tool away. Another technician walked in, carrying scissors and an electric hair clipper. "Time for your haircut," announced Susan. The technician proceeded to quickly cut Erin's hair into the short standard bowl-shaped style worn by slaves. The back of Erin's hair was tapered up, exposing her neck and the tattoo that had recently been placed there.

"Done!" announced Susan, as the technician put away her tools and left. Susan proceeded to un-strap Erin from the prep table. When she was finished she said, "Get up and follow me."
Chapter 3: Inducement

Erin followed Susan through another pair of double doors in the back of the far wall, looking at the changes that had been made to her body in the mirrors that hung on the walls. In the next room, a narrow wooden bench stood about three feet from the wall to her right. Showerheads hung along the wall, above a tiled floor. "Shower," commanded Susan, "and make sure to wash your hair. Don't touch your pussy more than necessary to clean it. I'll be watching."

Erin did as she was told, while Susan watched her. The warm water felt good on her skin and Erin was thankful for the shower, as she had been perspiring throughout her ordeal and felt dirty. She also welcomed the opportunity to remove the remains of the lubricating jelly that clung to the lower portions of her body. Brushing her hands quickly over the areas where Susan installed the control devices, she searched for them in vain. She could feel no trace of them, but she did not doubt that they were there. Erin's denuded pussy felt smooth and strange to her touch. It was odd not having hair down there. Erin would have liked to explore her body more but she could see Susan watching her carefully out of the corner of her eyes and she moved her hands away from her genitalia. She could have remained under the soothing warm water for some time, but after about three minutes, Susan said, "Enough!" and Erin was forced to reluctantly step from the shower.

Susan handed her a towel and watched her dry herself off, making sure that Erin did not linger too long as she dried herself between her legs. When she had finished toweling off, Susan directed her to place the towel in a bin by the door and said, "Follow me."

Feeling slightly better and somewhat refreshed, Erin obediently followed Susan, through the double doors at the other end of the room. The room they entered contained a long flat padded table with a mobile tray-stand next to it. On the tray-stand were stacks of heavy white cotton cloths and bottles of lotions and powders. Again, one wall in the room was made of glass from floor to ceiling, and not surprisingly, April, Lisa, Candy, Cassandra, Ellen, and their escort stood waiting on the other side of the glass for them.

"Get up on the table," said Susan. "Lay on your back, feet facing the glass. Erin blushed again, but got up on the table, as directed. "Bring your knees up so that your feet rest flat on the surface of the table, and spread your legs wide," directed Susan.

Erin blushed with embarrassment again, but complied. The end of the table was only three feet or so from the glass exposing her denuded pussy to the full view of the women on the other side of the glass. Susan grabbed some light clear oil from the tray and began to rub it on Erin's pudenda. As before, she paid special attention to the clitoris, while making sure that an occasional finger slid into Erin's vagina. Unconsciously, Erin's hips began to rock in time with Susan's ministrations.

Susan also rubbed some of the oil on to Erin's buttocks and massaged her anus. Noticing Erin's rocking hips she stuck her index finger into Erin's rectum and started to move it in and out. "Have you ever come, using just your ass?" she said to Erin.

Erin flushed deep red with embarrassment and stopped rocking her hips. She had been close to coming again, but Susan frustrated her by removing her finger and saying, "You're such a slut. Your new Mistress is going to have to be very strict with you!"

Susan then proceeded to dust Erin's bare pussy and ass with fine white powder. The oil and powder felt soothing, relieving some of the residual sting that was a by-product of the depilatory Susan had applied earlier. "Diaper time," announced Susan with satisfaction.

Susan grabbed a large thick, soft white cloth from the tray and placed it on the table between Erin's spread legs. She then placed a large thick translucent gauze-like cover over the first cloth. Another soft white cloth from the table quickly followed forming a sort of sandwich of material on the table. A large, thick, pad about six inches wide was placed down the center of the "sandwich" of cloth.

"Ready" said Susan. "Move your hips up so they are slightly off the table, so I can slide this under you."

Again, having little choice, Erin complied. Susan quickly slid the thick diaper under Erin. "OK," she said, "you can and put your hips down. Erin felt the thick, soft pad under her butt. The thought of being forced to wear diapers sent a serge of excitement through her, and she blushed in shame as she felt her pussy getting wet.

Susan pulled the lower half of the diaper up between Erin's legs, covering her lower body for the first time in hours and fastened the corners securing the diaper in place. Erin noticed that the outer surface of the diaper was made of a plastic-like material which was smooth and slippery. The feel of the thick soaker pad on her vulva sent another tingle of excitement through Erin and her nipples became visibly erect. Candy noticed this and pointed to Erin's breasts. "Wow," she said to the women in the room, "she's really turned on by this!"

Erin instinctively tried to bring her knees together, thereby closing her legs. The diaper was so thick however, that she was unable to bring her knees into contact with each other. Susan pulled a large pair of plastic panties from the table and grabbed Erin's ankles and placed each of her feet through the leg openings. She then slid the plastic panties up past Erin's bent knees to her thighs.

"Move your hips up again, so I can slide these under you," she commanded.

Erin complied again, almost without thinking. Her mind was preoccupied with the new sensations between her legs. Erin could feel the thick softness of the diapers pressing against her pussy and ass. The cloth felt strangely comforting and sensual and Erin could feel that her pussy was wet and loose inside the diaper. Susan slid the plastic panties in place and Erin lowered her hips back to the table. She noticed that the slick outer a surface of the diaper and the inner surface of the plastic panties slid almost frictionlessly together allowing her bottom to slide effortlessly on the table under the plastic panties.

"Almost done," announced Susan, who removed what appeared to be a red net from the tray. She spread the "net" out on the table between Erin's legs to reveal a small jump suit. Susan grabbed Erin's ankles again and passed them through the net-like material and through the leg openings. She pulled the strange garment up over Erin's knees to her thighs and again asked Erin to raise her hips. Sliding the garment under her, Susan pulled the lower portion into place.

"Sit up," she said. Erin sat up and Susan grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands through the arms openings in the jumpsuit. Susan then pulled the netted jumpsuit around the front of Erin's body and closed it in the back.

Erin examined the red fishnet garment. It clung close to her body everywhere but was not tight. The legs of the jumpsuit ended just above her ankles and the sleeves just above her wrists. At the neck, the fishnet material ended just under her chin forming a mock turtle neck. The weave of the fishnet itself was small, just barely big enough to stick an index finger through. The feel of the garment was almost imperceptible against Erin's skin. It did however provide some support to Erin's full breasts, whose erect nipples protruded through the gaps in the netting. Confused, Erin looked at Susan.

Seeing the confused look on her face, Susan said, "You are not allowed to touch your diaper or stick your hands inside. The jumpsuit enforces this rule until you can be trained."

Erin could see that Susan was right. Although the net was not tight, it would not stretch sufficiently to move the leg portion above her knees or the arm portion above her elbows. There was no way Erin could reach through either to gain access to the diaper underneath. As for the holes in the net, they were completely inflexible also. The netted jumpsuit fully displayed Erin's diaper state while denying her access to the diaper itself. It was both a cruel and ingenious garment.

"We're done, and it's getting late," said Susan. "Off the table." Erin stood and waited for Susan's instructions. "It will be feeding time soon," she continued. "I'm going to drop you off in the common room so you can get something to eat. I'll meet you afterwards. Follow me."

Susan led Erin through a door on the opposite side of the room and into another long white hallway filled with doors. Erin had some difficulty keeping up since she was forced to waddle do to the thickness of the diaper and her unfamiliarity with wearing it. The pads and cloths within fit snuggly to her lower body and Erin felt bulky and awkward as she walked. At the end of the hallway was a set of locked doors. Susan opened these and ushered Erin through. Pointing at a single door on the other side of the small room Susan said "go inside." Before Erin could say anything, Susan turned and left, going out the same way they had come in. Erin sighed and opened the door. On the other side was a large room with tables and chairs. Along one side were some stainless steel counters protruding from the wall. Above the counters were some horizontal slots about a foot and a half wide. Food dispensers, thought Erin.

There were also about 30 women in the room, all dressed in different bright colored jumpsuits. Unlike Erin's however, the women's jumpsuits where solid instead of netted. Erin noticed the colors of the clothes: yellow, orange, and magenta. A woman in a yellow jump suit approached Erin and said, "Never been in before, I see."

"What?" said Erin to the short petite brunet.

"I can tell you have never been in detention before," she clarified slightly.

"How's that?" inquired Erin.

"Your look, its kind of, well surprised, taken aback, if you will. A definite first timer," she replied.

Erin looked at her, slightly surprised. "You mean people come here more than once?" Erin said sounding incredulous. Erin had never been in any kind of trouble before and had never even known someone who knew someone who knew someone else who had.

"Hell yah," responded the feisty brunet. "My names Sandy," she said sticking out her hand.

"Erin," said Erin, taking the other woman's hand.

"Glad to meet you Erin," Sandy replied. "I can see you're in for a bad time, especially for a first timer," she continued.

"What do you mean?" inquired Erin.

"Your clothes," she said pointing at Erin, "Full purge, most likely, I am sorry to see."

"Clothes?" said Erin becoming confused, but curious.

"Yes," said Sandy. "Each jumpsuit indicates the type of punishment," she explained. "Yellow is the most minor, it indicates a full bare bottom spanking. Mine's tomorrow," she giggled.

"And the other's?" asked Erin.

"Orange is a whipping, magenta, a flogging (nasty), and reds are purges. You're a red, though I have not really seen this netted material before. It must be new, I saw another girl just like you earlier but I didn't get a chance to speak to her," said Sandy.

Things suddenly fell into place for Erin, who was grateful to Sandy for the explanation. The other women in the room were all 'prisoners' awaiting punishment, just like Erin. It seemed however, that with the exception of the other girl Sandy had seen earlier, that none of them were in for as severe a sentence as Erin. Her curiosity aroused, Erin asked, "Are there any who will be sold as slaves afterwards?"

This time it was Sandy's turn to look surprised. "Slaves?" she said. She looked at Erin again, more closely, realization filling her face. "I see," she said. "No. This is my seventh time and I have never met anyone being punished that way, at least that I know of. It's very rare. Most girls just take their spanking or whatever and are released. Sometimes they have to do some community service. I did once," she giggled again and then continued, "But slavery. No. Never ran across anyone." Sandy looked sympathetically at Erin and said, "Is that what happened to you?"

"Yes," replied Erin, tears starting to form in her eyes.

Sandy put her arms around Erin and patted her shoulder. "There, there," she said, trying to comfort Erin. "You seem so nice. I just can't believe you could have done anything bad enough to get slavery."

"It's worse than that," said Erin, still crying. "It's diapered slavery."

"Sandy looked down at Erin's diaper which was visible through the netting of her jumpsuit. "I was wondering what that was," she said, shocked.

"Yes," said Erin starting to cry.

"I'm so sorry," said Sandy. "I just can't believe you could have done anything that bad," she repeated.

"I didn't," replied Erin. "I can't believe this is happening to me! It's a nightmare!"

"What did happen, if you don't mind my asking," said Sandy.

"No," said Erin, "I don't mind."

Erin began to tell Sandy her story, including the details of her "induction" and the behavior of Lisa and April. When she was finished Sandy stared at her in total shock.

"That's awful," she said. "I can't believe it. I have never heard of anything so terrible. So do you think this April woman, set you up?"

"I don't know," replied Erin. "I don't know." Telling her story made Erin feel better; especially to someone as sympathetic as Sandy appeared to be. In fact Erin felt pretty good for the first time all day. She was clean and dry and having a normal conversation, finally. Things seemed almost 'normal' for the first time today. Erin said, "How about you, Sandy. What's your story?"

"Oh, there's not much to tell," said Sandy, waving her hand. "I'm here this time for putting some graffiti on a wall one night after a party. I was a little drunk at the time and wasn't paying as close attention as I should have been, and I got nabbed. Tomorrow, I'll get spanked and then I'll have to clean the wall, and that's it."

Erin was amazed at Sandy's casual attitude and asked her to tell more about herself. It turned out that Sandy was 23 years old and only had a high school education. She didn't really work but lived off the standard societal stipend like many in her situation. A stipend was provided to each woman, and was a direct result of the enormous gains in productivity that had resulted from post 21st century technology. Essentially, no one really needed to work to survive. Women such as Sandy who lived off the stipend had comfortable, but not affluent lives. In Sandy's case, she spent her time engaged in various hobbies, odd jobs, and at parties. The latter, had resulted in most of her brushes with the law. She had been detained six times in the past for, mostly, petty infractions. Her standard sentence was usually a few weeks to a few months of community service. Occasionally, she would receive a public spanking for some mischievous prank, like the graffiti she was detained for this time. She had never done anything serious, or in her words, gone "orange," at least yet.

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