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Crime & Punishment in the Year 3241


This is one of my shorter stories, it never got a very good reception. But for the sake of having all of my Literotica stories on one page, here it is. It has been edited for grammar and spelling, but very little content has been changed. There are a few more stories that I have lying around that I may add to my profile in the future, but for now, I am done editing and consolidating my stories onto one profile.

This short story has BDSM themes and takes place in the distant future.


The government had implemented a new punishment policy fairly recently, and Cleodine thought it quite bizarre. It was twisted and absurd. The official reasoning behind this new system was that the new punishment implementation was cheaper than long prison sentences, while still giving victims some form of restitution. It was assuredly both cruel and unusual, but ever since "constitution 3.1" was released the old laws barring cruel and unusual punishment were removed. For a society so "moral" this seemed like raging hypocrisy.

It was on this surreal day that a dead-eyed bureaucrat read Cleodine the rules in a monotone voice.

"We have double checked, the criminal is of legal age for the punishment."

"There shall be no sexual intercourse in this punishment."

"You may not use sex toys to punish the criminal."

"There shall be no permanent damage caused to the criminal."

"Do not draw blood from the criminal intentionally. If an accident occurs, for which the criminal is injured the punishment may be forestalled."

"You have twenty-four hours to devise a punishment for the criminal."

"If you break any of the above-mentioned rules then you will be subject to punishment yourself."

Cleodine cleared her throat, "What if I don't want to devise a punishment?"

The dead-eyed bureaucrat responded, "Then you will be punished!"

Cleodine had a lot to think about after hearing the guidelines. She was a victim of a crime and under "constitution 3.1" victims could devise the punishments for the criminals who wronged them. Of course the punishments had to fit the crime and be approved by a government agent. This new style of criminal justice was recorded and in high profile cases it was broadcast online. It had become a widely watched event, millions of people from the privacy of their own homes could view "punishment streams." Often the punishments were carried out in public and if the crime was heinous enough the degree in which the victim could dictate the criminal's punishment was immensely varied. It had become fashionable to humiliate the criminal by exposing their nude bodies to public view. Often times the criminals would be spanked or bound in public to be mocked and humiliated. These punishments were the most popular online and oftentimes would get considerable advertising revenue, which would be split between the victim and the government. This encouraged the victims to attempt to orchestrate the punishment of the criminal in a way that would garner the most advertising revenue.

The most recent sensation involved a wealthy handsome stockbroker/con-artist and his young trophy wife who were convicted of defrauding hundreds of investors out of a huge amount of money. Thousands of people were in attendance to see their punishment. The event had to be held in a stadium because the demand to see their punishment was so large. The government and the victims split ticket sales 50/50. People paid hundreds of dollars just to gain admittance. It was such a sensation it was broadcast throughout the nation, to maximize advertising revenue. The crime was severe, so the punishment lasted a long time. Naked and humiliated both criminals were forced to do all sorts of tasks at the whim of the victims who chose to participate. At one point the handsome stockbroker who was deftly afraid of heights was lifted kicking and screaming by his arms by a crane up to the height of 200 feet(he was nude of course). His young wife who was also implemented in the scheme was forced to shovel a pile of dirt from one side of the stage to the other also while in the nude. Once the wife was done shoveling she was dirty and exhausted, the husband was finally let down. These two criminals would be permitted back into society but would be forced to live a life of shame.

Another punishment involving a group of young adults both male and female from wealthy families who went on a home burglary spree, robbing and vandalizing their rich neighbor's homes were punished in a very creative way. They were temporarily paralyzed from the neck down and attached to strings that were attached to pulleys and levers, their victims from behind the scenes made them move like puppets, dancing and jiggling their helpless naked bodies. All the while the criminals let out cries of terror and shame.

The new punishment system was designed to prevent crime, public shame seemed to be a much larger deterrent than a prison sentence or even execution.

Cleodine remembered reluctantly watching some of the punishment footage from various punishments. She remembered thinking of how hypocritical her society was. Everything had taken a turn towards a more prudish traditional existence ever since the fourth world war. Cleodine remembered reading in the history books about the past and she thought that society in the past seemed more civil and free. The potential for humiliation was a huge criminal deterrent. Yet Cleodine felt as though the punishments themselves seemed criminal. Cleodine never dreamed she would be the victim of a crime and would be forced to devise a punishment, she felt as though she was forced into a terrible position.

Just a few months ago Cleodine had been informed that her rival, Jane Westmount had hired a man to assassinate her. Jane and Cleodine were wealthy socialites from the same social circle. Cleodine had just recently become engaged to Jane's ex-lover. Jane in a fit of jealous rage contacted an assassin to kill Cleodine. Fortunately, for Cleodine, the assassin Jane contacted happened to be an undercover police agent. The court hearing went quickly, with video evidence Jane was convicted easily of attempted murder.

The sentencing hearing was simply Jane in prison garb at one end of the table and Cleodine at the other end with a judge in the middle. Cleodine had the option to sentence Jane to death, as the crime of attempted murder did warrant it. Cleodine did not want Jane's death on her hands, so she chose the only other option, which was a "creative public punishment." Cleodine remembered the look on Jane's face after he sentence was read by the judge, it looked to Cleodine like Jane had almost hoped for death.

Cleodine talked to her husband about what she should do with Jane. Cleodine's husband was Jane's lover briefly and ultimately broke off his affair with Jane because she was a controlling narcissist. Still angry that someone would attempt to murder his wife, Cleodine's husband recommended that Jane be exposed in her nakedness on a public stage. Cleodine remembered Jane berating her maids at social gatherings and getting great pleasure in bullying others. Cleodine didn't feel good about the prospect of humiliating another person, but if anyone on the planet deserved to have this type of punishment it was Jane.

The night before Jane was to be punished, Cleodine decided to get her group of socialites as well as Jane's old servants together to brainstorm a punishment. Cleodine hoped that they would come up with the idea and she could expunge part of her own guilt. Cleodine would let others dream up the punishment while she only sat back and listened.

As the meeting commenced Cleodine found out many reprehensible things about Jane, the servants said she routinely berated them and even slapped them for minor errors. The socialites talked about her relentless gossip and entitled behavior. Cleodine actually began to get tired of hearing of so many horrible things Jane had done. In the end, the group decided they had a plan. Cleodine would mostly serve in the background of the punishment and let the maids and fellow socialites dish out the various punishments on Jane.

Jane's punishment took place in a theater, the audience would consist of many wealthy individuals and reporters. Everything would be videotaped because Jane was not your average looking criminal, the videos would be seen worldwide. Jane would be talked about for years to come. Her humiliation would run deep.

Cleodine handed over the written description of the punishment to the bureaucrat for approval. The bureaucrat looked it over and raising his eyebrows on numerous occasions before handing the paper back and letting Cleodine know her punishment was approved.

The law stated that the victim and the criminal would exchange final words before the beginning of the punishment. This would happen on stage but behind the curtains. Cleodine and Jane would meet behind the stage. Cleodine stood nervously as the packed crowd hummed in anticipation behind her. Slowly the door she was told Jane would emerge. A security guard hauled a scuffling naked woman, arms bound behind her back in cuffs, her ankles bound with cuffs as well. Jane was entirely nude, her blonde hair was in a ponytail, she looked like she had aged since the trial started.

Cleodine was always in awe of Jane's beauty, even now in her naked vulnerable state Jane looked dignified and haughty. Jane was a tall blonde woman in her late twenties, her face was usually made up with the finest makeup, yet even today her naked face was naturally beautiful. Her blue eye's had a cold almost evil gleam in them. Jane lived and breathed the code of etiquette that all socialites were suppose to live by and even now in her most trying time she stood up with perfect posture. The one aspect of Jane she was self-conscious about was the large size of her posterior. As Jane approached Cleodine she looked like she was marching towards death. Before Cleodine could utter a word Jane interrupted.

"Have mercy on me!"

"I am sorry I cannot," Cleodine replied her eyes darting away from Jane's stare.

"Why!?" Jane almost screamed as she dropped down to her knees, as her stoic security guard watched on.

Jane inching closer to Cleodine on her knees "I am begging you on my knees! I'll be in your servitude for life, I'll do anything to avoid this public embarrassment!"

Cleodine replied meekly. "You know I have to punish you, it's the law."

"Why in public? Why! Please have mercy. I'll do anything for you in private! Anything!" Jane spoke as her bottom lip began to quiver, her blue eyes watered as she looked up like a sad puppy at Cleodine.

"Your crime, it required a "creative public punishment." Jane." Cleodine stated, looking away and feeling remorseful that she let the servants and other socialites choose such an intensely humiliating punishment.

Jane fell forward near Cleodine's feet and began to weep, Jane muttered "I am ruined, my reputation! I will never be married to a respectable gentleman!"

Cleodine crouched down and whispered into Jane's ear, "I consulted your servants and the other socialites, they came up with this punishment, I have nothing to do with it." She tried to distance herself from the punishment that was about to occur. Jane seemed to become even more upset with this news, she sobbed loudly. Cleodine felt a sinking feeling in her stomach.

Jane stopped and looked up at Cleodine with wide eyes, she looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming hover vehicle. Cleodine started to back away from Jane to exit through the stage door. Jane whispered in a hushed but urgent tone the word "No! This can't happen, I'll get you for this!" as Cleodine left the stage, it seemed as though Jane was descending into madness.

Cleodine sat down in a booth overlooking the stage, next to her sat two government officials. One of the officials nudged Cleodine, "I've read your punishment report, this is going to be good." The other government official nudged her as well. "I was responsible for transporting young Jane over here, she was willing to do just about anything to get out of this."

Just then the low hum of the crowd grew silent, the stage curtains were lifting. Cleodine watched as the curtains exposed Jane, she was naked and alone in center stage, still just like Cleodine left her, on her knees, naked and cuffed. Cleodine remembered all of the parties Jane hosted, Jane wearing the finest of fashions would be the center of attention at each party, she remembered looking at Jane smile as she talked and gossiped. How Jane ordered around her servants effortlessly. Now Jane was still the center of attention, although in a much less glamorous way.

The first host for the night, Jane's personal servant Marisa made her way on stage, she was dressed in her servant's outfit. Marisa with a microphone in hand began to speak.

"Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the humiliation of Jane Desmond!"

The crowd erupted in cheers.

As the cheering died down Marisa spoke above Jane's light sobs behind her, "One of the many despicable things that Jane has done in her short life, is treat her servants very poorly. She would slap us and berate us constantly and if we threatened to quit she would assure us she would tell all of her wealthy friends we were thieves, this would make us unemployable. Working for Jane was like being a slave. Therefore, the 1st stage of punishment for this crime therefore will be Jane serving us for a change, being our slave! Unchain Jane and bring out the other servants and the props."

The stage went dark and the crowd could see the shadows of men bring in various prop furniture while Jane was unchained.

"Very nice Cleodine, staging it like a play, creative." An official whispered into Cleodine's ear.

Cleodine watched nervously, she wanted to tell the guard the truth, that she had nothing to do with the planning of the punishment.

When the stage lights came on some furniture was nicely placed in the middle of the stage, some of Jane's servants including Marisa were sitting and chatting acting like socialites, then one servant loudly exclaimed "We need some wine!" A few seconds later Jane emerged, wearing a maid's apron and enormously large high heeled shoes, Jane's buttocks and breasts were still exposed. Jane was balancing two trays of wine glasses in each hand. Jane slowly walked forward, her whole body was a light shade red. Jane beamed of utter embarrassment.

"If she doesn't do what she is told, we've assured her much worse things will befall her." one of the officials whispered to Cleodine.

Cleodine concerned said,"like what?"

"It's different for everyone, but in Jane's case, we promised to seize all of her financial assets if she refused anything. That lady sure does love her financial assets, we also informed her that we would reduce her breast size and put her excess flesh in her ass, she sure didn't like that idea, I tell you!" The other official replied back smiling.

Jane slowly walked up to Marisa and squatted down so that Marisa could pick up a glass of wine from one of the trays. The crowd let out many rude catcalls, as Jane's entire body seemed to grow even more red with embarrassment. Jane carefully got up and began to slowly walk towards her other former servants with the wine trays. Marisa gave Jane a light slap on the ass, causing Jane to yelp and lurch forward, spilling all of the wine glasses.

Jane's former servants began to act appalled, they all got off their seats and began berating Jane. Marisa got into Jane's face and screamed, "Clean up this mess you insolent worm!" Mocking Jane as she threw a towel into Jane's face. Cleodine remembered Jane using this exact insult to one of the maids at a social gathering.

Jane squatted down and began to clean up the broken glass. "Your technique is wrong, get on your knees when you clean!" Marisa barked. Jane did as she was told. After Jane got the glass shards cleaned up, she began cleaning up the spilled wine. "I want that big butt of yours facing the crowd." Jane spun around and exposed her large butt to the cheering crowd.

"It must be quite humiliating for a woman of her stature to be cleaning off the floor like a servant, let alone in the nude." One of the officials stated to Cleodine.

As Jane was cleaning Marisa suddenly yelled out, "You're not fit to be a servant, I am confiscating your uniform!" Marisa untied Jane's apron and yanked it off in one angry swoop Then Marisa took off Jane's unreasonably large high-heeled shoes, leaving Jane completely in the nude. Marissa swung one leg over the back of Jane so that Jane was in between Marissa's legs still on her knees, her butt facing the crowd. Marissa began to spank Jane in the buttocks with both hands as the crowd cheered.


"Please don't"

"It hurts!"

Jane in an undignified manner yelped out in pain almost every time her butt was stuck by Marisa. Jane kicked her bare feet against the stage and started cursing as the other servants took their turns. When the servants were done there were visible hand marks on each of Jane's butt cheeks.

After the spanking died down Marisa got the microphone and spoke out loud. "Now Jane unless you want another round of spanking, you need to shake your butt up and down for the crowd. When I say shake, I mean shake. I want to see those butt cheeks bounce!" A long angry groan could be heard from Jane, she slammed her fists onto the ground. Nonetheless the Jane did as she was told. She moved her butt up and down violently, causing it to shake, just as she was told. The crowd was in a frenzy. As Jane shook her ass, her butt cheeks opened and her anus was exposed. Jane had to shake her ass up in down while completely nude for a least five minutes, the crowd cheering uproariously the entire time. When the lights finally dimmed for act two.

"Brilliant first act! To be humiliated by your own servants, the worst nightmare for any proud socialite." One of the officers said to Cleodine.

"And to make use of her large posterior to humiliate her, brilliant!" The other official said.

When the lights of the theater came back on. A bed was in center stage and on it Jane was hogtied very tightly, her bare feet were tied to her arms, which were behind her back. The crowd could see the utter mortification of Jane as she struggled alone on the bed against her ties. Jane's pupils dilated as camera flashes blinded her. When she could finally see, she saw herself surrounded by her peers. Jane's fellow socialites surrounded her, they were all wearing fine evening wear and they all looked very happy to see Jane in the position she was in. One of Jane's socialite peers Macy took the microphone.

"Jane was awful to her servants, but she was also awful to her so-called friends. She was a master at spreading rumors and waging petty feuds. Jane always had to have her way! Now her punishment for spreading so many rumors if for her to divulge all of the titillating details of her own private life to the public!"

Macy spun around and abruptly asked Jane, "How many men have you slept with!"

Jane red-faced and defiant, said: "I'll never tell!"

All the rest of the socialites began tickling Jane's bare feet with feathers. The socialites were all smiling, clearly enjoying Jane's torture as Jane was immensely ticklish. Jane began complaining desperately as she struggled and unwillingly laughed. Jane's toes wrinkled her as she laughed against her will. Begging for the tickling to stop whenever she could get a word in. Jane's face was beat red. Jane continued wiggled her toes and feet to try and avoid the tickling but it was to no avail.

"The only way we are going to stop is if you give us the right number, we've done our research!" Macy said haughtily while still holding up the microphone to Jane's mouth. The tickling went on for minutes, but it must have seemed like hours for Jane.

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