The fear on her face was real. You could see every twitch, every drop of sweat on her skin. The criminal's knife lovingly slid across her sheened skin, pausing at each birthmark or freckle in an insane version of Connect the Dots. His voice was silent as the video clip had no sound but whatever he said had an effect on the victim. Her eyes bulged like those of a frightened horse and she strained against her bonds as he crawled on top of her, slapping his prick painfully against her hooded clit. She screamed each time, tears escaping from the corner of her eyes. He just laughed and thrust his prick into her, ignoring her cries.

"Oh, yes!"

Pamela Graham clenched her thighs together, pressing her vibrator even farther up into her grasping cunt and wiggled the finger in her asshole. Liquid fire scorched her pussy as she watched the young woman being taken by force on the computer screen. She imagined that she was in her place, bound and helpless. A victim of a criminal. Oh, God! Her cunt twitched again, renewing her orgasm and making her gasp in pleasure. Just the thought could send her into orbit but this clip … what was it, the eightieth time she'd watched it?

After a long moment, catching her breath, Pam removed her fingers and let her body recover. She knew that she was sick, mentally ill but she didn't care. She was feeding her fetish and that was all that mattered. It was nearly midnight. The bewitching hour. She smiled, licking pussy cream from her fingers. Tonight, she would live out her fantasy, if all worked as planned. Manny said that he would come through and she hoped that he would.

The convenience store that Manny and his gang planned to rob was called Speedi Mart and she arrived at the appointed time: 12:55 am. She stepped out of her car and shivered as a breeze lifted the edge of her skirt, airing her naked pussy. It didn't help that she was already creaming her own thighs, either. The thought of a robbery happening in just a few minutes … she bit her finger to keep from screaming in joy and casually, nonchalantly entering the store. The bored clerk nodded at her and turned back to taking inventory while Pam headed toward the beer cooler. Hmm, let's see. A Mike's Hard Lemonade would be great for a celebration …

The man walked in, just as Manny said he would and suddenly, a shiny silver pistol was being pointed at the clerk and she was being ordered to step back while he plundered the register. Pam inched forward, her mouth dripping with expectation, watching his every movement and quivering with every shout. The clerk complied with his wishes, pulling wrinkled bills from the cash register's till and shoving it into a plastic bag. When she handed the bag to him, he brought the handle of the gun down on her head and she disappeared behind the counter with a thud.

And then his eyes turned on her.

The gun's eye preceded him as he strode toward her and she backed against the glass wall of the center cooler, her eyes wide and glassy. He glared at her for a long moment, looking her up and down. "Give me your money."

"I have something better." Her voice was shaky as she reached for his hand, slowly drawing it downward, until she could rub his fingers in his wetness. He looked down at her crotch, then up to her face, his rugged features confused. She smiled, unzipping her sweat jacket and exposing her tiny tits to his view. "Fuck me."

The gunman smiled, fumbling with his pants and offering her a hard six-inch tube of meat. She raised her legs and groaned as he pushed up inside her, whimpering when his balls slapped against her flat ass. He thrust again and again, taking her roughly and giving her the fucking she required. Her hand wrapped around his gun hand and she raised the weapon up, nestling the muzzle against her jugular and closing her eyes in ecstasy at the thought that her death could be so close.

He didn't stop her. His finger drifted away from the trigger and he thrust inside her soaking hole, gritting his teeth and wondering how he'd gotten so lucky. His nut came quickly, fueled by the adrenalin streaking through his system and the way the bitch was reacting. She pushed her sloppy pussy onto his pole, riding it to her own nut and clutching the gun to her throat the entire time. He pulled out, zipped his pants up and grabbing the bag of cash, left without another word.

Pam backed herself in between the Doritos and Ruffles and shoved her fingers as far as she could into her pussy, coating her digits with his cum and shouting again as she orgasmed at the thought. She was startled by Manny striding into the store and she ran to him with a huge smile.

"Oh, Manny! It was perfect!"


Pam pulled back and stared at her friend. "What do you mean, what? Your friend just robbed the store … "

"My friend is sitting in the car. We saw someone else in here. Were you robbed?"

Pam turned away, licking her fingers with a guilty smile on her face. "Oh, yeah." Her pussy throbbed happily. "I was definitely robbed."

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