Cross Border Relations


Jane slid up a bit and kissed Katie again, their hard nipples rubbing together, a hand slipping under the waistband of the girl's panties to snake through the soft, damp pubic hairs and part the slick folds. Katie gasped and arced her hips up, pressing Jane's finger harder against her slippery pussy. Jane rubbed slowly up and down the young slit; teasing the teen as she let her fingertip lightly graze her hard clit, then move back down to the tight entrance.

Sitting up, she removed her hand from Katie's panties, the move accompanied by a soft moan of loss from the young teen. Jane just smiled at her and brought her finger to her mouth, wrapping her lips around the wet digit and sucking the tangy-sweet juice from it. Trembling with excitement, she tugged on the girl's panties, pulling them down her slender legs and off. Glancing around once more, Jane stood up and slid off her jeans, revealing her trimmed cunt, glistening with her own arousal. Reaching into her bag, she got out a skirt that she had brought for just this purpose and put it on, then bunched it up around her waist so her pussy was bared to the young girl's view once more.

Kneeling beside Katie, she gently took the girl's hand, bringing it to her sopping pussy and guiding the girl's movements, her own hand snaking back to cup the teen's hot sex, teasing it. Katie's hips rocked against Jane's hand instinctively as she gazed at the older woman's pussy, her fingers exploring the wet, puffy folds. Jane thought she was going to lose it when the girl found her clit and ran a finger slowly around it. Katie looked up at her and giggled at her reaction, the young girl's eyes dancing mischievously. "Found your button, didn't I?" the young girl whispered playfully, then circled Jane's clit once more.

"Oh gods, you're killing me, sweetie," Jane whispered hoarsely and gently pressed Katie to her back once more, kissing slowly down the hot, naked teen body laid out before her like a gourmet meal. Jane kissed her deeply, then dragged her tongue down the young girl's neck and along her collarbone. Her sharp teeth nipped lightly down to her breasts where they caught Katie's nipples, tugging them, causing them to swell even more. They tasted like heaven and Jane wished she could spend longer on them, but right now she had to taste more of this hot teen.

Slowly, knowing she was driving the young girl crazy, her tongue made its way down her flat belly, stopping to dip into the shallow belly button. Laying between Katie's spread legs like this, Jane had positioned herself so that one of her long, hard nipples rubbed against the horny teen's hot pussy. Smiling softly, she reached down with one hand and parted the young folds, then lifted slightly so that her nipple brushed back and forth against Katie's sensitive clit. Katie groaned and lifted her head up a bit, watching as Jane progressed down her body. She was on fire and knew that she had never before been this aroused.

Jane couldn't wait any longer. Unable to continue teasing both herself and the writhing young girl beneath her, she dipped her head down, her fingers holding the swollen lips apart and pressed her mouth against the tight virgin entrance. The young girl's juices were flowing like a fountain and tasted sweeter than anything she'd had before. Katie gasped and bucked slightly and Jane's hands came around her hips to hold her still as she feasted on the hot teen cunt. Her tongue slowly traced the gash from virgin hole to throbbing clit, then back again, teasing the girl, loving the moans and sighs, the squirming and shuddering. Lapping up the hot teen nectar spilling from Katie's pussy, Jane let her tongue slide up to her clit, a finger tracing Katie's innocent opening. As Jane's teeth gently captured the young girl's aching clit, she slipped a finger inside her, then another as she flicked her tongue across the sensitive bud.

Katie was bucking and writhing constantly now, panting heavily, and Jane knew the girl was close to cumming. Slowly pumping her fingers in and out of the slippery young cunt, Jane lifted her head long enough to whisper to her, "That's it, Katie. Cum for me, sweetie. Give me all that sweet, hot cum of yours…." Then dipped her head back down to suck hard on her clit as she finger fucked the young girl.

Katie cried out and grabbed the back of Jane's head, effectively burying the woman's face deeper into her hot cunt. Her hips bucked and thrust against Jane's mouth, her body trembling as her orgasm approached. Jane groaned against the young teen's clit and sucked it harder, her fingers pumping faster into the virgin girl's clenching pussy.

"Ohhh…oh fuck…yes…OhmygodJane…YESSSSSSS," Katie grunted in time to her hips' thrusts, "Ohhh..suck my cunt…yessss…ohfuckohfuckohfuck…gonna cum….here it cums…" The teen's writhing body stiffened then shuddered as her young cunt gushed hot juices into Jane's eager mouth, the older woman lapping up the liquid greedily.

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