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This is the last, and longest, of the stories that I had already written prior to joining Lit. I hope you enjoy it, if you do please comment, if you don't, please comment. I have started a new story, straight, that I will be posting soon so please look out for it and let me know what you think.




It was wet and it was windy, the only excuse that our PE teacher needed to announce that today's lesson would be the all time favourite... the cross country run.

SHIT! For a class or eighteen year olds this was a form of medieval torture. We all sloped off to the changing rooms, the mood darker than before the announcement was made, to get changed into the appropriate gear -- white t-shirt, white shorts, white socks and white running shoes. Fashion was not an option.

In the changing rooms there were the normal cliques that develop in any group of young men, the sporting types, the nerds, the fatso's, the gay's (although there was no proof to uphold the slur) and then there were people like me, the loners. I was the kind of kid that did not seem to fit in anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I had friends it's just that I used to drift in and out of groups, never really settling with anyone for long.

So, on this wet and windy afternoon I was keeping myself to myself, getting changed in the corner when I happened to look up and saw two of the gay's walking towards each other and then quickly flashing each other their cocks by lowering the fronts of their briefs. At the sight of this I suddenly felt a slight stirring in my own briefs and was surprised to feel an odd fluttering sensation in my stomach. I quickly turned away to hide my discomfort and hoped that they had not noticed me.

Soon after, the teacher called us all to order and had us marching out into the wind and the rain to begin our lesson. I hung back from the throng at the door hoping that no one would notice the slight bulge that had appeared in my shorts and tagged onto the end of the line. Soon enough the line began to break up as the sporty ones took the lead and the teacher chided the others into action. We took off across the playing fields and then onto the public path and up a hill that would lead us onto a footpath across neighbouring farmland and through a small wooded area.

I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts, thinking about what had happened in the changing rooms and what it meant, that I did not notice that the runners in front of me were the two gay lads. Nor did I notice that they kept glancing around at me and snickering to each other.

Shortly the three of us were well and truly at the back of the line that was heading across the field and the first runners were well out of sight. As we approached the wooded area the runners in front of me left the footpath and headed into the woods, assuming that they were following the pack I followed. As we neared the centre of the woods the runners in front stopped and turned to face me. It was then that I realised whom I was following and my heart thudded into my mouth and I came to a stop.

Without a word passing between them they faced each other and began to kiss, using their hands to explore each other's bodies whilst their tongues explored their mouths. I was in a state of shock, could this really be happening, here, in broad daylight, right in front of me. Obviously it could because it was. Whilst I watched, mouth agape, I again felt the sensations that had assailed me in the changing rooms. My stomach was doing somersaults and my young cock was growing in my briefs.

Suddenly, they stopped kissing and their gaze landed on me. They turned towards me and began to walk in my direction, still not saying a word. As they got closer they separated and David stood in front of me. He fixed me with his hazel eyes and then let them scan my body from head to toe before his face broke into a broad grin.

"I told you" David said to Andrew "I told you he'd be interested, look at the bulge in his shorts."

"OK, so you were right. Now what do we do about it?" asked Andrew looking me up and down.

"About wha...?" I tried to say, but I was finding it hard to concentrate on anything as my mind raced through what I had seen.

"Lets see just how interested he is, shall we?" said David.

Not knowing what they intended to do, I was surprised to see David lift his t-shirt above his head and hang it on a branch revealing his smooth olive toned torso. My head was spinning as I took in this firm stomach, his sinewy arms, dark nipples and his smattering of body hair. This was wild. Against my wishes, my cock leapt in my shorts and pushed at the material restraining it.

"Very interested I'd say," said Andrew as he pointed to my tenting shorts.

David's hand slid to the waistband of his shorts and slowly peeled them and his pants down, revealing a light growth of mousy coloured pubic hair and a smooth, slightly swollen cock. As he nimbly stepped out of his shorts my gaze was fixed on his swinging member, imaging what it would be like t o reach out and touch it, to feel the hot smooth skin in my grasp. My cock twitched again.

"Careful David, I think he's going to blow!" exclaimed Andrew with a degree of glee.

"You never know, he just might," said David cryptically.

I was so transfixed on David that I had not noticed that Andrew had also shed his clothes until he walked up to David and began to kiss his neck. I stood there mesmerised as they began to caress each other, watching in awe as blood started to pump into their cocks.

Soon, David's member was fully erect and Andrew began to stroke it lovingly. As his hand ran up and down the 6inch shaft I noticed glistening spots of precum escaping from his swollen purple head. How I wanted to taste that, to lap it up and delight in the flavour of his youth.

As Andrew stroked his cock David let his hand's wander down to return the favour and for the first time I noticed how massive Andrews cock was. As I stood there looking at it I likened it to a babies arm, it had to be about 2inches thick and at least 9inches long, at the sight of it I let out an audible gasp.

"I think he's seen something he likes," said David looking down at Andrew's thick shaft "I know I have!"

Andrew beamed proudly and released himself from David's grasp and began to walk towards me, his erect cock leading the way. As he drew close to me his silken cock brushed my hand and I had to fight the urge to hold it in my grasp. He circled my body, every now and then his cock head knocking against me, and returned to face me. Looking deep into my eyes he said,

"I know what you are feeling so you might as well let it go."

"I'm not like you." I said my feebly, hoping that he would believe it more than I did.

Andrew grabbed at the front of my shorts and snagged my hard cock in his hand and said, "I think you are more like us than you like to admit."

I felt my cock swell in his grasp, my body forcing blood into my already swollen member. I fought the urge to beg him to show me his ways and I pulled myself free of him and stumbled back, I tripped over a tree root and landed in an unsightly heap on the floor, my cock still betraying my true feelings.

"If he wants to be a pussy let him be Andrew, this is the only chance we get this week." said David as he walked towards Andrew. "I'm as horny as fuck and I want your cock now."

Andrew reached out and encircled David's waist with his arms, letting his hands find their way to his young lovers cock, and pulled him against his body. I could see his young cock sliding up the crease of David's smooth young backside, leaving a trail of pre-cum in its wake. David let out a sigh and his head rolled on his neck until he found Andrew's willing mouth and they at once resumed their kissing. Andrew turned to face him, their bodies squeezed together in a lover's embrace, their cocks entwined in a passionate dance. I was mesmerized as I lay there on my back, wishing I could be a part of what I was witnessing, wanting to feel the closeness that they were feeling.

My hands began to wander and soon found their way into my shorts and began to pull on my own cock, my breath began to labour and I was soon on the verge of cumming. As my gasps of pleasure got louder the lovers in front of me stopped in the midst of their passion and began watching me intently. When I realised that all eyes were on me I stopped and my face reddened.

"I knew he liked it," Said Andrew "all he needs is a little encouragement."

With that they began to advance on me, their proud cocks like water diviners, sniffing out the young virgin in front of them. Andrew reached me first and offered me his hand to help me up from the floor; I took it and noticed the line of his young muscles as he pulled me to my feet. My head was in a daze as I stood before them, how had this happened, why had I let it happen?

I stood in front of the two naked young men, drinking in their bodies with my eyes, wanting to be a part of their story but too scared to take the leap when suddenly David reached out and grasped my shorts and pulled them down in one swift motion. Suddenly my body was exposed to them and I tried to grab the bottom of my t-shirt to try to cover my embarrassment but Andrew was quicker and he yanked my only remaining cover over my head and threw it into the branches of a near by tree.

I stood there, naked, in the middle of the small wood and I felt the excitement surge through my body as the wind cooled my hot skin. Soon a film of moisture covered me and the wind cooled it and caused my skin to break out in goose pimples. Both of them advanced on me and positioned themselves on either side of my body, each placed one hand on my back whilst their other hand gently caressed my stiffening nipples. My body quivered with excitement as they began to squeeze and tease my tender nerve endings with one hand and stroke my back with the other.

The hands on my back began to move slowly down, making small circling motions as they went, soon they reached the smooth tender skin of my arse and began kneading each cheek. Their fingers began to pull and stretch my skin and inch towards the crease of my arse, sliding over the precipice and tickling the tender skin in the valley. My mind was racing, my heart was pumping and my cock was throbbing. Suddenly I could feel a finger tip gently stroking the entrance to my body and I let out a shudder of delight and I felt my entrance unexpectedly open to welcome the visitor. A finger slipped inside me and I nearly buckled under the pleasure, feeling it travel deeper up my channel. As my mouth let out an involuntary moan a set of lips clamped over mine and began to force its tongue inside, after a brief hesitation I began to reciprocate and my tongue began to do battle with the silky alien invader and my arse clamped down on the finger that was pleasuring me.

"I think that he's enjoying himself," said Andrew as he pushed his finger deeper into me.

"Mmmmm..." was all that David could say in response as his mouth was still clamped to mine.

"Well, now that we know that he's enjoying himself we can show him what this is really about." said Andrew.

"Mmmmm..." was David's answer once again.

"Mmmmm..." was also the answer that I opted for.

With that agreed David's mouth began a slow, long journey away from my lips. It travelled down my chin, down my torso and into the light bushy pubic hair surrounding my young cock. Once he had landed there his mouth began to tease me, he let his tongue flick and lick anything but my aching shaft. My body was on fire with the anticipation of feeling his warm lips on my cock but he kept denying me the pleasure, keeping his sweet mouth well away from my tingling shaft.

Following his friends lead Andrew removed his finger from my arse and began to kiss the skin at the back of my neck, letting his tongue rove over my young skin and letting his teeth nibble on my ear lobes. My cock leapt dramatically in front of David's eyes and yet he would still not take me, instead he continued his teasing, letting his tongue flick around the tender regions of my desire. Andrew began a slow and tantalising descent down my back, licking and kissing the downy surface of my skin.

When he reached the base of my back his hands gently spread my buttocks and his velvety tongue continued its downward journey until it reached my eager hole. My body was on fire as the tip of his tongue passed over my sensitive entrance and I pushed back towards him, meeting his probing tongue with an urgent thrust. My efforts were rewarded as he parted my cheeks further and buried his face deeper, allowing him to set his tongue to work in my hot entrance. As I felt his tongue enter me I felt David's hands clamp around my balls and gently squeeze them, pulling the skin back over my swollen cock head. With my purple knight exposed his tongue began to flick at the eye and lap up the pre cum that was running from it, spreading the smooth velvety fluid over the rest of the head and causing it to shine.

Suddenly Andrew's tongue shot deeper into me, causing me to moan involuntary and thrust my hips forward, shoving my cock deeper into David's surprised mouth. Rather than pulling back from me he let his lips envelope me, let his tongue work me, suckling on my young cock as if he was a weaning calf. Soon my body was crying out for relief and blood was coursing its way up and down my cock causing it to pulse manically. I knew that I was about to cum and I tried to pull away from David but I was firmly wedged between him and Andrew. Andrew could feel me pulling to be free and began to probe my arse with a newly found gusto, shoving his tongue deeper and deeper into me. It was all too much for me and I felt cum surge thro my body and shoot from my cock with a force that I had never known before into David's hungry mouth. I expected him to withdraw from me but he held his ground and began to swallow my seed, pulling my cock deeper into his mouth so that he would not lose any. As I felt him begin to swallow I also felt my cock swell and release, our bodies acting as one. Such was the force of my ejaculation that David could not contain all of it in his hungry mouth and it began to seep out between his lips where it began to coat my shaft, my balls and his chin. As my cock began to shrink in his mouth David removed himself from my cock and returned his lips to mine, making sure that I got a good taste of my own cum. I could taste the saltiness of my body on his lips and on his tongue and I wanted more. I pushed myself into him, exploring his mouth with my tongue, looking for any lost trace of myself. Finally David pulled back and looked at me with a newfound respect and all that I was left with was the feeling of Andrew drilling into my tender arse with his exhausted tongue.

Slowly, it dawned on Andrew that all of the action in the front had come to a halt and he too pulled away. I was totally exhausted and shell shocked by what had happened but I wanted more, already my cock was twitching back to life, spurred on by the taste of my own cum that still lingered in my throat.

"I think we can assume that he's enjoying himself so far," said David as he licked the remaining spots of cum from his lips.

"Yep, so far" said Andrew "lets see what he thinks to the next round!"

With that Andrew stepped behind me, pulling my hips, using his feet to gently spread my legs apart, and closed the gap between us. As he stepped closer to me I could feel his hot cock head on my wet arse, sliding smoothly into the lubricated channel that his mouth had just left. I pushed myself towards him, felt his cock slide between my wet legs and brush my balls.

"I think we picked a horny fucker with this one!" gasped Andrew as the foreskin pulled back over the head of his cock.

He pulled his cock back and grasped it in his young hands and began to slide it slowly up and down the crease of my arse, teasing the entrance. Each time I felt his head nearing my hole I pushed back onto him willing him to penetrate me, wanting to feel him inside me. Suddenly he stopped his teasing and placed his meaty head at the entrance of my hungry, wet arse and gave a gentle push. As he pushed into me my hole eased open and I could feel the tip of his head stretching me.

Now that he was actually on the way in I was having second thoughts, was this what really wanted? Did I really want to become a cock slut? Then I swallowed and tasted the cum in my mouth and realised that, yes, GOD YES, this was what I wanted so I pushed back against him. As more of his large cock entered me I could feel my body protesting at the intrusion and clamping down on his meat, with each spasm of my muscles he let out a groan of pleasure. He continued to ease himself deeper into me and I could feel the head of his cock ploughing its way in, my body aching in both pain and pleasure. I closed my eyes and imagined his view, watching his thick 9inch cock parting my young cheeks and sliding deeper and deeper into my tight virgin arse and my cock began to swell. At last Andrew stopped pushing into me, giving my body a chance to get used to the feeling of being full of his cock.

"God, your arse is so hot! I haven't fucked a tight pussy like this in ages. How do you feel?"

"Fucking hot! I'd never imagined how good this could feel before. I feel like I want to be filled with cock for the rest of my life."

"Well I'm not all the way there yet so you may change your mind before this is over. How about you wiggle that sweet arse of yours so as to loosen yourself up a bit?"

I began to gently wiggle my arse from side to side feeling my body relax around his pulsating cock.

"Why don't you go down on your hands and knees, I always find it easier that way when Andrew fucks me up the arse." suggested David.

Andrew and I began to lower ourselves towards the ground until I was on all fours.

"You feel OK?" asked Andrew

"Oh yeah," I moaned, "I see what he means." This new position made my arse more accessible to Andrew and naturally stretched my body, allowing him to go deeper.

With those words of assurance Andrew thrust the rest of his cock deep into me and I let out a yelp of surprise. He must have only been about half way in up to this point because it felt like his cock had doubled in size before I felt his downy pubic hair on my arse cheeks.

"Fuck, I thought I had nearly all of you in before... I hope that's all that you've got because I'm pretty sure that if there's anymore I'm going to split!" I managed to say.

"That's all of it," confirmed David "I'll take things a little slower until you are used to it from now on."

"Sod that, just fuck me like you fuck David, I'll let you know if you need to ease up." was my surprising response.

And so it began, Andrew pulled his thick long cock back and pistoned it forward causing my cheeks to slap against his groin while his meat beat my insides. The heat began to grow with each thrust and my arse began to get wet with juices from our bodies, his trusting got noisier and noisier as our bodies collided and my moans got louder and louder.

"Ah, ah, that feels so fucking good, mmmm.." I moaned

"Shhhh.." implored David "You'll have everyone within earshot wondering what's going on."

"Ah, ah, who fucking cares," I replied, "this is so fucking good. Ah, ah, fuck me, this is soooo good."

"Tell me something I don't know," said David as he slapped my prone face with his hard cock "I'm here with a real boner from watching you two hotties fuck like rabbits so I know how good it is but you still need to be quiet."

"Ah, ah, but you've been fucked by his cock so you must know how impossible this is. I just want to fucking scream my lungs out."

"Try sucking on this then." said David as he bought the glistening head of his cock closer to my lips.

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