tagErotic CouplingsCross-Country Road Trip Ch. 02

Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 02


The highway to Carson City wound through forests and up and down hills. With the top down on the Midget, the wind tore through our hair, my ponytail streaming out almost directly behind me. You laughed as you grabbed it and pulled me toward you for a lingering kiss that almost took us off the pavement. I recovered, keeping the car on the road, and smiled at your twinkling eyes.

Carson City came into view and we were quickly through town headed eastward toward Fallon where the "Loneliest Highway in America" -desert rangeland.

The wind whipped through our hair as we sped down the desolate stretch of road known as the "Loneliest Highway in America." The last town had been more than an hour behind us. There hadn't been any traffic in either direction. Nothing stirred but the MG Midget purring along the macadam heading eastward. You looked at me with laughter in your eyes as you unbuttoned your blouse and let it slide off your arms. You released the catch on your bra and turned to face me bare breasted in the warm sunshine.

My breath caught in my throat as I drank in the beauty of your two magnificent breasts being beaten by the wind. Your nipples hardened as the wind caught and played with them. Your eyes laughed again as you reached up under your short skirt and removed your thong. You held it under my nose so I could catch the scent of your moist pussy. Then you propped your feet on the dashboard and spread your knees wide letting the wind caress your clit with its warm breath. I could hardly keep my eyes on the road as we neared New Pass Summit. I warned you that you had only about 25 miles before we reached Austin and you laughed with delight knowing my cock was hardening inside my pants.

You reached over and freed my cock from its bondage, letting the air cool my ardor, but only for a minute before you bent over and sucked the head deep into your mouth. I quivered with my own excitement knowing that I needed to slow down or we would never be finished before we reached the next little blot of civilization on this lonely open range. But you had other plans for my cock. You lifted your mouth off me and smiled with a twinkle in your eye.

"Let's see you drive through Austin with the two of us like this."

"You may be more than decent, my love, but people would die laughing at my cock."

"Why? It looks big enough to me."

"Maybe, but I really don't need an attempted murder charge. We'll be in Austin in about 15 minutes so you might want to pull your blouse back on and smooth your skirt down."

"Spoil sport!"

"After Austin, we have about 70 miles to Eureka and then it's about 75 to Ely where we will spend the night."

"What's in Eureka?"

"Nothing that I can remember."

"So I have about 140 miles to fuck your brains out."

"Well to do that, we would probably have to stop somewhere along the way--find a track back into the hills."

"Why don't we do that?" you asked as you stuck two fingers into your pussy and brought them to my lips for me to sample. The taste was exquisite and intoxicating. I moaned in delight as I licked your juices off your fingers.

"Keep your eyes out for anything leading away from the road." I said as I stuck two of my own fingers into your pussy and thrust them in and out until you started to moan over the wind blowing through the car. I could feel your pussy clutching at my fingers as they moved in and out of your body.

"Damn, Ian, keep that up and I'll rape you right here in the middle of the road."

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Keep it up and see if I don't."

"Uh honey, there's a car coming. Maybe you should cover up."

"Nah, they won't see anything at this speed."

"Humor me, love."

You pulled your blouse around and held it in front of your breasts as you faked a frown in my direction. Your hand still pulled at my cock as the car passed going the opposite way. As soon as the car was gone, so was your blouse, once more baring your tits to the wind and sun. I draped my arm over your shoulder and started fingering the nipple on your left tit. You moaned your appreciation and licked at my fingers as if they were small cocks, sucking first one then another into your warm, wet mouth.

Your left hand found my cock and jerked on it until it started to rise once again. You pushed my hand away and leaned carefully over to take my cock back into your mouth. You started moving your mouth up and down like it was a cunt trying to suck my life giving juices from my balls. You fingers played with the hairs around my balls and one of your fingers snuck into my asshole where you moved it around and around bringing a loud moan from my lips.

I found a place to pull over at the Devil's Gate and we took the blanket from behind the seat. We walked behind a hill and spread the blanket on a level piece of ground. I lifted my shirt over my head and you tore at my shorts trying to take them off and suck me at the same time. I pushed you to the ground and dove into your pussy with my tongue as hard as a miniature cock. Our bodies were locked in a writhing sixty-nine full of passion and desire. Your juices started to flow copiously into my mouth bringing my cock to an even more rock hard state in a matter of seconds. I licked from the bottom of your slit to the very top paying close attention to your clit which was gently sucked into my mouth and flicked with my tongue over and over again until you screamed out your first orgasm. My tongue retreated back down your slit and I let it enter your pussy as far as it could reach.

When you had recovered from the shaking your body had gone through, you pushed me roughly down onto the ground and straddled my hips impaling yourself on my rigid pole. You screamed with delight as you felt me enter until my balls were touching your ass. Then you started the dance that was as old as life itself, a dance meant to cause my seed to flood into your womb. You shook yourself to your second orgasm and I could feel that I was near to completion--near spraying your insides with my slippery sperm. I tossed you off me and rolled you over onto your stomach, pulling your hips upward as I plunged once again into your pussy.

I could feel the hairs on your pussy acting like fine sandpaper making my cock more and more sensitive to your gripping pussy. Your muscles clenched and released my cock as I got further into you than I ever had before. A third orgasm ripped through your body as I felt my cock expand and twitch. The spasms sending my cum deep within your body, deep into your womb, deep into our joined bodies. We were literally as one.

The blanket was coated with your juices and my overflowing sperm. We licked and tongued each other clean each of us tasting both of us. We folded the blanket the best we could and stuffed it behind the seat where we could still smell the sex wafting its aphrodisiac through the air around us. You straightened up your clothes buttoning your blouse but not putting your thong and bra back on. I marveled at how hard your nipples still were and decided to nurse on them for a few minutes longer before we got back on the road.

Fifteen minutes later we roared through Eureka without a person in sight. An hour later we rolled down the hill into Ely and found a motel for the night even though it was still early. We knew what we wanted and it all had to happen behind the closed door to our room. We were both insatiable in our carnal demands of each other, but there was an underlying trust and respect that tempered our lust with a deep love.

When we pulled into the hotel/casino parking lot you smiled at me and asked me to run to the store to get a few things while you checked us in and had a shower. You told me you would leave my key at the front desk and then hopped out of the car grabbing your purse and taking your small suitcase from the luggage rack on the back of the car. I roared the car out of the parking lot and found the store picking up the items you wanted. I suspected that you really wanted some time to take a good bath and make yourself pretty, and I figured you needed and deserved a few moments to do the girly stuff.

When I returned to the parking lot, I made sure to put the roof up on the Midget before I went into the lobby and picked up my key. I reached the room and unlocked the door finding your clothes scattered all over the room and your "toys" and our robes on one of the chairs.

The sound of the shower running told me where you were, but I wasn't ready for the candles and soft music. I was ready for your naked body which was tantalizingly outlined in the frosty glass of the shower stall. I quickly shed my clothes and opened the door to the shower. You turned and smiled as you looked down and saw that my cock was hard and ready for action. You took the soap and lathered me up and down. Then it was my turn to lather you and I gently lathered you and then rubbed the soap around your magnificent breasts, stomach and your legs. Then I asked you to turn around and repeated my actions on your back, ass, and down your legs while you braced yourself against the shower walls. As I moved back up your legs, you parted them, allowing me greater access. After the water has washed the soap away, I replace my hands with my tongue and start moving up your thighs as my fingers explored your pussy lips. You moaned softly. I then stood up and put my arms around your waist pulling you tightly to my chest. My cock slipped into place between your parted thighs.

I lifted you slightly and thrust my hardened cock deep inside your waiting pussy. Pressing you against the wall of the shower, I lifted you off your feet and plunged deeper and deeper into your willing cunt. The vibrations and clutching inside your pussy told me that you were getting close. I stopped moving. You looked back at me.

"Why did you stop?"

I smiled and pulled my hard cock out of your dripping pussy turning you as I did. Then I took your ass in my hands lifting you up and pressing you against the shower wall as I plunged deeper than before into your waiting pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" you screamed. I knew I had hit the right spot in the right way.

You wrapped your legs around my waist and your arms around my shoulders and with your back against the wall moved faster and faster on my cock as we both pumped our way to our separate and yet joint cums. I flooded the inside of your womb and it started to leak out mixed with the juices your cunt had produced. Slowly we moved apart and washed each other's body, kissing every inch of each other.

When we walked out of the shower, we didn't even bother to dry off. You took my hand and led me back into the bedroom. Laying me on the bed, you asked me to roll onto my stomach.

Then I heard you rummaging around in the drawer of the nightstand, pulling a few items out. You warmed some oil in your hands and massaged me from head to foot and back to my shoulders. Your fingers gently rubbed the kinks out of my back from the long drive across the desolation called central Nevada. When you came to my ass, you took extra care to massage it and then I felt one of your slippery fingers enter my back door. I let this continue for a few minutes enjoying the sensations your finger was producing in my rectum.

Without warning, I flipped you over on your back and reached into the drawer of the nightstand to find two nylon scarves which I gently tied to your wrists and across your eyes as a blindfold. Then I found your vibrator and started teasing your clit with light, feathery touches of your "dick" and my tongue. Your loud moans told me that I was having the desired effect on your body. I ran both the vibrator and my tongue across your gleaming pussy lips causing you to arch your back toward me in an effort to bring my tongue closer to your cunt. Your ass arched off the bed and your tits heaved with your heavy breathing. My tongue and my lips ate you until you have had two amazingly hard orgasms, the second much stronger than the first. I reached up and removed the ties and your tore the blindfold off your face as you flipped me over onto my back. You restrained my wrists to the headboard and stood over me straddling my rampant cock while I watched you touch yourself and lick your juices off your fingers.

You leaned down and started giving me a tit fuck. You saw the pre-cum leaking from my cock head and I told you that I wanted to fuck you right then. You moved yourself up and impaled your pussy with my hardened dick. Both of us moaned loudly as my cock hit your cervix and my balls slapped against your ass. As we stopped to catch our breath, we looked deeply into each other's eyes. You reached up and untied my wrists. We then fucked with the intensity of two lovers who haven't seen each other in weeks rather than a couple of minutes. The sweat poured off us as we both came together with my seed spraying deep inside your womb.

Laying on the bed, you suddenly jumped up and suggested we go to the casino and try our luck. So we showered together and dressed. We had a great dinner in the hotel restaurant and then went into the casino to try our luck with Lady Fortune. After about an hour, while I was amassing a huge pile of money playing 7-card stud poker, you walked up behind me and dropped your thong in my lap. I quickly made my excuses to the other players at the table, raked in my chips and rushed to catch up to you.

You had a very wicked smile playing across your lips as we entered the elevator. I had just wondered what you had planned when you reached over to the controls and hit the stop button. I watched as you stripped naked in the elevator and then you fell to you knees undoing my pants and pulling my hardening dick out. You gave me a couple of really great sucks getting my dick as hard as a rock. You stood up and hit the resume button and the elevator rose once more.

"Aren't you going to get dressed?" I asked tucking my hardened dick back into my pants.

You smiled as the elevator reached our floor and wrapped your almost sheer blouse around you and walked down the hall. I followed watching your bare ass twitch under your blouse in front of me. You dropped the blouse as you unlocked the room door and I grabbed it before following you into the room.

I grabbed you and threw you onto the bed, tearing my clothes off my body. I plunged my spear-like cock deep into your pussy and then withdrew it, plunging my fingers into your love hole as you moaned in regret at the loss of my dick. With my fingers, I lubricated your ass and, after plunging my cock once more into your pussy, I slowly inserted the head into your asshole. You almost collapsed with the feeling as I moved my steel like cock deeper and deeper into your ass. I made slow, deliberate thrusts as you grabbed onto the blanket. I pounded your ass faster and faster as I felt my cum boiling in my balls. One of my hands cupped your tits and the other reached and caressed your clit. You began to climax as my cock spewed its creamy white load deep inside your bowels. But, you hadn't really hit your peak yet so I lifted your legs to your shoulders and went down on you hard bringing your body to multiple fits of pleasure. We were both totally exhausted. I covered your body with the covers and crawled into bed beside you, spooning your sweet well-fucked tush as we drifted off to sleep the sleep of the well-fucked lovers we were.

The next morning, after a good breakfast, Ely passed from sight behind us. The wind once more whipped through our hair as we sped eastward with the top down on the Midget. There wasn't a cloud to be seen in the bright blue sky. The car raced up and down the hills on its way to Connors Pass. Soon the junction of US 93 was behind us and we headed onward toward Sacremento Pass and the Utah state line some 18 miles further on and Delta which was another 90 some odd miles further than the state line.

You smiled at me remembering the wonderful pounding we gave each other the night before. I smiled back and you reached under your miniskirt and pulled your thong off once again. I knew we were going to have a very interesting day of driving ahead of us. I reached over and pried your pussy lips open with my fingers, sinking them as deeply into your body as I could get them. My thumb found your clit and I rubbed it in gentle circles putting more and more pressure on as time went by, oh so slowly. Your moans began to sound more like panting and your hips lifted involuntarily off the seat. Your eyes grew slitted as you grinned a feral smile that told me how much you were enjoying the attention of my fingers and thumb.

As we neared Sacremento Pass you snarled at me to hurry up and find a place to stop so I could tongue fuck your already juicy pussy. My tongue stiffened at just the thought of eating your slit and sucking on your clit until your pussy juices flooded my mouth. I found a side road and drove the car into an arroyo where we couldn't been seen from a distance. Once more that trusty blanket came out, but only as padding for my knees as I swung your legs through the open door and pushed them apart. You screamed as my mouth made contact with your womanhood. Your hands went up under your blouse to your bra less breasts and pinched and rolled the nipples. You screamed again when my tongue hit your already supersensitive clit. My cock was like an iron rod, but I was in absolutely no hurry to take care of myself--your cum had to be the most important thing in the world to me. Twice you had cum within seconds and still I wanted to give you more and more. The third scream was accompanied with spasms that shook your entire body and filled my mouth with so much of your womanly honey-tasting cum that it ran down my face and fell on the blanket and ground next to the car.

You pulled me up and started kissing and licking your juices from my face, cleaning me completely with your tongue. You reached for my dick, but I pulled your hand away and backed away from you putting the blanket back in the car and returning to the driver's side.

"Why won't you fuck me? I need your dick and I need it now! Quit teasing me like this."

"Sweetheart, this is not teasing. I'm serious. I want to fuck you as much as you need my dick in your pussy, but you'll want it even more later if you don't get it now."

"Bastard!" You screamed at me. I grinned maliciously in your direction.

"I may be a bastard, but I will be a very, very satisfied bastard when I do get in your hot, wet pussy. And, you my lovely woman will be writhing with pleasure when you finally feel my dick hit far up inside you."

"Oh, you think you're gonna do that, huh? Maybe you will and maybe you won't."

"Oh, I will. You'll get to wanting it so badly that I'll get mine and you will drain me over and over again as you satisfy your lust for my cock pounding into your cunt."

I backed the car out of the arroyo and got back on the highway. You skulked in the corner as far from my as you could get in a Midget. But, I could see the fires of your lust burning in your eyes. I knew I had made you very horny and I wanted you very horny. You were getting hornier by the minute, planning your revenge and you proved it when you dipped your fingers deep into your cunt and brought the juice to my mouth for me to suck. When I had finished sucking your fingers, you returned them to your sopping snatch and brought them back to me for a second time. Many miles passed as we kept up this intimate game. You knew you were having the effect you wanted on me just by looking at my crotch. You rubbed my cock through my shorts and started giving me a hand job through the fabric.

Now, it was I who was looking for that place to pull over. I knew that if I didn't find a place soon, I would have some laundry to do at the motel. Your hands were relentless on my dick. I found a secluded spot away from the highway and cut the engine.

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