tagGroup SexCross-Country Road Trip Ch. 04

Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 04


From Pueblo we turned south on Interstate 25 headed for first Albuquerque and then to Las Cruces. The mountains near Raton were steep for the Midget, but it purred its way up the hills and coasted down the other side. Our laughter and delight in each other were evident as we rolled our eyes at each other and teased. For once our lust was not so hot that we had to fuck at the drop of a thong, but the eyes told of our want, our need, and our love for each other. I draped my hand over your shoulder and cupped your breast as we sped along. You nuzzled my arm leaving little red splotches of lipstick wherever you had kissed me. We were in heaven and we knew it. We were right where we both wanted to be and with whom we needed to be with.

We both knew that non-stop sex was not what we needed at this particular stage in our lives. We needed somebody who we could love and respect and who would love and respect us in return. We needed each other.

You dozed snuggled against my shoulder with the wind whipping your short hair. I hummed a few tunes and thought about how lucky I was to have ever met you oh so long ago. We were homeward bound on the second half of our self-proclaimed "honeymoon" and wanted to have no others in our lives, knowing that would never be the case. People would always enter our lives and affect us. My circle of friends had grown geometrically after we had started dating. The other women were nice, but they weren't you and I wanted nothing to do with them other than to be pleasant with them.

After Las Vegas, the road twisted westward and then north for the run through the mountains to Santa Fe You woke and gently placed your hand on my manhood, kneading softly and slowly.

"Have a good nap?"

"Hmmmmmm. Where are we?"

"Almost to Santa Fe. Should be there in about a half an hour."

"Good. I have to potty."

"I'll find the next gas station. I need gas for the car anyway."

"I'm just glad the gas tank isn't any bigger. This way we get to stop more often."

I grinned in your direction. "I know. Since you have to pee, I won't play with you right now."

"Not a very good idea until I've been emptied and patted dry."

"Here's the Glorietta exit now. Yeah, they even have a gas station."

I pulled into the pump and watched you walk into the station with your hips giving out very sexy moves. You came back out with a key in your hand. I had just finished putting the gas cap back onto the filler neck. "Wanna come with me? There's only one rest room."

"OK. Be right there. Let me pull away from the pumps." I parked the car in front of the station and walked around back with you. You handed me the key and watched as I unlocked and opened the door. You grabbed my hand and pulled me inside with you. I found the light switch as the door closed. You locked the door behind me and sat down on the commode letting me watch your golden fluid flow into the toilet. You wiped your pussy dry and kicked your thong away bending to pick it up.

"Now, darling, it's your turn. Need some help holding it?"

"Only if you want to." You did. You grabbed my dick and aimed it at the center of the bowl watching my urine flow into the bowl. When I was done, you shook it and then used a tissue to make sure I was dry. Then you knelt in front of me and literally swallowed my dick down your throat. The sensation was unbelievable and I felt my cock grow and swell as you deep throated me, trying to literally suck my cum out of me. It only took a minute for me to feel the cum rising to the occasion and for it to shoot down your throat. I lifted you up and started to bend you over to enter you from the back.

"Later, lover. That was to take the edge off your horns. I want mine to grow a little more." And then you kissed me letting me taste myself once more. I stuffed my dick back into my shorts and you put your thong in your bag.

I took the key back to the guy inside and he sort of scowled. "Hey, man. What took ya so long? Fuck the bitch?"

"None of your fucking business buddy. And the woman isn't a bitch, she's my girlfriend." I snarled in my most menacing voice.

"Hey, sorry dude. I didn't mean nothing by it."

"Sure ya didn't. Next time keep your mouth shut or you may just get it kicked down to your asshole. Got it, asshole?"

"Yeah, sure. I got it. Didn't mean no harm."

I stalked out to the car and climbed into the passenger seat handing you the keys. "What's the matter, hon?"

"Asshole got a big mouth that needs closing."

"Ahhh, don't let him spoil the day. It's been so nice so far. Hey, how far is it to Roswell? I've always wanted to see the place."

"Sit still for a minute so I can look at the map. OK, here we are in Glorietta. Head towards Santa Fe and take exit number 290. That's US 258 and it takes us all the way to Roswell. It's about 180 miles or so. What do you want to see in Roswell?"

"Well, I've always heard the stories of the aliens that crashed near Roswell and I wanted to see if it's true or not."

"Depends on whose story you want to believe--the government's or some farmer they called crazy. Personally, I think the government is afraid we can't handle the truth about alien life forms visiting the Earth. I can't believe that this is the only planet in the entire universe with life on it. The odds seem to be against it."


You pulled the car out of the gas station and headed towards Santa Fe on Interstate 25. Nine miles later we came to the exit for US 258 and headed south across 180 miles of ranchland to Roswell. We stopped in Vaughn to get gas for the car and something to eat. For the past 50 miles you had driven braless and shirtless until Vaughn had appeared on the horizon and you had me pull your blouse back up and button it, no mean feat while you were still driving at 60 miles an hour.

When we left Vaughn, I was driving and you reached over and gently fondled my balls as you purred up against my shoulder. I reached over and draped my hand across your tit gently kneading it and rubbing the nipple with an occasional light pinch that brought moans from your lips. I knew you were beginning to get wet when you started squirming in your seat.

"Potty time?"

"Nope, cock time."

"There's no place to hide around here."

"So, we can do it right beside the road."

"That would be a first for me."

"Are you game?"

"Let me think about it. We may just get a motel in Roswell and call it an early day."

"But my kitty is saying feed me NOW!"

"I thought you wanted to let your horns grow a little longer."

"Well, this is a little longer."

"Yeah about 15 minutes or so."

You sat back in your seat and I reached between your legs feeling the heavy dew on your pussy lips. I slid first two and then three fingers into your fuck hole and you groaned loudly. I picked up the pace and you started squirming and humping against my hand. My thumb hit your clit every time I pushed in and you pushed down to meet my finger thrusts. Suddenly you acted as if you were having a major seizure. Your body shook and you violently wet my hand with so much cum that it started dripping from the seat to the floorboards.

"Hmmmmmm. That was nice. How far until that motel?"

"Far enough for you to recharge your batteries."

"Good. And you recharge yours. You're gonna need all the pep you can get tonight!"

"Ah, promises, promises."

"Haven't I been good about keeping my promises?"

"Yes, my dear, lovely lady, you have been very good about that."

Once again your head touched my shoulder and within a minute or so, you snored away in total satiation. I wondered how I could ever be so lucky. I also wondered if I could keep this pace of fucking several times a day up for much longer.

I nudged you awake as we came into Roswell. We went downtown and found the UFO Museum and the Alien Resistance Headquarters which we by turn were very serious and studious over before giggling at some of the more outrageous theories. Tiring of our tour, we went to find a motel room for the night.

Once there, I stripped down to my birthday suit and headed for the shower. Just as I got the water the way I liked it, you climbed in with me and offered to wash my back if I would wash yours. How could I ever turn down such an offer?

You stepped behind me and started washing my body, you fingers exploring every inch of me. I turned around and your started washing my front as I washed yours paying particular attention to you lovely tits. My fingers dropped between your legs and I gently probed the folds of your labia. I bend over letting the water wash down my back as I put my tongue directly on your clit causing your to close your eyes and shudder. Since the shower had a built-in seat, I eased you back onto it. Kneeling in front of you, I tongue fucked you as the water rolled down your body. You seem to be on the verge of cumming when you suddenly stood up and pushed me onto the bench. I leaned back as you sucked my manhood. I could feel my cock expanding in your mouth as you once again stood up.

"Sorry, baby, but I need your cock in me now!" You straddled my cock and slid down the shaft. Slow and easy. The water rushed over us as we continued to fuck a little faster. The water began to get cold. Standing up, I grasped your ass holding my cock deep within your body. I turned off the water as we walked pumping against each other to the bed. We didn't make it to the bed, but dropped to the floor and I started pumping faster and faster into your soaking wet pussy.

You rolled me over and started riding me...up and down...deeper and deeper. It seemed as if you couldn't get me deep enough to satisfy that insatiable itch of yours. I stood up and threw you over the end of the bed. You spread your ass cheeks inviting me to probe your backdoor. I pushed my cock deep into your forbidden hole and gave it several pumps before I pulled it out and plunged it back into your pussy. I repeated this until you felt like you were going to explode and your body started shuddering in its orgasm. I felt as if we were two animals rutting as my cum sprayed deep in your ass. Your screams told me that you had cum along with me.

I pulled out, rolled you over on the bed and blew gently against your sensitive clit. You rewarded me by purring. Then my tongue went back to work and I gave you yet another orgasm. Finally, we were both so exhausted that we fell into a deep sleep.

Sometime later you put on your robe and walked out to the balcony where the warm breeze caressed your body. You took you robe off letting it fall to the balcony floor and laid back in the lounger letting the wind lull you to sleep.

I awoke and found that you were not in the bed. I padded naked to the open balcony door and saw you laying on the lounge chair in all your naked glory. I couldn't resist the temptation that I felt so I reached over and ran my hands over your thighs. My mouth found your nipples and I sucked them softly, tugging at their erectness. My cock began to harden once again. You smiled and parted your legs allowing me full access to all the wetness that was there.

"Let's go back inside."

"OK." I took your hand and turned towards the open door.

You turned me and kissed me deeply.


You raised your leg and I entered your pussy standing up against the outside wall of the motel. We gently and softly fucked as I sucked your tits. You wrapped your legs around me and we began to move a little faster. You grabbed the overhead light fixture to help maintain your balance and I pumped your pussy harder and harder. We were both getting loud in our lovemaking, but neither of us noticed it. We pumped each other until we both came within seconds of each other. As I pulled my cock from your pussy, you stuck two fingers inside and pulled them out coated in cum.

"Eat me."

Without a word, I laid you back on the lounger and started sucking my cum from your quivering quim until you screamed your way through multiple orgasms. You traded places with me and sucked my cock down your throat, deep throating me until my sperm sprayed the inside of your stomach. Then we both collapsed on the lounger.

Suddenly, we heard applause and looked up to see a group of men on the balcony across the courtyard.

"You did a fine job. Fucked her really well. We enjoyed the show." One of them shouted at us.

"Yep." We laughed together and you started to put your robe back on and I took it from you.

"Come on, darling. Let them look. They've seen your naked body and my dick fucking you. No sense in being shy now." You stood up and walked naked back into the room. I followed you into the room shutting both the balcony door and the drapes before climbing into bed beside you. We touched and kissed the rest of the night, but we didn't fuck again that night. We touched each other drawing the cum out with only the touches until we drifted off to sleep.

We had decided that while we were still in the area, we should see the Grand Canyon and that we would drive westward in the morning.

We left Roswell behind us and headed back up US 285 until we reached Interstate 40. The miles rolled away pleasantly with the sun at our backs and you soon drifted off to sleep lulled by the sound of the engine and the purr of the tires on the road. Your head dropped onto my shoulder and I kissed you on the forehead looking down the front of your blouse at your bare tits, the nipples standing up stiff and proud. I knew that today we would just drive and leave the fun for whenever we got to where we were spending the night so I didn't play with your tits like I really wanted to. Your gentle purring almost lulled me off to sleep. Albuquerque came and went while you slept on. The countryside seemed to be almost flat and yet I knew we were climbing the southern edges of the Rockies and that we had soon passed over the Continental Divide.

At the welcome center in Arizona, I gently lifted your lips to mine waking you from your sleep.

"Where are we?"


"My God, what time is it?"

"About lunch time. I've got to take a leak. You need to go?"


We stumbled towards the rest rooms and reluctantly went our separate ways when we got inside. We knew so much about each other and our bodies that even something as private as using the toilet was no longer an issue between us but rather something exciting. Coming out, I put my hand directly on your ass as we walked back to the car. Once again we reluctantly separated at the car.

"Want me to drive for a while?"

"Oh, sweetheart, that would be so very nice. I need to grab a few minutes of shuteye. My eyes were beginning to close while I was driving. How about you drive to Flagstaff after we find someplace to eat and get some gas?"

"OK. Sit back and enjoy the ride, sweetheart."

"Thanks, hon."

The next exit brought both a gas station and a "greasy spoon" restaurant, but food is food when you are hungry though we did only pick at it, especially the greasy and limp French fries. We left half the food still on our plates and retreated back to the car, making a fast getaway to the west.

I woke up to your fingers gently playing with my exposed cock.

"Hmmmmmm. That feels good. Where are we?"

"The last sign said we were about 10 miles from Flagstaff."

I glanced at my watch. "You made good time It's still only about 4 o'clock. We'll never make The Grand Canyon tonight. Want to stop here?"

"Sounds good to me. I've got an itch you need to scratch for me."

"Let me guess where."

"Uh huh."

"I'll be glad to help. That's my favorite itch to scratch. Just find us a place for the night."

We both fell into bed at the motel in Flagstaff, stripping ourselves naked as we fell. I scratched your itch and you dulled my horns for the time being. We slept with my cock buried deep within your cunt, your internal muscles clenching and releasing it, keeping it hard without any urgency to cum again. Somewhere around 3 in the morning your itch needed scratching again and I gleefully agreed to do the scratching. Then we both went back to sleep and slept like one, joined at the genitals for the rest of the night. The sun had yet to rise when we were up, washed and dressed.

"How far to the Grand Canyon?" you asked.

"About 70 miles give or take according to the map." I folded the map and laid it on the bed.

"Hmmm, about an hour. Time for a quickie?"

"Spread your legs, Babe!" I dived between your legs capturing your clit with my lips. Almost immediately you screamed with joy as your orgasm raced through your body like an electric shock.

"Hush! You'll wake the neighbors."

"I don't care! My lover just gave me the best eye opening cunt lapping I have ever had! I don't care if the entire world knows how good it was. Lay down!"

I laid back on the bed and your mouth put new starch into my cock. It only took minutes before I bellowed my release spraying the inside of your hungry mouth.

"Now that is what I call room service! And talk about waking up the neighbors!"


"Try some." You slipped your tongue into my mouth and spread my cum around.

"Hmmmmmmmmmm Hmmm. Good."

We checked out and headed west on US 180 . The sun was up about a half hour after we left Flagstaff. We would be in the canyon long before lunchtime if we wanted to go down today.

"Now that you fucked on a mountain, do you want to fuck in a canyon?"

"Can I scream?"

"It'll echo for miles!"

"Good, I want to make sure everybody knows that you make me cum and cum and cum."

"It must be the exhibitionist in you."

"Fucking right! I just want to show off to the world."

"Like back in Ely?"

"Yeah, I sorta liked walking down the hall naked. I just wish somebody had seen us leave the elevator."

The miles between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon Village passed quickly and we soon pulled up to the front door of the Grand Canyon Inn and Cabins where we booked a cabin for the night.

Since it was so early we couldn't check in, but we decided to take a short walk down into the canyon. On the way down we made sure we kept an eye open for a place to pleasure each other and when the chance arose, we ducked off the trail into some promising looking rocks. As you removed your blouse, your braless tits came into view and I bent over and suckled on the nipples as you moaned your appreciation. My tongue and lips played over your nipples making them stand out like two twin erasers from the bulk of your tits. From there, I slowly pushed your shorts down and followed them with my mouth. My tongue found your belly button and paid homage to it, swirling around and around until you moaned once again with passion.

By this time, I had your shorts down to your ankles and you stepped out of them. My tongue traced its way to the mound covering your pussy and burrowed its way between your pussy lips, finding that little button that punched all the right sensations into your cunt. You moaned and groaned ever louder with each probe of my tongue. As hot as you were, it didn't take long to cause your body to shake with an orgasm.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!" And the echoes of your voice did indeed reverberate for miles and miles all up and down the canyon. I reached down and pulled your shorts back over your ankles and pulled them up until your pussy was once again covered. As I buttoned them at the waist, you finished buttoning your blouse over your magnificent braless tits with nipples that poked through the thin fabric.

"What about you? You haven't cum yet."

"I know. I'll just have to wait a while. I want to get you on a bed and have you stick your "dick" up my ass as you suck my cum out of my prick."

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Maybe we should head back. Your cock looks as if it wants some attention right now."

"Oh, it does, but I really want to save all that creamy spunk for your mouth and pussy in a nice soft bed."

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