tagGroup SexCross-Country Road Trip Ch. 08

Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 08


We both slept well and I only woke to answer Mother Nature's scream for the release of the pressure in my bladder. When I returned to the bed, your eyes were open and you smiled holding your arms up to me.

"Where are we off to today?" you asked as I sank into your waiting arms and kissed first your lips and then your two nipples.

"What makes you think we're going anywhere?" I licked first your right nipple and then the left one.

"You've got that look in your eye."

"And what look is that, pray tell?" I bit the rubbery nubbins softly.

"The look that says we're going somewhere today."

"Oh, that look!" I reached between your legs with my hand, but you blocked the move.

"Uh-huh. Get your hand out of there until I go potty." You got up and went into the bathroom without closing the door.

"How about we drive up to Atlantic City?"

"And gamble?" I heard the toilet flush.

"Is there anything else to do in Atlantic City, dear sweet Fiona?"

"Well...." You smiled as you took my hand and placed it between your legs and grabbed my prick with your other hand. "We do have time for a quickie, don't we?"

For an answer, I rubbed my thumb across your clit. You responded by rubbing my pre-cum across the head of my dick. One thing led to another and a half hour later we were both ready to wash the sweat and cum off our bodies.

I quickly dressed and while you put the finishing touches to your clothing, I took the suitcases down and strapped them to the back of the Midget. A quick stop for gas and we were on the road heading over the mountains to Asheville. Even keeping our clothes decent in case somebody should look down into the Midget, we kept each other pleasured all day. We laughed, you snoozed leaning your head on my shoulder, and we talked about anything and everything that came to mind. By evening, we were nearing Petersburg, Virginia which we had decided would be our stop for the night. We got a suite at the Petersburg Inns and Suites and took our luggage in with us.


"Yes, Fiona?"

"I've got a friend named Tara that lives with her husband in Colonial Heights. Would you like some company tonight? I know you are tired, but I thought it might be fun to have somebody else join us."

"You think she and her husband would want to join us?"

"Tara and Jack are always ready to join a sex party."

"Oh, that kind of party, huh?"

"What did you think I was talking about?"

"Tiddly winks? OK, I'm game if you are."

"Jack has always wanted another piece of my ass and you'll love Tara."

"What's she like?"

"Oh, she's about five four, a hundred pounds soaking wet, 36C tits, nice ass, and the girl can fuck any man silly. That's why she and Jack are into swinging. He can't seem to keep her satisfied and it's easier on him if he knows who she's fucking. Oh, I forgot. Jack's bi."

"Sounds OK. Call her and see if they're available. Hey, I might even get fucked by a man, huh?"

"Maybe. You never can tell what's going to happen." You took my cell phone from me and dialed Tara's number.

"Oh, hi Jack. This is Fiona. Yeah, I'm fine, how 'bout you? You are? Is Tara home? Let me speak to her, will you." You smiled down at me as I shoved your thong aside and slipped first a single finger and then three fingers deep into your pussy, wiggling your ass just a little to drive them home a bit faster.

"Hey! Tara! How are you girl? I'm doing pretty good. Horny, huh? Can't Jack keep that pussy of your's satisfied?" You laughed a deep throaty laugh. Your hips continued wiggling on my fingers and you started a circular motion with your hips. "Tara, my boyfriend and I are down at the Petersburg Suites. Yeah that's the place. How would you and Jack like to come over and swing a little with us? You would. That's great. We can go and get a bite to eat when you two get here. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Oh really? He didn't! He did? Damn, girl, you've got to put chastity pants on that stud of yours, you know that, don't you? Yeah. We'll be ready. See you in about thirty minutes or so? OK. See ya!"

You turned to me and said "You've got about twenty minutes to finish what you've started." Then you fell on top of me and glued your mouth to mine in a ferocious French kiss that took my breath away. My clothes and yours flew in all directions until we were finally naked in each other's arms. My cock slipped easily into your tight pussy and your inner muscles milked it for all they were worth. My thrusting started getting harder and faster.

"Fuck me you son of a bitch. Fill my cunt with your cum. Make me pregnant damn it! Give me a baby!"

I pounded deeper and harder and faster into your love box stirring your juices into a frothy liquid that oozed from around my plunging dick. Your orgasm drew mine with it and I spurted shot after shot of hot potent sperm deep inside you.

We glanced at the clock and decided we really needed to get dressed for supper. According to the clock, we only had about five minutes before Tara and Jack were due to arrive. Just as we reached for our clothes, there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's us, Fiona. Open the door."

"We're not exactly ready..."

"Oh for God's sake, open the door. Jack's seen your pussy before and I'm dying to see your boyfriend's cock."

You opened the door and they walked in. Jack immediately kissed you deeply on the lips and bent his head to your tits. Tara grabbed my re-hardening cock and shook it up and down. "You must be the boyfriend. I'm Tara and I'm gonna fuck you silly before the night is over."

"I'm Ian and it will be my pleasure to sink my cock into your luscious body." I looked around to where you and Jack were still violently kissing, sucking and biting each other.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about Fiona. Jack will be keeping her busy for a while yet."

"I'm not worried about Fiona, it's Jack that I feel sorry for."

"Him? He's only about half as horny as I am honey, but he's still a handful for most of the ladies around here, and he's fucked more than a few of them raw. Now, what do we have here? Your cock's sticky with cum. Did you and Fiona just...."


"Hey Jack, we got some catch up to do here. They've already fucked each other before we got here."

"Mmmmmmmfffpppph." Jack's mouth was stuffed with tit and Fiona wasn't letting his head go for a second.

"Damn, Ian. This guy's got a mouth that would put a vacuum cleaner to shame. He's got more suction than I've ever felt before in my life. He could give you....Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Jack had hit your clit with his tongue and had sucked it deep into his mouth. I watched your body shake under the onslaught of his tongue and then gasped in surprise as Tara's mouth enveloped my eight inch dick right down to the balls without any preamble at all.

I stared at the top of Tara's head as I felt my prick slide down her throat. Her throat muscles milked my cock and caressed the sensitive head as I felt her hands reach for my nut sack and fondle my balls. My hips started moving back and forth in and out of Tara's throat as she started humming. Her tongue laved the base of my dick and the top of my ball sack. As I watched, you dragged Jack with you as you slid under Tara's now exposed pussy and dipped your tongue deep within her hot snatch. You efforts only served to push Tara to even greater exertions of her own. Jack was plunging in and out of your pussy with his rather good-sized dick.

Tara lifted her mouth from my dick and looked at me. "Fill my mouth with your cum. I want to taste it hit my tongue and slide down into my belly." Then her mouth returned to its self-imposed task of sucking my juices out of me.

Jack finally started the chain reaction by putting a large load of cum deep in your pussy. That set off your shuddering climax which in turn pushed Tara over the edge. The tremors that she had rack her body transmitted themselves to my cock head and it spewed forth its life giving seed. We fell in a heap on the floor and tenderly brought each other down from our orgasms.

"My God, Fiona, you never hinted that Ian could shoot that much cum. And, you say he'd just filled your pussy?"

"Yep, he sure did and not five minutes before you knocked on the door. Jack shoots off pretty well himself."

"Yeah, but I had to get him clipped. He likes to fuck too much and we couldn't take the chance of him knocking somebody up, know what I mean?"

"Well, that takes a weight off my mind. Ian isn't clipped and he's gonna get somebody pregnant real soon, aren't you lover?"

"Well.... The thought had crossed my mind once or twice in the past two weeks."

"Well, I'm on the pill so you don't have to worry about Ian making me pregnant. Hey, Ian, are you by any chance bi-sexual?"

"You mean do I fuck with other guys?"


"Can't say that I've tried it yet, but Fiona has used her dildo on me a couple of times and I'm interested in trying a man sometime."

"Did Fiona tell you that Jack is bi?"

"She may have mentioned it."

"Jack you're gonna have to give Ian a ride."

"Bend over and spread your legs, Ian, and I'll teach you the finer points of male to male bonding."

"Wait a minute Jack! I want to feel Ian's cock in my cunt. Then you can put yours in his ass." Tara moved so that my prick lined up with her hot pussy.

As I sank into her surprisingly tight cunt, you sat your pussy on her face so she could lick her husband's cum out of your pulsing snatch and Jack poked my ass with his hardened cock. I leaned forward sucking your tits into my mouth and impaling Tara to the hilt on my cock. Jack picked up the rhythm and thrust into me as I withdrew from Tara's sucking cunny. I could feel his prick massaging my prostate and knew that I was not going to last very long with all the stimulation I was getting. Without any warning, I could feel my cum explode deep inside Tara and clenched my ass muscles causing Jack to grunt his cream deep in my bowels. The feeling was exquisite and I moaned and groaned my approval. My shot of hot cum set Tara off and you screamed as her tongue caused your body to shudder its appreciation. We all collapsed on the bed in a tangle of sweaty bodies.

"Guys, that was totally awesome. I never knew that having a cock up my ass could feel so good."

"Ya liked it, huh?"

"Yes, Jack, I liked it. In fact I loved it. Fiona, I may never fuck you again!"

"You better fuck me again you bastard. I didn't ask them over here to lose you."

"Hey! Back off! I was only kidding. I'd never leave your hot pussy for a cock, but I may have to add some cock to my life in the future."

"Well, that's OK then. I can live with that. I know that Tara has and it hasn't hurt her and Jack, so I guess it won't hurt us either."

We disentangled ourselves and Jack and I, separately, used the bathroom to unload our bladders. Then you and Tara, for some reason that must be a girl thing, both went into the bathroom together to tinkle your bladders empty.

"Well, now that we've worked up an appetite, what do y'all want to eat?"

I looked at you and you shrugged. "We don't really care Tara. What do you suggest?"

"We could get dressed and go out or we could order and have them deliver. There's this great Oriental restaurant called the Phuket House that will deliver, even as far as Colonial Heights and they have some great food. Are you two into Thai food?"

"I've had it. How 'bout you Fiona?"

"Nope. Never tried any."

"Jack, are you in the mood for Thai tonight?"

"Before or after having you for dessert?"

"Down boy!"

"Yes, ma'am. Yeah, I can go along with Thai."

"But we don't have a menu to order from." You were always the practical one.

"Ahhh, but yes we do, Fiona. I have one of their carry-out menus in my pocketbook." Tara reached into her pocketbook also know as a haversack and pulled out a paper menu. "I always come prepared for anything, especially sex and food."

We decided to let Tara do the ordering for us and she chose four different dishes ranging from mild to very, very spicy. We all sampled each dish and passed judgement on them. I loved the spicy and you tended to like the mild dishes. We each had a couple of glasses of wine with the meal and soon had a nice buzz on.

After supper, we started cuddling on the couch. I got up and shifted you around until you were kneeling on the edge of the bed. Feeling your slit, I found you more than ready to accept my hardened cock and fed it to you in one slow, easy stroke until I bottomed out feeling the head of my prick rubbing against the opening of your cervix. Then I felt Tara probing my ass with first one finger and then two fingers. I moaned when she withdrew them. Jack stepped up and in one stroke impaled my ass hole on his cock, plunging balls deep inside my rectum, causing me to grunt and force my dick even deeper into your cunt. He soon set up a rhythm with me and met my out stroke with an in stroke of his own pushing deeper into my ass each time our balls bounced off each other.

I had never felt as full as I felt with Jack's cock probing my guts. Then I felt I knew what it must feel like as a woman to have a living cock stroking inside her body. The pace picked up as Tara's mouth alternately sucked on my balls and the balls of her husband. I grunted my way into an orgasm spraying your pussy with good hot cum just as Jack's cock erupted inside me filling my ass to overflowing. Tara's mouth licked the drippings from both my ass and your cunt as fast as her tongue to move.

The clock told us that we had been fucking each other raw for the past three hours and it was now nearing midnight. Tara and Jack apologized that they had to run, pleading work and a doctor's appointment in the morning. We shut the door behind them after promising to call them for a repeat performance the next time we were in the area. Exhausted, we both fell into bed and slept without clothes or covers until the sunlight streamed through the partly open balcony curtains.

"You know, Fiona, all this fucking has got to slow down. I'm not as young as I used to be and I don't know how much longer I can keep up this pace."

"Well, I'm getting old too!"

"Fiona, my lovely, I have more than twenty years on you and I am slowing down much faster than you are. Maybe, you need a younger man to keep you satisfied."

"I've got all the man I want right here. He's young enough for me any day of the week."

"Just so you know that I may not always be able to keep up with you."

'Honey, you don't have to worry. If we get married, I'll slow down to your speed."

"Hey! You can have your outside lovers as long as I'm part of the game."

"Nope. Once we get married, if we get married, I am a one family woman--and don't you ever forget it. You'd better get all the outside fucking you want right now, old man, because you won't get it if you marry me."

"No more swinging?"

"Nope. We keep it all in the family."

"You'd be worth giving it all up."

"Thank you." You braided my ponytail to keep it from getting tangled in the wind and then tied it off with an elastic band wrapped in cloth to keep from damaging the hairs.

"You're very welcome, but it's the truth."

We dressed for the road and made sure we had everything before going to breakfast and checking out. An hour later we were on the road, taking US 460 towards Norfolk where we would take US 13 north across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel on our way up the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We ate lunch at a diner on Second street in Lewes, Delaware before boarding the Lewes-North Cape May ferry and crossing over into New Jersey.

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