tagInterracial LoveCrossed Wires...Crossed Boundaries Ch. 3

Crossed Wires...Crossed Boundaries Ch. 3

byStardog Champion©

It sounded as if a surreal, but silent, sonic boom had ripped through the upstairs hallway of the beachhouse as the triangle of souls stared anxiously at each other.

Feeling like a cold fist had punched her in the stomach, Tina was finally able to put two and two together as she matched the all-knowing smile on Tony Caldwell's animated face to the dishevled state her Mother was currently in.

Her greasy, cum covered chin heaving up and down silently, Tina found that her tongue was still too paralysed to work as the chilling reality of what had happened between Roxanne and Tony sunk in.

Staring aimlessly at the older Caldwell laying on the bed, Tina cringed and fought desperatly to swallow the taste of Malik's seminal residue from her mouth as the image of Tony stroking his glistening black prick back to hardness filled her senses.

"Damn... Mom....how...could...you?" Tina harrowed eyes questioned as she shifted her gaze back to her Roxanne, only to be left colder by the bleak, defenseless expession on her Mother's gaunt face.

"I....couldn't say...no," Roxanne whispered with honest weakness to her Daughter.

"...And from the looks of things Tina....you couldn't either," Roxanne seemed to silently add with a pained nod.

Mother and Daughter stared face to face for several moments, locked in a world of silent wavering between denial and acceptance as Tony Caldwell continued to look on from his bedroom, massaging his manhood back to its full endowment.

By the time Tony had got his penis complelty aroused again, he could tell from the two womens' strained and glazed expression that a momentus decision had been made, with barely a word being spoken between them.

Gently tracing his fingers up and down the underside of his now rigid and pulsing cock, Tony watched in awe as Roxanne reached out for her Daughter, taking Tina gently by the arm and carefully turning the 18 year old's trembling frame towards the entrance of the elder Caldwell's bedroom.

Both womens' heads were bowed in shame, each knowing their bodies and their untapped lust had betrayed everything moral and right they had ever adhered to.

As if Roxanne and Tina's actions were playing out in slow motion in front of him, Tony watched as Roxanne reassuringly patted her youngest Daughter on the back in an attempt to quell a series of hiccupping sobs before guiding Tina across the threshold of his bedroom and into his proverbial waiting arms.

Once Tina was safely inside the door, Roxanne bowed her head once again and turned it to the side before taking two steps back. She could still feel her loins burning madly from the fucking she had received minutes earlier and now Roxanne filled with an eerie and undefinable sense of admiration knowing her Daughter was about to experience the same.

Closing the door behind Tina with a gentle tug, Roxanne went numb when the darkness of the hallway once again enveloped her.

"What have I just done?" she mumbled helplessly. "And what do I do...now?"

Roxanne's first instinct in answering the second question was the waiting presense of her opened bedroom door, at the far end of the hall.

"How in the Hell are you going to go in there...lay down and try to go to sleep after what just happened," she internally moaned before rejecting that idea.

"You can go back into the bathroom and cry some more," a second voice offered.


Roxanne's head turned to her right and she gazed over to the flight of stairs that led down to the first floor of the beachhouse.

"You know what's down there Roxanne..its why Tina came upstairs in the condition she was in," Roxanne rationally understood as she stared at the drop of the stairway as if it were the mouth of a dark and hungry monster waiting to injest her. "Once you take that first step down.....you know there isn't any turning back."

In her darkened surroundings, Roxanne couldn't get the awful image of Tina's cum stained face, when they met moments earlier in the bathroom, out of her mind. "I never thought... she'd...do something like that..I never thought she would be capable....."

"You never thought you would either," Roxanne disgustedly admitted as she slowly descended the steps.

Roxanne's back throbbed and her knees ached mightily with each downward step she took until she could finally see Malik's dozing frame laying on the sofa, in the same position with his left foot resting on the coffee table, as when Tina darted away from him minutes earlier.

Reaching the last step before the landing, Roxanne felt a squirming mixture of scalding heat and freezing cold grip her spine as she stood to the right of the hulking boy.

"Don't wake him up Roxanne..don't even breathe ...just turn around..go back upstairs and go to bed," she soberly begged, sounding exactly the same as Tina had earlier before she too gave into her most carnal of temptations.

"Oh God..don't look Roxanne..his fly is still open..and his hand...his hand is right there on top of his crotch," Roxanne moaned as she embarrassingly fixated on the very thing that had brought her downstairs in the first place.


Tony pushed his hands into the mattress below as he slid his back up the length of the bed, sitting up expectantly as Roxanne closed her Daughter up in the bedroom with him.

"Damn," Tony whispered to himself as he filled with an overwhelming sense of dumb luck.

"I've had what...5 or 6 steady fucks since the divorce and a couple of one night deals sprinkled in between...and most of those were so damn dull I can barely even remember names..and now here I am at this beachhouse... on a male bonding trip with my Son and what the fuck happens..I'm getting ready to fuck a woman and her Daughter on the same Goddamn night..definatly some crazy crazy shit!" Tony thought wonderously to himself.

Smiling reassuredly at Tina as she cowered in front of the closed bedroom door, Tony leaned forward on the bed and told the petite girl to come to him.

Slowly, almost as if her legs were in molassis, Tina dragged her feet across the bedroom floor.

"God....you're beautiful," Tony admiringly cooed as he watched the not so subtle way Tina fixated on the throbbing beheamouth between his legs.

"What's that on her chin?" Tony wondered as the demure lines of Tina's facial features came into view. "It looks almost like ....cum drying on her chin and neck...could Malik have...?"

It was then it hit Tony Caldwell at the core of his being, just the depth of internal strife Roxanne Ingle must be feeling after the stunning sacrafice she had just made, and the inevitable difficulty she would have to face each time she looked Tina in the eyes from now on.

Shaking his head side to side as he tried to come to grips with the surreal situation, when Tina was finally close enough to reach out and touch, Tony raised his right hand up and grazed his fingers against the soft skin of the teenage girl's upper arm.

His cock lurching wildly between his parted legs, Tony locked his gaze on the young girl's unsure face as he savored the exquisite sensation of his meaty endowment repeatedly tapping against Tina's nervously gropping hand.

Holding that pose for several moments as he sat nakedly on the bed in front of the still dressed girl, Tony delicatly rubbed Tina's arms and shoulders as she awkwardly fought to wrap her small left hand around his swaying prick. Nudging his weight slightly forward, Tony bounced his rock solid erection against the underside of Tina's forearm as he dug his steady but eager fingers into the material of Tina's teeshirt.

"Let's get this off," Tony softly whispered up the the 18 year old as he rolled the fabric of Tina's shirt up her back, over her shoulders and finally off of her dizzy head.

"Oh..My," Tony immediatly sighed when Tina's bra clad frame came into view. "Gorgeous...just gorgeous!"

Pressing down gently with his huge hands on Tina's tanned shoulders, Tony subtly clipped his thumbs underneath the straps of her light purple bra and lowered them down to her elbows. Leaving the bra dangling there as he dropped his hands down the contour of Tina's arms, Tony eased his palms around the outer cups of her bra before fervantly massagging the young girl's small, tender breasts.

"MMMMMMMPHAAHHH," Tina moaned helplessly as her grip substancially tightened around Tony's lurching manhood.

Roughly tracing his hands down the length of Tina's flat, golden belly, Tony anxiously dug his fingers around the snap of the girl's shorts as he kept his eyes directly locked onto hers. Wrenching his wrist with brutal effieceny, Tony smiled broadly when the snap finally gave way.

Reaching around Tina's hips with his left hand, Tony lowered the teenage girl's zipper down with his right until his digging hand was safely inside the fly of Tina's undone pants.

"She's been hot for a while down here....but I don't feel any cum yet....I wonder what happened with her and Malik downstairs..did she just blow him and try to swallow it all..why didn't he want to fuck this hot cunt?" Tony internally rambled, trying to guess what had happened between Tina and his Son.

With Tina's periously swaying body directly above him, Tony peeked down to steal a quick glance at what the young girl's small white hand looked like wrapped around his raging black hard on.

"She'll never forget what that feels like," Tony brazenly predicted as he grabbed a handfull of Tina's shorts and adeptly began tugging them down her toned but trembling thighs.

"Must have been wearing a bikini to get that tanline..I wonder if she lays out in her backyard at home..lucky fucking neighbors if they get an eyefull of this.....haha...but she's my bitch for the night," Tony grinned to himself.

"OK...Tina...now step out of those shorts real slow for me and then I'll take those panties off Baby..Is that what you want me to do?" Tony sighed heartily.

Tina simply bit her bottom lip in reply and nodded her head up and down.

Then I'm gonna take that pretty bra off, put those beautiful young breasts in my mouth.....and then I'm going to fuck you," Tony promised as the teenage girl's face fizzed with a swarming blush as the marble sized buds of her nipples poked noticably through her sheer bra cups.

Bracketing his hands on each of Tina's narrow hips, Tony slipped his fingers underneath the frilly lavender elastic band of her panties and with a starved expression etched across his weathered face, began rolling them down the teenage girl's legs.

"There..it..is," Tony wickedly gasped out loud, admiring the fury patch of light brown pubic hair that concealed Tina's vaginal fleece.

Working Tina's underwear all the way down to her knees, Tony held his hands firmly on the young girl's hips to hold her steady as he ordered her to step out of her panties.

Tony's dick throbbed painfully as he stole a peek at the insides of Tina's glowing pink pussy each time she lifted a foot off the floor to step out of her lacy purple undergarment.

Inhaling deeply, Tony soaked in the sensuous aroma of feminine arousal that was permiating his bedroom as Tina dropped her moist panties into a rolled heap on the floor.

"Goddamn this is goinna be unbelievable," Tony said magically, imagining vividly how his black dick was going to look sawing in and out of the tight inviting target between the young white girl's shaky legs.

"Now the bra," Tony soberly nodded as he guided his hand through the wave of heat bubbling out from Tina's sex and eased it up her chest, towards the lavender bra that was dangling from her arms.

Slipping his large, meaty fingers around the single hook on front of the bra, Tony carefully twisted his hands until the sound of the snap coming loose echoed through the room.

"Yes," they both moaned in unison as the tension of Tina's frilly undergarment was finally released allowing it to trail quietly down to the floor, directly beside her arousal soaked panties.

"MMMHHUMMM," Tony groaned ecstatically, just like his son moments earlier, every fantasy he had catalouged since hitting puberty rushing back as Tina stood before him, her naked essense completly revealed.

Not wanting to wait a minute longer to satiate his painful erection, Tony savagly wrapped his hands around the back of Tina's hips and dug his fingertips into the flesh of her behind, in the process lifting her up off the floor and dropping her trembling mass across his legs so that her belly was nudged against his hot and throbbing slab of manhood.

Lifting his hands up the length of Tina's bare back, Tony pulled her towards him until her demure, swaying titties were rubbing against his dark, muscular chest.

"That's the most fucking erotic thing I've ever seen," Tony blathered honestly when he looked down and saw the way Tina's round areolas and budding pink nipples were grinding back and forth inside his curly chest hair.

"Oh My God...I could almost cum right now," Tony moaned to himself, mentally trying to tighten his soon to be flooded balls until he could at least get his cock inside of the young girl's cunt.

"Here we go," Tony grunted gently up to Tina as he raised his thighs into the air, jacking the girl's weight up just enough so that he could angle his jutting spear underneath her in an attempt to finally slide it in.

"GODDAMN...I haven't a woman's pussy snip at my cock like this since I fooled around with the girls back in high school..she really wants this bad," Tony reflectivly thought to himself as he lowered Tina Ingle's soupy vagina down on top of his raging girth.

"Did...did you just...make love ...to my Mom," Tina asked with a meek, almost tender weakness, knowing the answer but for some reason needing to hear it for herself to make it real.

"Yes," Tony calmly replied. "Yes I did..just like I'm getting ready to do to you."

Tina's eyes instantly slammed shut and her body weight slumped in surrender when Tony's stingingly honest answer seeped into her ears.

Using his right hand to position his cock at just the neccassary angle, Tony felt his adrenaline start to rush as he watched the way every muscle inside of Tina's lithe body shuttered when the first few inches of his dick disappeared inside of her.

Keeping his left hand tightly cinched against Tina's waist for support, Tony kept his eyes fixated on every subtle movement of the young girl's pretty face or jiggling spasm of her small but pert breasts.

"I had to be gentle with Roxanne with her surgery and all," Tony reflected, " But I think Tina can take everything I want to give her..she might cry like a baby a couple of times but I think she can handle anything I'm gonna dish out to her...Yep..she's gonna get the full fuckin' treatment!"

"And if she gets too loud...fuck it..let the Goddamn neighbors wonder what's going on over here...I'd love to see thier faces in the morning when we all walk out of the front door..bet they'll shit," Tony thought joyously to himself as he slowly grinded his hips off the mattress to build up a rythem inside of Tina's gorged cunt.

"Oh Yeah..she's tighter than her Mom...way tighter...but look at the way she's shaking on top of me...almost identical to the way Roxanne did...bet both of them haven't been fucked more than 5 times between them in the past year," Tony internally thought.

"UUMM...YYEEAHHH....OHHH FUCK YEAH," he bristled out loud, brimming with confidence as the girl's fiery crotch melted against his black granite stalk.

Desperate to have his release, Tony knew he couldn't keep his cock inside of Tina's vaginal vice for long without eventually losing control. Before his sperm had even began boiling up from his balls however, the writhing teenage girl straddling his midrift whiplashed her head and shoulders back and gave into a brutal release of her own as Tony's massive dick relentlessly drilled upwards inside of her womb.

"I use to have to fuck my wife for thirty minutes before she even thought about cumming...Damn..these Bitches are easy," Tony hummed thoughtfully as he enjoyed Tina's spastic display. "She looks like something out of the fuckin' Exorcist and her pussy feels like a fist wrapped around my dick!"

Gripping his hands around Tina's waist to help her slowly come down from her unsettling orgasm, when Tony was sure he couldn't bleed another ounce of energy from her genitals he gently slide onto his side and deposited Tina's limp body flat on her back.

Spreading the girl's sweaty, golden tanned legs apart, Tony climbed up on his knees and took a dominate sexual position above the woozy young woman.

"Now I get mine," Tony leaned down face to face with the spent girl and whispered into her ear with a mixture sexual hunger and testosterone induced desperation.

Having kept his cock embedded inside of Tina's pussy for several minutes while she was on top of him, it made it a little easier for Tony as he tried to slid his prick inside of her once he had mounted a second time.

"Here we go," Tony moaned excitedly as he pressed his pelvis straight down, causing Tina's mouth to unhinge open, allowing a gutteral moan of vaginal saturation to bleed from her lungs.

"YYYYEEESSS," she gulped weakly as she dug her soft fingertips into the black man's sweaty back.

Sensing completly the power he held over the young girl by the way his well over 200 pound body repeatedly crashed into Tina's barely 100 pound frame, Tony lowered his mouth against the tender pale flesh of Tina's neck as his hips pistoned wildly on top of her splayed crotch.

"Is this what you want me to do to you?" Tony grunted into Tina's beet red ear as the head of his cock found the back wall of her cervix.

"YESSSS," Tina gurgled back, the constant stream of her tortured breath flowing across Tony Caldwell's chest as he pumped his body ruthlessly on top of hers.

"You've got a deliciously tight pussy little girl," Tony brazenly sighed. "Its gonna get a workout this weekend though...you know what.....you're gonna feel like a woman by the time you and your Mom head back home to your Daddy."

"MMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAHHHHHHHH," Tina groaned incoherantly as Tony's stabbing girth touched places she had never dreamed existed inside of her.

Tony could feel his chest wetten with the sweat and tears of Tina's excruciating joy as she helplessly pressed her face against his pounding heart.

"OOH..GOD..OHH..GOD..OHHHH..GODDDDDDD...I'M GONNA CUM AGAINNNNNN," Tina frantically babbled, less than two minutes after Tony had re-entered her.

"SHIT," Tony moaned out loud, wanting desperatly to make his inital orgasm simultanious to Tina's next one.

Slowing his fuckmotions, Tony pulled back until only the head of his cock was still inside of Tina's snatch. Holding it there for several moments, teasing her clit and vaginal lips gently with his shiny black fingers until Tina was able to ease back from the precipise of release, Tony finally pressed forward and resumed his brutal tempo inside of the now frantic young girl.

Tony was forced to repeat that process several more times with Tina until he finally felt his testicles tightening, signaling that he was ready to shoot his searing wad deep inside of the girl that was squeeling underneath him.

"YYYYYEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHIITT....YYYYEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS," Tony growled noisly as he ground his chest against Tina's, causing the small rivers of sweat that were rippling over her breasts and down her belly to saturate the dark hair of his chest.

Mashing his crotch into Tina foaming cunt with one mighty thrust after another, sending what seemed like a weeks worth of stored up jism into her inexperienced cunt, Tony felt his body start to glow as the shivering teenage girl complelty wrapped her arms and legs around his pistoning frame.

"That's as deep as anybody will ever fuck you Baby..everytime for the rest of your life that somebody gets a crack at that beautiful pussy of yours ....I want you to think about me and how my cock feels right where it is right now," Tony hissed into Tina's ear, causing her to squeeze him even tighter.

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