tagNonHumanCrossing Moon Ch. 08

Crossing Moon Ch. 08


From Aveline Erickana Ruben's diary:

23rd October 2008, 10.30 PM, my bedroom.

Oh my Moon. Malcolm had found out of my skipping school today! How could I not skip when Max had thoroughly kissed me? I had to keep my distance from him. It wasn't safe -- for my heart anyway.

Why can't I just keep on hating him?

Why must he turn out to be so..... Sigh.

But at least Malcolm wasn't so beastly about it and he didn't punish me or anything because, as he had put out, "I have to go and escort our new wolves go back home later." and then he added, "Why did you skip school?"

I couldn't just go and tell him that I was avoiding a human! The blasphemy of telling MALCOLM that I have high risk of falling in love with the human!

He'd EAT me alive and grind my bones to dust!

What can I do or even say to him? I just grinned and muttered something gibberish relating to my being lazy to come to school. Malcolm looked like he wanted to say something but then, he didn't get the chance (YIPEEEEE) as Alven had called him, saying that our father was on the phone.

Alven looked at me with a smile as Malcolm hurried to the study. "Are you OK?"

I bit my lips, looking left and right for any signs of Malcolm returning from the study room. "Follow me." I said to him, pulling him by his arm and practically dragging him into the living room. I closed the door and then looked at him.

"What's the matter?"

I sighed. "Do you know why I skipped school today?"

"Because you're lazy?"

I growled at him. "Be serious!"

"How would I know? I'm not you!"

I walked to the tall glass window and touched the cool pane. "I'm avoiding someone."


"A human." I said exasperatedly.

"A human?" He repeated.

I turned to him, "I'm falling in love to the human!"

And Alven just stared at me.


From Carinelle Hynes Thorn's diary:

23rd October 2008, 11.45 PM, my bed.

I have nothing to say. It's enough to say that I'm hoping for a better life after this.



Max closed his suitcase with a sigh. He looked around his bedroom and realized that this was perhaps the last time he'd ever be in the house he'd call home.

He wanted to say good bye to her but she wasn't in school. If only he knew where she lives, perhaps then, he might gather up the courage and see her.

The wolf inside him reminded that he saw her last night, and wearing a silk robe nonetheless! He pondered on that thought for a while, it was certainly odd for a girl to be walking in a forest in the middle of the night and wearing a robe!

She might live nearby, he thought with realization. He looked at his watch and saw that he had a few hours left before this Malcolm comes to escort his father and him back to hell. OK, he might be judgemental but who wouldn't?

He was practically ripped out of the life he had known and was comfortable with. He sighed, remembering Yvainne, his sweet best friend,the always-calm-and-collected Vannie. His father had told her that they were leaving for quite a long time and for that, he had given her the job of looking after the family business.

Vannie was surprised, that was certain. "When will you be back?" she asked.

"Soon," his Dad promised but he knew that it was a lie for he had no idea when he could come back.

She looked at Max, her eyes started to glaze with tears. "Don't forget me, Max, you're my best friend, don't you ever forget me."

"I wouldn't and couldn't forget you. Promise!" He said to her quickly.

Vannie had sighed, "Why are you guys leaving? Where?"

He looked at his Dad, expecting him to provide an answer for her but go figure, he wouldn't! His father had gone to the kitchen, scurrying to safety. Vannie turned and waited for him to give her a satisfactory answer.

"It's complicated," He had told her.

"And?" She prompted.

He sighed. "It's... well, we have to go back to our old family home. We have some family matters to settle about." At least, he told to himself, it was close to the truth.

"Oh." She pulled out a stool and sat on it. "But you'll be back?"

He had to nod. She smiled.

"So, you're with that Alven fella?" He asked her, out of curiousity.

"Yeah, I guess but... I'm not his girlfriend. Not yet anyway," She had blushed!

"He's Aveline's brother right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Do you know where they live?"

And now, Max sighed, feeling quite peeved when Vannie herself admitted that she did not know where Aveline lived. He really wanted to see her again but it was really frustrating to realize that he had no clue on where she lived or even where to find her. He could risk going to the forest again but his father had told him to wait for Malcolm while he went out to sort things with Ray and those craps -- Vega and Rex.

If he had the choice, he would stay here and be with Aveline, regardless of his wolfy nature.


Carrie peered from the door, looking at Malcolm who was busy writing something on the mahogany desk. She pondered for a while, if it was wise of her to continue with her request.

"Carinelle, come in," Malcolm said without looking up, "Don't hide there like you did something criminally wrong."

Carrie blushed. She quickly went into Malcolm's office and closed the door. Malcolm, noticing this, looked up from his paper.

"What's wrong?"

Carrie turned crimson. "Why must you think that there's something wrong?"

"Because you are standing here alone."

Carrie sighed. "You know me well, Malcolm."

"I lived long enough to notice such things."

"I'm not happy here."

"And why is it so?"

Carrie felt desperate. How could she say without revealing the truth? Much as her heart broke, she could not betray Alven. "You already know that I wasn't a happy camper to come here. If it weren't for my Dad forcing me, I wouldn't be here," she paused, her heart thumping unevenly inside her, "I heard that you're going back to Thorn Estate tonight with the new wolves, please, let me come," she pleaded him, "I really miss home."

Malcolm was quiet for a moment, perhaps he was thinking about the Thorn Alpha Princess's ridiculous request or maybe he had an idea on why she was acting so weird. "Carinelle, this is wolf business," he told her, indirectly refusing her wish.

"But I won't be a hassle," she insisted.

Malcolm sighed. "It is not you that I am worried about being a hassle, it is the new wolves that I do not have trust upon."

"Excuse me?"

"I told you, my dear Alpha Princess, this is wolf matters."

"Who are these new wolves?"

"There are two of them. A father and a son actually. The father used to be in Thorn Pack but then he chose to be a lone wolf, until now apparently."

She could detect a hint of detest in his voice, "And you don't like them?"

Malcolm scoffed. "This is not the matter of importance on whether I like them or not, it is the trust that is hard to build,"

"If they are new wolves," she paused, making up conclusion, "surely, it is unwise for you to judge them so prematurely."

"Perhaps I am being unfair to the son," he said, making an exception, "But that Rolf does not deserve a second chance after such betrayal, it is a wonder on why your father accepts him back into the Thorn Pack."


"Perhaps you do not know the story," Malcolm said indignantly, "I have said enough, now, run along and go to your room."

"What about me?"

Malcolm's eyes shot up, "We'll deal with this matter after I've done with my task, Carinelle, and for now, please, have some patience."

"His name is Rolf?" still, Carrie wouldn't let go the topic. She was far too interested and curious to even risk Malcolm's wrath.

He sighed. "I have to safely assume that you will not rest this topic until I've told you the task?"

"Naturally," She smiled at him, taking some pillows on the couch and then tucked them on her chair in front of the desk.

"Your father had received a call from this wolf -,"

She cut him off, "Rolf," she offered, "Let's give the poor chap his name, shall we?"

"Poor chap?! There's nothing to sympathise about this fool -,"

Once again, Carinelle lifted both her hands and said, "C'mon Malcolm, give it a rest." She grinned at him. "If Dad wants to accept Rolf and his son, then he has his own reasons."

At that statement, Malcolm heaved a sigh, "Perhaps you are right, young one."

"Of course!" She grinned, forgetting her pain as she was immersed with her curiousity. "Now, please continue."

"Rolf told the Alpha Thorn that he feels that it is time for him and his son to come back home and be a part of pack life for he misses the family." Malcolm told her, somehow not believing his own words.

"You have doubts?" She looked at him.

"Who wouldn't? That wolf -," Malcolm sighed exasperatedly when Carinelle gave him the evil eye, "All right already," he muttered, "That ROLF did not have any contact with the pack for YEARS, this is something worth to be deem as suspicious."

"Did he say why he didn't contact the pack?" she said calmly, somehow amused with Malcolm's outburst.

He looked like he wanted to puke, "He said it was because he did not have the courage to call, damn it, that's the stupidest wackiest far-fetched reason I've ever heard about!"

"Now, c'mon Malcolm, not everyone can be as bold as you."

Malcolm scoffed. He stood up, noticing the time, "All right then Carinelle," he looked at her, "We'll discuss more about your request later, I have to go and escort that wolf -- um, Rolf and his son back to Thorn Estate."

Carinelle smiled. "Be nice."

He harrumphed.


A sleek Hummer parked right in front of their front yard. Adrian nodded at Malcolm, acknowledging him. Malcolm, however, just went towards him and said, "Shall we go, Adrian? The ride home is quite long, we need to catch the plane."

Adrian looked at the house where he had spent quite a portion of his life there. He noted that his son looked sullen and unwilling to go. "Come on, son, let's go." he said to Max.

Max didn't even bother to say anything. Heck, he didn't even know what to say. He looked at Malcolm carefully, noticing the confidence and power surging within him. He knew at the instance that Malcolm was one of the in-commands and he was just a lowly pack member -- a commoner.

The next few hours were blissfully quiet. There was no conversation made in the car as it sped fast to the airport. Malcolm and Adrian were clearly not friends.

The check-in the airport when well with no disturbance whatsoever, there wasn't even a delay in his flight. It was as if the fate itself agreed that he and Aveline weren't meant to be.

The distance between them was inevitable and a must.

"How are you, boy?" Malcolm asked, at least he was trying to give the boy a chance.

Max looked at him, shocked that he was speaking to him, "Um, I'm still in a shock, I guess," he admitted.

"Shock?" Malcolm prompted, wanting him to continue after they had handed in their tickets and went to their seats. As usual, like wolves, they loved luxurious things and first class seats were not an exception.

"I guess you are aware that I am a half human,"

"Yes, your father had explained this matter to the Alpha Thorn," he paused, "Human-wolf mating are not encouraged, in fact, it is a taboo but perhaps, the Alpha Thorn let this thing be as there are no reasons to do any prosecutions in his eyes."

"Is he always that tolerant?"

"Depending on the situation," he told him, "In your father case, however, the Alpha Thorn has wanted him to come home for so long but he hasn't been able to track your father down."

"Yes, he told me about the whole Alpha Thorn, Alpha Queen and him being in this mess-up love triangle."

"Indeed and that is something that all of us should forget and not repeat," Malcolm added.

"How is life in a pack?" Max decided to change the topic before it could get any serious than he had intended.

"Pack life is fulfilling." he answered briefly and then, he looked at his watch, "I think you'll find it a lot more enjoyable than life as a lone wolf."

And Max sincerely doubted that especially when he knew full well that Aveline wasn't there with him.


Aveline sprinted across the stream, leaping from each tall boulder with ease. Her wolf form was beautiful, sleek and supernaturally fast. Carrie was behind her, calling her name in her thoughts. Avvie! Slow down! Carrie begged in her head, feeling the ache in her paws.

But Aveline chose to ignore her as she continued to sprint faster and faster. Perhaps she was testing her wolf limits to the maximum. She needed the distraction.

Alven was surprisingly calm when she had told him that she might be in love with a human. It was her who burst out with flames when Alven had replied that he was with a human girl too but at the moment, it wasn't anything serious.

"Everything," he had told her, "Needs to fall on its own."

"Are you serious with this girl?" Aveline couldn't help but to ask.

"I just met her," he had told his sister, "She intrigues me, that is true, but I don't want to rush into things. You should do the same. We are wolves, and they -,"

Aveline sighed, cutting her brother's words, "And they are humans..."

"Are you in love with him?"


Alven gave a little smile, "So, his name is Max, huh?"

She sighed in her mind as Carrie ran past her, alerting her wolf senses. Things had gotten a bit patchy between her brother and Carrie. She noticed that even if Carrie didn't tell her about it. Sometimes, Carrie preferred to keep things to herself.

Carrie, wait up! Aveline called out to her.

Hurry up, slowpoke! Carrie replied back, a hint of triumph in her thoughts.

The two wolves finally caught up with each other, sprinting and leaping across more boulders and then halted to a leisure pace as the two wolves went through a clear pathway.

Carinelle wondered to herself for a moment. Perhaps it was time for her to tell Aveline about her desires to go home but she was unsure on how Aveline would react. She'd definitely demand for an answer -- a very satisfying and convincing answer.

How could she tell her that she was trying to save her heart from breaking even more?

But Malcolm would be back soon and he'd deal with her; and knowing Malcolm, she knew full well that he would ask Aveline and Alven for their opinions.

She halted to a stop, giving a little howl to Aveline. She rested on her paws on the warm soil and looked at Aveline wolf form.

Carrie? Aveline thought to her.

I need to tell you something, Carinelle thought back, something important, she added silently.

Look, is this about Max? Aveline asked her heatedly.

No, it's not, Carrie stood on her four paws, shaking her head. Now, could you please listen to me? And please, don't interrupt!

Aveline scowled in her thoughts.

Malcolm's goanna tell you sooner or later anyway and I think it's best if you heard it directly from me, Carinelle started in her thoughts.

What's going on, Carrie? Aveline asked.

Carinelle looked at her for a moment and said, I'm going home soon.


Aveline wouldn't let go of the topic even after trying to demand an answer from Carinelle from the forest and to the house.

"What do you mean that you're going home?"

Aveline hissed, "Weren't you the one who said that we have to stay here until we finished school?"

Carinelle sighed, "You were the one who was so eager to be here," she told her, "I wasn't! I never did want to come to this stupid place."

"Alven wouldn't like this -,"

Carinelle cut her words off, eyes blaring, "WHY WOULD I GIVE A DAMN CARE ABOUT WHAT HE LIKES??"

Aveline, stunned, froze on her steps. Carinelle continued walking, tightening her silver robes. "Carrie..." she called her but Carinelle ignored her.

She needed to start packing.


Oh God, this is stupid, Max thought to himself as he heard cheers of joy from the people. Why are they cheering in the first place?

Adrian was quiet. He didn't even say a word the minute they had went off from the airport and rode the car to Thorn Estate.

Not even when the Alpha Thorn welcomed the father and son with open arms. Fiorelle -- the Alpha Queen -- was stunning, just like he had remembered her. She was perfect and flawless and most importantly, happy.

Indeed, Fiorelle Thorn was perfectly happy.

"Adrian," Fiorelle hugged him, "We missed you so much."

The hug -- the touch was innocent. He expected that he would feel some sort of spark but he only felt the shock. Perhaps, her touch was too surreal for him to accept that she was really and truly standing in front of him. She let him go and then hooked her arm to Jerry's right arm. Jerry kissed her forehead affectionately.

"And is this dear Maxwell Rolf Thorn?" Jerry asked, smiling to Max.

Max's eyes went bright. Why was he so FRIENDLY to him?

Jerry smiled once again, "Max, how could I not be friendly? You are family."

Max gasped. "H -- how.... you..." he sputtered.

Adrian grinned, "Son, the moment we agreed to come back home, the bond has been resealed."

"Um, does that mean you heard what I thought about earlier?"

"Do not worry," Fiorelle said, "With time, you'll learn to control on who can hear your thoughts. It's simple really, it's just like talking but with the Alpha, he can hear whatever is in your head, regardless."

"How was your journey, Malcolm?" Jerry asked.

"Enticingly fun, really," Malcolm replied.

Jerry smiled, "I understand, you have other duties to attend to."

"I have four young wolves under my care and it's rather upheaval really."

"Indeed, they can be a bit mischievous, sometimes."

Malcolm smiled, "Ah, young blood," he looked at Max, and gave a light pat on his shoulder, "Perhaps you have met them, Max."

"Them?" Max looked baffled.

"My daughter and her friends," Jerry said, "They went to Aliaxia."

"Oh," Max said, shaking his head, "I don't know, I don't think so."

"Come now," Fiorelle said, amidst the cheers of the wolves, "Let's have dinner."

Adrian brightened up at the sound of food, he was hungry but then, he remembered something else, "Alexander? Elizabeth?" he asked Jerry.

But before Jerry could even replied, two familiar and dearly missed faces suddenly emerged from the pack of cheering wolves.

"Adrian, son..."

And no other sound in the world could beat that....


Max was alone in his new room. He was surrounded with new and luxurious things. He didn't know that a low rank wolf could have access to such things. The bed was huge and heavenly comfortable. He lay on the bed and stared on the ceiling and wondered for a moment about his new life.

His Dad was with Elizabeth and Alexander and been there, even after they had finished dinner three hours ago.

His thoughts wandered back to Aveline, no matter how much he tried to block her from going into his mind.

Dear Moon, help me, make me forget her, he thought wanly.




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