tagInterracial LoveCrossing the Line

Crossing the Line


I will start first explaining how this all began. 6 years ago my wife Sue attended a "ladies" night with friends from work. Sue is an attractive lady 5'7 dark hair and 36d cleavage. I picked her up and her flushed complexion told me that something interesting had happened. She kissed me deeply and it confirmed that her excitement was not just from the alcohol she had consumed. She began to explain what happened:

Sue entered the club with her friends. The club was seedy and grubby with a small stage at one end. It was full to the rafters with women of a very broad spectrum. The only table left was near the front so they were forced to take that. The lights dimmed and the first performer took the stage. It was a regular strip tease and he spent time dancing naked and wanking his erect cock. He looked hot!

The next man came and he caught my eye. He was black and toned. It was more of the same until he lept of the stage and started prowling the audience. He kept approaching tables and offering his cock to the ladies. He approached our table and my heart began to race. At first he approached Chloe and when offered she grabbed his cock and stroked it. He then came to me, seeing Chloe do it gave me confidence so I gave a quick pump. I was shocked however when he grabbed my hand and led me to the stage.

He placed me in a chair and started dancing around me groping my breasts and thighs. He then pulled out a long flag so we were hidden from the audience, he told me to suck him. His big black cock looked inviting so I took him into my mouth. After a few pumps he dropped the flag, pulled me out of my chair and laid me on the floor. He danced over me and lowered his cock towards my face. I took him back in my mouth now in full view of everybody. He then worked down my body and pulled my legs apart. My panty covered pussy was on show to half the audience. He then lay between my legs and then started to bounce up and down on me. He was overacting but his cock was still pushing against my wet panty covered hole. Then as quick as this had happened he was off and leading me back to my chair.

I tried hard to concentrate on the road but the story of the night was getting me hard. I kept looking down at her bare legs in the car and imagined the black stripper lying between them. Still concentrating on the road I moved my hand between her legs. Her panties were soaked. Immediately she told me to pull over. She bent over the chair and told me to fuck her. I got in position behind her and pushed my erect dick into her. I thrust violently into her and we were so turned on we came together almost instantly. I deposited my spunk inside he and we stayed silent recovering from the sudden explosion.

Over the last 6 years we had discussed regularly what had turned us on. For her it was the interracial aspect and for me it was another man using my wife's body. We discussed exploring the fantasy further but never had the courage. That was until Brad entered our lives. He was the landlord son and flirted outrageously with Sue.

So here we were. I am sitting in the bedroom chair. My wife standing with her back to the cupboard and Brad topless looking hungrily at my wife. He stepped towards her and kissed her deeply. His hand moved up her skirt and she gasped as he roughly played with her pussy.

He stepped back and told her to strip. Sue slipped off her dress and let it fall to the floor. He threw her roughly to the bed dived on top of her and sucked hungrily on her breasts. She moaned in pleasure. He stepped back and removed his pants unleashing a huge cock. He pushed my wife down his body and forced her head onto his cock. She sucked greedily while he held and kneaded her breast.

He moved behind her and without any build up started to feed his cock into her pussy. The next minutes were filled with frantic fucking. His dark skin contrasting against my pale wife. She was beginning to scream noisily. Then with one big push he held her to him and groaned the idea that he was filling my wife nearly made me cum there and then.

They collapsed spent on the bed almost oblivious to my presence. When recovered enough my wife beckoned me over lay on her back and opened her legs. I could tell that she did not really want too as she was satisfied already but that turned me on even more. I stripped conscious that Bradley was looking at my cock knowing I was much smaller.

I entered my wife's slick pussy and it felt amazing. I pumped hard and fast already too turned on and knowing that my wife was already spent. I pumped my orgasm into her blending quickly with Bradley's sperm.

It was one of the most amazing sexual things I have experienced. We have discussed how it made us feel and we hope to repeat again soon. I have a new fantasy that I would like to eat cum from my wife's pussy after the session but I have not shared this yet.

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