tagIncest/TabooCrossing the Line

Crossing the Line


"Zack, you got a sec?" Jamie asked as she opened my bedroom door unexpectedly.

"Fuck don't you know how to knock?" I blurt out as I cover up the nine baggies of herb.

"Yeah but you're my brother so why should I?"

"Well how bout shuttin the damn door before mom walks by!"

"Alright already." Jamie says as she steps into my room and shuts the door behind her.

Jamie stalks up behind me while I do my inventory of my supply, peering over my shoulder at the nine baggies she says. "Kim wanted me to ask if she could get a quarter off of you."

I ignore her as I pull out a small mason jar from one of the draws from my computer desk, cracking it open and pull out a small amount of pot to roll a joint with.

"Well?" Jamie barked.

"Well what?" I reply fully oblivious to the question that I was just asked.

"Can I get some pot for Kim?" She says as she reaches down and palms one of the baggies.

"Sure, it's a hundred and twenty-five for a quarter." I state slapping her hand so she drops the baggie.

"WHAT!?" Jamie yelps, "Don't you have anything cheaper?"

I turn and look at my sister, her tight blue tank made her A cup breasts look nonexistent and the short mini skirt made her look much taller then her five foot seven frame. "Sorry but it was all my chick had this week, if Kim wants to wait till this weekend I might be able to get some different stuff." I tell her as my eyes roam over my sisters body. Jamie was eighteen months younger then me, she wasn't the prettiest of things but looking at our mom you would see where she got her non-good looks from. I really didn't have room to talk, all through high school I only had two girl friends and I think the only reason they went out with me was because I always had herb.

"Let me call her and see what she wants to do." Jamie says while sliding her cell out of her back pocket.

I finish breaking up the pot on my tray and start rolling a pretty fat joint while she talks to Kim. I roll my chair over to the window and push the glass up to vent the room. I stand up and walk over to the door and lock it, I push a towel that was on the floor with my foot to cover up the small gap under the door. Then I turn the fan on and place it by the door to keep any smoke from heading in that direction. Jamie is still yapping with Kim about the quarter while I stroll back over to my chair and sit as I light up the joint.

My sister hangs up the phone as I pull a rather large hit from the joint and pass it over to her, "This is some outstandin shit." I say as I exhale.

"Damn it smells wicked," Jamie comments as she pulls the joint to her lips and inhales. "She wants to know if you would spot her the sack?"

"Not in this life time," I tell her almost bursting out laughing. "The last time I spotted that bitch a quarter it took me two weeks to get my money."

"Don't call her a bitch." Jamie says slapping me on my shoulder. "Come on Zack, please?"

"No." I tell her as I hit the joint one more time.

"Would you break a quarter up for her and sell her half."

"No, call her up and tell her all or nothing." I say while I hand the joint back over to my sister.

"Shit!," Jamie exclaims as she flips the phone open and hit Kim's number, "You can be a ass sometimes Zack."

"Yep, but I'm not a dumb ass." I tell her grinning, as I watch her pace around my room on the phone with her friend.

"No he won't budge," Jamie says, "Yeah I told him already he's being a ass... Yeah, it's some good shit, I'm smoking some of it now... OK, I'll catch you in a few minutes." Jamie flips the phone shut and tokes on the joint once more before handing it back over to me. "She's on her way over."

"Hopefully with a hundred and twenty-five bucks." I say grinning from ear to ear.

Shortly Jamie and I hear Kim's piece of shit car pull up in the drive and hear the car door shut. "You might want to get the door before mom does." I tell her as I watch Kim walk to the front porch from my bedroom window. Kim's hips swayed as she walked across the yard, stirring the blood within my dick making it hard. I've always pined after Kim, she was hot and I was never really sure why she hung out with my sister. Kim and Jamie was like night and day, the only thing they did have in common was they both had their birthdays on the same day and they both smoked. So other then turning eighteen together that was about it, Kim had a extremely sex body and a baby doll face that could make you melt in seconds. Her medium size breasts were smushed tight by her shirt and the cutoff shorts made her tanned legs gorgeous. Not even thinking I slide my hand down and adjust my stiffing penis. Jamie watched as my hand pushed my hard dick down out of view, before turning and opening the door to go meet Kim at the front door. I snubbed the joint out and stashed it with the rest of my roaches. A nice little stock pile so if I ever ran out I could still catch a buzz for a few weeks.

Minutes later I hear Kim and Jamie laughing as they came up to my door, again Jamie didn't bother knocking and just walked in with Kim in tow. "Why you being a dick?" Kim blurted out before I had a chance to say hi. "You don't have anything cheaper?"

"Damn nice to see you too Kim, why don't you come on in my room and make yourself at home." I say slightly agitated.

Jamie sits down on my bed, legs parted just enough to catch my attention and causing my discomfort to my growing problem.

"Come on Zack, what do I have to do? Please." Kim pleaded.

"How bout givin me a hundred and twenty-five bucks, this shit isn't cheap and it sure as hell isn't free. And you being a bitch to me won't make it any cheaper!" I tell her as I overt my eyes from my sisters lap to her. "But I could always use a blow job." I say jokingly.

"ZACK... JAMIE," Our mom yells from down stairs as she opens the front door. "I'M HEADED OVER TO PAT'S FOR A FEW... I'LL BE BACK SHORTLY TO START DINNER."

"OK MOM." Jamie and I say in unison as we hear the door shut.

"OK," Kim blurted out, "But you better not tell anyone."

"Wha?" Jamie and I say shocked.

"I'll give you a blow job for a quarter."

"I was just joking Kim." I tell her, hoping she would ignore it.

"Well I'm not," Kim says as she takes a few steps closer to me, "Think you could give us a few minutes Jamie?"

"You gonna suck his dick?!" Jamie says still shocked at her friend.

"Not like you're goin to do it for me and I don't have the money for it."

"Kim really, I was just jokin." I state as she kneels before me, her hands fumbling with the snap and zipper on my shorts.

"Doesn't look like you're dick is joking," Kim replies as she rub my stiff dick through my shorts. "Looks to me like you are dead serious."

"Oh my god, I don't believe this! You're actually gonna give my brother a blow job." Jamie asks while Kim starts to free my hard shaft.

"Either get out or shut the fuck up!" I shout at Jamie while Kim sucks the head of my dick into her wet mouth. I moan loudly and relax into my chair while Kim gobbles down my dick, half expecting Jamie to get up and walk out but instead she stays and watches as her best friend sucking me off. Kim wrapped her petite hand around the base of my cock and stroked it as she went down with her full lips causing incredible pleasure. She was no expert but I heard rumors that she has sucked or fucked the whole football team and I was honored to be added to list of people she's pleased. I close my eyes as she slides her mouth deep on my seven inch dick, till her nose was nestled in my pubic hair.

"Fuck, that feels good," I say as I cup my hands behind my head and let Kim do her work. "I might have you pay like this more often."

Kim lifts her mouth from my dick, spit dripping from her pert lips, "We'll see, you actually have a pretty big dick, a lot bigger then Marks."

I was surprised to hear her talk about her boyfriend like that but at that point I really didn't care to much. Kim went back to work on my pulsing cock, using her tongue to trace the head before she began to lick it like a lollipop. I was overwhelmed by the sensation of her tongue gliding over my flesh. I open my eyes and spot Jamie still lying on my bed watching intently, her tight mini skirt pulled further up her tiny hips and her hand was rubbing small circles over her panty covered crotch. I swivel my chair to watch my sister caress her pussy, forcing Kim to sidestep a long with me.

Kim continued to suck and lick my dick, reminding me of the pleasure she was giving. I ease my hand down to rest on the back of her head and pushing her deeper onto my shaft forcing her to gag. My dick throbbed repeatedly while Kim worked me up and down, pumping my dick for my creamy load. Watching my sister masturbate as I get a blow job was extremely arousing, making my dick throb harder.

"I think we should move this over to the bed." I tell Kim as I stand, making her lean up with me and relinquish my penis from her vice like mouth. I walk over to my bed that was a few feet away and lay down beside my sister, Jamie's eyes startling wide as I approached. "Any objections if I help you out." I ask my sister.

"But uh," Jamie stuttered as I slid my hand over her thigh. "You're my brother."

"It's OK, not like Kim is gonna say anything. Are you Kim?" I ask watching as she reattaches her lips to my ridged cock.

"Mnah Muh." Kim says through a full mouth.

"What if mom returns and catches us?" Jamie asks, "She'd flip the fuck out." Her hand never stop working her pussy and never removing her eyes from Kim and my dick.

I slide my fingers over her panty cover slit, pressing firmly. Jamie moans and falls back onto the bed while I snake my hand under her panties, finding her tender nub and roll it gently. Jamie cups my hand as it explores her sensitive folds. I could feel her wetness seeping as I plunge a finger deep within her sacred hole, causing her to grunt like a dog in heat.

I look down to find one of Kim's hands had vanished within her own shorts, forcing her to moan around my hard shaft planted deep in her mouth. "Kim, take off your shorts." I command of my sisters friend. She pried her lips from my dick with a loud slurping sound, saliva stringing from my penis and her mouth. She pulls on the button of the tight cutoffs and peeled the denim from her body, exposing her pink thong. Kim spun revealing her golden tanned body and also divulging how turned on she was. Her juices trailed down her thigh like a neon sign saying 'Fuck Me'. I noticed that I was not the only one checking out Kim's lovely form. My dick bounces and brings all attention back to it, like a star in the night it shone.

"Ahh, poor baby needs more lovin?" Kim teased while she lifts the tight black tee over her head and crawls back onto the bed with my sister and I.

Kim's bronze toned body was amazingly beautiful, her pink bra was snug and pushed her pert breasts up making them appear rather large. Kim's tender hand drifts up Jamie's thigh as she rests between my legs. Jamie moans at our combined touch, flinching at the pleasure she was receiving.

"Oh god..." Jamie whimpers, "OH GOD!"

I can feel my sisters juices rush over my fingers and hand as her orgasm runs a muck, flushing her pale skin to a pinkish hue. Jamie bucks her hips while my finger skims over her clit and Kim begins to probe her puffy labia.

"I've always wanted to try another girl," Kim says leaning over me and running her tongue up her friends thigh. "I think you will do nicely." She nibbles gently on Jamie's skin causing her to whither and moan.

I sit up and grip the bottom of my sisters tank top and pull it over her head, revealing her minuscule A cup breasts to me for the first time since we were kids. My dick throbs savagely at the sight of her tiny tits, aching for attention. I lean into my sister and take her small hardening nipple into my mouth, sucking it like it was the giver of life. Kim moved from between my legs to nestle in the middle of Jamie's thighs, her face inches from my sisters vagina. She snaked her fingers under the waist band of Jamie's panties and began to work them lower, displaying her stubbly pussy. Jamie purred as Kim's hot breath raced over her snatch and I devoured her petite nipple.

"Oh yes!" Jamie moans as Kim's tongue makes contact with her flesh, forcing her to thrust her hips outward into Kim's eager mouth.

I stand up and remove the rest of my clothing as I watch my sister have her pussy eaten. I reach down and stroke my rock hard shaft, enjoying the view of Kim's heavenly ass. I bend over and plant my lips on Kim's ass cheek, kissing gently up her spine and to the back of her neck. This time it was Kim cooing with delight at the sensation of my lips on her flesh. I circle around to behind Kim and wrap my hands around her hips to lift her ass in the air for a better advantage point. I hook my fingers under the thin string and eased it down, marveling at the wonderful sight of her cunt as her panties fall between her knees. Kim's thighs glistening from her own fluids, inviting me to feast upon her glorious hole. I rake my fingers up her thigh forcing her to tremble and groan. I pull my hand away and trace my fingers along my lips, taking in her essence.

Jamie moans at the treatment she was receiving from Kim, bringing me back to awareness of my sisters slender body lying on my bed. I watch several seconds before I roll on my back under Kim's delicious hips and pull her hot vagina down on my wanting lips. I probe her sweet smelling pussy with my tongue causing her to gyrate on my face, suffocating me with her young body.

"Shit, Zack!" Kim sighs in my sisters clit, causing Jamie to moan in return from her heated breath.

"I could ask you the same thing Kim!" Jamie wails, tossing her head back and flinging her hair wildly over her shoulders and the bed. Jamie's orgasm quickly approaching critical, like a flood burst through a damn of desire she screams out.

Kim looking for the same satisfaction began humping my face, impaling herself with my tongue as she slams down her pussy. Faster and faster she rocked back and forth on my mouth, covering my face with her juices. Kim's thighs tightened around my head and she grew very still, I feel the heat radiating from her hole as a sudden rush of fluid nearly drowns me.

"Shit...Shit, OH YEA!" Kim sighed into my sisters slit, her orgasm blasting through her like a bomb. "FUCK I'M CUMMIN, DON'T STOP... PLEASE DON'T STOP!" She shook as she collapsed onto the bed, her face resting on Jamie's lap.

I creep from under Kim's trembling body and position myself behind her, I grip her hips and line my raging dick to her soaked hole. I push slowly while my dick starts to sink in her folds, stretching her tight cunt. In one solid push I lost my dick in her vagina, my stomach rested against her ass. Kim groans loudly as I fill her cunt. She slides up Jamie's body forcing me along with her till she was able to suckle my sisters beautiful breasts. I pump furiously, slamming harder and harder into Kim. With each thrust she cries out louder and louder around my sisters pert nipple, till I feel her clench around my dick. The pleasure was immense and I knew if this kept up I would not last much longer before I erupted in Kim's gushing hole. I plowed my dick into her a few more times before I released my cum in her pussy, clawing her hips as my orgasm left me breathless and exhausted. I feel her squeeze her uterus around my cock, causing me to shake tremendously and finally collapsing down onto Kim's back. Spent I kneel off of her, my sister staring at us with a burning lust as I rise from her friend. My deflating dick slips from Kim's soaking pussy and I see Jamie is looking hungrily at my limp dick.

"OH MY GOD! What the hell is going on here?" Our mother yelled standing at my bedroom door. Her eyes glancing at the pot on my computer desk and the three of us spread out over my bed naked.

"Shit..," Jamie exclaims as she searches for her clothes frantically and doing her best to cover herself with whatever she could find.

"MOM!" I shout as I jump off of Kim's naked form below me, covering my shrinking dick with my hands.

"Will someone explain to me what the fuck is goin on here?" Our mom said in a lengthy breath, eyes bouncing from one naked body to the next, ending with me.

Kim pulls my covers over her body, blushing profusely.

"I uh... I uh can explain." Jamie blurts out like there was really a explanation that could be given.

"Really and what would that be Jamie," Our mom asks as she steps further into the room, staring at the three of us. "Let me guess, the three of y'all was getting high and and y'all tripped. Knocking y'all's clothes off and forcing Kim to eat you out while your brother fucked her from behind?" She says sarcastically as she crept even closer, only now to stand within feet of us.

"Mom." I say, trying to think of something I could say to get us out of the ass load of trouble we just got into.

"Don't mom me, all three of y'all get up and get some clothes on." She said as she turned around and left the room, "I'll be waiting down stairs." The anger rang in her voice as she stomped down the hall.

"Shit!" I say as I reach down for my shorts and sliding them on.

"What are we gonna do?" Jamie questions as she pulls her panties up and pushes her skirt back down her thighs, searching wildly for where her tank top went off to.

"Fuck, I hope she doesn't call my mom. She'd fucking freak out, maybe even kick me out." Kim exclaims as tears begin to roll down her cheeks.

"Well we have no choice but to face the music at this point." I tell them as I slide my shirt on and make my way to the door.

"ZACK, BRING ME THE FUCKING POT TOO!" Our mom yells from downstairs.

"SHIT!" I cursed, hoping that she would overlook the baggies on my desk. I stomp over to my desk snatching the baggies, I drop two of them in the top draw and toss one to Kim. "You earned it." I tell her as I turn and head to my doom.

To Be Continued....

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