tagMatureCrossing the Line Ch. 03

Crossing the Line Ch. 03


Over the last three months, I fit the girls into my schedule. Alvin and I worked out in the gym of our office building several times a month. We adjusted the schedule to cover any night I'd go to meet one of the girls. The girls adjusted the hotel the rented a room in from Embassy Suites to the Crown Plaza, because it was less than a block away from my office. I didn't have to move my car, and risk it being seen in the parking lot.

I wrapped up the paperwork I had on my desk, and let Alvin know I was leaving. He was on his way to the gym, and gave me his usual 'lucky dog' pound. I arrived at Room 921 a little before 6PM. This was my 5th time coming to this room. A key always arrived for me in an envelop on Thursday Morning, and Tori always paid the bill. She was in town last month, and performed the most sensual striptease for me I had ever seen.

I never knew who was waiting for me inside, or what we might indulge in. Before Tori, it was Janice. She was Black and Philippino – thin, with perfectly round ass. She wanted to be made love to, and was in a flowing negligee when I arrived. She had candles around the room, slow music playing, and a bottle of wine. We sipped wine while she sat on my lap and I told her about my day. She rubbed my back a little, then I carried her to bed. I left her negligee on for a long time, while I just kissed and caressed her body. By the time our clothes come off, and I slid into her, she had tears in her eyes. As I worked my dick slowly in and to of her pussy, I whispered in her ear how beautiful she was – and she went over the edge. She fell asleep immediately after we were finished, and told me later she didn't wake up until it was time to check out.

I opened the door just as the shower stopped running. I took my shoes off, and hung my suit jacket over the back of a chair. There were two bags over by the closet, but no candles or anything else was set up. Leanna came from the bathroom with one towel around her body and another wrapped around her head. The water was still beaded on her shoulders, and what I could see of her chest.

"I was hoping you would be out here, Mr. Thomas," she blushed.

"Great timing," I smiled.

Leanna went over to her bags, got a bottle of lotion, and climbed on the king-sized bed. "How long do I have," she began lotioning her legs.

"Until about 7:30," I took off my tie and shirt. I went to her and slid the lotion bottle from her hand. I pulled the towel from her head; her wet hair fell across her shoulders and down her back. I looked down at her, but she wouldn't look up. I pulled the towel around her body loose, and it fell around her. Her body was incredible! Her breasts were slightly more than handfuls, with perfectly circular areolas that were two shades darker than her skin. I put lotion on my hands, and started rubbing it in on her shoulders. She wouldn't lie back when I tried to guide her to, so I knelt down to lotion as much of her body as I could reach. When I finished, I kissed her hard nipples, "Are you a virgin?"

Leanna shook her head.

I sucked her nipples a little, then asked, "What's your nickname?"

It took her a moment to answer, "Bond girl."

I leaned back, "What position is that?"

She got off the bed, revealing a wet spot that was at least an inch and a half in diameter. As I watched her ass as she went over to her second bag, I leaned over to get a preview of what she smelled like. She turned around with handcuffs and some straps in her hands, "Get it, bond girl."

"I would have never put that together," I laughed. "Are those for you or me?"

"She came back over to the bed, "For me. I've fantasized about bondage ever since my first boyfriend and I were caught by a police officer at a closed park."

"Caught doing what?"

She put the straps in place at the head and foot of the bed as she spoke. "Doing what young lovers do," she giggled. "It was a warm summer night; about 11:30. Both our parents were home, so we drove his car to a park a little ways from where we lived. He drove in with the lights off, so we wouldn't attract attention, and parked facing the street to see if anyone was pulling in. We started kissing and stuff, and touching and stuff, and he got me to of all of my clothes – even my socks. I pulled his dick out of his shorts, and sucked it a little, then I climbed on him. My back was to the street, so he was suppose to watch out. Right when I was about to have a good orgasm, a cop taps on the window.

"He makes us get out of the car right then; won't let me grab nothing. He said he'll arrest us if we grab anything – including clothes. I'm in tears as I climb out – bare-ass naked. I'm standing there trying to cover my goodies, and he's going on about how there's been a lot of drug dealing in parks around the city after dark. We're both trying to explain like crazy that we aren't there to buy of sell drugs, but he's not listening – he's just steady looking at me. He asks us for ID, and says if were both clear of warrants and stuff, and if the car is clean, he'll let us go. Eric had his because he still had on his pants, but mine was in the car. He tells me to go in the car and get it, and is shining the light on me the whole time. I tried to go in my purse with one hand and cover my ass with the other, and I finally got it. He took our IDs, then frisked and handcuffed Eric. I'm really crying now, thinking about his hands on me. He said he probably didn't have to frisk me, since I didn't have pockets, but he still needed to cuff me in case I decided to run. Where was I going to go with nothing on? I begged him not to cuff me, but he put my hands behind my back and put the cuffs through the door handle.

"Eric is bent over the hood apologizing to me profusely, and the cop is looking at me while he's backing up to his car. He keeps the light on me while he checks our records – which takes forever. He came back, said we were clear and that he had to check the car. When he finally climbed out, he had my panties sticking out of his shirt pocket. He sad we were free to go, and while he was uncuffing me he pressed his erection into my back.

I told Eric to take me straight home. I went right to bed, but couldn't sleep. I couldn't get the situation out of my head for a good two weeks. One night when I was reliving it, I stopped being scared and got kinda aroused. I told my best friend about it, because I thought I was deranged. She said I was safe, and nothing bad happened, so ease up on myself. A couple of night later I masturbated while reliving it, and came so hard. Bondage has been a fetish ever since.

My dick was clearly showing through my pants. "We're going to recreate that night?"

"And then some," she brought the handcuffs to me. "He was white, but about your age."

I took the cuffs, and turned her around to put them on her wrists.

"Wait," she pulled away and got her cellphone. "I promised Kim back then she'd be in on any reenactments," she dialed.


"She's the only person, besides you now, who knows."

"Hold on; I need to know I can trust this girl before you bring her here!"

Leanna spoke into the phone, "Kim? You ready? Okay girl, enjoy – I know I'm going to!" She sat the phone on the nightstand, "She's in San Diego and is just going to listen."

"Oh, okay," I blew a sigh of relief.

She winked at me, "Officer Owens is handcuffing me now." She turned her back to me with her wrists crossed.

I picked up on her cue, "I need to frisk you first." I put her against the wall, "Hands against the wall and spread your legs."

"Please officer, let me go."

"Spread your legs, little girl!" I smacked her bare ass.

"Ow! Yes sir!"

"You're under arrest for indecent exposure. Don't move." I took a moment to savor the sight, then knelt down and ran my hands up her right calf and thigh. I did the same to her left calf and thigh, then continued to her cheeks and spread them. She was messy wet. Do you have anything in there I should know about?"

"In my ass?"

"People hide things in there all the time," I blew on it.

She was startled, "No sir, there's nothing up there."

"Well, I won't be doing my job right if I don't check," I touched my tongue to her puckered hole, and she let out a squeal. I licked it a few times, enjoying the fresh taste.

"Oh shit," she bent her knees, causing her ass to poke out a little more. "I told you I wasn't hiding anything in there," she panted.

I stood up, "I need to be 100% sure." I ran my finger between her legs, then eased it into her asshole. She let out a guttural groan. I moved my finger back and forth a few times until she relaxed a little – then I added a second finger.


"What's he doing to you?" Kim asked.

I pushed my fingers deep, "Tell her."

"He's got his fingers in my ass," she struggled to say.

"Do you like it?"

She moved her ass on my fingers, "No sir."

"Don't lie to me, or I'll put a 3rd finger in."

"I like it, I like it!"

"Tell your friend," I twisted my fingers as best I could.

"I like it, Kim."

I pumped my fingers, "She didn't hear you?"

"Shit! I like having his fingers in my ass!"

"Good," I slid my fingers out, "You're clear." I brought her arms down to handcuff her.

"Officer, you can't take me in like this. I'm not dressed!"

"I didn't tell you to undress, did I?"

"I can't have all those people staring at me!"

"I believe you would like it. You wouldn't be out here like this if you didn't want people looking at you," I fastened the cuffs. "Besides, look how wet you are from just me seeing you."

"Let me suck your dick."

"That's not good enough," I shook my head. "This is a serious offense."

"I'll do anything."

I laughed, "Be careful what you say, it may be used against you."

She lowered her voice, "Anything, Officer Owens."

"Maybe I should call my partner to take you up on that. We'll have our way with you, then send you on home."

"Mmm, I don't care."

I looked at her, "You don't care, do you."

"Whatever I have to do to go home, officer." She looked me in my eyes, "You and your partner can fuck me at the same time if you want."

I pinched her nipples, "A dick in your ass, and dick in your pussy? Grown men dick?"


"You're willing to do that just to keep from being taken downtown like this?" I pulled them.

"Ohh, yesss!"

I pushed her over to the bed, "Bend your ass over!" It was already 6:45; there wasn't enough time to call Alvin, and really enjoy the experience. Leanna was standing with her bare ass up, and her face on the bed. I got my pants off, lifted my undershirt up, and dove in her wet pussy in one thrust. There were other things I was thinking of doing with her, but I had to take that pussy right that minute.

"Oh yes, Officer Owens! Oh yes, Officer Owens!"

"What's he doing, girl?"

"He's got his dick in me!" she gruted.

I smacked her ass.

"His big ass dick is filling my little pussy!"

I grabbed her cuffed wrists, and pumped into her every time I pulled her back.

"He's beating it!"

"Yeah, tell her what's happening, little girl."

"Officer Owens is beating my little pussy!"

"Tell her you love it!"

"I love it! I love it! I love it!" she whined frantically until she came. Her body twitched and trembled on my dick while she let out high-pitched squeals.

I pulled out just in time to flip her over and cum all over her chest and stomach.

"Oh, my poor pussy," Leanna panted.

"Mine looks in bad shape too," Kim giggled.

I stayed in my character, "Are you complaining, Miss? Even though I didn't find any drugs on you, I could still take you in."

Leanna looked at me, surprised I was still going.

"Or better yet," I uncuffed her wrists and began putting them in the restraints, "maybe I ought to tie you up and leave you here for whoever finds you."

"No, officer!"

"You were out here to be seen, right? What's wrong with letting a few strangers get a piece of that body?" I wanted more of her tight pussy, but my dick wasn't trying to get hard again so soon. "I like that idea."

"Mmmm, I like it too!" Kim agreed.

I got between her legs, and pushed her knees back to her ears. Her pussy protruded, inviting me back inside, "Damn, I love how flexible you girls are!" I laid my dick between her lips, and stroked it back and forth in the groove.

Leanna moaned, and flinched every time my tip hit her clit, "Oh officer, yes! Fill me up again!"

"You wanted to be caught naked, didn't you?" I had to stall a little longer.


"You like when I was staring at you in my light, didn't you?"


I moved up so I was only stroking her clit, "Now you want me to-"

She started cumming; she screamed out as her body shook and wouldn't stop. My slightest movement prolonged her exquisite agony. After a couple of minutes, she pulled hard against the straps, "I can't take it!"

"You're gonna take it!"

"No, please," she jerked. "Stop!"

Her pleas got my dick hard, "It's too late now!"

"Please stop! I'll do anything!"

I pulled back to penetrate her, "You already promised that, remember?"

"Oh, let me go, please Officer Owens!"

"Not until you've learned your lesson!" I drove into her to my nuts. Almost on cue, we heard Kim have a loud orgasm over the phone and that motivated me even more. "This is what happens to naughty little girls who go around outside naked," I long-stroked Leanna's pussy, making her thrash around as much as the straps would let her. "Still want me to stop? Huh?"

"No!" she screamed. "Never stop!"

I let go of her legs long enough to wipe my sweat, and she kept her legs wide open on her own. "You must need this lesson, don't you?"

"Over and over and over and over!"

"You're hardheaded, huh?"

She garbled something that I couldn't understand.

I pushed her legs back down, and fucked her with what little strength I had left. My thighs began to burn, and my back started getting stiff, but the noises Leanna was making was spurring me on. I was so lost on the sex faces she was making that paid no attention to the warning signs of release. I loved her smell, sound, taste, and feel; before I could stop myself, I was spurting cum into her cervix. It was my body's turn to convulse as my arms gave out, mashing her titties to my chest. She wrapped her legs around my waist as our bodies rode out our mutual orgasms locked together.

"Ms. Edwards, are you okay?" someone knocked on the door.

We quickly separated, and I fumbled to release her wrists from the straps.

He knocked again, "Ma'am, are you all right!?"

"Uh, yes," she called back. "I'm fine!"

"Could you open the door, please ma'am?"

I got her wrists free, and we jumped off the bed. "Why? I told you I was fine!"

"Open the door, please!"

Leanna found her towel and wrapped it around her sweaty body. I grabbed my pants and ducked into the bathroom. She opened the door, "Yes?"

"Are you all right?"

"I told you I was, didn't I?"

"There were some reports of screams, and I had to make sure you were safe."

"I'm perfectly safe; just got carried away. It won't happen again."

It was quiet for a few seconds, then he said, "Please keep it down."

"I will," she closed the door.

I fastened my belt, and came out. Leanna was sitting on the bed getting Kim off the phone. I found and put on the rest of my clothes. "Are you okay," I asked her after she hung up.

"I am fine," she beamed. "That was wonderful! Thank you!"

"Shit, it was great for me too!"

She laughed, "Kim wants you, bad. She's willing to change sororities, if you are part of the privileges."

"I can't handle anymore of y'all," I laughed.

"I didn't think I was going to survive, the way you were going at me."

"I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Hurt me? No way! You may have spoiled me for others though."

"That's not good either," I got up to put on my suit jacket. Leanna came to me, leaving her towel on the bed, and got on her tiptoes to put her arms around my neck for a deep kiss. I slid my hands down her body to her ass. She broke the kiss by sucking on my bottom lip. "Listen," I squeezed her cheeks, "you're on birth control, right?"

"We have to be to be eligible to see you. No one wants to hurt Soror Cynthia; and there are serious consequences for anyone who does."

"I don't want to know, do I?"

"Nope," she kissed my lips, and let me go. "You have no idea how torn I've felt about having that fantasy," she flopped back on the bed, with her legs falling partially open.

"Did that really happen?" I stared at her slit.

She laughed and covered her face, "Yes, it's all true."

"Did you stay together after that?"

"No, and yes. I didn't talk to him for almost two months, I was so mad at him!" she sat up, her nipples still hard when she first came out the shower. "I would still be in trouble if he had taken us in – or worse yet, taken me home!"

"Damn I wanted to dive back into her, but my dick actually hurt a little. I wasn't getting hard again any time soon, and it was 20 minutes after 7. "Are you staying the night?"

"Tomorrow is my late morning, so I'm sleeping in!" she laughed. "I've already put the breakfast order I want them to bring to my door!"

"Be safe ok?"

"Why don't you stay until I fall asleep?" she curled her body on the bed. "I promise I'll behave."

I smiled, "Bye, Leanna."

"Bye, Mr. Thomas," she frowned.

I pulled myself out of the room. On my way down in the elevator, I noticed my nuts were tender from slapping against Leanna. Back at my office, I changed from my suit into my workout clothes then headed home.

There is the belief that men don't have intuitions, but I knew something was up when I saw Tori's car in the driveway. My first thought was that she was there to tell Cynthia everything. But why would she want to wreck what everyone was satisfied with. I mean, the entire situation didn't sit totally right with me, but I was a willing participant just like she was. Her coming clean would only ruin several relationships – starting with my marriage. I pushed aside my fears of finding my clothes on fire in the bathtub and went inside.

Cynthia called me to the living room when she heard me come in; I saw Tori and her fiancé sitting across from her. "Sit down, Tori has something to ask you."

"How is everyone," I sat down.

"Mr. Thomas, you remember Dennis."

"I do; how are you?"

"Just fine, sir."

"What do you have to ask me, Tori," I tried unsuccessfully to not let my mind drift back to our last time in the hotel room.

"You know our wedding is next week," she began. "Well, my uncle isn't going to be able to make it. He really hates to disappoint me, but his doctor wouldn't clear him to fly."

"That's horrible," I pushed the images of me sucking her soapy nipples in the shower out of my head. "Will he be all right?"

She nodded, "He was all set to drive, but I could let him put himself through that kind of strain." She took a breath, "Would you walk me down the aisle? Ever since I crossed, you've been a father to me."

Those words brought memory of her calling me daddy every time I spank her ass when I'm filling her pussy from behind. "Are you sure there's not another uncle or cousin you'd like to ask?"

"I want you," she smiled innocently.

"Mr. Thomas," Dennis cleared his throat, "Tori thinks very highly of you – both of you. From what she's told me, being so far away from home, you've been instrumental in helping her to become the woman she is. You mean a lot to her."

"There's no one else I'd rather have on my wedding day."

After a moment of silence, Cynthia nudged me, "Don't make the girl wait, she's high-strung enough with her wedding so close."

"Of course, I'd be honored," I smiled. "I'm just a little shocked; I never expected to be asked something like that. What all do you need me to do?"

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