tagIncest/TabooCrosslands Ch. 1

Crosslands Ch. 1


Chapter 1: Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

The warm California sunshine beamed through the arched bedroom windows and stirred Julie Butler. She rolled to her left and immediately felt the presence of husband, Steve. It was October and Steve had just returned from his monthly business trip to Denver late in the night and was snoozing comfortably on his back. A cute smile crossed the pretty blonde's face. She was happy, and relieved, to see her husband after a busy week at managing his business, showing real estate to home buyers and keeping their two mischievous teenage daughters out of trouble.

Her hand slid beneath the silky sheets and down across his soft boxers. It stopped when she could feel the bulged outline of his soft dick resting innocently between his legs. "Hmmmm.... What do we have here?," Julie thought to herself as she quietly pushed back the sheets and unsnapped his boxers.

Steve Butler was a successful real estate developer in southern California. He had inherited several hundred acres east of Venice Beach fifteen years earlier and used his business background to develop it into the Crosslands residential community. At 41, Steve retained his handsomely rugged look that had attracted Julie when both were students in college. A busy work schedule mixed with a variety of outdoor hiking and biking activities in the Santa Monica mountains kept his body in excellent shape. The 39-year old Julie was, as some of Steve's business associates often reminded him, the sexiest blonde selling real estate in the local area. The same combination of talents which had landed her on the college cheerleader squad years ago was also popular in the Crosslands community. A pretty face, cute smile and those 36D firm breasts attached to her five-foot frame helped the perky blonde sell homes and make Crosslands a great place for typical fun-loving California families to live.

The usual wave of weekend horniness began to surge through Julie as she pushed the boxers down to his ankles and reversed her body to get a better view of Steve's dick. Julie loved Steve for many reasons, but number one on her list was that 8-inch cock which had rocked her pussy for the last twenty years. Julie just loved big dick. Their open California marriage had allowed her to sample and savor many different hard-ons in the past few years, but the one she stuffed in her body more often than any other was attached to Steve. She marveled at the sight of her small hand stroking the thick man meat. Steve mumbled something inaudible as she lowered her other hand to gently massage his big balls. Julie could easily tell by their fullness that the 6-day business trip to Denver had been pretty dull. The big, bent dick was nearly at full erection when Julie decided to give her husband an official welcome home blowjob. The Saturday morning silence in the Butler household was soon interrupted by Julie's loud slurping as she tongued the fat head and stroked the long shaft.

Nikky Butler pulled the red cheerleader top over her cute tits and wiggled into the short, yellow skirt. The clock on her dresser flashed 8:52 AM as she pulled the red Valley High School cheerleader top over her head. She casually whipped her long blonde hair back while pulling the top down over her firm titties to just above the belly button. The 18-year old senior looked forward to Saturday mornings. Not only was it the start of a hopefully wild, party-filled weekend, but also because she got a chance to practice cheers with the older college girls on the Bravo College varsity squad. The petitte blonde twirled her hair quickly into two neat pigtails and smiled while thinking about the football game from the night before. Her brother, Tommy, had thrown the winning touchdown pass to help Bravo beat rival Springville. The stadium had erupted into a crazy free-for-all as fans stormed the field to celebrate with the team. Remembering that excitement as she scooted into the kitchen seemed odd at the moment because the big house was just a little too quiet for a Saturday morning.

Julie had a voracious appetite for big, hard cocks. Her cheeks puffed as she jerked the cock inside her mouth and down her throat. With one eye open, the erotic sight of Julie's blonde head bobbing between his legs was an instant turn-on as Steve folded his arms beneath his head and admired her expert cocksucking. The sight of Julie's cute little tanned ass invited a quick finger probe of her wet pussy. Steve had a better idea, however, as he reached into the night stand and removed a long black dildo. It was Julie's favorite toy because it quickly turned into a vibrator with a flick of the switch. He shoved half of the rubbery gadget into her shaved twat and began pumping it furiously. Steve knew how much she enjoyed a hard pounding. The 10-inch dildo was soon buried into Julie as she bucked backwards to meet his every jab while sucking on the big cock. Julie was a nymphomaniac. She just simply loved the feel of a dick inside her body.

Nikky drank some orange juice and ate some cereal while she waited for her older sister, Tammy. Tammy was a freshman cheerleader on the Bravo squad. Even though the girls had their driver's licenses, they usually met in the kitchen on Saturdays and discussed weekend plans before their mom or dad would drive them to coach Tina Ramsey's house at the end of the development. Bravo College cheerleader practice began at 10 AM and Nikky was growing impatient as she sat at the base of the spiral staircase and tied her sneakers.

"What's taking her so long? Maybe I need to wake her up," thought Nikky to herself as she bounced up the steps and skipped down the long hallway. Tammy's bedroom was at the far end of the wide hallway after the conference room and office her parents used for their business. Nikky slowed as she passed her parents' room. She wanted to remind her mom about cheerleader practice this morning. The door was ajar as the cute blonde curiously stuck her head inside the room.

Julie Butler had wrapped both small hands around the dick as she jerked it vigorously. Both hands barely closed around the thick, veiny shaft as she tongued the purple head. Just seeing a big load of hot man cum would be a welcome start to the weekend for the nympho blonde. Steve had flicked the switch on the gadget and now the dildo was vibrating loudly as it shook the interior walls of her cunt. Neither adult had noticed daughter Nikky standing at the door with that typical Butler-girl smirk on her face.

"Welcome home, Dad!" Nikky chirped as she eyed the erotic scene on display between the two. In the last few months, Steve and Julie had become very open with their kids regarding sexual attitudes and promiscuity. They understood that their teenager daughters were developing into young adults with the same sexual energy that drove their open marriage lifestyle. The best sexual education they could provide their kids would be to relax some of the sexual inhibitions that caused those awkward unnecessary hang-ups and tension in the home.

Neither parent had noticed their 18-year old daughter standing with her hands on her hips in the doorway. "Oh, good morning, dear," smiled Julie as she removed her top hand from the dick to wave a polite greeting.

"Looks like you're sure happy to see Dad!" giggled Nikky as her nipples began to poke obviously through the red cotton top and her head cocked to marvel at the big dick. Julie was wiggling her hips to the rhythm of the vibrating dildo as she pulled her tank top over her head and playfully flung it Nikky.

"I'm a little busy right now, sweetie. See if you can wake up your quarterback hero brother and get him to take you girls to Tina's."

Julie had resumed her cocksucking for a few seconds when she casually turned to Nikky, again. "Oh, I almost forgot. Remind Mrs. Ramsey about Tommy's birthday party tonight!"

Like a light bulb flashing above her head, Nikky immediately perked up on hearing the news while backing out of the room.

"Gee whiz, I forgot about his birthday!" "A party tonight, here? Sounds like fun to me!"

Steve sighed heavily. He was only human as his eyes traced a line from her firm tits to the short yellow skirt just barely covering his daughter's ass. Like her older sister Tammy, Nikky was quickly developing into the teasing valley-girl slut that Julie had hoped.

"Tell her to bring Vicki and the other cheerleaders along, too!" he jokingly added. Julie turned her head to Steve so they could both share a laugh over the previous comment. Nikky flashed a quick smile because that comment was generally viewed as an implicit invitation and approval for an all-out fuck assault by the horny cheerleader group.

"Tommy can drive the convertible this morning, too! Wish him Happy Birthday from his old man!" joked Steve.

"One last thing, Nik. Have you got anything on beneath that skirt?," Steve asked curiously feeling a tinge of perversity.

Nikky couldn't resist the invitation. The outright X-rated exhibition on display by her parents had stirred Nikky. It compelled her to flip up the back of her skirt to reveal her tanned bare butt. She bent over and grabbed her ankles in typical Bravo cheerleader warmup fashion.

"How's that for the 'whole' view?," teased Nikky as she wiggled her tiny ass and giggled at the pun. The sight drove Steve silly instantly as he buried the vibrating dildo to the hilt inside Julie and she resumed her cock sucking. Modesty was definitely not an issue in the Butler household. It was almost 9:30 when Nikky stuck her head inside Tammy's bedroom. Her bed had been slept in, but there was no sign of her anywhere. Across the hall, Tommy's football uniform laid in the floor; his bedroom was also still.

Nikky admired her sister's room. It had a balcony that overlooked the pool and patio. The huge bathroom was equipped with a washer/dryer and a full-size jacuzzi. Her room was filled with posters of professional athletes, rock-and-roll artists and other hunks she fantasized over. She also kept Tommy's football helmet and jersey from the previous year on the computer table. Her dresser was covered with framed photos of the cheerleader team.

Nikky smiled at the one that always drew conversation. It showed an obviously intoxicated group of cheerleaders in their bikinis at Nikky's 18th birthday party in August. The photo shows Nikky, Tammy, Buffy Cindy, and Vicki standing in the shallow end of the Butler pool in front of Tommy, Luke Wilson, and Rex and Bobby Ramsey. Nikky picked up the photo and examined it closer. She could see the guys with their arms wrapped around the girls.

A tingling sensation zipped through Nikky's pussy as she remembered Tommy's muscular arms draped around her shoulders and his bulging, semi-hard dick pressing into her butt. The snapshot was taken by Tina Ramsey just as the guys had pushed up the girls' bikini tops revealing an awesome group tit shot. Tommy had spiked the punch that night so everyone knew that he was the culprit of the gag, but nobody had really complained.

Nikky remembered her mom's reasoning to the shocked parents, "Well, you know boys will be boys...." It was the understatement of that evening. In fact, what started as a playful gag between kids had eventually evolved into a terrific night of non-stop fucking between friends and Crosslands families.

"Wow! What a fun night that was," reminisced Nikky as she replaced the photo on the dresser and laughed at the startled look on the faces of her cheerleader teammates. Nikky may have been only a high school senior, but her tits were nearly as round and full as the college girls. Of course with Tommy squeezing the bottom half of her tits, they looked perfectly awesome. Nikky replaced the photo and stole a quick feel of her wet pussy. Just the mention of that party to the Butlers, Wilsons and Ramseys brought howling laughter. The Crossland community hadn't been the same since that night.

Nikky looked bewildered as she stood on the balcony in Tammy's room and looked over the patio. She shrugged her shoulders.

"Maybe Tammy left without me," pouted Nikky thinking she had overslept and missed some earlier travel arrangements.

The morning sun was glistening on the pool as it hovered above the mountains. Between her horny parents and that funny photograph, Nikky had begun to burn with a simular erotic urge. Nikky could easily hear the shreiks and shrills of her mom echo down the hallway as she obviously began to reach that frenzied state. Nikky could return to her first floor bedroom to play with her pussy, or even, jump in the pool for a quick morning dip to relieve the sensuous edge overcoming her body. Both ideas offered fun, but her immediate priority was getting to practice on-time. As coach, Tina Ramsey would review the routines from the previous night's football game, discuss some fund-raiser activities, introduce some new cheers, and, finally, let the girls frolic in her pool. As captain of the high school squad with aspirations of college, Nikky enjoyed cheerleading and hoped training with the Bravo team would help her develop the skills necessary to make a college squad next year. Remembering her mom's advice, Nikky climbed another flight of stairs to the third floor in search of her all-star brother. She would have to wake up Tommy so he could drive her to cheerleader practice. The third floor had recently become party headquarters for the Butler kids and their friends. Rex Ramsey and Tommy had worked for a construction crew the past summer. Both guys had used some of their free time to convert the empty floor into a cool recreation room. Although Tammy commuted the 8 miles to Bravo, Tommy rented a small apartment near campus. After games, the 20-year old sophomore would occasionally abandon his apartment and return home for the comforts of his bedroom. Sometimes he would retreat to the third floor to shoot pool, play video games with his buddies or simply relax on the balcony.

As a reward for his physical labor, Steve had purchased a big-screen television and entertainment system, furnished the rooom with leather chairs and sofas and routinely filled the bar with an assortment of alcoholic beverages. Steve and Julie weren't naiive. They, as well as many other parents, knew their kids would experiment with liquor on fun-filled weekends. Cruising and partying the southern California beach scene had been a ritual for decades.

The parents reasoned, and agreed, that those activities would be safer if the kids were provided relatively private, but regulated, environments to participate in typical youthful shenanigans. The homes of the Wilsons and Tina Ramsey also offered similar amenities for the promiscuous kids and their friends. And, along with the vastness and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and mountains, Crosslands provided the charm, safety and privacy for the young adults, as well as their horny parents.

Steve had dropped the vibrator on the floor and his large hands had gently raised Julie's small, firm butt to a reverse cowgirl fuck position. "Ooooh, yeah! Give me that big dick!" Julie pleaded as she slowly lowered her dripping cunt onto the bent erection. The vibrating dildo had fucked her into a silly nympho state and Steve was prepared to take advantage of the situation as he began to screw fast and hard. Julie straddled her knees on both sides of his waist and began to bounce nearly the full length of his shaft. Steve grinned and steadied the cute blonde by softly cupping her big tits. "Damn that's good pussy," Steve mumbled as he lowered his eyes and marveled at the tightness of her wet cunt gripping the dick before she repeatedly plunged down on his lap. Nikky hurriedly skipped up to the recreation room. She smiled at the sight of the 'Men At Work' construction sign hanging above the door. During the remodeling, Julie had walked in and caught her son stroking his hardon while lounging on the balcony and peeping at his two cute sisters skinny-dipping in the family pool below. Julie and the girls always sunbathed nude, but soon after she relayed the news to her surprised daughters, the three jokingly agreed to cross out the word 'Work' and replace it with 'Play'. Nikky and Tammy even considered going further by replacing 'Men' with 'Boys'. The tricksters backed down only after Julie confided to the two girls that Tommy's dick was one of the biggest she had ever seen on any guy, including their well-hung father! That fact in hand, the girls, including Julie, continued their pool nudity with even greater frequency and began eyeing Tommy's shorts anytime a tease opportunity became available. Once Tommy told his buddies and the girls shared their secrets with other cheerleaders, the events at Nikky's 18th birthday party a few weeks later were unavoidable.

Nikky could hear some funky hip-hop mix inside the rec room as she sneaked inside. "Maybe if I'm lucky I'll catch him jerking off!" she thought as she scanned the room for signs of her brother.

"Ah hah! I knew it!" Nikky whispered when she spied a porno magazine strewn on the floor beneath his legs swinging carelessly across the arms of the sofa. Bravo athletic shorts dangled freely around his right ankle. Nikky tip-toed closer to the sofa until she could easily hear Tommy's muffled groans of pleasure. Another wave of horniness ripped through Nikky as she circled the back of the sofa and peeked over top. Fifteen minutes earlier the mischievous 18-year old had walked-in on her parents in the middle of sexual heat and now she would get another opportunity to watch her big-dicked brother blow his load.

While Tommy's reputation for his ability to fill a needy cunt had grown quickly over the past few months, he had also gained praise from the girls for his proficiency in covering their cute smiles with large amount of semen. Nikky could vouch for her brother on both counts because in the past few months he had pounded her tight pussy and splattered her face so often that she was beginning to feel as popular as the older cheerleaders. A well-fucked cunt and a cum-glazed complexion had become like a badge of honor among the local cheerleader ranks.

Like Tammy, Nikky loved her brother for so many reasons. He wasn't like any of the other jerks the girls had dated. Sure, Tommy Butler was sexy, muscular and athletic, but he was also kind and affectionate around his sisters and their friends. Their school grades had improved to a C since he had begun helping them with their homework. Sure he thoroughly enjoyed fucking his two pretty nymphomaniac sisters senseless, but it was many other positive traits that he practiced which helped make the Butler household the model family in Crosslands. He was a true big brother, literally and figuratively!

Sexual inhibitions in the Butler house were low lately, but, right now, they didn't exist as Nikky pulled the red top off to expose a fine set of perky tits. She was determined not to let a good hardon go undone as the top was tossed backward onto the pool table. Cheerleader practice would just have to wait. Mrs. Ramsey probably wouldn't mind, especially if she used her brother as an excuse.

"Well, if he really wants to jack off, maybe I can do better than that stupid girly magazine!" Nikky pondered in a slightly jealous mood. Her nipples were standing sharp off from her firm breasts while she gently pinched them between her fingers. Leaning back on the pool table and enjoying the music, Nikky rolled her head side-to-side to the rhythm and beat of Tommy's meat slapping. The uncontrollable urge for sex consumed the teen. "Ummmm. Need some help... there... big broth...?" Nikky stuttered and failed to finish the question because the view had zapped the bimbo's train of thought. Tommy had one hand beating his 10-inch throbbing boner while the other hand playfully cuddled Tammy's tan-lined butt. Her white sneakers kicked lazily into the soft leather sofa while stretched out on top of Tommy's muscular frame in her favorite 69 position. Tommy was swirling his tongue in and around her blonde snatch while she gently tossed and licked his bloated balls. Tammy's white top and purple Bravo College cheerleader skirt were hastily tossed onto the coffee table.

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