tagIncest/TabooCrosslands Ch. 3

Crosslands Ch. 3


Rex Ramsey waded through the shallow end of the pool slowly dipping the net to gather bits of floating debris. Cleaning the pool was one of the weekend chores Tina required of her 18-year-old son. The handsome Valley High School senior was one of the top football players in southern California and actually looked forward to the weekend list of activities his pretty brunette mom planned. Rex had managed to mow the lawn, water the azaleas, sweep the driveway and, finally, begin to clean the pool in the last few hours. He enjoyed the pool work the best because it allowed him an opportuninity to watch his slutty sister and other cheerleaders practice their flips and somersaults on the huge trampoline in the back yard.

Rex watched the fun-loving group through the reflective sunglasses as they stopped occasionally between routines to slurp down the fruity wine coolers. His baseball cap was twisted backwards over his dark curly hair so the brim could protect the back of his neck from the warm October afternoon sun. The black swim trunks hung low around his tanned hips as he sauntered lazily waist-deep in the oval-shaped pool.

Rex just couldn't believe how lucky he was to have a junior college cheerleader coach as his mom. Even his teammates at Valley High often needled him about her attractive, sexy figure when they would attend the Bravo College games on Saturdays and watch her bounce and wiggle in those short cut-offs while coaching the girls through a routine. Her energetic style, big smile and sultry looks often confused the fans into thinking that she was was also a Bravo cheerleader. Tina never missed an opportunity to blend in with the cheerleaders in order to entertain, and tease, the fans. If the football game became a blowout and uninteresting, the fans would hoot, whistle and plead with the girls to do a cheer.

Even if his sister and mom were the targets of their rude sexual comments and whistles, Rex had grown accustomed to that kind of fan behavior this season. Consequently, he found himself often staring lewdly and behaving as badly as other sex-crazed guys during the games. His sexual appetite began to peak as he watched the group from the shallow end of the pool.

The girls had managed to bounce, shake and somersault through every routine in their repetoire. Tina proudly smiled and clapped as each perfectly choreographed and sexually suggestive pose sweetened her view of the team, especially in their raw energy and ability to generate a sexual atmosphere without even removing a piece of clothing. They sat on the edge of the trampoline listening to Tina review the cheerleader routines from last night's game. Nikky and Tammy sat on opposite ends of the group swinging their legs carelessly pretending to listen. Courtney Reed and Buffy were positioned on their bellies with their chins resting in the palms of their hands, while Vicki sat cross-legged Indian-style in the middle of the group twirling her short dark hair and listening attentively to Tina's pep talk. Several pom-poms were scattered about on the ground and trampoline near Buffy's backpack. Nikky was dressed in her Valley uniform, while Courtney, Vicki and Tammy looked totally cool in their attractive purple and white Bravo College outfits. Pretending to observe the vast greenness of the seventh fairway of Crosslands Golf Club in the background, Rex moved slowly and silently through the pool sneaking a better view of the girls and eavesdropping on their conversation.

"Now, girls I've noticed that some routines seem to be getting a little stale to our Cowboy fans. So, I have something new in mind to improve our performance. First, everybody try one of these new outfits on." Tina reached into a large cardboard box sitting on a deck lounge chair and began tossing out button-down vests and designer silk shorts.

"Today girls, we officially become Bravo College cowboy cheerleaders!", she proudly announced while twirling one of the skimpy-cut vests around her head and guzzling down the last half of her beverage.

The girls cheered as they hopped down to the ground and began dropping their skirts and tops. Two wine coolers in each of these horny cheerleaders was all required to jump-start their lively emotions. Buffy stumbled, but wiggled free of her teeny shorts while her large teenage tits bounced openly after Tina helped to unhook her bikini top. Even high school senior Nikky bubbled with excitement when Tina tossed her an outfit, too. Tammy quickly helped her younger sister yank the Valley High School top over her head and extended arms.

Rex adjusted his sunglasses for the shiny glare coming from Courtney Reed's BMW. For a moment, Rex stared in amazement as the five girls stepped into the smooth silky yellow shorts and purple sleeveless vests. A smirk crossed his face and outlined the cleft in his chin while he watched the perfect collection of hooters bounce freely beneath the vests as the girls circled Tina and shared hugs with each other. Rex bit his lip hard, fighting an uncontrollable urge to run inside and whack off. The rear of Tina's pink shorts were surrounded by several groping hands. Rex could only shake his head in amazement at the view of the pretty females as he climbed the pool ladder and re-arranged his growing erection beneath his dripping shorts.

"Gosh, mom. These things sure are snug!", giggled Vicki as she snapped the bottom three vest buttons and twisted around to look down over her shoulder at the tightly-fitting shorts. The vests were cut so the top button allowed minimal restraint for the girls' perky breasts and they fell just above their belly buttons. The silky bottoms were comfortable, but fit snug to allow the natural curves and creases of their butt and around their snatch to show. The Bravo College school administration may wince a little at the attire, but they knew a large percentage of the paying football fans came just to watch the cheerleaders. Principal Martin was easily convinced that funding that new school science building started with Tina and the cheerleaders.

Rex pulled his six foot, two-inch frame out of the water and began tidying the area around the pool house. He slowly stacked the raft inflatables and collected the wet towels. Anything he could do to keep him near the front row of the cheerleader entertainment was the goal.

"Look, girls. If you want to really get the crowd's attention, we have to look our very sexy best!". Tina was smiling and admiring how perfectly cute the group looked together when she noticed Rex standing thirty feet away near the pool house. "We have to always give our audience just what they want! Don't we girls?", giggled Tina as she nodded to the girls to look in his direction. Tina threw her shoulders back causing her heavy 36D breasts to profile beneath the black halter top.

"And now we need everyone's help to think of some new cheers that can really knock their socks off!" Tina's enthusiasm proved contagious as the cheerleaders were swept up into a torrent of excitement.

Tina noticed her son working and trading quick glances at the girls. "Oh Rex dear, can you come over, please? We need your advice on something." Tina laughed and exchanged winks with the girls while coaxing him with a friendly wave of her hand. She knew her hunk son was just begging for an invitation to join the group.

"Socks? How 'bout some cheers that will knock his shorts off?", slurred Tammy passing a cooler to Courtney and focusing her blue eyes on his tanned muscular abdominal muscles.

"Oooohh, I think I know a few that might loosen his shorts!", laughed Vicki as she skipped over to her younger brother to escort him closer within the group. "After all, he is my little brother!", quipped Vicki as she slid her hand around his waist and playfully tugged at the drawstring holding his trunks in place. Although just 12 months older than Rex, the pretty freshman cheerleader never missed an opportunity to tease her high school brother with sexually suggestive play. He would always play along; anything, to improve his chances of getting laid by these teenage college cuties.

"Gee whiz, sis...easy, now!", muttered Rex enduring a brief wave of embarassment in front of the cute girls. Even Tina seemed to be enjoying the tease as she watched Vicki's subtle movements within his trunks loosen the velcro zipper and tease a more obvious display of his erection beneath her younger brother's swim shorts.

Tina Ramsey enjoyed a great relationship with her three kids. Bobby was away in his second year at college, Vicki was commuting to Bravo with Tammy and high school senior Rex was enjoying his last year at Valley High School. Like her friend, Julie Butler, Tina had loosened many restrictions and dropped all sexual inhibitions in her family since that incredible party a few months ago. It was a little weird, at first, but generally their family was an open one with very few secrets between the kids and Tina, anyway. Tina often paraded her sexy figure around the house, Vicki swam topless, while Rex and Bobby never hesitated to reveal a nasty joke. The openness was also unavoidable with so many cheerleader tits bouncing in and around the house, as well as good-looking guys hanging around.

"Oh, relax, silly. You know you like it, and besides, we know how grown up you are and how much you like to watch our routines", giggled Vicki stealing a playful stroke of her brother's growing cock before ruffling her hand through his curly hair to knock off his cap.

"Sit over here, Rex. We need your expert male opinion on some new cheers", remarked Tina gently patting his butt and pushing him into the canvas lounge chair. "OK, now who goes first?". Rex folded his arms behind his head and thought about Bobby and how much home-fun he was missing at college.

Tammy Butler was the first one to speak as she jumped on the trampoline and grabbed a couple of bushy pom-poms.

"I know. I've got a good one, listen. Two, four, six, eight how many guys can we masturbate?". The other girls picked up on the humorous queue and chirped in to help finish the cheer. "Rex! Tommy! Luke! Rex! Bobby! Tommy", the girls giggled and shook their pom-poms as they called out as the names of Crossland hunks.

"And let's not forget about Mr. Wilson and Mr. Butler!", added Vicki with raised eyebrows and a slutty tone. The girls jumped and cheered as Tammy back-flipped off the trampoline. Tina looked at her son while the girls laughed and traded high-fives with each other. She detected the growing bulge under his swim trunks especially when Rex reached into his crotch to re-arrange the bending unit. Eyeing the growing erection, Tina felt compelled to act like an olympic judge and turned to the group and announced, "That's easily a seven on my scale, girls!".

Tina thought the pun would simply fly over the bimbos, but to their credit Vicki and Nikky elbowed each other playfully when they caught on to it. Along with Tommy and Luke Wilson, Rex had been one of the mischievous culprits at Nikky's 18th birthday bash a few months ago. His quicky, witty nature combined with his muscular physique made the dark-haired youngster one of the more popular studs in the neighborhood. With the older guys away at college and buddy Luke Wilson spending more time on his surfboard lately, Valley High School star quarterback Rex Ramsey had managed to work his way up the Crosslands fuckability depth chart. Fellow senior Nikky and, of course, sister Vicki were his two favorite fuck toys.

"Good one, Tam!", laughed Vicki as she swung her legs up and over the trampoline edge. "Now, it's my turn!".

Vicki Ramsey unbuttoned her vest so her firm boobs would be freely exposed to the group. She assumed standard cheerleader position with legs spread shoulder-wide and pom-poms secured neatly at her hips. A big smile crossed her pretty face as she whipped her brown hair back and belted out her personal favorite. "C'mon guys. C'mon guys. Pass and score, then fuck me in the ass because I'm a Crosslands whore!".

The group erupted with laughter as Vicki twisted her hips and bent over to reveal a tight young bare ass while she finished the cheer. Rex stared lewdly at his slutty sister as she added the extra dramatics. He didn't care who knew about his incestuous lust because he shared the same open thoughts with the others. All he could think about for the moment was driving his hard cock into her tight, pink asshole. His hard-on began to rage when Vicki turned around and pulled open her vest to flash the perfect set with erect nipples. Rex smiled and gave her a thumbs-up signal.

"That's great, Vicki dear. That should be at least a .... ummmm let me see here....", Tina was standing behind her son adjusting the silver bracelets dangling on her wrist and leaned over to peek inside his shorts. Rex's cock was nearly at full erection as it bent back and up at Tina just brushing against her purple-painted fingernails. It had managed to push through the velcro and now was pointing up towards his chest. "Just what I thought, girls. That's a big improvement. Relatively speaking, that is. It looks like... well ...almost an eight!". Tina laughed and drew an imaginary figure-8 for the horny group as the girls eyes' focused on his crotch.

It was no secret that Rex sported an 8-inch bent boner. The dick had become the target of conversation among the high school and neighborhood girls lately. Unlike many other neighborhood cocks with their bottom-banging, thick, cunt-stretching qualities, Rex's was simply long and relatively thinner, or "totally tubular" as his adorable sister liked to refer to it. This attribute made it the perfect ass-fucking cock around for the younger girls just starting to adventure into bolder sexual worlds. Sure the guys with the longer, fatter cocks also got their share, but Rex was in demand, too. He smiled broadly as he arched his back to gain an eyeful of Tina's large firm boobs bobbing bodaciously beneath the short halter. Their firmness pushed the shirt up and out away from her trim body. The cheerleader practice was quickly emerging into an afternoon sex show among the horny teenagers.

"OK, who's next?" Tina was enjoying the light-hearted atmosphere as she folded her arms to conceal her hardening nipples poking upwards beneath the shirt. Her eyes turned toward Nikky who was goofing off with sister Tammy on the trampoline.

"Nikky, how about you? Part of your initiation as a Bravo cheerleader next year should be the contribution of a really, really hot cheer that could, say, get a full rise out of our sample audience here." Tina casually pointed to her son as daughter Vicki sat on the end of the lounge chair. "You could get that cheer out of the way now, and, maybe later at your brother's party, we could send you through the other half of your initiation!"

Rex gazed at Courtney, Buffy and the Butler girls bouncing and playing on the trampoline while Nikky held her finger to her chin and pondered something really cool to cheer. "Gosh, Mrs. Ramsey... A real Bravo cheerleader? I'll do anything to make this team! Let me think ... hmmmmmm, but I'll probably need some music to make it work. Can Rex crank his sound system Mrs. Ramsey?", pleaded Nikky as she pointed at the large speakers near the sliding glass door. The little nympho blonde teen always performed with just a little background music.

Tina looked at her son ogling the teenage cheerleader crew and knew moving him from the lounge chair would be a slight inconvenience.

"C'mon, Rex. Let's go get these tunes for these girls. You can show me your new sound system while I grab another orange cooler." Tina hooked his right arm and gently pulled him to his feet as he pushed his hard cock downward into his trunks leaving an obvious ridge that brought a smirk to Vicki's face.

"You girls just kinda keep doing what you're doing. I'll be back later." Tina flipped off her designer sandals and began to sachet along the brick patio arm-in-arm with her handsome son twitching her butt cheeks under the pink shorts to the delight of the girls.

"Better watch him, mom. He looks like he could be real trouble!", shouted Vicki.

"Oh, thanks for the advice dear, but I think I can handle him!", laughed Tina as she looked back over her shoulder at the girls.

Hank Wilson maneuvered the wheel barrow through his neighbor's gate careful not to tip the beer keg off-center. Bags of party ice were stacked precariously on top of the wobbly keg. Supplying the alchoholic beverages to Tommy Butler's birthday party was his responsibility this afternoon. Hank and Steve, as well as their wives Betty and Julie, had become close friends over the past few years. Hank Wilson was a private research eptomologist active in studying and reporting on the fruit fly population for many California agricultural and food companies. While Steve Butler had used his business guile to command his fortune, Hank and psychologist Betty Wilson had pursued their academic interests to provide for their successful southern California carefree lifestyle.

Julie Butler had returned from her morning errand run to the local stores. As she poured through the bags of party favors on the kitchen counter, she noticed Hank's thick arms wrapped around the keg as he lifted it from the wheel barrow and swung it over the trash can. The cheeks beneath his full red beard puffed outward as he managed to ease it into the rubber cylinder and surround it with the ice cubes. Julie swung open the kitchen french doors and walked out onto the rear deck to address her burly red-haired neighbor. Hank was kneeling next to the keg, sucking beer directly from the tap. His pony-tail dangled annoyingly in front of his face.

"Hey buster, better save some for later! ", scolded Julie in a joking manner.

Hank looked up and smiled at the petite blonde standing in a yellow sun dress with her hands on her hips. A broad grin stretched across his face as he wiped the frothy residue from his red beard and stood to meet Julie. Hank was a huge man. Just slightly overweight around his mid-section, the 47-year old scientist was an imposing figure with his broad shoulders and six foot, five inch, 265-pound frame.

"My services demand payment, ma'm!", joked Hank as he ran his eyes slowly from Julie's flip flops up to her cute,heart-shaped face. Julie detected this formality pretense and found it amusing because the two were friendly neighbors.

Julie thought fast. "Oh my, Mr. Wilson. I don't know if I can pay! What shall this poor girl do?". Julie batted her eyelashes and played along like a simple school girl who had lost her lunch money and feeling along her thin waist for a pocket she knew didn't exist. The tease worked because she immediately noticed a rise within his khaki pants.

Betty had often talked frankly to Julie about Hank's sexual turn-ons. The two had traded secrets regarding sexual games and positions enjoyed by their mates. Julie knew that Hank was cool with all the fucking shenanigans his teenage kids and other Crosslands neighbors were engaged in, but she wasn't sure if he, himself, could handle different sexual situations outside of his marriage. Julie and Steve had been group-fucking in orgies since their wild college days and had, lately, pondered the possibility of adding the intellectual Betty and Hank Wilson into their circle of crazy friends.

Hank Wilson traded eye contact with Julie as she swiveled her hips in the dress and, teasingly, sucked on her index finger. He could feel his cock beginning to bend it's way into an erection as she traded glances at his crotch. "Oh, my gosh, Hank. I didn't know you were this interested in me!", giggled the cute nympho as her large circular earrings dangled around her blonde head. "Maybe you should, ... ummmm let me see here...., let me thank you for bringing the keg."

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