Crotching Tiger & Ridden Dragon Ch. 03

byMy Erotic Tail©

"Chariat." Tiger yelled and the class got to their feet quickly. He looked at his senior student, Little Dragon and nodded. Little Dragon barked the final words.

"Bow to the Instructor." She yelled in Korean and everybody bowed to Tiger as he bowed back. "Bow to the Flags." Everybody turned slightly and bowed to the American and Korean flags.

"Class dismissed." Tiger yelled and everybody relaxed and filtered off the mats except a few that went to the punching bag and kicked at it in their favorite form.

Little Dragon walked up to Tiger. "You think they should hear about skulls and bones at their age?" She asked curiously.

"Have you seen Saturday morning cartoons lately?" He asked, and they both smiled. "Besides they may not understand it now, but they will remember the story and it will come to them when they need it most." Little Dragon laid her head into Tiger for a moment then looked up at him.

"I’m going to change, I'll be ready to go in about 10 minutes." She said as she walked off to the women’s dressing room. Whipping her ponytail in a sexy way. "Dragon whips her Tail." She said laughing.

"Tiger eye's the Dragon." He said smiling as she turned and winked at him just before she shut the door.

"Tommy, need to change we'll be leaving soon." Tommy darted to the dressing room. __ __ __

"Ok, He's finally asleep." Little Dragon said as she closed the bedroom door. Walking seductively towards the bed. Shedding her clothes along the way. Tiger’s eye's got wide watching her every move. "Dragon's got a question for the Tiger."

"Oh?" Tiger said curiously.

"You didn't have any problems today?" Dragon asked with narrowed eyes.

"Nothing I couldn't handle." Tiger said defensively. "Why do you ask my love?"

"Don't give me that, my love crap." Dragon said harshly. "I heard little Tommy telling some of the other students that you took on 20 guys with clubs and guns?" Dragon sat on the edge of the bed nude.

"Dragon taunts the Tiger with her beautiful body and scorns him with her tongue." He said smiling.

"Oh, Dragon hasn't begun to give you a tongue lashing yet." She said grinning. "Didn't you tell me you didn't have any problems today?"

"I didn't have any problems and it wasn't 20 guy's it was more like...three or four." Tiger said hastily.

"Hmm. Whom should I believe?" She said with tilted head as her eyes fell to his crotch. She took the braid out of her hair and shook her head loosening her strands of long red hair. "Dragon whips her mane." She said smiling.

"Tiger's tail is delighted to see you Little Dragon." He said pointing to his rising cock. She run her hand along the sheet, up his leg slowly till her fingers found his mound swelling under the cover.

"Ahh, Tigers tail is long-ing for attention huh." She said giggling. She rubbed his cock on the outer side of the sheet, feeling his poised cock growing to fullness. She pulled the sheets downward slowly. Inching it farther revealing his lower stomach then finally his erection was exposed. She lightly run her fingers around his shaft and fingered her way down to his balls. Gripping them tightly and pulling slightly.

"OUCH." Tiger blurted. "Hey,"

"It's not wise to tell fables to the Dragon of Wisdom." She said still holding his nuts in hand.

Tiger reached down and grabbed Little Dragon and pulled her over him and he began spanking her bare bottom playfully. "Slap slap slap." He rubbed her ass where he had spanked her and she moaned in pleasure to his caressing. "Tiger plays with the Dragon's tail." He said as she lay there still. "You will give me respect or I'll put you over my knee and earn it. Do I recall these words correctly?"

"Yes." Dragon said laughing. "Dragon likes the ways of the petting Tiger." She said cooing. Tiger run his finger down to her ass to her puss and pulled lightly on her folds. Then put his finger at her slit and fondled her opening while she lay there moaning in pleasure.

"Tiger, enters the Dragon." He says as he pushes his finger in her moist pussy. Working it in deeper with each push and pull. Little Dragon spread her legs wider allowing him more room for his playful finger. Tiger spread her ass cheeks with one hand while the other toyed with her pussy. He thrust his long finger in deep then pulled it out rubbing her clit in circles and then put it back in. "Dragon likes the Tigers paw?" He asked playfully.

"You know what I want." Dragon said as she turned her head looking at him and smiled. "I want to be ridden by the Tiger."

"Dragon wants the tail of the Tiger?" He asked while he pulled her ass upwards and got to his knees behind her. Slapping her ass playfully as he put his cock to her puss. Gripping her hips then pushing it in her slowly. Dragon pushed back into him, gripping the bed and sheets. Tiger's thrusts got stronger and deeper as he humped her from behind. Putting a hand on her lower back and pressing her down fully while he pumped away at her more vigorously.

"Oh fuck me Tiger." She said feverishly while she bucked back into his strides.

"Tigers been meaning to talk to Dragon about her language." He said. She stopped in mid stride and turned and looked at him. Who was still humping only a lot slower. Feeling he was about to get the wrath of the Dragon unleashed on him. She just looked at him a moment then smiled.

"You going to fuck this Dragon or are you going to fucking talk me into an orgasm." She said with a slight giggle as she began driving back into him. Tiger tightened his grip and remained silent as he drove his hardened cock deep inside her. Humping faster and faster while Little Dragon was throwing her body backward to meet his thrusts.

"Oh oh oh...ah." She moaned. The sound of her wetness came first, then the stiffening of his body as he came inside her. He held her lightly as he relaxed a bit and she slowly wiggled her ass on his sensitive cock. The waves of ecstasy ran through them both as Tiger let go of his hold and fell onto his side of the bed.

Dragon slowly curled up next to him while he put his arm around her and brushed her hair sensually. She scooted even closer and covered them up with the sheet and nestled into Tiger. Dragon look into Tigers eyes.

"You know what I love?" Dragon asked as Tiger gave her a kiss.

"Crotching Tiger and Ridden Dragon." Tiger said smiling.

Dragon smiled from ear to ear with a long silence between them as they gazed deeply into each other’s eye's. Finally she said, "You."

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