tagMatureCrotching Tiger & Ridden Dragon Ch. 07

Crotching Tiger & Ridden Dragon Ch. 07

byMy Erotic Tail©

(Weapons of seduction)

"A weapon is a tool with a purpose. Be the craftsman of such tool and master its qualities." Tiger said as she twirled the Bo staff in front of him. His medium frame cautiously paced back and forth across the mat.

Little Dragon countered his every move. Tiger went one way; Little Dragon would go the other. Circling each other in the center of the Dojo. They squared off on the mat with playful jests. Each spinning their Bo staff with speed and swirls.

The studio was empty except for Tiger and Dragon. Once again in the Dojo practicing after hours. A storm was raging outside and Tiger and Dee decided to wait till a break in the storm before driving on the roads.

"Dragon toys with the Tiger." She said with a slight giggle. Little Dragon lashed out at him but Tiger blocked her strike and twisted and spinning into her. Grabbing her and held her with the Bo staff. The cool feel of its hard wood lay across Little Dragons shoulder and chest. Tiger leaned in and nipped at her ear playfully with his lips. Then rolled away from her releasing the Bo’s hold.

"The Tiger tastes the Dragon." Tiger said then spun the long wooden rod with grace and speed. Little Dragon slowly picked up her Bo and began twirling in a butterfly fashion. The two taunted each other with steps forward then retracting. Swinging their Bos at each other's, making the sound of clashing wood. Taking turns striking and blocking.

Little Dragon swung forward and Tiger reached quickly and pulled her Gi's string. Little Dragon pulled back in a ready stance but Tiger was already whipping his Bo to her shoulder and pushing her Gi top back. Then spinning around to the other side and the Bo pressed the Gi's cloth backwards. Little dragon stood there in her sports bra. While she struggled to free her arms from the binding top.

Tiger leaped quickly in and pecked a kiss on Dragon's lips then spun her as he removed her Gi top. Little Dragon twisted in a spin then glared at Tiger who was laughing slightly. He lay her Gi top on a nearby chair.

"Oh the Tiger is cunning." Little Dragon had a serious tone in her voice. Then began twisting the long wooden pole. Her sports bra held tight to her sexy frame and perky breast. Her ponytail whipped with her head's quick darts. "But the Dragon has wisdom." She said smiling.

Little Dragon cautiously stepped closer to Tiger. Like a prowling cat with each step. Slowly she paced back and forth twirling her Bo faster and faster. A few clashing strikes and blocks came before Little Dragon brave a tuck and roll and rolled right up to Tiger and pulled his pants down. Laughing she rolled back away then coming up into a stance.

"The pant of the Tiger is no more." Dragon said laughing. Tiger chuckled as he stepped out of his Gi bottom. He picked them up and walked over and set it on a chair. Then walking to the wall where the Bos were and put his away. Looking back at Little Dragon with a devilish grin he pulled from the wall a pair of nunchucku. Little Dragon's eyes lit up. Tiger began spinning them rapidly over his shoulder and between his legs. Back and forth with velocity and timing.

"You look funny without your pants and your top still on." Little Dragon giggled.

A bright flash of light came through the covered window. Both Tiger and Dragon glanced at the bright light when the sound of crashing thunder rang out from the storm's intensity. The lights flickered then went out. The darkness took hold quickly with a small lightening flash then total darkness.

"Tiger." Little Dragon called out in a low tone.

The sound of the spinning nunchucks let her know where he was. The whipping back and forth sound was moving. She twisted in that direction with her Bo staff poised. A light flickered through the blinds from a distant lightening. Dragon heard something then felt the yank of her bottom's as they were pulled to the floor. Then hearing his scamper back away from her. She lashed out with a playful probe with the Bo, but didn't hit anything.

"The Tiger prowls in the dark?" Dragon said stepping out of her pant's and keeping her Bo set. The cool air felt good on her bare legs. She slowly stepped towards the office silent as a deer. Taking a step and listening with tilted head to allow the ears to be her eyes.

Little Dragon stepped in to a wall. She could only estimate that she was close to the office door. Feeling along the wall for the light switch. Her hand roamed the smooth surface searching for a familiar feel.

Lightening filled the room with shadows as the crashing sound of thunder shook the earth lightly. Then darkness was once again. Little Dragon froze with listening ears. She could hear her heart pounding loudly over every thing else.

The feel of hard wood graced her between her legs. She felt his breath on her cheek then the kiss. The wooden nunchucku felt cool leaving her panties at her nest. She remained frozen listening for his movements but heard nothing. She slowly stepped forward with her hand still on the wall. Feeling along it she felt the trim for the office door. Thunder rumbled in the distance.

Little Dragon knew the office well. She slipped into the room and felt along the bookcase next to the door and found the flashlight. Taking it in her hand and placing her finger on the button. Then turned and stepped back into the open Dojo.

"Tiger? This is no time to play games." Little Dragon yelled. She had a slight smile on her face thinking of how he loved to play cat and mouse in the dark. She pointed the flashlight outwards and flipped the switch on. The light come on but her outward thrust of the light to shine it around the room hit Tiger in the eye.

The light startled him but the flashlight jabbed him good. Tiger spun backwards with his head in his hand. Covering his painful eye. Little Dragon shined the flashlight on him. He was staggering around with his hand over his face.

"I'm sorry." Little Dragon blurts out.

Tiger finally stood up and glanced at Dragon as she shined the light in his face. He turned his head and started laughing. She finally relaxed a moment with the thought that he must be all right.

"Well you certainly are the Master craftsmen with a flashlight." Tiger said with a chuckle.

"Yeah; deadly weapon, huh?" Little Dragon replied smiling and shaking the flashlight back and forth. "Master of flash fu." She said laughing. Tiger chuckled too even with his eye still hurting.

"Here let me give you the kiss of healing." Little Dragon said in a sensual tone. She run her fingers lightly along his chest as she pressed her breasts into him. Her lips pressed lightly to his brow. Then down to his lips. Licking his mouth till he opened it and allowed her in. Her hand run down his tummy and twirled at his navel before descending.

"You know, seduction is the second most deadly weapon in the universe." Tiger said as Little Dragon stepped back from her healing kiss. Shining the light downwards and illuminating the room slightly.

"Oh." Little Dragon perked up listening with sparked interest.

"The deadliest weapon in the universe is a focussed mind." Tiger replied smiling as Little Dragon stepped up to him seductively. Running her fingers over his chest again. Twirling them along his nipples and licking her lips. She playfully shined the flashlight at his crotch. Giggled as she run her fingers to where the light was shining.

"Some times seduction doesn't work, for that matter sometimes a sword doesn't work. Sometimes you have to use a little honey to trap a bee." Little Dragon said sensually.

"Isn't that a weapon of seduction?" Tiger said with his deep chuckle.

The loud crash of thunder made Little Dragon jump. Followed by heavier rain. She laid into Tiger with wrapped arms and placed her head next to his squeezing his neck. She folded into him securely. Her warm breath on his flesh excited Tiger. His cock grew next to her warm body. Little Dragon felt his growing muscle and heeded its apparent need for attention.

Her fingers run down his chest and to his brief's elastic. Pulling his underwear downward from side to side. Tiger aided her one hand attempt at their removal.

Wrapping her fingers around its shaft and gliding soft slides of her hand along its length. Tugging lightly on his hardness. Tiger's lips mashed into Dragons with fury and desire. Licking her lips wildly as she pulled his cock to total stiffness. He moaned with pleasure as his finger found her wetness. Her panties were moved to the side for his finger's purge. Fondling her folds and rubbing her clit.

Little Dragon moaned softly at Tiger's toiling finger. The shallow push into her slit then rubbing in circles. The rotation of his hand to tenderly touch her pleasure points. Little Dragon gripped Tiger's head and pulled, guiding him between her legs. Tiger fell to his knees; his mouth darted to her pushing request. He pulled her panties from her as another rumble bellowed out from the storm that was raging.

Little Dragon spread her legs to allow him better access. Tiger's tongue found its target. Lapping vigorously at her, driving his tongue in with her pulling his hair and head lightly. Pressing a finger in her and wiggling it while he sucked and lapped at her.

"Oh, oh." Dragon let out light gasps and moans from his ravishing. The pouring rain beat down strongly as another thunder crash shook the Dojo. Her wetness grew as he fondled her deeply. Dragon began to squirm as she pulled away from him.

"The pool of the Dragon is magically moist." Tiger said with encouragement for more. Little Dragon glided downwards with the flashlight. She lay to the mat pulling Tiger lightly. He followed her descending body. He laid on her gently as she lay flat out on the mat. Letting go of the flashlight it rolled a couple times and stopped. Still shinning but at the wall.

Tiger pressed into her with desires and passion. Kissing her lips energetically. She grabbed his ass cheeks, opening her legs widely and pulled him to her tightly. Tiger began humping short rapid drives into her more. Little Dragon rocked to the poundings Tiger thrust upon her. Driving deeper into her wet warm pussy. He began pumping faster and faster till they were both gasping and gripping. Their pants and short breath brought them both to excited kisses.

Twirling tongues and crashing bodies were lit up with the lightening flash just before the loud crack of thunder. Warmness exploded inside her bringing a smile to her face as Tiger shortened his thrusts. His muscles tight and jerking from his pleasures surge. Then falling lightly on Dragon spent and wore out. He kissed her neck several times before rolling to her side. Pulling her atop of him as he settled next to the flashlight.

Little Dragon smiled at him as she nestled closer. "Eye of the Tiger, ok now." Little Dragon said with a smile.

"Yes," Tiger replied with his usual chuckle. "The weapon of seduction worked huh?" Tiger asked.

"Huh? Weapon? Seduction?" Little Dragon questioned.

"Yeah, using the weapon of seduction...and you forgot about the raging storm." Tiger smiled.

"Oh?" She said, thinking for a moment. "And what if I used the weapon of seduction on the storm?" Dragon asked in a snappy tone with curious eyes.

"Then the storm would get wet too." Tiger said laughing. Looking at Dragon who's just staring. Slowly she cracked a smile and then a giggle.

The two enjoyed the moment of closeness then realized the rain had stopped. Little Dragon reached for the flashlight and Tiger reached quickly and grasped it from her.

"Oh no, master of flash fu." He said laughing. "I'll hold the deadly weapon of flash."

They laughed for a moment, then got up and gathered their things. Getting dressed by the illumination of the flashlight. Smiling back and forth at each other with grins.

"Ready?" Tiger asked as he opened the door. The electicity was out as far as he could see.

"Alway's." She replied going out.

Lightening flickered from a distance as they shut the front door and locked the Dojo.

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