Last Wednesday I was in Rotterdam for the first visit of the largest cruise ship in the world, the Queen Mary 2. She was awesome, so big you had to step back a lot in order to get the whole ship in one photograph. It was so crowded! The newspapers said later there were 200,000 people, and I believe it! I was there with my brother André who's gay, so we were checking out all the men in there. We usually have the same taste you know. Most of them didn't merit a second look, but there was this one guy who looked so fine! His hair was receding, short, dark streaked with grey. He was about 6' and had a great body, a nice full figure.... André and I had a long discussion about him, all without him knowing of course. I argued I preferred love handles over a guy who smoked, but he said he wouldn't turn Brad Pitt away if he knocked on his door holding a cigarette. Well, I'm not so fond of Brad Pitt, too handsome and he knows it. And I just hate kissing an ashtray!

Anyway, the crowds were really thick as the QM2 sailed out again, and I suddenly felt another body pressed up hard against my back. I wanted to turn my head to tell him – or her – it wasn't necessary to come that close to me, but he covered my mouth with his hand and whispered in my ear: "don't scream, don't look, just feel me..." Oh, and I did. I felt something hard press against my butt, and two hands go around me. Startled, I looked to see if André had noticed, but he was standing two steps ahead of me, in a lengthy discussion with another cute guy. In fact everybody's eyes were on the Queen and nobody noticed us.

I'm embarrassed to say I didn't cry out right then and there, but the truth is I really liked that feeling, to know this guy was so turned on and apparently wanted me! Well, what can I say, it's been so long ago I guess I reacted to him, melted into his powerful hands.

The roving hands found my breasts underneath my blouse and started kneading them, right through my thin bra. I couldn't help leaning into them and moaning silently, nipples suddenly erect and hard. My hands were at my side, pinned down by his arms, and I moved them backward to find his hard-on. God, his jeans were tight! Doesn't that hurt? He stopped me by pressing his body hard against mine, pushing me up against a railing. "just let me be, darling" I heard a husky voice in my ear as he started nibbling on my earlobe and kissing the base of my neck. One hand left my breast to go to the inside of my thighs, pushing them a little apart. My tight skirt hiked up, and I felt my pussy going moist. God, this was exciting! His hand found my little love center, by that time dripping wet. He pushed my thong aside as he explored this unknown territory and went in deep with two fingers. Oh, it was a good thing he held me up or I would have fallen. My belly was against the railing, his hard cock against my buttocks and his hand was massaging my insides as I couldn't help but shiver with pleasure. I had to bite my lips not to cry out loud as I came! Mmmmmmmhhh!

As I leaned hard against the railing, trying to come to my senses again, I heard a zipper being undone and the unmistakable tear of a condom wrapper near my head. He kissed the base of my neck as his two hands were on the inside of my legs again, holding them apart, lifting me up. I felt something hard press up against my love lips and I opened up for him. Gently he lowered me over his cock, one inch, two, until he was all the way inside me. All I could do was steady myself against that railing when he started to move deep inside of me. Oh god! I think I lost it right away, he was so deep and big around! His hands moved to my hips as he thrust his cock into me time and again. I felt myself shivering around his big stake, writhing as I came once again. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmhhh!

"Oh-god,-you-came-so-good,-I-thought-you'd-tear-off-my-cock-with-those-lovely-strong-muscles-of-yours! And-now-it's-my-turn." With every word he thrust his big cock deep inside me all over again. Oh, oh, oh, I couldn't believe it but I was suddenly on the brink of another orgasm. I was helpless, could do nothing but respond to his increase in power and speed. I could feel his huge cock grow even bigger as I felt the climax hit me again. Simultaneously it seemed the Queen Mary came, her ship's horn deafeningly loud, vibrating deep within me. This time my panting was in the same rhythm as his, and I could feel his cock explode, hot globs of semen deep inside of me. We hung in each other's arms trying to regain our breaths.

"That will teach you not to talk behind my back, thanks! We should do this again real soon!" And he pulled back out, leaving me fulfilled but strangely empty. He straightened my skirt for me as I tried to stand on my own two feet, but my knees were like jello, and it took me a while to recover. I looked around for him but he was gone. All the ship's passengers leaned over the gangboards, some with binoculars, watching the crowds. Errrrmm, do you think they... no, they couldn't have, could they ...?

In the distance I saw a tall man with greying hair walk away, as I felt into my skirt pocket to find a little business card. No name, just a phone number...

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