tagIncest/TabooCruel Intentions Ch. 04

Cruel Intentions Ch. 04


Chapter 4: I Meet Valerie

The weather was turning warmer as spring approached. This Saturday morning was beautiful and warm enough to open the windows. As usual, dad was on the golf course, gone for the day. I had slept late and by the time I got up everyone was apparently gone.

Since the episode with Faye and Nikkie, they had pretty much ignored me. I guess Faye had learned her lesson well (at my expense and pain) since I was not "called upon" to be a teaching aid again. They flirted and teased whenever they got the chance, but for a couple of weeks, nothing. It was a mixed blessing. I was getting horny but dreaded another session.

After a quick breakfast, I got to my chores. Since we had a full time maid, except weekends, the chores were pretty minimal. Trash take-out was first on the list. I saved the master bedroom for last, thinking of checking out certain items of clothing. Nikki had worn a gown last night that almost had me hard from the minute I saw it. I definitely wanted to fully examine it. Maybe, if time permitted, I'd play with it and ease the "hornies".

I got all the rooms downstairs then proceeded through the rooms upstairs. Faye, as usual, had her room in tip top order. No slips or gowns out. Everything was folded and put away. I didn't want to root through her drawers because I was sure she'd notice. There would be hell to pay if that happened. I'd suffered for that once already. Collect the trash and get out. That was all there was to do there.

On to the master bedroom. It's a large bedroom and dad and mom each have their own walk-in closets. I got the trash first, then went back in. Her closet door was open and I could see the gown she'd worn last night on a hook on the door. It was a light blue/silver gown that had a skirt that must have had five yards of nylon tricot in it. It was gathered in a "high waist", just below the bust line. Above that the top had a plunging neckline that stopped at the gather line. The full panels of nylon that covered the breasts could easily be pulled aside. They narrowed as they went up to become the straps. The back of the top was a full panel.

I walked across the bedroom to the door that held the object of my desire. The old stirrings started in my lower stomach. I knew this hunger well. There would be no "maybe, if time permits." This gown would have me and soon. I looked inside to find the label. It read "100% Nylon Tricot, exclusive of decoration". There was no decoration. It was all nylon.

I'd deliberately worn shorts today, partly because of the nice weather but also for this. I dragged the skirt of the gown against my thighs. My cock started to stir as the feeling in the pit of my stomach intensified. Then taking the skirt in my hand, I brought it up under my T-shirt across my stomach. Closing my eyes, I simply enjoyed the silky fabric against my torso. Suddenly, there was a pair of arms reaching around me, grabbing fabric and joining in the caressing, quickly moving to my nipples. I felt a pair of wet lips at my ear.

"You like the feel of this gown, don't you, sweetie?" she mocked.

I turned in shock to see Nikkie looking at me, a slight smile on her lips and a strange look in her eyes.


"That is for not asking permission to use this gown," she said and after a pause added, "Now that's out of the way, where were we?"

I stood there, totally stunned. I hadn't believed she would have ever done anything like that. It was the first of many surprises that day.

"Ah, yes. We were just about nipple high," she said.

She then picked up the skirt of the gown, lifted my shirt up to my shoulders and proceeded to rub the silky material on my chest with particular attention to my nipples.

The shock value was tremendous. My face still tingled from the slap while my nipples were hardening to the caress of the nylon. My cock began to stir again.

"Take off your clothes, NOW."

Again, I was stunned. "What?" I replied.

She then, with little effort, started a tear in the shirt with her nail and ripped it open. I was still in a state of shock as she slid the shirt off my shoulders.

"The shorts, HURRY!"

I obeyed, bending over to slide the shorts down, not knowing what would happen next. As I straightened back up, she slid the skirt of the gown over my head. Without even realizing what I was doing, I raised my arms through the holes as the gown slid down my body. The sensation almost brought me to my knees.

"Now, isn't that better than trying to cop a feel with the gown still hung on the door? How does it feel? Do you like it? Tell me."

I loved it. Standing there, still in shock and feeling the gown's silkiness all over my body was intense. Even just breathing caused the gown to caress me. My cock continued its journey to full erection.

I finally managed to respond, "Yes, it feels very good. I've never felt it like this before."

She looked me in the eye, then reached up with one hand and started unbuttoning her tailored dress. Four buttons and it opened like a coat. Underneath was a sight that took my breath away.

She pulled open the dress to reveal a royal blue full slip with a matching uplift bra. The slip shimmered in the light. Three inches of elegant lace adorned the hem and side split. Lace came down from the top of the slip to just under her breasts. The uplift bra made it look like she was going to fall out of the top. As the dress dropped to the floor, she reached around behind her back and unhooked her bra. Without revealing anything, she slid the bra off and dropped it to the floor. Just watching her strip would have made me hard, let alone what the gown was doing to me as I watched. During the whole strip, her eyes never left mine.

She stepped out of her high heels and up to me in one movement. Taking the nap of my neck in her hand, she pulled me to her and kissed me, her tongue entering my mouth like an intruder. It was not a kiss born of passion but of possession. Her tongue entered my mouth as if I were her property. Her free hand simply roamed over the gown, caressing and teasing as she held me close. I heard her muffled chuckle as I tried to kiss back.

Molding herself against me, she moved like a snake. The two layers of nylon slid against each other and felt so good. Her hips began a slow gyration that caused the nylon to rub against my cock in a totally new way. Spasms of pleasure washed through my loins as I tried to match her rhythm.

She broke the kiss and pulled back just far enough to allow the hand that had been roaming all over my back and hips to go to the front of the gown, just above the waist. Slowly she brought her hand to my cock, watching me the whole while and taunting me with her eyes. This was a Nikkie I never knew existed. Her hand roamed all around my lap area except my cock. She could see the begging in my eyes.

"Beg. Beg me to pet your cock.."

I could only moan.

She laughed mockingly as she pulled me to the bed with one hand and pulled the covers down with the other. My mind raced. This is dad's bed. She is going to do me in his bed? I began to panic.

She pulled me hard enough so that I landed on the bed, on my back. She was next to me in a moment. Her hand resumed its exploration of my crotch area, taking time to fully explore my nylon erection. She worked the palm of her hand over the tip. The feeling nearly drove me crazy. She threw her right leg over me and was straddling me. My panic subsided as she pressed her breasts into my face. I kissed them in adoration as she guided me to first one then the other. Rising up slightly so I could watch, she slid the straps of the slip off her shoulders, eased down the lace portion of the slip and brought her left nipple to my lips. I eagerly kissed, then licked, then sucked her breasts. Then I got the next shock. As I sucked, I tasted fluid running into my mouth. She was nursing me. She held me to her breast and I drank deeply.

She whispered in my ear, "Bet you haven't been nursed in years." Then she laughed.

Her hips had started a rhythmic motion up and down my shaft. Two layers of nylon between us slid, teased and tantalized. I humped back. She pulled back and reached down to fondle my cock.

"My, that's a lot of pre-cum," she stated as she examined the gown directly over the head. Collecting some of the liquid, she brought her fingers up to her lips. I could see the liquid as she licked them clean. "You must be close to cumming."

She lifted the gown up to my waist, then lifted her slip.

"Have you ever had sex with a woman?"

"N-n-no," I stammered (it was more than an answer, it was a plea not to do this).

All I could think of was that my stepmother was about to lay me. Panic returned but I was powerless to prevent what was about to happen.

"You won't be able to say that in just a moment."

She guided the head of my cock to the lips of her womanhood, then thrust downward until she had me completely in her. I was lost in a sea of sensations. Sensory overload would pretty well describe what I was going through.

She pulled the skirt of the gown up over my face and began to kiss through the nylon as her hips started the rhythmic motion. Her strokes were perfectly long enough to go from the base of my cock to the head, without letting the head come out completely. After a few minutes of this, she pulled back the skirt and brought me her left nipple this time.

"Drink. Drink deep."

I obeyed and sucked. The more I got, the more I wanted.

She sensed I was close to cumming and stopped. She just held there, motionless, studying me as I went out of my mind. Finally after several moments, she started the rhythm in her hips again. Three more times she did this to me, bringing me to the brink, then stopping and studying me as I cooled down. The third time I noticed her eyes glazed over and she tightened every muscle in her body. Only later did I learn that was an orgasm.

After the third cooling down period, she said, "Can't very well let you cum in me, can we?"

She withdrew me, and placed my cock on her stomach and covered it with the slip. Then those marvelous fingers began to massage my cock with the slip. A look of victory and pride crossed her face when she felt me tense and the slip starting to get wet in her hand. I felt the orgasm rack my body like an electric shock. I think there were four spasms of cum but I couldn't count them.

She kept up the stroking, giving me full release and asking, "Is it good? Are you enjoying the slip? The gown? Did you enjoy having sex with me?"

She carefully reached one finger under the base of my cock and milked up the last of my cum onto her belly.

I was racked with guilt, pleasure, shame, desire and wonder all at the same time.

"WHAT is going on here?" A new voice in the room.

I looked and did a double take. There were two Nikkies in the room.

"I see you have met my twin sister, Val. Val, do you know you have just laid my step son?"

"Of course, Nikkie. I planned it this way."

She pulled up the slip to show her victory to her sister. There was a lot of cum. She reached down and ran her fingers over my now exposed cock and through the lake of gossamer liquid on her stomach and brought it to her lips.

"MMMM. There is nothing like fresh young teenage cum" she said. Then scooping up another batch, brought it to my lips. "Here, try it" she laughed.

I accepted it without hesitation, looking at the demon on top of me with more than a little fear.

She laughed as she got out of bed, pulling the slip over her head. She tossed it to me and started for the shower, still collecting the cum off her belly and licking it off her fingers, as if it were icing off a cake.

"I need to borrow your black slip. Have junior there wash my slip while I'm at the meeting this afternoon, uh provided you can get him out of your gown. He seems to like wearing it."

"Damn it Valerie. I wish you'd quit playing with my toys."

Not really knowing what to do and since no one had told me to get up, I laid there in bed with the gown caressing me with every breath I took. Even though I had just cum, it felt very silky and I wanted to respond to it.

Val walked out of the bathroom naked and into Nikkie's closet. She re-emerged wearing Nikkie's new black slip. She finished dressing and ran Nikkie's comb through her hair.

I sat up and started to get off the bed.

As she walked out of the room, she looked over her shoulder and said to me; "I expect that slip to be washed and folded when I get back. You will present it to me and you will be naked when you do."

Then she said to Nikkie, "If you decide to play, don't drain him. I will want him when I get back." She left the room.

Nikkie turned and looked at me.


"That's for having sex with my sister."


"And that's for using my gown without my permission."

I was numb beyond being scared anymore, and more than a little relieved. I replied, "I already got slapped for that."

"She never let on, did she?"

"I never had a clue it wasn't you. I knew something was different. I just couldn't figure what."

"Did she nurse you?"

"Yes" I answered meekly, not knowing what to say.

"Oh No! There is something about her milk that is addicting. After tonight, she will simply wait for your withdrawal symptoms to appear. Then it will get really bad."

"Poor thing. You must have been confused, not to mention scared" she said with just a hint of mocking in her voice.

She cradled my face in her hands. She looked down at my lap. "My, you do enjoy wearing that gown, don't you, sweetie?" Her hand caressed the growing "tent" in my lap.

"Unzip me." She turned around so I could reach the zipper in back. I did and as the dress opened I saw a slip I had not seen before. She slid the dress off her shoulders. As it hit the floor, she kicked off her heels and jumped up on the bed. The slip was beautiful. It was coffee colored and the lace was chocolate. The hem had three inches of lace and did not have a split. The chocolate lace around the top of the slip was about two inches in back, widening as it came around front to about three inches. There was an accent of lace that ran under her breasts and tied in with a run of lace between her breasts. The nylon was a heavy type that didn't bunch up and stayed wrinkle-free. It was silky but not filmy. The ribbon straps slightly wider than found on less expensive slips. Everything about it said it was a high quality slip and must have cost well over $100. She could have worn it as a dress. I relished the thought of feeling that slip against me, even if it meant more denial training.

"You heard her. I can't let you cum but I do want to play. You probably don't want to take the gown off yet anyway. And besides, a little teasing and you'll be in good shape for when she comes back."

She leaned over and kissed me. The kiss was one of possession but loving possession. She gave as much with the kiss as she took. Her hands roamed over my nylon-covered body, gently caressing. I surrendered to the feeling and relaxed, laying back. Our tongues entwined and caressed. I put my arms around her and unhooked her bra. As she broke the kiss she looked at me and smiled, allowing me to take the bra off her. She looked down to my lap to admire the work her hand had accomplished. The smile on her face told me she was pleased. I felt her hand continue to stroke my shaft in slow easy motion that let me fully enjoy the fabric of this incredible gown. I knew what to expect. She had done this to me when teaching Faye about orgasm denial. Just so close then a well placed finger would stop the built up.

"We are going to have quite an evening with you."

I thought to myself this could be Heaven, this could be Hell
- "Hotel California", the Hollies.

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