tagIncest/TabooCruel Intentions Ch. 06

Cruel Intentions Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Bonnie's and My First Blowjob

The girls had not decided on a date for Bonnie to get her "oral" instructions, and they made a point out of taunting me about it. At school, either or both would flash slips and knowing smiles whenever they caught my eye. At this point, I think she could make me look at her through telepathy. I would feel compelled to look in a certain direction and there she would be. At first, she would look at me and smile, as if I had just performed a trick she wanted. Later, she would just seem to know, even if her back was to me. I always got a flash of slip.

On one occasion, Faye caught my eye in the lunchroom while she was eating a Popsicle. She was sitting with her "girls" as she called them. As my eyes found her, she slid the Popsicle into her mouth in a manner that caused an instant stir below my belt. Slowly, her lips holding firmly around it, she slid it all the way in to the base. She paused and looked directly at me, then slowly backed it out until the tip emerged. With open lips, she circled the tip with her tongue, never taking her eyes off me till she pulled the pop down. Then she turned her head and rejoined the conversation. I went back to my lunch but a few minutes later, I felt the calling again. This time she circled the pop with her tongue, and at the last minute before sliding the tip into her mouth looked at me again, her eyes taunting. In and out went the Popsicle until at last she bit down as it came out of her mouth and the top two inches disappeared. The look in her eyes made me shudder. If any of her "girls" caught on, they didn't show it. Their animated conversation broke up in laughter, Faye laughing as if on queue, and sneaking a blow kiss in the process.

The group broke up and went to dump their trays. As she passed where I was sitting, Faye slipped me a note.

"Tonight's the night" is all it said.

I knew what it meant, but could not fathom the teasing and torment that was in store for me as the "teaching aid" for this session. It didn't matter any more. I was a slave to anything Faye wanted to do to me and I absolutely had the hots for Bonnie.

I could only wonder what was in store for me. I'd never had a complete blow job, though Faye had often teased me, taking me in her mouth for a few strokes, especially if she thought I needed to be harder. I knew that however it happened, a quick cum was not in the cards for the night. Faye would see to that. She delighted in seeing how long she could prolong my climax, even when she had me stroking myself. On more than one occasion she made me beg to cum. I knew tonight would be like that.

I'd ridden to school with Faye and as we walked out of the building toward the student parking lot, Bonnie caught up with us.

"I can't wait for tonight" she said excitedly.

"You are going to have so much fun watching Ken writhe in agony" replied Faye.

"Ken, did you drink lots of water today like I told you? I don't want you getting dehydrated on us tonight" she added.

Then she let on to some of what she had in store.

"Bonnie, tonight you will learn, among other things, how to milk a man of cum without letting him have an orgasm. "

Bonnie looked at me and licked her lips, not so much in a seductive way as a predatory way. Again I shuddered.

As she walked to her car, she turned and flashed me her slip. Since I'd only seen the one the night she came over, each time she did it I got to see a new slip. I loved it and hated it at the same time. I ached to feel her hand wrap the nylon of each of those slips around my shaft.

We got into Faye's car and as we left the parking lot, she started to explain how the night would work.

"Bonnie's folks are going to be out so instead of our house, we will meet at her house. That should please you. I know you have wanted to see her bedroom and maybe even sneak a look in her slip drawer."

She went on. "I want you to be totally passive. For that reason I think it best if we restrain you. I want you to take that pill when we get home. That will ensure that you stay hard long enough for us to have our fun. Take a shower when we get home and scrub yourself"

Faye explained to our parents that she and I were going to the library after dinner. She came downstairs after dinner wearing a red dress that she didn't often wear. I knew she had a red full slip and hoped she had it on. I hadn't seen her in it.

It was already dark when we got into the car so I couldn't get a glimpse of the lace.

Bonnie met us at the door as we got out of the car. She was obviously excited. She too, wore a dress, a blue one that buttoned down the front. As she stepped forward, I thought I saw a glimpse of lace. Was that a royal blue slip under the dress?

I got a perfunctory peck on the cheek, while Faye got something far more passionate. I'm sure Bonnie had checked out Faye's tonsils thoroughly by the time the kiss broke.

"Come up to my bedroom" she said as she bounded up the stairs.

The house was almost as big as ours, with high ceilings and very elegant. Her room was really nice. A Queen-size bed with brass headboard and footboard filled only part of the room. The satin comforter was pulled down and pink satin sheets covered the bed. There was a settee in the corner as sort of a reading area. She also had a large TV in the room. There was a door to a private bath off to one side. The closet was a walk-in type and would have been a small room in many houses. Three sides had hanging clothes and I noticed that there was a large selection of gowns on one end. Her dresser was very large with six drawers. Close by was a lingerie chest. I wondered which one had her slips.

After the tour of the upstairs, we settled in her room.

Faye started. "I think you owe Ken more of a kiss than what you gave him at the door. After all, you are going to kiss other parts of his body tonight. Give him a kiss to break the ice."

Bonnie smiled, said, "You're right. That was cruel of me." With that she came over to me and took my face in her hands, pulled me to her and pressed her lips to mine. I nearly exploded right then. Then her lips parted and her tongue found its way into my mouth. It was like a serpent with a mind of its own. Her lips moved against mine, as the serpent in my mouth explored and caressed its way until it entwined with my tongue. I immediately started to get hard. She had molded herself to me and felt it. She giggled through the kiss then started to pull away.

"That seems to have broken the ice, Faye." She turned and reached for Faye who in turn reached for her.

"It seem to have" agreed Faye, smirking at the bulge in my trousers.

They kissed again, and as they parted they each started unbuttoning the other's dress. Now I would see the slips. They each proceeded as if they were unwrapping a delicious gourmet dessert, each with a look of anticipation on her face.

As each got to the other's belt, fingers eagerly worked the buckles In a moment, the belts went to the floor with a soft "clunk". The unbuttoning continued. As they pulled open each other's dress, my hopes became reality. At the same time, each slid the dress of the other off her shoulders.

Faye was adorned in that pretty red slip I'd seen but had not touched yet. It was gorgeous. She filled it well, and the uplift bra pushed her breasts up nicely. She could have worn it as an evening gown. Lace accented the breasts and cascaded down the middle to almost her navel. The nylon shimmered in the light.

Bonnie, not to be outdone, was wearing a beautiful royal blue slip. The nylon shown with a soft luster that gave a hind to the silky sexual quality just about begging to be caressed. Bonnie too, wore an uplift bra that amply displayed her breasts.

They turned to me. "Well?"

I quickly undressed, tossing my clothes into a corner. I didn't even make a pretext of not undressing all the way.

As I tossed the last of my clothes, they smiled in satisfaction. Especially seeing that my cock was rising to the occasion. Just the sight of those slips and I got harder.

"Those are the two prettiest slips I think I have ever seen" I stuttered.

"Thank you" they replied then turned to each other and continued with the disrobing ceremony. They both discovered that the other was wearing a front hook bra and giggled. Maybe they were even the same brand, I don't know.

"I'd love to be the meat in your sandwich with you two in those slips."

"Down, Boy" came from both of them as they removed each other's bra from the beneath the slips.

Then they both walked over to me. Faye on my left, Bonnie on my right, they pressed against me, molding their bodies to mine. They began a cat-like move that rubbed nylon all up and down my sides. Then they began to walk around me. Bonnie was facing me first.

She looked into my eyes with a very confident smile. She knew I was loving what was happening. As she got fully in front of me she started moving her hips so that the beautiful blue nylon was rubbing against my cock. I leaned into it. She took my face in her hands again and kissed me. This kiss was intended to seduce. Her tongue matched the rhythm of her hips. My hips began to match her hips, thrusting in passion. I could tell there were no panties beneath that slip.

She broke the kiss and pulled back just enough to study my face. Her right hand traveled down from my face with a feather touch the length of my body to my hip, then slid between us. It collected a handful of nylon and wrapped it around my cock. She stroked slowly, knowing I was feeling every fiber in her hand. Her hand continued down and cupped my sacks in the nylon and gently kneaded them. The sensation almost made me swoon.

Then she slid around my side, never pulling back far enough that the slip wasn't in contact with me.

Now Faye was facing me. I'd felt her nylon clad body molding to my back as she moved cat-like against me, making sure the nylon did its work.

She pressed full against me, making sure the hard tube of flesh pressing against her was encased in nylon. She too, kissed me slowly with that seductive yet cruel way that she has. Gathering the slip in one hand, she took hold of my cock and rubbed it against her belly. I pumped my hips into the tunnel of nylon, looking into eyes. She let me continue for a few minutes then pulled back. A wet spot of precum was visible on her slip.

"I think he is ready" she commented to Bonnie, "are you?"

Bonnie came around from behind me, keeping her slip touching me. She appraised my cock.

"I think he is and I certainly am," she said.

"Sit down on the hope chest at the foot of the bed, Ken" Faye commanded.

I did as I was told.

"I was going to handcuff him to the bed but I don't want to take the chance of scratching that beautiful brass. Guess we'll have to tie him."

Bonnie produced a pair of nylon stockings. She tossed one to Faye. Both of them grabbed my arms and proceeded to tie me to the foot of the bed. I didn't resist. It wouldn't have done any good.

When they had tied knots that Houdini couldn't have gotten out of they looked at me and then at each other.

"He's totally at our mercy" Faye said. "Whatever we want to do to him, there is nothing he can do about it."

As if on queue, they pulled their slips over their heads, dragged them up and down my body a couple of times and dropped them at my feet. I promised myself I would enjoy both those slips without them to torment. I was now tied up and helpless with two beautiful naked women in front of me. I marveled at their bodies. Both had firm C cup breasts, hour-glass figures and shaven pussies. Faye had nicer legs but Bonnie's hips were better.

"Spread your legs" Faye told me.

I did. They kneeled between my legs.

Faye took my cock in hand. "I like circumcised cocks best. I like the "helmet" and the silky texture of the shaft. It really feels good in hand. Don't get me wrong, I like both kinds" she said with a giggle.

She lifted my cock so that Bonnie could see the underside.

"See this vein? This will be how you can control his cumming. You can milk it, or if you hold firm around the base and put your thumb on the vein, you can prevent him from cumming. You need to be careful of the sacks, as I am sure you know. But these are wonderful play with."

She kneaded my sacks gently.

"Right, Ken?"

"MMMMMMM" I moaned.

"They also respond to the tongue very nicely."

She leaned forward and tongued the sacks, taking them into her mouth. Her hand gripped my cock loosely and stroked me gently. I could feel all the roughness of her tongue on my sacks.

She withdrew, and pulled back enough to appraise her work. One look at my face and she knew she'd accomplished the desired effect.

"Why don't you try?" she asked Bonnie

Bonnie shifted position. She took hold of my cock around the base and studied it for a few moments. Then she began to caress my cock, more for exploratory reasons than for my benefit. She played like that for a few minutes, getting the feel of the shaft, then shifting to the head. Her fingers had a very light touch. Once she had felt every nuance of the "helmet", she shifted back to the shaft.

"Boy, the shaft is very velvet-like. It does feel very good in my hand. "

Her hand went to the under side of my cock and down to the sacks. She tenderly, cautiously took each sack in hand in turn, examining, exploring.

She backed off and just stared at my cock, holding it by the base.

"Cuddle it against your cheek. Look at him while you do it and watch his reaction", Faye coached.

Bonnie leaned forward and rubbed the shaft against her cheek. At first it was tentative, then more and more, she cuddled lovingly. She looked up at me.

My mouth was slightly parted and my breathing was getting heavier. She smiled at my reaction and her cuddles became almost long strokes. I think I could have cum all over her cheek if she'd kept it up. But she stopped and backed off to just look at my cock head-on. There was a small drop of precum on her cheek. Faye leaned over and licked it off.

"Go ahead, Bonnie. Kiss it at first, then just let it part your lips and take it into your mouth like it was his tongue" Faye urged her.

She leaned forward and extended her tongue, just touching the tip of my cock. I twitched and gasped. She explored a little further. Bringing my cock closer to her face, she tongued the "helmet" slowly and tentatively at first, then with more enthusiasm. I could feel each of the little buds on her tongue as it swirled around my "helmet". Then her lips pressed against the tip. They parted and the "helmet" disappeared. She looked up, unsure of my reaction. The look on my face must have told her all she needed to know. I could see her eyes smiling at me but her lips held fast to the object between them. Her tongue caressed a couple of licks and she looked up. Now eagerness ensued as her tongue came around the back side of my "helmet" and caressed. Her hand began to work as her lips and tongue continued their ministrations. I squirmed and moaned both at the pleasure and the torture of it.

"Hold still" Faye commanded, and grabbed a handful of my pubic hair.

I stopped moving.

Faye, realizing that she'd not need to coach Bonnie much more, shifted so she could reach Bonnie's body and mine. She let go of the hair and began to gently caress my inner thigh, studying Bonnie all the while. Then she reached over and began to fondle Bonnie's breasts.

Bonnie moaned and leaned into Faye's hand. She got bolder and had begun to take more and more of my cock into her mouth. With each plunge and withdrawal her tongue would caress the shaft. At first, her teeth would catch on the backside of the "helmet" when she withdrew but after a couple of strokes, she figured out how to keep her teeth out of harms way.

Bonnie paused for comment. "its so velvety in my hand and mouth. I can feel all the little bumps on the shaft as it slides over my lips. My tongue can feel the outline of the vein. This is amazing."

Faye couldn't resist coaching. "Don't make your lips too tight. Let him feel your soft lips against that shaft. That's it. Let it go deeper" she whispered in her ear, and then slid her tongue into Bonnie's ear, breathing deeply, massaging her breast.

I heard her add, "Seeing you do that is so sexy."

"Not as sexy as doing it" she answered, giggling.

By now Bonnie was swallowing half my cock. From the look on her face, it was clear she was enjoying every stroke. Then she stopped. Taking my cock from her mouth, she leaned over and kissed Faye on the ear. Faye turned and they kissed, tongues lashing out wildly. Bonnie pulled back

Then she offered my cock to Faye.

Faye looked into her eyes and swallowed my whole cock right up to the base. I almost went over the edge right then.

"Teach me how to do that," demanded Bonnie.

Faye giggled, in spite of having almost eight inches by over an inch in her mouth. She pulled my cock out.

"All you have to do is open your throat. If you think you are going to gag, just swallow. That will not only get rid of the gag reflex but will pull his cock the rest of way in. Try it."

Bonnie didn't hesitate. She took my cock from Faye and took it straight to her lips. She gave me a look. It said "Hang On".

Her lips were very soft as they crossed over the "helmet", then traveled down the shaft. I could feel all the ridges in her lips as she pursed them to form the "seal" around my cock. I felt her pause for a moment, then her tongue slid under and I felt her throat against the head of my cock. I expected her to pull me out but she didn't. She just held me for a moment before slowly withdrawing. Her tongue caressed the underside of my cock. I was going out of my mind with pleasure.

Once my cock was free of the torture chamber of pleasure, her mouth, she said, "I want to try something."

Faye and I watched as Bonnie lifted my cock, exposing the underside. Then she leaned forward, and at the base of my cock and along the vein, she brought her tongue to a point and started up the vein. When she got to the top, she was greeted with a very large glob of precum. She glanced up at me with a teasing expression on her face and licked the glob from the lips of my cock.

I think she was about to stand up and kiss me with that glob but Faye stopped her.

"Mine" was all Faye said as she pulled Bonnie to her and kissed her, stealing the precum from her tongue. As she let Bonnie break the kiss, she leaned over and kissed each of her nipples, tonguing them to erection.

Bonnie placed a hand on the nape of Faye's neck and pulled her closer. She was feeding her breasts to Faye. At the same time, Bonnie's free hand continued to pet my cock and balls. She then leaned forward and was able to take my cock into her mouth while nursing Faye. She looked up at me with a taunting look in her eyes.

I did not believe what I was seeing. Aside from the turn-on of watching Faye suck Bonnie's breast with wanton abandon, lost in lust, and Bonnie in total control, holding Faye to her breast with one hand and holding my cock with the other, swallowing my cock, there was more. Faye, the woman that had enslaved me with slips and gowns, was becoming more and more subservient to Bonnie. She was becoming lost in lust for her. The hand that had been caressing my inner thigh was now cupping Bonnie's other breast, gently rubbing the nipple between her fingers.

The feeling of her lips and tongue and the sight in front of me was almost too much. I closed my eyes and moaned. If I didn't concentrate, Bonnie's mouth would fill with sperm very soon.

Bonnie pulled back after a few minutes. She again milked precum from me with her tongue. This time it was all hers and she made a show of collecting it on her tongue, then looking into my eyes as she pulled her tongue in and swallowed. She smiled and said "MMMM, can't wait to taste the whole thing.

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