tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCruel Summer Ch. 05

Cruel Summer Ch. 05


He couldn't help it. The scent of pussy made his cock harden and he gasped as a rough hand grasped his hardness and gave it a couple of strokes. "Stop! Get your hands off me!" Laughter followed his shout and the hand tightened, the movement slowing. Sweat broke out across his body and he tried to fight the sensations that were taking him over. The pussy cream smeared under his nose wasn't helping. "Stop! Please!" The hand continued stroking, moving faster, then slowing down and making him grit his teeth.

"Don't go to fast, Larry. We don't want him to shoot just yet."

"I know. Bring her over here."

Camisa bit her lip in frustration as the fingers were pulled from her pussy, leaving her dangling on the edge of an orgasm and did as the men asked. She got up with Eddie's help, then was forced to kneel a few steps away. Not being able to see was driving her crazy and having her hands tied was making her mad.

"Bend over." She bent at the waist, quietly wishing for the hand to return. "Now suck."

"Suck what?"


Her head was forced down and something warm and sticky bumped her mouth. "What is it?"

"Just shut up and start sucking."

Camisa knew what it was. It was a cock. She'd had a little experience in sucking cock before but she'd never enjoyed it. The way the slimy stuff tasted that came out of the pee hole made her stomach turn and she didn't like the way the man would shove his thick tube down her throat. She remembered doing it with Robby and how she'd gagged when he'd finally cum, shooting that slimy stuff down her throat. She'd hated every minute of it.


Larry bent and whispered in her ear. "You want me to fuck you again."

Her pussy answered positively but she shook her head. "No."

"Then start sucking."

She sighed, tears burning her eyes as she leaned forward, waiting for the cock to bump her lips again. When it did, she reflexively opened her mouth, taking the wide fluted head past her lips, her tongue sliding over its spongy surface. Someone moaned and she closed her mouth, creating a vacuum and sucking for a solid five minutes before coming up for air. Around her, Eddie and Larry snickered at her efforts to make the man cum.

"I could do better myself."

"Come on! Put your back into it!"

Nick didn't know what the men were complaining about because he sure wasn't. Whoever was sucking on his cock was doing a good ... no, great job. He was almost ready to pop when she'd stopped. Still, he kept quiet, fearing their wrath and sat still as her hot mouth descended again, her tongue rougher as it lashed his rod. A shiver went through him and he fought the urge to flex his hips upward, remembering that she was a victim as well but when she deep-throated him, he lost it.

Camisa held her breath as the long, thick tube of flesh moved past her teeth and tongue, sliding to the back of her throat and whimpered as she felt the head balloon. The man was close. She lifted up again, then took his length once more, rubbing her tongue wherever she could. His deep moan of appreciation told her that she was doing it right and she dipped her head again and again, taking him into her throat and swallowing his copious juices. Then, she felt it. The skin hardening to steel and his guttural grunt signaled his release. She tried to raise her head but Larry pressed her down, forcing her to swallow the thick cum that pumped from the cock.

Nick gasped when her head was pressed back down and his entire body vibrated as he came, his rod throbbing in her throat. The act of her muscles swallowing his jizz made him shoot harder and only her sob alerted him to the fact that she was not enjoying it as he was. Still, he pulsed three more times, releasing his seed and slumped in the chair when he was done. He felt her mouth leave him and another tongue bathed the escaped semen from around the base of his cock, drawing another long moan from him.

"He tastes good, Larry. I want more."

Larry just grinned. "All in due time, Eddie. We'll have plenty of time to taste him later. It's her turn now."

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