tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCruel Summer Ch. 07

Cruel Summer Ch. 07


Nick swallowed past the lump in his throat and crawled up over her body. He didn't want to rape her but he had no choice. If it meant being able to walk out of here alive, he would make it up to her somehow. He licked his lips, tasting her exquisite honey and his cock leaped, dripping pre-cum all over the coverlet, then onto her pussy lips.

"I'm sorry."

"No … "

The sound was strangled in her throat as he thrust into her body, his hard cock splitting her pussy open wide. It had been quite some time since she'd last had sex and this man was larger than she'd taken before. She was grateful that he paused once he'd buried himself in her, waiting for her body to relax and accommodate him and somehow, the weight of his body on hers began to feel comfortable. She wished that she could wrap her arms around his shoulders and closed her eyes beneath the blindfold, imagining that he was Nick, biting her lip as he started to move. Oh, Nick! Where are you?

Nick groaned when he pulled out of her, conscious of the amount of pussy honey that was clinging to his cock. She was really wet and that made his cock harden even more. He sunk back in again, his arms underneath her body, clutching her ass while he pushed into her as hard as he could. "You feel good."

"So do you." She answered breathlessly. A gasp escaped her as his mouth closed over her nipple, the teeth grazing the tender flesh and making her hiss in sweet response. Her pussy gripped him tighter and he shivered, hesitating for a moment before moving again, sliding more deeply into her slick canal. Oh, Nick! I wish this was you! Suddenly, her feet were freed and she tilted her pelvis, taking him deeper into her cunt and moaning when he reached bottom. "Oh, God, yes!"

Nick couldn't breathe as he sank balls deep into the woman. He'd never felt anything like it before and he was having trouble staving off his release, especially when her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck. He pushed in and felt her hips tilt up in response and all at once, a wave of heat scoured his body at the same time she softly whimpered in his ear. His explosion took them both, leaving them both shaken and gasping for air.

"You can take your masks off now."

Nick pulled out of the woman and gingerly lifted the edge of his blindfold. The bright light blinded him for a moment but in seconds, he was seeing clearly and his heart skipped several beats as he stared into the face of his best friend, Camisa. "Camisa … "

Her eyes filled with tears, quickly overflowing and she pulled her hands up to cover her body, too embarrassed to meet his gaze. He quickly stripped off his shirt and draped it over her shoulders, sickened by the way she shook when his hands touched her.

"You know each other?"

"Yeah, why?"

Larry and Eddie glanced at each other, their shit-eating grins dropping to the floor. "Shit, Eddie. We're in trouble."

"She said to grab a random guy. We grabbed a random guy. How can we be in trouble?"

"Because he wasn't random enough." The taller of the two stood up, lowering the camera. "Your name isn't Nick, is it?"

"Yes, it is." Nick said angrily, yanking the coverlet off the bed and wrapping that around Camisa as well. "Why did you do this to us and who is the she that you're talking about?"

"The she is me." All eyes turned to the woman standing in the door. Lynda walked in, her face a mask of disdain. "I should never have trusted you guys to do a job."

"We did what you told us to do! How were we to know that he was the dude you wanted to keep?"

Lynda lashed out, viciously slapping them both. "You've ruined everything!"

Eddie backed away, huddling near his friend. "Then you should have done it yourself!"

"Lynda, what's he talking about? What's going on here?"

"I paid these two idiots to kidnap Camisa. I figured that once you saw what a slut she was, you wouldn't anything to do with her."

"Well, your plan did just the opposite." Nick pulled on his pants. "Not only do I want everything to do with her, I also want nothing to do with you."

"But Nick, honey," Lynda paused. "She just fucked a total stranger! She allowed a total stranger to rape her and enjoyed it!"

"No, she did her best in a bad situation. She used her brains and bought time. Maybe she could have escaped later since she pretended to be so willing to follow orders." He gathered Camisa up in his arms, making sure that she was well covered by the blankets. "Don't ever try to see me again or I'll have you arrested on kidnapping charges."

Lynda watched as Larry and Eddie stepped back, letting the young man head toward the open door. "I'll broadcast the video if you don't stay with me!"

"What video?" Larry asked sweetly, popping the cartridge out and stomping on it with his steel-toed boots. "You're a real bitch, you know that?"

"Hey, Larry, maybe we ought to teach her a lesson." Lynda tried to quickly move around Eddie but found herself caught between the two men.

"Yeah, sounds like a good idea."

Nick listened to Lynda's pleas, part of him wanting to rescue his former fiancée but his heart reaching out to the woman who should have been his fiancée to begin with. As he made his way toward the arising sun, he smiled down at her sleeping form, knowing that he would indeed make it up to her.

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