tagMind ControlCruise Ship Regeneration Ch. 01

Cruise Ship Regeneration Ch. 01


A cruise ship that specializes in human sexuality.

High Tech makes a dream come true.

01.01 Prologue, Cruise Ship Regeneration:

01.02 Evan and Susan:

01.03 Evan and Susan meet Ruth:

01.04 Evan, Preparation:

01.05 Evan, Gel, Preparation:

01.06 Evan, Gel, Genital Correction:

01.07 Evan, Gel, Prostate Correction:

01.08 Evan, Gel, First Ejaculation:

01.09 Evan, Gel, Nipple Enhancement:

01.10 Evan, Gel, Prostate Preparation:

01.11 Evan, Gel, Urethra, Prostate Enhancement:

01.12 Evan, Gel, Urethra, Erection Enhancement:

01.13 Evan, Gel, Testing and Conditioning:

01.15 Susan, Gel, Introduction:

01.14 Susan, Gel, First Orgasm:

01.16 Susan, Gel, Breast Enhancement:

01.17 Susan, Gel, Clitoris Enhancement:

01.18 Susan, Gel, Vaginal Enhancement:

01.19 Susan, Gel, Testing and Conditioning:

01.20 Evan, Susan, Performance Suite:

01.21 Evan, Susan, Oil Massage, Masturbation:

01.22 Susan, Evan, Deep Throat:

01.23 Evan, Susan, The Mating:

01.01 Prologue, Cruise Ship Regeneration:


The ship, Regeneration, is unique in the fact that its gross tonnage is 150,000 and its passenger capacity is only 1,200. It was built by GenTech, the international pharmaceutical giant and six genetic engineering laboratories. Under the direction of GenTech they had developed a breakthrough in sexual transformations and enhancements. The process involves a Gel organism that can be programmed with the transformation requirements of an individual, male or female.

The transformation categories are,

1. Female/Male to Hermaphrodite.

2. Male to female.

3. Female to male.

4. Male to Shemale.

5. Breast enhancement.

6. Genital enhancement.

The sexual entertainment categories for the theater and state rooms are,

1. A deployable version of the Gel without the transformation capabilities.

2. Sexual guidance and training.

When the trials and observation times were completed, GenTech built the ship 'Regeneration'. Its purpose was to minimize the attention and scrutiny that a land based facility would have and at the same time provide their clients with the comforts of a luxury ocean cruise. The ship contains three decks above the water-line for passenger suites and four transformation theaters below the water-line. GenTech has a large data base of international physicians, physiatrists and soc1al workers which refer patients when normal treatment or therapy is no longer working. In addition, a data base of wealthy investors and their family and friends are given preference to the ship's unique services. Singles and couples looking for a sexual 'getaway' are allowed to purchase tickets after a personal biography is drawn up on each of them. The waiting time is usually four to six weeks.

The Regeneration is berthed in Amsterdam. Its schedule is three weeks at sea and one week docked for resupply and new passengers.

Part-1 Susan and Evan, A wish come true

01.02 Evan and Susan:

Evan was born with a genital defect known as 'Micropenis'. At eighteen, the length of his penis was one inch, flaccid and erect. He is a freshman in college and does not participate in any sport program that requires him to undress in locker rooms and/or take open showers.

He is taking Computer Science and this is where he met Susan, also a freshman. She took an immediate liking to Evan and they met continuously in the Library, her house and at Starbucks. As the end of the Freshman year neared both had prepared each other for the finals. Throughout the year Susan had tried to draw close to Evan and was puzzled why he always kept her at arm's length. It was a beautiful Saturday morning as they made their way to the Library. Susan finally decided to take the direct approach and asked him why he hadn't tried to kiss her. It was something Evan had feared would happen and he broke down and cried. While a worried Susan comforted him, Evan explained the birth defect that had plagued him all his life. They never made it to the Library, instead they just walked around the Campus confiding their personal thoughts with each other.

Unknown to Evan, Susan's father was a referring Urologist to GenTech. After much soul searching Susan nervously approached Evan and told him she had talked to her Father and explained to Evan what who he was and what he did. She was much relieved when Evan didn't reject or get upset with her. He cautioned her that he had seen a multitude of Doctors and all told him that his problem could not be corrected.

He smiled at Susan and broke the tension by saying,

"I am getting used to sitting down when I have to pee."

They finally made it to the Library. Susan knew what GenTech could do and she also knew that she had found the love of her life.

Evan met with Susan's Father who gave him a complete physical including full blood tests and a prostate biopsy. He also took blood samples from Susan. Their blood would provide the necessary Genetic and DNA information that GenTech would use in its Gel programming. Evan wasn't aware that an HD camera was taking full frontal pictures of his nakedness.

01.03 Evan and Susan meet Ruth:

The summer break came and they were boarding the Cruise Ship Regeneration. One of the rules of the ship was that no clothes could be worn by the passengers. It was in effect, a floating nudist colony. Evan was given an exception to rule but had to wear a swimming suit. To make easier on both of them, Susan was also given the exemption.

They couldn't believe how luxurious and large their state room was. The walk-out balcony gave them a full view of the ocean. After unpacking, they made a tour of the ship and again were impressed by the genuine friendliness of the ship's crew. Within the hour the ship left the harbor and made its way to the open sea. As they relaxed on the deck chairs, a messenger arrived and told them that Ruth, GenTech's Certified Physician Assistant, would like to meet with them. They followed him into the lower deck to a door labeled THEATER 1 which wasn't very far from their state room.

A smiling Ruth greeted them and for the next half hour she explained in detail what the Gel was and how it would perform Evan's genital correction and enhance both their bodies.

She finished by saying,

"Evan you will be first, tomorrow morning at 08:00am. Wear the robes that are in the room. You both can come at the same time and Susan, you can watch Evan from the viewing room. It will take about an hour and then it will be your time."

Ruth informed them that their blood samples gave GenTech all the information it needed. She then instructed them on how to prepare themselves for their sessions. In the vanity of the bathroom, there is a Fleet Enema that Evan must give himself. There are also two bottles of a liquid depilatory that each of you must use to remove all bodily hair below your shoulders.

"I would suggest you have your dinner around 6:00pm tonight and Evan, give yourself the Enema at 10:00pm and then apply the depilatory."

Ruth stood up and said,

"Evan, sit tight for a few minutes while I talk to Susan in another room."

Ruth turned on a computer and started a slide show. It displayed the naked pictures of that her Father took of Evan. Ruth zoomed the screen in to Evan's genitals and Susan gasped in shock when she saw the tip of Evan's penis protruding through his pubic hair. No wonder Evan was wouldn't let any girl close to him.

Ruth said,

"This is why I brought you in here."

With a few clicks of the mouse, Evan's penis went from almost non-existent to a four inch erection. His grape sized testicles became normal. Ruth smiled when she the blush on Susan's face. Another series of mouse clicks and the erection became longer and thicker with the measurements being shown at the top of the screen.

Ruth said,

"I need your input."

She repeated the growth cycle a few more times and whispered to a stunned Susan,

"I suggest an erection of 8.25 inches x 3.00 inches and proportional testicles."

Susan looked at Ruth, smiled and nodded her head.

Evan saw them come back to the room and the beaming face of Susan. When he asked, Susan told him it was female talk.

Ruth walked them back to their state room to make sure they knew the way to the theater and then hugged them both before she left.

At 6:00pm they had dinner in one of the dining rooms then relaxed on their sectional watching a movie on the HDTV. At 10:00pm Evan reluctantly gave himself the enema. After which, Susan joined him in the shower. It was a little awkward at first since it was the first time they had seen each other naked. Evan cringed when he saw Susan looking at his 'private parts'. After the flowing waters washed the remnants of their hair away, they gazed at each other's nakedness. Evan's inch long penis was no longer hid by hair and cringed as he looked away,

Susan smiled and kissed him on the cheek,

Tomorrow, that will all be taken care of."

Both stepped out of the shower and dried each other off. In a few minutes they were snuggled up close to each other on the bed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

01.04 Evan, Preparation:

They awoke at 07:00am and a nervous Evan walked around the state room like a caged animal. Susan kept assuring him that everything was going to be Ok. They arrived in Ruth's office and a nurse led Susan though a door that led to the viewing room. She was surprised to see so many people in the theater.

Ruth smiled at Evan and said,

"First things first, remove the robe and hang it in the closet."

Evan did so, but did not look at Ruth.

Ruth smiled and said,

"Its Ok Evan, you don't have to be embarrassed around me. I am going to give you an injection containing powerful growth hormones that will act as a catalyst with the Gel's secretions."

What she didn't tell him was that it also included a calming sedative, a mild aphrodisiac and a drug that would make him 'open to suggestion'. She waited a minute or so until she saw the nervousness leave his face and a soft sigh escaped his lips when a wonderful warmth flooded his genitals and his nipples began tingling.

Ruth took Evan's hand and led him through a door marked 'THEATER'.

They entered the theater and Evan froze. His eyes flew open and his nervousness quickly changed to a sense of foreboding when he saw the large audience in front him. The arousal that was building in his body quickly faded. Ruth saw Evan's reaction and quickly comforted him by saying,

"These are the people that make your genital correction possible. Everything that happens to you from this moment on, is because of their efforts and expertise."

The 'suggestion' was now taking effect and Evan nodded his understanding.

He then saw a strange 'Chair' sitting beside a large, four foot square, gridded tile at the front of the stage. Below the Chair was a smaller gridded tile.

The 'Chair' is a unique computerized device that can move a restrained subject into any position, sitting, laying, kneeling or standing. It has no seat, only soft Gel-like supports for the legs, buttocks, back and arms. Foot rests, along with restraints are embedded within the ends of the leg supports. Any part of the 'Chair' can release skin absorbing chemicals.

Ruth led Evan toward the Chair and two attendants helped him onto to it. He looked nervously at Ruth as the attendants secured his wrists and ankles to the Chair's restraints. As his body settled onto the supports the Chair bent his legs at the knees and pulled them back to the sides of his hips. At the same time the Chair's seat pushed upward, spreading the cheeks of his buttocks apart.

Susan watched intently as Evan was being positioned into the Chair.

Ruth nodded at the Console Operator and said to Evan,

"We are going to start now. I will not leave you alone."

01.05 Evan, Gel, Introduction:

Ruth walked Evan so he stood on the large gridded tile. She explained to him that the enhancing Gel was beneath the grid and when 'signaled', would rise upwards, supporting his body. Ruth suggested that he would be more comfortable if he sat down on it. An anxious Evan felt the attendants gently grip his arms and guide him into a sitting position on the grid. His 'compliant' eyes watched as their hands bent his legs at the knees with his feet resting on the grid. His breathing came in nervous pants when he saw his spread nakedness on the monitor and his audience looking intently at him.

Ruth nodded at the Console Operator and said to Evan,

"Relax, you are going to enjoy this."

Suddenly Evan heard a low level gurgling sound beneath him and looked up into the monitor. His eyes opened wide when he saw a transparent, bluish, gelatinous mass oozing upwards through the gridded holes. He flinched and shifted his hips when he felt the Gel make contact with his spread buttocks and instinctively tried to stand up but the 'hands' on his shoulders held him firmly. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as the warm thickness flowed between the spread cheeks of his buttocks, across his rectum and then upwards under his bent thighs. At the same time it continued its upward flow along his back and then spread over his sides onto his chest.

The Gel secreted a reinforcing mix of docility and aphrodisiac drugs. Evan become calmer and his nervousness dissipated. The mass that was cushioning his buttocks pushed upwards and Evan felt himself rising above the grid giving his audience and Susan, a clearer view of his body. The warm mass under his arms, lifting them outward, level with shoulders. At the same his bent legs were spread apart and his body was put into a slightly reclined position.

As the Gel spread across his breast area, two small masses formed over each of his areolas. Within each mass, a depression formed into a 'mouth' and Evan sighed as each descended onto his nipples with a delicious action.

The Gel now had complete control of his body.

Both Susan and Evan saw the graphic close-up of his stub-like penis, small testicles and rectal area in their HD monitors. Both saw that Gel mass making its way between his bent thighs, spreading the cheeks of his buttocks further apart. His anal lips tingled as the soft Gel slipped over it, on its way toward his balls and penis. He felt his testicles slipping into warm, massaging pouch and sighed as the new sensations flowed across his loins and a tingling sensation rippled into the head of his small penis.

The flow of the Gel now reached his penis and his sigh became a soft moan as the Gel flowed onto his thumb-like penis, encasing it into a warm velvety sheath. As it closed around the soft stub of flesh, the Gel sheath began to caress and squeeze his awakening penis. The rippling sheath soon caused his excited penis to thicken but not lengthen. Evan's moan got louder as sensations that he had never felt before flooded his mind.

He looked at the monitor and blushed when he saw the small thickness straining upward between his thighs. Another moan escaped his mouth when felt the clear Gel sheath begin manipulating his hardness with an exquisite swirling action. It felt as though dozens of small fingers were caressing his excited penis.

01.06 Evan, Gel, Genital Correction:

The silky pouch and sheath that were encasing his balls and erection began to a slow massaging action as each secreted its growth chemicals. Evan sighed as a wonderful warmth saturated the junction of his thighs. Susan heard Evan's sighs and looked closer between his spread thighs. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Evan's balls and small erection were being massaged within a swirling pool of a clear liquid ... and they were growing.

Evan loins were exploding with exquisite sensations that he had never felt before in his life. His hips began shifting back and forth and his moans grew louder as his erection and testicles slowly spasmed their way through the growth process.

1.00" x 3/4" .. 1.25" x 7/8"

The tip of his erection tingled excitedly as the gland formed.

1.50" x 1.00" .. 2.00" x 1.25"

As his erection grew, Evan gasped at the new hardness that was throbbing between his thighs.

2.25" x 1.25" .. 2.50" x 1.25" .. 3.00" x 1.25"

The length and girth had reached its targeted size. The Gel's urethra probe would complete the expansion of Evan's new manhood. The growth liquid within the pouch and sheath were drained away and once again the exquisite massaging and squeezing actions were restarted. Evan moaned as his erection strained within the Gel's vagina-like sheath and Susan smiled.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

01.07 Evan, Gel, Prostate Correction:

Suddenly, Evan felt a warm, thickness pushing between the cheeks of his buttocks. A wide eyed Evan frantically shifted his hips in an effort to stop the advancing Gel. The Gel mass slipped through the spread cheeks and he froze when its purring thickness pressed onto his rectal opening. A round tip was formed which secreted a warm liquid that oozed into his tingling anal lips. The tight sphincter muscle relaxed and a euphoric warmth spread around the loosened opening and seeped into his rectal sheath.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

He felt the probe apply pressure against his tingling rectal opening and sighed as the tip slithered past the relaxed sphincter muscle into his rectal passage. A wave of warmth accompanied the thickening probe as it nudged inward and his erection jerked within the rippling sheath. He unconsciously started to push and grind his hips onto the Gel's probe as it entered his rectal sheath twisting and turning.

Evan shut his eyes and savored the new feelings that were spreading across his body. Again, his eyes flew wide open, his hips thrust downward and a loud gasp escaped his lips when the Gel's probe made contact with his underdeveloped prostate causing an incredible spasm to ripple across his loins.

"Uhh .. Uhh.. Uhh .."

The probe formed a massaging pouch over the top of the excited tissues and released its growth chemicals. Evan tensed as a new set up sensations gripped his mind.

Slowly the small gland started to expand. As his prostate grew, so did the seminal vesicles and the level of Evan's Testosterone. His moans and pants intensified as his prostate and erection began throbbing in sync with each other. His first release of preseminal fluids reached the opening on his tingly gland.

"Oh God .. what .."

01.08 Evan, Gel, First Ejaculation:

The probe's soft depression, that was pressing onto his prostate, intensified it exquisite massaging action. It deliberately and teasingly, spaced its joyous caressing of Evan's prostate. Every time it restarted, Evan's body was racked with a series of internal ecstatic spasms much like those that a woman would feel.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

His body shook and thrashed in ecstasy as the orgasmic freight trains roared throughout his rectal area, onto his erection and into his disbelieving mind. His erect nipples strained into the suckling 'mouths'. In a few seconds, Susan saw a graphic close-up of Evan's erection and saw the clear sheath begin to swell with his drooling preseminal fluids.

The Gel's probe lengthened to 7" x 1" with deep ridges along its flexing surface. It started a slow, ecstatic stroking action and Evan squealed in joy as the pulsing ridges slipped onto and off of his spasming prostate.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The probed began to vary its lunges from fast to slow, all the way in, all the out. An exquisite pressure was building within his 'new' prostate and at the base of his throbbing erection.

The Gel now intensified its assault on Evan's body. The suckling 'mouths' on his erect, tingling nipples, the clasping sheath encasing his erection, the massaging pouches holding his balls and the probe's incredible sweep over his excited prostate. Evan's mind and body had never experienced sexual joy before and he wailed as the new sensations exploded across his body.

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