tagMind ControlCruise Ship Regeneration Ch. 05A

Cruise Ship Regeneration Ch. 05A


Cruise Ship Regeneration 05A

A rare referral requiring special handling.

06.01 Michael, Emily, Sarah and Jamie:
06.02 The Family board the Cruise Ship:

06.03 Sarah Suite Preparation:
06.04 Sarah, GelPod, Preparation:
06.05 Sarah, GelPod, Hymen Removal, First Orgasm:
06.06 Sarah, GelPod, Breast Enhancement:
06.07 Sarah, GelPod, Clitoris Enhancement:
06.08 Sarah, GelPod, Vaginal Enhancements:
06.09 Sarah, GelPod, Testing and Conditioning:

06.10 Jamie, Suite Preparation:
06.11 Jamie, GelPod, Preparation:
06.12 Jamie, GelPod, Prostate, Rectal Enhancement:
06.13 Jamie, GelPod, Induced Ejaculation:
06.14 Jamie, GelPod, Nipple Enhancement:
06.15 Jamie, GelPod, Urethra, Prostate Enhancement:
06.16 Jamie, GelPod, Urethra, Erection Enhancement:
06.17 Jamie, GelPod, Testing and Conditioning:

06.18 Emily, Suite Preparation:
06.19 Emily, GelPod, Introduction:
06.20 Emily, GelPod, First Orgasm:
06.21 Emily, GelPod, Breast Enhancement:
06.22 Emily, GelPod, Clitoris Enhancement:
06.23 Emily, GelPod, Vaginal Enhancement:
06.24 Emily, GelPod, Vaginal Testing:

06.25 Michael, Theater Preparation:
06.26 Michael, Gel, Introduction:
06.27 Michael, Gel, Last Ejaculation:
06.28 Michael, Gel, Breast Growth:
06.29 Michael, Gel, Urethra Tube:
06.30 Michael, Gel, Loss of Testicles, Female Sexuality:
06.31 Michael, Gel, Penis to Clitoris:
06.32 Michael, Gel, Feminization:
06.33 Michelle, Gel, Vaginal Enhancement:
06.34 Michelle, Gel, Vaginal testing, Conditioning:

06.35 Michelle and the Girl:

06.36 Michelle, Emily, Jamie and Sarah:
06.37 Michelle, Emily, Oral, Fingers:
06.38 Sarah, Jamie, Discovery between Siblings:

Cruise Ship Regeneration 06B

06.39 The Pleasure Complex:
06.40 Fantasy Room, Emily, Plant Lover:
06.41 Fantasy Room, Michelle and her male Entity:
06.42 Pleasure Room, Sarah, Cathy, Harness, Fisting:
06.43 Pleasure Room, Sarah, Cathy, Harness, Sybian:
06.44 Fantasy Room, Jamie's Gay enlightenment:

06.01 Michael, Emily, Sarah and Jamie:

06.39 The Pleasure Complex: 06.40 Fantasy Room, Emily, Canine, Frame: 06.41 Fantasy Room, Emily, Canine, Frame Deep Throat: 06.42 Fantasy Room, Emily, Canine, The Mounting: 06.43 Fantasy Room, Michelle and her male Entity: 06.44 Pleasure Room, Sarah and her female Entity: 06.45 Fantasy Room, Jamie's Gay enlightenment:

06.01 Michael, Emily, Sarah and Jamie:

After eighteen years of marriage Michael found out that his wife, Emily, was a lesbian and was having secret relationships when he was on extended business trips. Not wanting to break his marriage up, he told Emily that he was considering an operation to change his gender. Emily was elated at the thought and encouraged him to do it. Michael applied to his health insurance company for a male to female transgender operation but the request was denied citing costs of the operations and the effects it would have on his 18 year old twins, Sarah and Jamie. The insurance company said that they would be physiologically impacted by their father's gender change and the resulting ridicule that they would endure at school.

Michael consulted with a Gender Therapist. She met with him separately then met with Emily. Emily told the Therapist that she wasn't sure of her kid's sexual activities. Sarah had blossomed early but Jamie's puberty was slow and spent most of his time playing video games.

The Therapist faced dilemma. She didn't want Michael looking for a rogue surgeon that would perform the operation(s) at a price he could afford and how to minimize the trauma to Sarah and Jamie. She is a preferred referrer to GenTech and after consulting with them, she was told that they would perform the male to female transformation at no cost to Michael. They would be responsible for the transportation costs to Amsterdam. Sarah and Jamie should not be told the purpose of the Cruise Ship. They would be conditioned prior to reaching the open sea when the 'no clothes' rule comes into effect.

The Therapist talked it over with Michael and Emily. They could afford the airline costs and arranged for the cruise during school's summer break. Sarah and Jamie were told that the cruise was a gift from their Uncle. Emily went online and for the next hour, filled out the forms and personal biography questions for all of them. She attached the full frontal naked pictures that the Therapist had taken of Michael. When asked what complimentary beverages and snacks they preferred, she entered,

Emily: Raspberry pastries and Ice Tea
Michael: Apple pastries and Lemonade
Sarah: Oats 'N Honey and Evian bottled water
Jamie: Peanut Butter cups and coke

After reviewing and correcting some items in the forms, she clicked 'Submit'. In two weeks Emily received the confirmation for their reservations and was told that they must check in at 90 minutes prior to the ship's departure time.

06.02 The Family board the Cruise Ship:

The check-in receptionist was expecting them and told them that three adjoining suites were reserved for them. Michael and Emily would have the center suite. She suggested that they view a video on their HDTV's that would show them the services that were available on each deck. She looked at Sarah and Jamie and told them that their videos were oriented toward their age group. GenTech would depart from its normal procedures and condition the family prior to the ship leaving port. After they left, the receptionist called Ruth.

They followed the porters and their bags to the suites. None of them were prepared the layout and luxury of the staterooms. Each of their suites had their complimentary snacks and beverages and the HDTV'S were turned 'on' and ready to take them on a visual tour of the ship.

Emily told Sarah and Jamie to unpack, relax, watch the video. They would meet in about a half an hour and take walk around the ship. While Michael and Emily were unpacking, a knock was heard on the door.

It was Ruth. She introduced herself and smiled at Michael,

"I will be the one in charge of your transformation. Does Sarah or Jamie know why you are here?"

Emily told her that they had followed the instructions and both of them think this is just a vacation cruise.

Ruth looked at Emily and said,

"The snacks and beverages, along with the videos will prepare Sarah and Jamie to accept a female 'Michael' and yourself as lifelong lesbian 'parents'. You were impregnated at a fertility clinic and both of you have raised them since their birth."

It took a few moments for Emily to really understand what Ruth had just said. Michael hadn't thought of the repercussions of his transformation and began to have second thoughts. Emily though, was Ok with it and quickly convinced Michael that they should proceed as scheduled.

Ruth asked if 'Michelle' would be an acceptable replacement name for Michael. Emily smiled and Michael nodded his approval. Ruth now knew who the dominant partner was in the relationship. The Control Room heard the confirmation for 'Michelle' and programmed Sarah's and Jamie's GelPod with the updated information.

Ruth continued,

"Michael, I want you to change into a robe that is in your bedroom's closet and come with me to my office."

It finally dawned on Michael that this was really going to happen and he became nervous. While Michael was changing, Ruth told Emily that the transformation process which would take about an hour. In the meantime, she should relax and watch the ship's video.

"The Raspberry pastries and Ice Tea are great, my favorites also."

Michael returned from the shower and Emily hugged him, whispering,

"I will be waiting for you .. Michelle .. along with Sarah and Jamie."

Emily unpacked with a mounting sense of excitement. She wondered if she should check in with her kids to see what was happening but decided not to.

06.03 Sarah, Suite Preparation:

Sarah entered her suite and walked into the bedroom where the porter had put he bags. She noticed that the bed had been turned down and two pillows were resting against the head board. A 24" HDTV sat on the dresser. As she put her personal items in the large bathroom, she noticed that there was both a bath and a separate walk-in shower. She looked into the shower and saw that there were multiple nozzles in the walls, ceiling and floor. A separate faucet labeled 'DEPILATORY' with the words 'WEAR SHOWER CAP' in bold letters.

After unpacking, she went into the living room and saw the Oats 'N Honey bars on the coffee table and went to the refrigerator and got a chilled bottle of Evian water. Sarah sat down on the sectional and began eating and drinking her complimentary snacks as she watched the HDTV show her what the Cruise ship was about.

Slowly, the drugs from the Oats 'N Honey bar and the water were working their way throughout her body. Sarah began staring at the HDTV as if she were in a trance. The tour of ship faded away and was replaced by a video showing a naked girl of her age, walking into the bathroom and standing at the open door to the shower. She turned on the waters and when it was nice and warm, she put on a shower and stepped into the flowing waters. In a few seconds she turned the 'DELILATORY' faucet and in a few more seconds all the hair on her body below her shoulders were gone.

While the video repeated itself, subliminal 'suggestions' were convincing her that her body would look so much sexier if all the hair on her body were removed, particularly at the junction of her thighs. After she had removed the hair from her body, she should sit on her bed resting against pillows that were at the headboard and watch the HDTV.

Shortly, the video and 'suggestions' stopped and Sarah came out of her trance like state and the video of the ship's tour continued. She thought of the walk- in shower and the depilatory came to her mind and decided she wanted to see how she would look with no hair hiding her sex. She walked into the bedroom, undressed, went into the bathroom, and turned on the water which flowed from a single head at the front of the shower.

The Control room was monitoring every move Sarah made. They would disable the depilatory if she didn't put on a shower cap.

As she waited for spray to reach a nice warm temperature, she looked at her nakedness in the full length mirror and smiled when she saw the nest of hair covering her genitals.

'That will all be gone shortly.'

She remembered the shower cap and put it on along with the two strips of tape for her eyebrows and stepped into the shower. When she was ready, she turned the faucet tagged 'DEPILATORY' to the 'on' position and immediately all the nozzles began flowing onto her body from all directions. The flow jettisoned up from the floor, between her legs and she quickly spread them. Soon the flowing mix reached every nook and cranny of her body and she sighed as a warm, satiny feeling made her body tingle and glow.

The tingling sensations slowly changed into 'popping' sensations. It was as if millions of bubbles were forming and exploding all over her body. She kept her eyes closed and spread her arms and legs apart so that all of her body could experience the wonderful 'popping' sensations.

Sarah opened her eyes and she gasped when saw all the hair on his body below her shoulders slowly dissolve and being washed away. Within seconds Sarah saw her nuded labia and thighs and she smiled as a sense of excitement filled her mind.

The sensations of the exploding bubbles quickly subsided as all the hair on her body was permanently dissolved. Sarah turned off the 'DEPILATORY' faucet and the normal flow of water came from the front shower head.

She stepped back out of the waters, picked up the bottle of liquid soft-soap and squeezed a liberal amount of the silky soap onto her hands. She spread and massaged the silkiness over her small breasts and tingling nipples. The slippery hands soon found their way down to her nuded labia and clitoris. The engorged appendage was protruding from its protective hood and she gasped when the tips of her slick fingers made contact with her hard organ of joy.

"Oh .. Jesussss .."

Her arousing fingers didn't stop there, her breathing quickened as they slipped between the swelling folds and teased the entrance to her womanhood. She gasped as two fingers slipped past her twitching inner lips and into her vagina, twisting and turning.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Sarah stood back, gasping and panting,

'No .. Not here, not in the shower."

She got the removable shower head and took a deep breath before she started rinsing her body of the silky soap. The pulsing spray soon found its way down to the junction of her thighs and Sarah squealed as her excited clitoris exploded.


She smiled sheepishly at herself,

'Just couldn't resist it could you.'

She turned off the water and dried her glowing body. Of course, the soft, fluffy towel went from drying to arousing.

A flushed Sarah looked at herself in the mirror and a smile crossed her face when she saw her young naked body. She hunched down a bit and spread her thighs for a better look at her nuded sex.

As she stood back up, she wished her breasts and clitoris were a little bigger but knew they would grow as she got older.

Sarah returned to the bedroom and was about to go back to sectional when 'something' convinced her to watch the HDTV from the bed. She quickly retrieved the bottled water from the living room and the remaining Oats N' Honey bar and climbed onto the bed and sat with her back resting against the pillows at the head of the bed. Using the remote, she turned on the HDTV and continued watching the video of the cruise ship as finished her snack and sipped on her water. Again thoughts of 'submission' and 'open to suggestions' were flowing into her mind from the HDTV.

Sarah wasn't consciously aware that the screen had switched to a video of a girl about her own age sitting on her bed the way she was. The girl was holding her arms out toward 'something'. Soon a round, Gel-like ball bounced onto the bed and onto the girl's lap. It was the size of a beach ball, transparent and lightly bluish in color. The girl picked it up and brought it to her upper chest and it snuggled onto her shoulders and neck. Sarah could hear it purring and the girl smiled and sighed.

She saw the GelPod spread itself downward over the girl's body and the sighs got louder. Sarah felt her clitoris tingle and a wetness seeped into her folds. All she could think about was the GelPod.

As the video progressed, Sarah sensed something near the open door to the bedroom. Suddenly a light-bluish glow illuminated the lower part of the doorway.

The video stopped and the HDTV was turned 'off'.

06.04 Sarah, GelPod Preparation:

Sarah's face beamed when a round, translucent, light-bluish, Gel mass rolled into the bedroom. She smiled as the glowing Pod rolled along the floor toward the her and bounced onto the end of the bed.

Sarah smiled and held out her arms to the glowing GelPod. It rolled onto her legs and nestled onto her lap. Sarah sighed as the soft purrs seeped into her labia. The feelings were like those when she touched herself 'down there'.

She reached down with both hands and lifted it up. A warm tinglyness spread into her hands and fingers. She smiled and brought it up to her chest and it nestled onto her shoulders and neck. It's glow seemed to pulse and it began purring.

As her hands caressed the glowing surface, the Gel began to spread across her upper chest and move downward. Sarah closed her eyes as the warmth reached her breasts and flowed over them. Her sigh became a bit louder as the Gel slowly encased each breast within a gentle massaging pouch. For the first time she felt a wonderful feeling seep into breasts and a small gasp escaped her mouth. Her nipples began to stiffen and two depressions formed within each pouch. The gasps became louder when the 'mouths' descended onto her stiffening nipples with a wonderful suckling motion.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The Gel blanket continued its downward flow across her abdomen. The leading edge of the Gel flowed onto her clitoral hood with slow, gentle presses and massages. Sarah gasped and her legs quickly spread apart. Slowly, the Gel coaxed her small clitoris to harden and soon its pink tip protruded out of its protective hood. The Gel flowed onto the tip with soft caresses and kisses and Sarah's hips jerked and her hands shot down and began massaging the Gel's purring surface.

"Uhh .. Uhh .. Uhh .."

The flow of the Gel continued downward between her spread thighs and molded itself to the folds of her labia. Once again that wonderful massaging action was started and Sarah moaned as her clitoris and labia were exploding with sensations of pleasure that she had only experienced few times before.

The GelPod now extended itself under her thighs and buttocks. It spread toward the underside of her knees and slowly bent her legs and brought them back toward her hips, spreading them apart. The Gel mass that was under buttocks pushed her hips upward and slightly forward giving it complete access to her open and flared sex.

Sarah's breasts, nipples, clitoris and labia were fully encased within a rippling blanket of purring Gel. Her arms fell to her sides and she leaned her head back against the pillows and moaned as new and wonderful sensations flooded her body and mind.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The GelPod now had full control of Sarah's body. The encasing blanket of Gel rippled and purred over her body and her mind reeled with the new sensations.

The control Center tweaked the GelPod's programming for Sarah's lesbian parent Michelle.

06.05 Sarah, GelPod, Hymen Removal, First Orgasm:

A small sheath-like tube formed from the mass that lay over Sarah's labia. The end formed into a suckling 'mouth' and slipped over the hard, pink tip of Sarah's clitoris. Her hips jerked at the ecstatic contact and she squealed with joy as it rippled over the rigid organ and into her clitoral hood.

The Gel mass that was formed over her labia now slipped between the flared folds and snuggled into the pink furrow, pushing the folds further apart. A delicious massaging action was started and Sarah felt as though a hundred tongues and mouths were now adorning her clitoris, labia, breasts and nipples.

She moaned as new, ecstatic sensations soared across her young body.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The massaging Gel kissed and caressed Sarah's fluttering inner lips that were already moist with their early juices. Her clitoris throbbed within the suckling sheath and she pushed her bullet-like nipples into the 'mouths' of the Gel's suckling pouches. As the Gel massaged the flared folds, it formed a half inch thick phallic and its head nudged against the treasured entrance of her maidenhood. Her clasping inner lips kissed and caressed the purring head as it nestled further inward.

For a few moments, Sarah's mind was flooded with conflict. Only her fingers had ventured into her vagina, now something thicker was at her open gate. Her enflamed and rigid clitoris was filling her vagina with a sense of unexplained need. She shifted her hips excitedly against onto the caressing head and pushed her sex down onto the thickness that was probing the portal to her virgin vagina.

"OHH .. OHH .. OHH .."

While her swollen folds and clitoris were being massaged and suckled, the GelPod's phallic slowly slithered inward past the stretching inner lips and into her young womanhood, twisting and turning.

Sarah gasped as new ecstatic sensations flooded her mind

"What .. What .. Ohhhhhhh .. Yessssssss .."

The flexing head nudged up against Sara's hymen and secreted a numbing chemical causing the sensitive membrane to lose its nerve endings. The half inch flexing head pushed through the small opening in the center of the membrane. Special ridges formed along the phallic's surface and with a few slow, reversing strokes, the phallic shredded Sarah's hymen. She only felt a slight pressure as her hymen gave way and the physical evidence of her virginity was taken.

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