tagIncest/TabooCruise to Alaska Day 05

Cruise to Alaska Day 05


Well before nine, I was sitting having coffee, hoping Linda would show up. I was getting pretty hungry, when I saw her big smile striding straight for my table. Crudely, I did not get up, but did greet her, "Good morning, Sexy. Did you have to explain very much to your nosey daughter?"

She sat, leaning close to whisper into my right ear, "I told her we did not have regular sex, but that I got so carried away masturbating you had to keep me from falling and then you left. Emile did not buy a single word of it. Her frustration would have been hilarious, but I was still enjoying what we did." She kissed my lips and straightened up, not caring if strangers saw or heard, she added, "Thank you for last night, Tom."

"It was my pleasure lovely lady. Let's get us some well earned breakfast."

As we wound down from breakfast and small talk, Linda said, "I feel guilty that all the fun was mine last night."

"You did send me home frustrated but when I got to my cabin I was so horny I abused myself for an hour, making a big mess. Did you notice when we kissed? I still haven't washed my lips because they taste of where you had your busy fingers." I paused while she blushed and enjoyed a little twinge run through her pussy. "But if you're feeling guilty and keeping score, I can come up with some really fun ideas."

Linda quickly realized that she had momentarily lost the spirit of our evening together. I brought it back to her, "Just watching the freedom and pleasure you allowed yourself, gave me a thousand times what I may have given you. I should be thanking you for letting me watch you release all that beauty your have inside you."

Linda's eyes filled with tears that did not flow down her cheek. I handed her my hanky, took her hand and led her on a walk, just to be together. About half the length of the ship passed under our feet before, I asked, "So, what do you and your frustrated daughter have on the agenda today?"

"She wants to meet you, this morning. She didn't want breakfast but I bet she's ready now."

"No she doesn't. She thinks I molested her mother and she is looking for a sharp knife."

"Be serious, Tom. She really does. I think it would be good for her. She is struggling in her life right now. She was a wonderful, fun, happy kid. But she's had some bad experiences with young men and is becoming an angry woman. She has given up dating, sworn off sex; all her friends seem androgynous. Maybe getting to know a playful, mature man would help."

"Mature, is it. Does that translate "Old Fart," "Dirty old Man" or just imply that I'm a little crazy, sweet and harmless."

"Please, Tom, I do not know how to help her. She is heading for serious problems."

"What were her bad experiences?"

"First, she lost her virginity to a guy's rough fingers when he wouldn't take "No" for an answer. She came home crying with blood all over her thighs and skirt. Then, earlier this year, she really liked a very handsome, popular college boy. She was full of romance novels and wanted to give herself to her dream man. He got drunk and forced himself into her. He was thick and she wasn't moist or relaxed enough to take him. He took her anyway and messed her up pretty bad."

"I understand. OK, Mom, I'll be brave. Call the inquisitor and have her meet us in the alcove across from the Piano Bar."

The alcove was plush and private this time of the morning. I hoped Emile would feel safe and open up to me. She showed up looking aggressive and without a smile. We fumbled through more formal introductions and sat down in deafening, uncomfortable silence. Emile wanted control.

"So what did you do to change my Mother last night?"

"Your Mother is a hot, passionate woman. We enjoyed each other's friendship and intimate company. She told me, you two talked, but you would not believe that we didn't have traditional sex. We just played having fun with our sexuality. I certainly did not change her."

Emile was intrigued by my answer but wanted to be in control more. "That sounds like a lot of bull, she was different last night. Besides I don't think sex is fun, all it does is screw up friendships and hurt people."

I glanced at Linda; she was urging me on. "I've never run into a pretty young woman who is working so hard to be angry and is so very wrong. The most beautiful gifts we have as adults are love and sex."

Mom and daughter were listening. Maybe I should push my luck, "But sex is very powerful. Its tied into every emotion. It is easy to get hurt, especially when you are young. Girls are full of romance and boys are full of testosterone. I'm sorry for how you feel, Emile. I wish we could relax together and I wish I could prove to you how wrong you are."

Anger flashed in Emile's eyes, "All you want is to work yourself up, trick me and get your rocks off at my expense."

I looked at Linda again and said, "Are you OK with me continuing with this?"

She looked very concerned; her brain was going a mile a minute but her motherly virtues pushed her to nod, yes.

"Alright, no-it-all-little-girl, I'm going to give you something to think about. I know you need money for college and I want to prove to you that you are wrong. I'm going to give you a very personal challenge, I'll put my money where my mouth is and I'll make sure you feel perfectly safe."

Linda knew something uncomfortable was coming. Emile was very puzzled.

"I know you are not a virgin and know the score. With your Mother in the room, I want three hours with you. I can talk to you, kiss you, take your clothes off, touch you and direct you. I will not hurt you in any way or fuck you." She bristled at the use of that harsh word but I had used it for that affect. I continued, "What you have to do is relax and be honest. You also have to promise to keep an open mind and not fight what your mind and body tells you. For the three hours, I will give you $10,000, whatever the outcome. Paid in advance. And if I even hint at breaking any of my own rules, you and your mother can call a stop and you keep the money."

Emile and Linda were both in shock. The women were trying to cope with both my power and my challenge. I saw Carrie walking toward the jewelry shop. I jumped up saying, "I see someone I want both of you to meet."

I hoped this little delay would let Mom and daughter regain some composure. Carrie owed me and I was going to call in the marker. I explained to her that I needed her to take Emile for a couple of hours and become friends. I asked Carrie to convince Emile that I would never hurt anyone, could be very sensual and could be trusted. She said all that was true and that she would be happy to help; as long as, I gave her all the details later.

"OK, I'll agree to give you the details but I think you just want to get a cheep thrill and a naughty story to turn "Sssswen" on."

Carrie gave me her most flirty look and very coyly said, "Yea, so what's your point."

Only a few minutes had passed when I returned with Carrie. "Linda, Emile this is Carrie. This is my beautiful traveling companion. Or was. Can you believe, she has shunned my company for that of a younger man in a uniform."

Carrie looked very sheepish but recovered quickly. Looking at the other two women, she said, "That is just not true. Tom was just too much for me to handle. He tires me out. I needed to hangout with a guy who has less energy."

Linda and Emile were shocked seeing Carrie up close. They had not realized just how beautiful or how young she looked. The three girls bonded almost instantly. I love how women are able to do that.

Linda piped up, "I think I know what you mean."

Emile finally smiled, "Why is it, I'm the only one on the outside of this joke."

Carrie convinced Emile to go with her and leave Linda and me alone for a while. As Carrie left, she bent down and gave me a very nice passionate show kiss, licking my lips as she pulled away. I could not have asked for more help.

Linda and I went back to my cabin this time. She said she wanted to talk. I really wanted to make love with her.

"Tom, what are you planning with Emile."

"Linda is feeling very uneasy with Tom, again; isn't she? Only what I said, if your daughter goes for it, I plan to get her to relax, to get her to trust me and to play with her body until she has to admit sex might be wonderful fun with the right partner."

"You expect me to be in the room and watch you make love to my daughter."

"Linda, she doesn't know me, you would be her guardian, allowing her to relax. You asked for my help. This is what I though might help. If this happens, I expect you to relax too, get into watching and even get turned on. All to show Emile that sex is fun."

"Tom, are you going to get off on this?"

"Look you sexy thing, I hope so. I didn't get off last night with you and I'm horny enough to order a watermelon and poke a hole in it." I headed straight for her, pushing her down onto my bed and laying on top of her. She wasn't finished talking but she did not resist. I kissed her lips a few times and we shared our first French Kiss. After a couple more, we were getting pretty good at it. My cock was hard cheering me on and screaming over and over, "I'm going to get my turn." To shut him up, I pushed him hard against Linda's well-clothed cunt.

After just a few more kisses and grinds, we were like two kids. We wrestled each other out of our clothing. I knew what I had to have, quickly kissed down her body, barely taking time to suck her nipples. Linda could feel the need in me; I think right then she surrendered her body totally, deciding to enjoy me, enjoying her. She wasn't expecting much for herself.

What I did was not gentle; I just buried my face into her already wet cunt and feasted. I wanted all of her and pushed a finger inside, working it in time with my licking, sucking and tasting. I was dizzy, but knew Linda was getting ahead of me. It had been a long time since she had had a man's attention. We needed to slow down a bit. I pushed her legs up exposing her beautiful hairless, clean ass.

As I pressed my lips to Linda's asshole, her entire body resisted. This had obviously never happened to her. My tongue licked her little hole and millions of nerve endings told her this was a good thing. My lips covered her buns with kisses; my tongue licked her and pushed into her. She was flying again. Lowering her legs, I pulled all the way up, kissed her lips and put her hand on her breasts, "Linda, I'm going to lick your cunt until you cum. Then I'm going to fuck you until I can't take it anymore and then I'm just going to let your body suck me dry."

Linda's was going to help me on this; her hands were stretching her pussy wide open when I slid down her body again. She guided me to lick her cunt's lips and to lick all around its swollen, red slick insides. As my mouth moved to her clit, her hands moved to her breast and begin pulling her nipples. I pushed two fingers in deep and held them still. Nothing varried until she came from the pressure inside her and my lapping tongue.

She was expecting to me mounted but my face pushed her down pinning her as my two fingers began to fuck her with long, rough, deep strokes. She responded the same way, very roughly grabbing my head and grinding her cunt hard into my mouth. I slipped my fingers out until they found and started to rub her g-spot. Linda's reaction was immediate. Every muscle in her body tensed. She growled very loudly and moaned a very clear, "Oh Damn, Yes." When she came, Linda did not squirt but a tasty couple of ounces flowed from her visibly pulsing cunt onto my bed and into my mouth.

I could take no more.

Linda was still riding her orgasm when my body pressed her down and I pushed my cock smoothly all the way into her. Her body seemed to have been waiting for this invasion. Her arms, legs and mouth all wrapped around me and sucked me in. Her kisses were strong and taking. When the head of my dick bottomed out hard in her, she did not pull back. Instead, her hips moved on their own to get more dick. I could barely thrust into her, she had me so tightly captured in her demanding body. She loosened her grip enough to tilt her hips and get more friction on her clit from the shaft working in her. That extra space was enough for me to get my hands under the cheeks of her ass to pull then release, pull then release.

The tip of my right index finger slipped into her virgin asshole, stretching it every time I pulled her to me. We got into a rhythm, both of us fighting to fly. I never told her, but she knew it was my time; she never told me, but I knew it was her time. As the first shot of my cum pumped into her, I felt Linda's breath rush into my mouth and expand my lungs. Our lips stayed together while we moaned and were in heaven together, both hoping we would not have to return. Two, three, four more spurts were sucked from me by her hungry womb. Then, ever so slowly, we realized, we had to return.

She was not alert enough to complain, but I knew my weight was too heavy, collapsed on top of her wet, salty body. I rolled half way off her, still pushing my hips, fighting the loosing battle to keep my softening dick buried in her. I breathed, "My God, Linda." She pulled me close and gave me a thank you kiss. "I love the way you kiss and make love to my body with your lips and tongue. I'm not used to that. You've touched me in places that have never been touched before. Again you shocked me but it felt good."

"That's what it was supposed to do. Your body is wonderful; I could easily get lost making love to it. I'm glad I did not go too far."

"You sound like there is more that could happen."

"Linda, there is much, much, much more that we could do to please each other."

She thought quietly and deeply, then she sighed, "We have to go find Emile."

"We can call a halt to everything with Emile. I could back out and take her criticism. I'm sure she would be quietly relieved."

"No, Tom, lets press this issue. She'll be safe, away from home, an easily kept secret, just maybe this will work."

We found Emile sitting where we had met this morning. She looked at Linda and me and said, "You two look happy."

"Emile, your Mom is one hot, sexy, satisfying woman to be with."

To my never-ending surprise, Linda jumped right in, "Well what did you decide about Tom's challenge?"

"That's a lot of money, Tom. Do you have that kind of money, to make bets with me."

"Sure do cutie. I'll have it in cash for you the second you tell me "Yes."

Emile looked to her Mom as if asking, "What should I do?"

I got her again, "Don't look to your Mom. You're a grown up now. If you can be so opinionated by yourself; you can decide for yourself. Are you brave enough to find out if you are right about sex or not? You can back off or set the time when you are ready."

"OK, let's do it now."

"Emile, let's make it in two hours. At 5 p.m. in your cabin. I have to get cleaned up and make some arrangements. You get cleaned up also. Dress loose and comfortable, like in pajamas. Make sure you eat something light, so you aren't starving half way through." I stood. Emile and Linda stood.

Much to Emile's surprise, I tilted her head to me and kissed her lips lightly. Both of my hands closed firmly on the sides of her neck, letting her feel the combination of a man's strength and gentleness. I put my lips very close to her ear and whispered so her Mom could not hear, "Your lips taste very good. Your neck is warm. When you kiss me back I'll let you move my lips anywhere on your body that you want." Emile's eyes were almost closed as I pulled back. Like her Mom, she had a strong fantasy life and responded quickly to my voice. I kissed both Emile's eyes and let her go. She was unsteady for just a second.

I walked a few paces with Linda and said, "You get cleaned up and wear something loose too. I'm really going to need that hot body of yours tonight." I know she had that quick thought, "Would he make love to me in front of my own daughter?" The answer was, "Yes," but I would let her find that out later.

Five p.m. exactly, I knocked on Emile's door. She opened it. Mom had directed some; the lights were dim; the two beds were pushed together and turned down; there were extra pillows. I had directed some, also; plenty of champagne was iced on the desk.

I sat an envelope by the champagne and poured three glasses, "Emile this envelop is for you, if you have agreed to my conditions." Emile sat in the same armless chair her mother and I shared yesterday. She took one glass, Linda took one and one for me, as I toasted the evening, "Tonight there is no judgment, no hurting, no resisting. Just for tonight, we surrender to enjoying touches, kisses, what we hear, what we see and what we feel."

After our toast and sensing that Emile would fear the first touch, I just hugged her. We all finished our first glass of wine.

We poured our second glasses and put Linda in charge of keeping the champagne glasses filled. Conversation was playful through that second glass, giving underage, seldom drinking Emile time to feel a little relaxed.

I moved behind Emile and lightly ran my fingers through her hair, around her neck and shoulders and closed her eyes gently with my fingertips. My hands stayed busy and my mouth nuzzled gently into her neck and kissed under her ears. "Your skin and scent are making my head swim." My right hand slipped down, trailing fingertips across her right nipple. My hand reached her wrist and raised it so her glass was at her lips, "Drink some more wine for me." Emile wasn't sure my touch was on purpose. The touch caused her to hold her breath then let it slip out. She drank with her eyes still closed and I took her glass away.

"Are you ticklish?"

"A little"


"Under my arms, my ribs, my knees."

"I don't want to tickle you. If I accidentally do, just say harder or softer."

It was time to raise the anti. Kneeling in front of her, kissing her hands, her fingers, up her wrist along the inside of her arms, I licked and kissed away any wetness. Fingers caressed up one arm, up her neck and across her lips. My tongue followed and flicked lightly across her lips. When Emile's tongue came out to moisten her lips, the tips of our tongues touched. She was breathing deeper now. We experimented with our first soft kisses.

The light pajama top with buttons down the front was trying to hide her breast. Both nipples were straining to get free. Holding a sensuous kiss, ever so lightly, my hands slipped up and over her breasts. Emile's back arched pushing filling my hands. My hands retreated closing my fingers over each nipple, lightly twisting them. I moved on and a little whine escaped from Emile asking my hands to come back.

As each button opened, my lips kissed the newly found warm flushed skin. When the last button slipped through its hole, I pushed the left side of her top open and lowered my mouth to her standing nipple. My tongue circled, flicked and my lips closed and sucked. My hands were not still. They explored every part of Emile above her waist. Searching for how each part of her liked to be touched. Shockingly fast, I firmly grasped her right breast and went straight to sucking her nipple. The suddenness surprised her and she gasped. When the gentle touches returned she relaxed again.

"Look at me Emile." I stood in front of her and slowly removed my shirt and pulled her face to my stomach. She rubbed her nose into me and licked by bellybutton. My pants followed, leaving me only in my boxers. I pulled her back to me again letting her feel me throb against her cheek and neck.

Emile was crowded between the chair and me, so when she was pulled to her feet she had to slide her breast over me. Hair is great leverage when learning to French Kiss. She was a willing student. As my tongue wandered her lips, hers came out to play. She was less experienced but she kissed and tasted like her Mom. From my first penetration between her lips, she seemed to enjoy sucking my tongue. While we got more and more passionate with our kisses, Emile didn't realize her body was sliding back and forth against me. When she did realize that my demanding rock hard cock was softly humping her, she tipped her hips and rubbed her pussy into my thigh, sucking my tongue in time with her hips. The teacher was about to loose control. It was time for more room and to cool down.

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