tagLoving WivesCruise with Momma Ch. 01

Cruise with Momma Ch. 01


It's Saturday night and I was sitting at my computer bouncing from one website to another, realizing how much I enjoy my wife and I's porn so much more than I enjoy any other erotica. She is on a cruise with her mother for a little escape and to spend some quality time with her mother. I was feeling kinda lonely.

Just as I was thinking about turning the computer off my IM icon started flashing. I clicked on the icon and lo and behold my child bride was on the screen. She is just over five feet tall, size 4 dress with 34 C bra size all of which draws stares whenever she enters a room. She has slowly but surely becoming ok with the fact that her being an exhibitionist totally turns me on. Actually her becoming as liberal sexually as she wants is what I encourage. Just started with exhibitionism. Anyway, she says, "Hi my darling."

The picture on the screen is just of her head and shoulders. She has her little cat necklace on, her blonde hair done up nicely, make up making her eyes stand out and one of the straps of her black dress was falling off her shoulder. I ask her, "What's going on beautiful?"

She smiles big, I mean really big.

I respond with, "That big smile tends to make me think you are having a good time."

"Well," she coyly says around her smile," I am being a little daring."

"Oh, and just what might you be up to that is daring?" I ask.

She explains, "After our formal dinner and the show I walked Mom back to the room and told her to go on to bed, that I thought I would go for a walk and maybe email you." Mom was ok with that so I set out looking for the computer room then I got scared that if I got on line with you it would just get confusing. You would want me to do something I was not comfortable with then we both would be disappointed so I was reluctant to get on line. Then I thought I would get on line as Topher (role playing name) and send you a story. Again confusion came into play. As I walked I heard some good music so I sat down and ordered a double Dr. Pepper to think about the whole situation.

That's when young male crewmember walked by and asks if everything was OK and was I enjoying my time aboard ship? He was friendly, polite and very good-looking. He also made me feel sexy when he continually looked at my cleavage and legs while standing over me chatting. We struck up a conversation talking about the ship and the cruise. He asks if my husband was joining me. I started to tell him I was aboard with my mother and that my husband was back in San Antonio all-alone. He made some type of statement about me being to pretty to left all alone on such a beautiful night. Then my line of thinking went to the fact that you are always encouraging me enjoy myself and to open up and have fun. So I began to flirt a little bit with this young man whose name is Eric. He offered to buy me a drink; I declined and suggested he join at my table. He went to the bar and got himself a drink and joined me. We chatted, flirted and danced for a while.

And now I'm here.

"OH and where is here" I asked.

"At the computer," you coyly answer.

"And.' I say.

"And..Well..You know..," she stumbles to answer.

"Nah, I'm afraid I don't know anything. Would you like me to ask you some questions?" I ask.

"Like what kinda of questions?" you ask.

"Like where are you on a computer?"

"In the computer room on the Dolphin Deck."

"Do all the computers in the computer room have live cameras?"

You hesitantly say, "I don't think so."

"So how did you know how to set up a camera?"

"I had some help."

"Oh really? And just how much help did you have?"

"Eric was kind enough to let me in the computer room since it was closed."


"He helped me get on line and set up the camera."

"Hmmmm.. Interesting."

"What do you mean, interesting?"

"I was just wondering what else Eric might be helping you with?"

Slowly without answering you turn the swivel chair around to the right and say as Eric's face comes into the monitor picture, "Why don't you ask him?"

I then realize a few things. One that you are really being , your word, "daring", two that Eric is a very lucky guy, three why the strap on your dress is off your shoulder and are you really sitting is this young mans lap while talking to me on the IM camera.

Wow! My heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to leap out of my chest. Not knowing what to ask, say or expect I simply say, "Hi you must be Eric."

He grins the biggest broadest smile I have seen in a while. He says, "Yeah, I'm the luckiest guy on ship tonight."

"Oh, why is that exactly?" I ask.

"Because I have your beautiful wife sitting on my lap in the computer room all by ourselves, " he proudly answers.

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