tagGroup SexCruise with Momma Ch. 03

Cruise with Momma Ch. 03


I can hardly stand it. My wonderfully beautiful child bride is finally going off on a nite of adventure with a totally loving wife/slut/sub/slave attitude. My goodness, that is a lot of things to be at any one time, much less all at once. When anyone of them are absolutely wonderful in themselves. Loving wife; how lucky can a man be? Slut; again, how lucky can a man be if he can keep up? Slave; who would not kill for a real life sex slave. Submissive; this is the thing most men only fantasize about in their wildest dreams. And here I am about to live it or get the wonderful details after the fact and maybe pics. I think of all the time we spent talking about this kind of thing happening. All the discussions, pleadings, fears, experiments in trust and growth I know now were just what we had to do to get here. Thank you HP.

So I go back to the business at hand of going to bed at home alone while my child bride is I guess pulling her dress down so she and Eric can venture off to his room or where ever he is taking her. While my mind is racing faster than a speeding bullet to steal from the movie that he has returned now playing in your local moving picture houses.

We find Eric and child bride still standing in the computer room where they were when the screen went blank. He reaches over and takes her hand, gentle pulls her to him and places a deep tongue exploring French kiss on her while he cups both cheeks of her ass in his big hands. Rubbing his now resurrected cock against her wanting pussy/cunt/snatch/mound/shaved, smooth lips at the top of her legs. (I often wonder what is the best way to go with this verbiage. Oh well I like them all so choose the one that does the most for you.) This goes on until the slut breaks off from the embrace and with pleading eyes asks Eric, "Are you ever going to take care of me?"

Eric realizing just how much in charge he really is in replies, "Oh little slut wants some attention does she?"

"Yes please take me to your room or where ever and make me cum!" She says with lust dropping her voice down to a very sexy growl.

Eric just smiles, steps back, with both hands pulls her dress back down to a reasonable level to at least cover her ass and twat (another good word that I left out earlier.). He then closes the computer room and with slut wife in hand he starts what she thinks is the journey to his quarters. Unbeknownst to her he has other plans. He has already cum so he is not in any hurry so he wants to play some more before he gets down to some serious fucking, sucking, licking sticking and dicking.

Eric asks in a demanding but erotic voice, "Whose slut are you? And what am I to call you?"

My darling child bride looks up at him with hungry eyes and replies, "Yours and my husband's slut. What you may call me is entirely up to you. You heard my husband tell me to be and do what ever you wanted for the next four hours. My husband says sluts get to have all the sex they want, is that true?"

"Hmmmm, well let me think about a name. How about EST?" Eric says.

"EST ok but may I ask what that means? My child bride asks.

"Ha-ha, how about Eric's Slut Tonight." He says. And I want you to tell anyone who asks what EST stands for exactly that. Got it?"

Blushing even redder if that is possible she nods her head in agreement. "Will there be any other orders that I need to know so as not to displease you tonight Sir?"

"No I can't think of anything right now but one can never tell what might come up for you to say, do or act on. And I like you calling me Sir" He says as he leads her into a quiet out of the way piano bar, which seems to be filled with mostly crewmembers and their friends. Maybe some of the entertainers, dancer, comedians or musicians and the like mixed into the, what appears to be a happy crowd in a party mood.

"This is not your room! I thought we were going to your room to play." She says sadly scanning the room.

"Well now, slut who is in charge here?"

"You are Sir, I'm sorry, I forgot." She says bowing her head trying to appear the good slut/sub as we had practiced and played with at home before she left.

"So you forgot huh?" Eric says as he looks around the room. Child bride assumes he is looking for a place to sit down but how wrong she is. He pulls her close and points to a large black man dancing with an attractive blonde girl about Child Bride's size. He leans in closer and says, "Go over to my cabin mate and his friend and tell them that since you are my slut/slave tonight then you guess you are theirs also." Then he gently pushes you in their direction before you can do or say anything.

In unknown territory, emotionally, sexually and life wise, you move towards the couple. Not knowing exactly how to talk to them while they are dancing you stand along the edge of the dance floor watching them. They are very good and very erotic. They are slow dancing with their bodies pressed tightly together virtually dry humping on the dance floor. As you look around you notice there is a lot of that going on. You are so turned on already this just adds to your need. Finally the song ends, so you venture over to where they are standing. They are locked in an erotic lingering kiss. You look around and see Eric motioning you on. Afraid to interrupt and afraid not to, you tap gently on the blonde's shoulder. Neither the cabin mate nor the blonde respond. So afraid Eric will be disappointed you tap gently on the cabin mate's shoulder. With this the blonde breaks away from the embrace and asks rather loudly, "What's wrong with you bitch! And what the fuck do you want?'

Taken aback by this outburst you almost run but fear again stops you. You reply, "Eric sent me over here to inform the two of you that I am his slut for the night and therefore I am to be you two's slut also." You sheepishly lower your head and await what you hope is a more gently response.

They both look around for Eric, who is standing there grinning like a fat cat, nodding his head in the affirmative. With that the cabin mate takes my child bride by the arm pulls her gently into the arms of the blonde and instructs the blonde to dance with you while he goes and talks to Eric. With that he is off. The blonde leans back checks you out and says, "Oh my, aren't we going to have fun with you tonight."

Before you can respond the music starts up again with a fairly upbeat tempo. You close your eyes grateful for a fast dance. The blonde takes your hands and spins you around dancing away. She is obviously checking you out as the two of you continue to dance. You realize you two are the only same sex couple on the dance floor, which is attracting quite a bit of attention from the room. The blonde is noticing this also and takes it as a cue to entertain the room. She turns you away from her facing Eric and the cabin mate, while dancing up very close behind you. You feel the warmth of her breath on your neck. You try not to react buy can't help it. The Blonde notices and takes that as a signal to proceed and find out just where this seduction might lead.

You look around for Eric. He and his friend have found places at the bar and are watching with eagerness of schoolboys. You begin to sway with the music and the feel of the blonde's body against your back. She takes your hands and pulls your arms straight out from you body as she begins to kiss and nibble on your neck and ears. All the time whispering into your ears, erotic, sexy, slutty things that are exciting you to no end.

She says, "Leave your arms out just like they are when I let go of your hands."

With closed eyes you whisper, "Ok."

She slowly begins to fondle you forearms, biceps and shoulders before moving her hands to your sides. Then she erotically rubs her hands slowly and with demanding pressure up and down your sides from your armpits to your thighs. Each trip down your sides and the trip back up results in a slight lifting of the bottom of your dress, until it is just below you the line that would allow one and all to know you were naked under your dress. The Blonde grabs your arms and pulls them until you are holding your arms straight down by you side.

She leans very close to your ear again and asks, "Are these tits real, Cunt?"

Again not sure which emotion is winning out either fear or excitement, maybe both, you answer, "Very much real. And very, very sensitive."

The blondes laugh and response was, "Oh so you are really liking this then?

Despite everything all the preachers, schoolteachers, mommas and grand mommas had told her all her life she responds, "No I'm no liking it, I'm loving it. I'm scared but I don't care.

With that, the blonde takes a new level on confidence into her next action. She begins to openly kiss you neck and ears again as she whisper, "Let us get these straps out of the way of our play then." With that she slowly and erotically pushes the straps of your dress down off your shoulders. You think that is enough but she then hooks her thumbs into the straps and continues them down your arms until she is able to pull your arms out of them. This action not quite but almost pulls the front of your dress down over your nipples. Your reaction surprises you more than anyone else. You don't reach to pull the front of your dress up you simply lean back into the blonde's body and wrap you arms around her body behind you. Pulling her into your back with a lusty exhibition of sexual need.

The blonde responds by wrapping her arms around your waist and continuing to dance until the music stops. Without breaking away from each other the two of you continue to sway until the next song starts and thank the lords of erotica it is a slow romantic piece that lends itself to the moment. Your head laid back on the blonde's shoulder, your arms around her waist and your hands slowly sliding down to her ass cheeks, you are very much caught up in the moment. The Blonde's hands begin their journey into new territories, primarily slipping and sliding up to over, under, around and on your breasts. At this point you don't care all you want is sex.

Finally you can stand it no longer, so you turn around in her arms, put your arms around her neck and kiss her for all you are worth. Not caring that this is your first woman kiss, that the only thing between you and nudity is a this black dress that is about to uncover your breasts you put your whole self into this kiss. You can't get enough of her tongue as you try to suck her tongue down your throat the way you would a cock if anyone would ever get around to putting another one in your mouth. You smile at this thought knowing you are putting on a good show for Eric as well as creating a great story for me.

The Blonde kisses you back with the same urgency, as you both realize you are still swaying to the music. The few dancers remaining on the floor are doing more oogling than they are dancing but the two of you could care less. Except you realize it is turning you on to be the center of attention. The blonde is also aware of the attention you two are getting and begins to test your limits and play to the appreciative crowd. She slides her hands from your back down the cheeks of your ass. Grabbing your ass in both hands she pulls you to her while she slides her right thigh between your legs. This causes your dress to rise until you feel her bare leg above her hose pressed hard against your juicy wet cunt that is screaming for attention. This dance/fuck continues until the end of the song when the blonde asks if you want to take a walk?

"Oh yes, please." You cry. "But what will Sir Eric and his friend think or do?"

The blonde grins and kisses you on the cheek and says. "Fuck um!" "They can go and watch and if they are really good we might even ask them to join us."

With that she waves at them, grabs my child bride's hand and heads for the door. Of course the guys quickly catch up with them as they head to the blonde's cabin. Turns out she is a traveler just like my child bride and her mother. The blonde tells the guys the set up. "This slut is mine until I get ready for you to use her or for you to help me use her. Is that understood?"

Hearing this almost makes you swoon into orgasm without even being touched. You think to yourself, hubby is absolutely going to love this.

The guys again with big old grins and raging erections, say in unison, "That will be fine and dandy as long as we can watch and take pictures."

The blonde pushes my child bride into the elevator and up against the back wall. She says, "OK Slut," and in a smart aleck manner, "pull that dress down to your waist and up to your waist I want to see what we are going to enjoy tonight."

You begin to say something about being seen but are rudely interrupted by the blonde and Eric almost at the same time saying, "Just do it, Cunt!"

Slowly you grasp the bottom of your dress and gently pull it the rest of the way up to your waist. Feeling scared but extremely excited at the same time. You initial reaction is to cover your cunt with your hands but you stop in mid motion and grab the sides of your top and pull down. Here you stand on a moving elevator on a cruise ship with two men and a woman about to use you for their pleasure and you don't even know two of their names. Your nipples are as hard as rocks and you are afraid pussy juice might begin to run down you leg at any second. Despite yourself you think how much I am going to enjoy you telling me all the gory details of this night.

The blonde takes one of the each of the guy's hands and places them between your legs at your pussy. Then she steps in and takes your nipples between her thumbs and forefingers rather roughly. Pinching, pulling and twisting them while staring straight into your eyes with total lust, she then asks, "Do you like what we are doing so far, Cunt?"

You shudder as you almost orgasm. But say, "Oh god yes, please yes, yes...."

The doors opens and a middle age couple get on the elevator. No one stops what he or she is doing to you. Your eyes dart back and forth from the couple to your aggressors. They only smile. The couple is in disbelief. The guy's mouth falls open and he doesn't even blink in fear he might miss something. The woman is not sure about it but can't take her eyes away from what is being done to you. The doors open again and the blonde says, "Let us get off here and leave this amazed couple to their evening."

The guy is stuttering something as the wife pulls him back onto the elevator as the doors close. You think thank goodness no one is in the hall as the blonde stops in front of a door and opens it. She steps in and pulls you in behind her, as the guys scramble to get in and find a vantage point. Eric goes over and opens the sliding door to the balcony, which allows the ocean breeze to fill the room.

The blonde then takes your head in her hand and kisses you with a passion you have not experienced in a while. You respond by kissing her back with as well as she is giving. She steps back and says, "Ok Slut, undress me."

You standing there with you dress around your waist your thigh highs and shoes being the only clothes you have on like the idea of someone else being naked also. You reach around the blonde's body and unzip her dress, which falls away from and down her body with no resistance. She has on a half bra; garter belt and stockings so her pointed breasts and cleanly shave pussy are there for all to see and use. As you start to reach around her to unfasten her bra, she says, "Leave it Cunt you can get to them with that on. Now bend over her and suck my tits like you mean it."

Decision, decisions you can't figure out which one to suck first so you grab both her breast in a milking type grasp with a schoolgirl's excitement since this the first time for you.

The Blonde is impatient and grabs you by the hair and pulls you to her breast. The nipple slides into you mouth and suck as much as you possibly can into you mouth. Still milking her breast with your hands you move from one nipple to the other sucking them, nibbling them and finally biting them the way you like for you're to be bitten. The blonde is totally caught up in this attention. The guys are in the process of shedding their clothes in anticipation of coming attractions. The blonde reaches down taking your nipples between her thumbs and forefingers again. Pinching, twisting and pulling them to let you know you can be rougher with hers. Low guttural moans escape from both of you as the excitement builds.

Finally the Blonde pulls you straight up by your nipples and guides you over to the edge of the bed. Saying nothing she slides on the bed on her back and points to her cunt and says, "Ok Cunt let's see what kind of cunt sucker you are."

Without thinking you respond, "I have never tasted cunt other than my own juices before." This brings a huge smile to the Blonde's face as she continues to point at her crotch. "Get down there and start eating my ass, Cunt!" she says.

Unsure exactly what she means you climb on the bed between her spread legs slowly bending over to get to her juicy twat. You reach out and run your fingers from her clit to her asshole.

She screams, "I didn't say touch me, I said eat my ass, Cunt! Your husband must not have trained you very well." Rolling over, throwing her leg over my child bride's head the Blonde get up on her knees and puts her head and tits on the head board. Looking back over her shoulder she demands, "Now get after it, you slow Cunt!"

You slowly bend over and start licking the Blonde's ass cheeks running your hands around the front of her thighs for balance. Slowly you begin to tongue her pussy lips but not penetrating. You lick from the clit that is still concealed by her pussy lips all the up to just below her pink puckered hole. Then back down again before you cram you tongue into her pussy lips smashing her hard clit flat with the force of your tongue. Pushing your face into her cunt you lick upward tasting her warm pussy juice. Scooping as much as you can get on your tongue you move your tongue up to her pick hole and start to tongue fuck her ass. Then with your right hand you pinch her right nipple and with your left you pinch her sopping wet clit. The Blonde convulsed into her first orgasm of the night that you know of anyway. She cums so hard she bumps her head on the wall above the headboard. The screams like moans seem to be coming from the climax not the head butt. You continue to fuck and pinch until she swings her leg back over your head and falls spent on her back against the headboard.

Trying to talk and catch her breath the Blonde mumbles, "Damn that was wonderful."

Again your partner at the time has had an orgasm and you are still high and dry so horny you are shaking. Not being sure exactly whether you can ask or not you look back and forth from the Blonde all splayed out on the top of the bed and the guys who have shed their clothes and were not exhibiting raging hard ons. The Blonde giggles and says, "Does the little Slut want to cum?"

"Oh yes, please, please make me cum." You plead still looking back and forth from the sopping wet pussy in front of you and the hard cocks on display from the guys. You notice the Eric is regained a nice erection since he came in your mouth but what really gets your attention is his cabin mate's cock. It is huge. You think of the big cocks you have had and you know this is the largest you have ever seen even ones you have seen in fuck movies. Finally you can't take your eyes off of the big black cock. You ask the Blonde without taking your eyes off his cock if you can have that now.

She replies, "Can you have what Cunt?"

"Can I have that beautiful, enormous black cock right there."? You say pointing to the throbbing cock.

"What do you want it to do to you?

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