tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCruise with Momma Ch. 07

Cruise with Momma Ch. 07


Glenn steers the group to the show lounge where Billy Vader is just beginning his comedy act. He is while not raunchy is a bit risqué with some of his material. Glenn steers the group down to the front row and luckily there is a small table just to the left of the stage. Well with in the glare of the stage lights, which make you, feel uncomfortable and conspicuous. Glenn places you between the two of them facing to right looking at the comedian right side. Of course Billy Vader spies the girls attire and is already making head nods and facial expressions that insinuate his liking for what he sees. As soon as you settled in your seat with your legs crossed to try to at least show a little modesty, Glenn leans over and whispers in your ear, "Oh no honey, you need to uncross those legs."

Without protest you look at him, smile and uncross your legs.

He says again in a whisper in your ears, "Spread you knees out so the comedian and anyone who wishes can see that hot pussy."

Again without protest or complaint you look up at the entertainer until you see him look at you. With his eyes locked on you your legs slowly open up which causes you mini skirt to slide up you thighs. The comedian stumbles with a couple of lines as he has a clear shot at you moist cunt when you skirt raises up. His stumble and his locked on eyeballing of your up skirt shot causes the people on the first few rows to look also. All the guys love it and the women appear disgusted. Glenn and the Blonde love every minute of your show.

"Some guys have all the luck." Billy Vader says adlibbing into his show. The people up front laugh and the people in the back don't know what the hell he is talking about.

Glenn and Blonde gradually put their hands on your inner thighs as they watch and enjoy the remainder of the show. Vader tries to get through the rest of his material without being to noticeable looking at you cunt. At the end of the show Glenn hands you a note, leans in to whisper in your ear and says, "Go give this to the comedian."

Again without protest you push your chair back walk up to the front of the stage. Vader looks down, you hand him the note and turn and return to your table. Again you sit and open you legs as you had before. Your heart is racing up in your throat from knowing that every body got a good look at your nipples and extremely short skirt. The house lights come and everyone starts out of the theatre.

Glenn asks with a sly smile, "Hey Slut, do you have any idea what the note you gave him said?"

"No. I don't have a clue." You answer.

It said, "Come the staff lounge at 1:00 am if you want to get lucky also."

Glenn and Blonde laugh at your shocked expression of open mouth and wide eyes. Glenn enjoying your look says, "Come on sluts, let's go see what kind of trouble we can get into."

He steers you down the passageway checking his watch to insure he knows when he needs to get you where he wants you, when he wants you there. Realizing there is some time to kill he directs you to the piano bar in the atrium. The passageway goes right through the piano bar with people moving to and fro wondering what they will do next. Go to bed, have a drink, go dancing or just walk off dinner before the midnight buffet starts.

There is only one bar stool, which Glenn turns sideways and tells you to sit. It is a rather high stool that requires you to climb up on it. Knowing you are in for trouble you just smile and leave you legs open which causes your skirt to come to the top of your thighs. This of course gives any and all a clear view of your wet cunt, especially the people sitting at the table facing the bar. The more you realize people are staring at your wet naked cunt the more turn on you get, remembering again how badly you wanted to cum. Trying to figure out how you can accomplish an orgasm you lean over to the Blonde and ask if she want to go to the ladies room with you.

She smiles asks Glenn, "Honey, the junior slut wants me to go to the ladies room with her. Do you think she might want to take advantage of me so she can get off finally?"

Glenn giggles and shares, "I'm sure that is what she wants but that is not going to happen yet now is it?"

Proud of herself and a little disappointed because the Blonde knew playing with you in the bathroom would have been fun. "Yes, Honey you are most likely right. I'll just go with her and get even more turned on and still not let her cum." The Blonde says as she grabs your arm and pulls you off the stool taking you towards the bathroom."

Sadly you go with her knowing you plan to cum did not work. Oh well, at least you will be doing something sexual.

The Blonde pulls you into the ladies room, which has a small sitting room/foyer that leads to the lavatories. Anyone coming or going must go through the sitting room to use the facility or to return to her table. The Blonde walks into the toilet area, telling you wait right there, then steps back and tells you to take a seat on the love seat in the sitting room. You wonder just what is going on and sit as told sitting on this low seat, which will allow anyone; coming and going to pretty well see all of you lower body. The Blonde then walks right up in front of your face and says, "Ok, nasty slut that you are, clean me up."

"What?" you ask, not exactly sure what she means.

"Don't act like a stupid cunt, clean my up!"

Stammering and stuttering you finally ask, "Did they not have any paper in the stall?"

"Sure they did but I want you to be my toilet paper. Glenn told you and me that I was Number One slut and you were supposed to do what I told you. And you really don't want me going and telling Glenn that you are being defiant, now do we?"

Without another world you reach up hesitantly, pushing the Blonde's tee-tiny skirt up to her waist. Leaning into the Blonde's bald cunt you begin to lick the urine from around her pussy lips. The thought of licking her cunt was turning you on but the salty warm taste of the remaining urine makes you unsure of your feelings.

The Blonde grabs you by your hair, pulls you into her sloppy wet pussy and says, "Let me feel some tongue, Cunt! Lick it clean! I want to feel that tongue all the way from my clit to my asshole and I want to feel it now!"

The more you licked the more turn on you became, finally overcoming the thought and smell of the urine and anything else that might be in there, you start sucking her clit, sliding under her, tonguing her cunt and finally running your tongue all over then into her foul tasting asshole.

This is more than the Blonde can stand. She throws her stiletto, heeled foot up on the couch and pulls your face as hard as she could into her moist quivering sex. Really getting into the whole scene your tongue works it's way from clit to ass until you felt the Blonde starts moaning and shaking with another orgasm. More moisture oozes from her smooth shaven pussy. Finally she can stand it no more and pushes your head away from her body. You resist and start to pull her clit back into you mouth not wanting to stop. Finally she screams, "You got to stop now!"

You stop look up with begging eyes and start pleading for her to return the favor. She just laughs and lets you know that was not going to happen now. She steps back pulls what she can of her skirt back over her ass and cunt, smiles and says, "Let's go back now and see what Glenn has in store for us."

Sadly you get up and attempt to straighten yourself out looking in the mirror to see how badly you make-up and lipstick have been messed up. What you see kind of scares and shocks you. The vision is one of woman who dresses and behavior leaves no doubt that she is a slut. Then you smile thinking that I would dearly love all this and will spend many hours enjoying your telling me all the juicy details of your first adventure into really becoming a submissive slut. The Blonde turns and asks what you are grinning about. You share your thoughts with her and she laughs as she pulls you to her. She then begins to kiss you, slowly opening her mouth and allowing your tongues to start their erotic dance in and out of each other's throats. You wrap your arms around the Blonde pulling the two of you together. Your need to cum comes rushing back like a freight train. Your hands slide down to the Blonde's ass, pulling her into your body. You spread you legs humping your wet cunt up and down the top of her thigh, trying hard to reach a climax. Wanting, needing to cum more than you ever have in your whole life.

The Blonde reluctantly pulls away saying, "Oh no you don't. I'm not going to let that happen. Glenn might get angry and I really don't want that. I really like what we are doing and before this night is over, you and I will please each other as much as humanly possible."

Faking a sad baby like whimper you say, "Please, I won't tell if you won't."

The Blonde smiles and takes your hand pulling you toward the door to go back to the piano bar where Glenn is waiting. You lead the way without protest but really wishing the two of you would please hurry up and let you climax. Every eye in the lounge catches your and the Blonde's re-entry. Glenn smiling with his elbows leaning his back on the front edge of the bar turns your chair back around for you to take you exhibitionist pose as before. Making a big deal you offer him your hand to be helped up on the stool. He obliges turning you so you could slide you ass up on the bar stool, which again allows any and all to see up the little skirt that is so small it hardly covers anything anyway. You immediately allow your knees to fall apart just enough for people to see all of you.

Glenn asks the Blonde, "What took you so long?"

The Blonde leans over you and tells Glenn, "I had to have a little help in the ladies room and in the process I had just a wonderful orgasm."

"What," Glenn snaps, "did you let her cum?"

Quickly the Blonde answers, "OH No! I came but she didn't. She begged me and said if would let her she would not tell you. But while she was cleaning my cunt after I peed she got carried away and licked my bottom from stem to stern until I blew a wonderful load of orgasmic juices allover her face."

"Ok, ok I just wanted to make sure." Glenn said as he laid his hand on your upper thigh.

About that time the two ladies sitting next to the Blonde at the bar ask, "Excuse us, but we could not help but over hear what you guys were just talking about. Did this nasty looking lady really just eat this Blonde into an orgasm?"

You immediately become embarrassed and drop you eyes to your lap. Glenn smiles and nods his head in the affirmative. The Blonde happily quips, "Oh she is such a good cunt sucker. She makes me come so good."

The two ladies look at each other then back at you and ask, "Could we borrow her for a little while?"

Glenn smiles and says sorry but she has been promised to Billy Vader in just a few minutes, but if you lovely ladies would give me you cabin number I might send her to your cabin when we and Billy are through with her. Would that be of interest?

The ladies both prim and proper in actions and attire without a word reached in their purses and gave Glenn a note pad with their cabin number and names on it. Glenn took it with a smile saying, "I hope she's not too worn out to be of any use to you, I'll send her over later."

With that he took your hand and offered his arm to the Blonde and began to escort you both to the staff lounge for you rendezvous with somewhat risqué comedian, Billy Vader.

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