tagLoving WivesCruise with Momma Ch. 09

Cruise with Momma Ch. 09


Especially the people sitting at the table facing the bar who were very aware of the show, which was obvious from their unblinking stares.

The piano player has been taking all this in and is rewarded with a nice view of your horny little twat. With enthusiasm he immediately starts playing a little ditty on the keyboard that went something like, "I see Paris. I see France. I see someone's underpants...Ooops! My mistake I just thought I was going to!" Everyone in the little lounge tries to figure out what he is singing about, looking around and asking others what was going on. Only the guys sitting at the table facing you and the piano player have a clue. The guys at the table give him a big round of applause, whistling, hooting and hollering. This of course embarrasses you to no end and when you snap your legs together, Glenn leans over and says, "Tut, tut, no, no, now." By this time others have figured out what is going on and more and more of them get a look at you. About this time a ship officer waves at the bartender to take care of this before it gets out of hand. The bartender hesitantly leans over and asks you politely to move along now. Glenn finds this to very humorous and grabs you hand and slides you off the stool. The guys sitting at the table in front of you stand up and give another round of applause. Sharing nods of approval and Thank You's as you sashay out of the lounge.

As you start down the passageway, you grab Glenn's elbow and say, "You really enjoy putting people into embarrassing situations don't you?"

"Especially erotic situations." He replies with a mischievous smile.

The Blonde catching up with us grabs Glenn's other elbow and asks, "Glenn, Honey, would you mind if I went and played with the guys that were sitting at the table in front of us at the bar? They seem to have something I would like to play with."

Glenn looks at her with a questionable look on his face and asks, "What are you talking about?"

She slides her arms from Glenn's elbow down to his hand and pulls his hand down between her legs. Where he finds a nice cleanly shaven cunt that is just absolutely soaking wet. Looking up smiling she asks him again, "Glenn, Darling, please can I go play with the four guys who were sitting in front of the CB at the bar. She did a number on them so I thought it only fair that I go to their room with them and take care all those wonderful, young, hard cocks for them."

Glenn just smiled and said, "Get out of here, you brazen slut. After you play with them some bring them to our cabin for desert or something like that."

She rose up on her toes and kissed him on the cheek. Turned and almost ran back to the lounge. She quickly got lost in the crowd and we continue our trek to where ever he was taking us or should I say me. I begin to think about you at home in San Antonio waiting patiently by your computer, sitting patiently but with great antisipation of when and what you are going to provided in the way of stories and pics of my adventures this night. I shudder knowing you will just love all this and I know I will have to re-tell you the story of this night over and over again. Dirty Old Man that you are. Funny I don't even have fears any more that I'm aware of only excitement and anticipation of what he or should I say they are going to do to me next. This line of thinking brings you back to the realization of just how horny you are. You look up at Glenn who is in fact looking at you with a very horny and erotic look. You smile and he says, "Hmm, we seem to have a few minutes, maybe I'll just take you back to the room and let you finish that blow job you started on the deck earlier."

You smile without saying anything, hoping he will also want to fuck you so you might get to have a climax also. You ask, "Glenn, will you put me on the computer camera and show my husband what you are doing to me while we are in the room. I know he would love it if you did?"

"Sure, why not. My nuts are so full I need for you drain them before they burst." He quips as he turns me down the stairwell toward the cabins. You aren't sure whether he or you are the person pulling the other, but the two of you pick up the pace and hurry to the cabin like kids coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. He quickly opens the door and tells you to wait in the passageway until he tells you to come into the suite.

Once in the cabin he immediately gets on the computer and starts setting up the camera. I come on immediately saying, "How's it going?"

Glenn replies, "You lucky man! This slut is fabulous. Not often have I had the opportunity to play with a cunt that is this good-looking and so oh so willing to do whatever I tell her to do. I think she gets off to being looked at and being the center of attention."

"Well thank you my man." I'm very excited about her finally breaking loose and being the sub/slut I have known for years was hiding somewhere in her psyche."

Glenn went on to tell me you were waiting outside the door, very horny because he and the Blonde had not let you come all evening and wondering what he was doing in the cabin without her.

"You my friend are still in charge so do what ever you would like. But I would ask that you leave the camera on a put it on wide angle lens for me to enjoy." I share with him.

"No problem. I was actually thinking I should call Eric the ship officer that started all this and ask him to be the cameraman until we go back up to the staff lounge. Is that alright with you?" Glenn offers.

"Oh absolutely. Go for it. From what I've seen so far she got very carried way playing with his enormous cock the other night." I respond quickly.

"Very good." Glenn says as he moves across the room and has Eric paged.

You all this time have enjoyed your time outside the door. Everyone passing could not take their eyes off you and you're CFM (come fuck me) outfit. The women shaking their heads and fussing at their husbands for looking at you would try to move by quickly. While the husbands were almost twisting a knot in their necks trying to gobble you up with their eye. Except for one couple, who appeared to be middle forties well-dressed professionals? They stopped and started talking about you like at you like you were not even there. The lady ask the guy, "Is this what you want me to look like when you beg me to be your whore/slut?"

The guy smiles and says, "Absolutely!"

The lady tells you to turn around so they can see what you look like. At first you can't believe they are just taking over without asking you your name or what you are doing standing outside someone's door. Then it dawns on you, the way you are dressed begs people to tell you what to do. So in for a penny in for a pound, you turn around raising your hands over your head and placing them behind you head. You jump startled when the lady slides her hand between you upper thighs and slides the hand up to your twat, which is soaking wet and so in need of having an orgasm. You shiver at her touch, which cause the lady to comment, "Well, if dressing like that makes me that horny then I may have to try it."

The lady then pulls her hand away from your twat, tells you to turn around and holds her fingers up for you to lick, which you do immediately. In a very serious manner you open you mouth and begin to lick each of her fingers as if you were sucking a wonderful cock. This is more than the guy can stand. He grabs his wife/girlfriend by the arm pulling her down the hall so he could take care of the giant erection this scene has given him. The lady looks back and yells their room number with an invitation to join them anytime. You smile and say wow when would I ever have time to work them into this non-stop schedule.

You turn back to the door and when you feel someone moving down the passageway towards you. You look and there is Eric smiling from ear to ear.

"My, my you have really gotten with this sub slut program in a hurry." He said as he reached for you. Pulling you towards him he wraps his huge arms around you cupping both you ass cheeks as he pulls you up and towards him. You move into him, look up and see him leaning in to kiss you. Without hesitation you give yourself to this big, young African American that the other night had used you for his fuck toy in ways that you had never been used before. Eric had no idea just how horny you really are, but when you start dry humping your cunt against his rapidly growing horse cock, he figures it out quickly. You let yourself go totally. Letting your body move as hard as you can against Eric's bulge. He releases your right ass cheek and knocks on Glenn's door, never breaking the kiss or your insistent humping.

Glenn opens the door, and says, "Hi guy, bring the needy slut and come on in."

I sit in San Antonio totally focused on the monitor as you, Eric and Glenn come into view. You ask Glenn, "Have been able to contact my husband yet?"

Glenn gently pulls you right in front of the camera and suggests you say hello to me.

"Hi, Honey!" you squeal doing a pirouette to show me you new look.

"Hi Honey, yourself." I respond. "You look like a big time slut in that outfit or should I say lack of very much outfit."

"This is the new me, what do you think?

"It makes my dick extremely hard is what I think about it.

"Oh Honey these mean old people won't let me cum and I am so horny. They keep bringing me right up to orgasm and then stopping. It's driving me crazy. Can you talk to them? Tell them one orgasm won't keep me from orgasming over and over again. Please, please make them let me cum. Please, please." you let out a non-stop stream of pleading.

"Do you really think I would interfere with what these wonderful people are doing? You know me better than that."

With you little lower lip sticking out, you say in a pouty voice, "Oh, I know, but I really want to, No, I need to cum in the worst way.

"Oh well, I guess you will have to work harder to please them to get your wish."

As this was going on, Glenn has instructed Eric to take the other hand held camera and be ready to start getting close ups of what is getting ready to happen. All of a sudden the view on my monitor changes, as Eric turns on the other camera. Glenn says, "Ok, you little Slut get over here and show your husband how good you can suck my dick."

You slowly turn toward Glenn who is sitting on the edge of the bed naked with a huge hard on sticking straight up. Without anything else being said, you walk over to him, kneel down, with you arms down by your side and begin to lick his balls. Licking all over, under and around his scrotum. Glenn's cock begins to throb, bobbing up and down.

He says, "Enough cunt, get started on my dick before I blow my load into your hair instead of you mouth and down you throat."

Again without a word or hands, you rise up and cover his cock head with your mouth. You without moving you mouth off his cock manage to stand up to have a better angle to take more of his cock. He leans back on his elbows and lets you do your work.

Eric can't stand it and places the camera on a tripod with an excellent angle to catch all the action. He then drops his trousers and underwear exhibiting another extremely hard cock. You are unaware of his antics and just continue to suck more and more of Glenn's throbbing dick into your mouth and beginning to feel him slide down you throat.

Eric takes his hand and using pre-cum make his cock very moist. Without any warning he steps up and places his cock head against the tight puckered ass. You moan without stopping your sucking. Eric then gently but forcefully pushes his huge cock balls deep into your ass, which causes you to take Glenn's cock balls deep into you mouth and throat.

"Uuggh!" you manage to groan.

Glenn unable to hold back any longer reaches up and grabs your hair with both his hands. Pulling you face hard into his pubic hair. With deep groan of pleasure he begins to shoot load after load of his backed up cum down you willing mouth and throat. Eric with his ands on your hips pumps you ass with the vigor of dog in heat also reaches orgasm not long after. Filling you ass with his cum. Glenn gently pulls your head off his now flaccid dick as Eric with a little pop pulls his big cock out of you stretched anus.

You look up at the camera and ask, "Am I being slutty enough for your taste, my darling husband?"

"So far so good. Maybe if you keep being this good a slut these folks might let you cum." I smilingly say.

Taking deep breathes you smile and say, "Goodness I hope so!"

Eric says, "Ok slut, you know what you are supposed to do now don't you? Or have you forgotten your manners?"

Without a word, you turn around, kneel in front of Eric and begin to lick the spent cum off his balls. Gradually licking and sucking the cum out of his pubic hair. Then you begin to clean his cock with you tongue and lips. Your actions get this young stud hard again. He smiles and says, "Damn cunt you are something else."

You look at the camera and smile, knowing I'm loving your new slut attitude and behaviors.

Eric steps back and sits on an easy chair in clear view of the camera. He then tells you to come sit on his cock. Again without a word you walk over to him, standing in front of him you turn around and spread you legs over his legs and with a wonderful show take some of the cum running down you legs out of your ass, all over you cunt lips to moisten yourself for Eric's big cock to enter you without any resistance. Eric just smiles. You are too short so you pull Eric's dick down, bend over to line it up with your pussy lips. Once you slide the head into your cunt you put your hands on the arms of the easy chair and begin to slowly lower your self down onto this huge cock that a couple of days ago you were afraid of. Forgetting anything other than the cock sliding into your wanting pussy. You forget about me, Glenn or anything else and slowly begin to fuck yourself up and down on this huge cock. Eyes closed, mouth wide open and leg muscles straining as you work up and down on this fuck tool.

I ask Glenn, "Do you think she is ready to cum yet?"

"I have no doubt about that. I'm just not sure I'm ready for her to cum yet."

"PLEASE, PLEASE! Let me finish." You almost scream.

Glenn laughs, gets up, walks over in front of you, kneels down and holding you hips push you down engulfing Eric all the way into you. He then leans over, splits your cunt lips with his thumbs and sucks you clit into his mouth with and in and out action that causes you to grab his head with both hands.

You scream in total abandonment, "Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck oh, oh, oh..." as you begin the have the biggest orgasm of your life. You start humping Glenn's mouth, as much your being impaled on Eric's huge cock would allow. Eric reaches up and under you slutty blouse. Taking you nipples between his thumb and forefinger he begins to pinch and twist your nipples. Gradually your orgasm begins to subside. You lean over Glenn, so he stands up putting you on his shoulder, picking you up and gently placing you on the bed. Glenn and Eric both thank me and share they will get me back when she has had a minute to rest.

I thank them and assure them I would be waiting patiently for their return.

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