Cruising Amish


He smiled crookedly. "A few," he said.

"Uh huh. Just a few."

He gazed upon her. "Neither of us was a virgin last night," he said pointedly.

She blushed deeply. "No . . . no, we weren't."

He sidled against her, pressing his body to hers. "Speaking of last night," he prompted.

Ilse coughed as she sipped her cocktail. Her eyes darted around nervously. "Abel," she whispered. "There are people around."

He shifted his drink to his left hand, then let his right stray to the top of his wife's thigh. His lips brushed her ear. "Yes, there are," he whispered.

She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his fingertips as they danced across her upper thigh, teasing the edge of her bikini, and the warmth of his breath. Involuntarily, she pushed her hips back, feeling the impressive girth of his now half-engorged penis against her buttocks.

His fingers traveled inward, pushing aside the thin fabric covering her sex. She shuddered as arousal washed through her mind.

The sudden loud pop! of a champagne cork startled them both, reminding them of where they were. Abel jerked his hand away; Ilse breathed out heavily.

"Let's go back to our cabin," Abel suggested.

" . . . yes. Please," she panted in response.

* * * *

Her instinct had been to pull down the covers of the room's stately bed and crawl beneath, but Abel kept her from doing so. Situating her at the end of the bed, with the curtains of the balcony door drawn wide to allow the afternoon sun into the cabin, he knelt before his young wife, slipping the bikini bottom down her lean thighs.

What a treasure, he thought, looking upon Ilse's golden-furred pussy. She had trimmed the hair just enough to be covered by the bikini, and nothing more. The brilliant hair covered her outer lips and pubic mound, but was none too thick. It was perfect, Abel thought.

He pushed her back onto the bed, following quickly and splaying her thighs apart. Ilse gasped and moaned loudly when his mouth found her slick pussy and his tongue licked deep between the slippery folds. The young bride writhed and panted, pulling at the sheets, lifting her head to stare down at what her husband was doing to her. Never had she felt a man's tongue between her thighs. The feeling was, she quickly decided, nothing short of rapturous.

Lost to abandon, Ilse was content to let Abel use her as he wished, so long as the sensations remained so delicious. But just as she began to climb the precipice of orgasm, he stopped, moving up over her body. With a quick plunge, his thick, long cock was buried within her. Ilse cried out, arching her back, giving herself willingly.

Her legs and arms wrapped around him, encouraging him. He settled atop her petite body, pumping, pushing, fucking. His mouth latched to her neck, sucking gently. She moaned all the while, dragging fingertips along his strong back and muscled arms. She rolled her hips instinctively, mashing her clit against her husband's flat, firm lower abdomen.

She bucked when she came, panting hoarsely through it all, ripping the blanket from the bed. Her rippling pussy sucked on Abel's cock until he joined his wife in orgasm, jetting his seed deep within her womb.

They rocked together gently afterward, drifting from their shared orgasmic cloud to the sober earth of reality. They giggled, smiled, laughed, kissed, touched. Finally, the trials of the day -- the trip on the plane, the ride through Miami, the trek through the ship, and of course, the lovemaking -- took their toll, and the young couple fell asleep upon the bed.

* * * *

It was well after midnight when they awoke, chilled in the conditioned air of the cabin. They stepped onto the balcony with glasses of water, enjoying the fresh night air of the Caribbean. The ship had already left port, starting upon its languid journey south. Faint music -- something tropical and airy -- drifted to them from one of the open decks.

"As much as I love our home," Ilse said wistfully as she reclined upon one of the chairs beside her husband. "I could get used to this."

Abel chuckled, gently squeezing her hand. "Maybe, if the business keeps doing well, we could take another cruise. Maybe on our anniversary."

Ilse turned in her chair, with only a towel to conceal her nudity. She looked over her husband, who sat fully nude in the pale moon's light. "It would be worth the hardship of our lives to look forward to something like this every year," she said.

He smiled upon her. "All this," he said. "And it's only been the first day."

Her eyes flickered playfully. "I can't wait for tomorrow," she said.

* * * *

The next day found them dressed as they had been the previous afternoon, but with the additions of a sarong for Ilse and a simple T-shirt for Abel. For the first time since she was a little girl, Ilse wore her hair down, letting it flow behind her like a cape when she walked. They strolled hand-in-hand through the shipboard mall, marveling at the stores and all their gaudy wares. One of the many eateries in the mall's food court introduced them both to the flavors of the gyro, and another livened their taste buds with supposedly authentic Orange Juliuses.

They stood in line to play a round of miniature golf, but decided against attempting the rock wall. They strolled along the outer decks, smelling and tasting the salty spray of the tropical water, stealing kisses -- and the occasional groping fondle -- when they could.

Youthful libido overcame them in the mid afternoon, however, and they hurried back to their cabin for another round of lovemaking. They napped until just before dinner, before heading out to sample the menu of one of the many restaurants on the promenade. They chose to try seafood, something never offered at their homestead in Pennsylvania.

Sated by shrimp linguine and baked trout almondine, the couple returned to the pools on the upper decks, nicely surprised to find them much less crowded than the day before. With night fallen and a warm wind blowing gently across the ship, Abel and Ilse ordered cocktails from one of the bars before finding an empty table at which to sit. They pulled their chairs close and watched the frothy wake of the ship in the dark water.

"This is magical," Ilse commented, laying her head upon Abel's shoulder. At his urging, she was becoming more comfortable with casual displays of affection. Touching as they had been doing was practically unheard of in their community, where dignified reservation was the norm. "I don't want to think about going home."

He petted her hair. "We're not, for five more days," Abel said reassuringly. "Let's make them memorable."

She pulled back slightly so she could see his face. "This afternoon was memorable," she said with a wicked smile. Her eyes flickered past him as movement caught her attention, and her eyes suddenly bulged.

"What is it?" Abel asked, even as he turned to look. He quickly found what had shocked his wife so. Along the inner edge of one of the hot tubs sat a couple, the woman straddling the man in the water. She was visible from the waist up, and had pulled the flimsy triangles of her bikini top to the side, exposing her breasts to her lover.

Abel glanced around quickly, vicariously nervous for the couple. But she had her back to the rest of the deck, and they were the only ones in that particular hot tub. He watched for a few moments as the man caressed his lover's tits, licking and nibbling on her nipples as she grinned and gyrated gently atop him. But then the man noticed the attention of the young couple, and quickly covered his lover's breasts.

Abel looked away, feeling warmth spreading across his face. A glance to his wife, who was staring down, told him she was blushing as well.

"I can't believe they were doing that in public!" Ilse whispered. "What if there were children near?"

"But there aren't," Abel said. "And they know that."

"Still . . . it's not decent."

"But it is arousing."

Ilse appeared almost shocked as she looked upon her husband's face. But then, slowly, her expression changed as she, too, had to admit to feeling aroused. "Maybe a little," she acquiesced.

Abel couldn't help but chance another look toward the affectionate couple in the tub. They were both in the water now, the woman beside the man, sipping from flutes. They spoke to one another with mischievous grins and kept looking to Abel and Ilse.

Suddenly, the man -- dark haired, fit, perhaps thirty years old Abel judged -- lifted his glass with a smile. He beckoned.

Abel felt a rush through his body at the invitation. He glanced away.

"What's wrong?" Ilse asked.

He smiled crookedly. "I think they want us to join them," he said.

"What? Oh, we couldn't!"

He met her quivering eyes, seeing both apprehension and the faintest hint of interest within. "Couldn't we?"

Her blush deepened. "Well . . . if you think we should . . . ."

Abel studied his young wife's face. This was uncharted territory for them, but then, was that not the point of a cruise? To experience new things, meet new people, enjoy life without constraint?

Silently, but with an encouraging expression, he stood, taking Ilse's hand. Together, they approached the hot tub, noting the hopeful smiles upon the faces of the older couple.

"Come on in; the water's great," called the man. He spoke with a southern accent, not thick, just enough to be noticed. "I'm Mike. This is my wife, Jessica."

The brunette raised her glass. "Howdy. Pleased to meet ya." her accent was more pronounced.

"I am Abel, and this is my wife, Ilse."

The man grinned, allowing himself a long, assessing look over them both. "Honeymoon?" he asked before taking a sip.

Abel laughed. "Are we that obvious?"

"Well, you two look mighty young," Jessica quipped. "And she's hanging on you like a junebug on a storm screen."

"So, come on, jump on in," encouraged Mike.

Gingerly, at her husband's urging, Ilse entered the tub first, removing her sarong and stepping over the edge. Abel noticed how Jessica's eyes roamed over his wife's body. He followed Ilse, settling down into the heated, bubbling water.

"Oh, my," breathed Ilse with a faint giggle. "This is different."

"Ain't you ever been in a hot tub before?" Jessica asked.

Ilse shook her head. "We don't have anything like this at home."

"We're Amish," Abel explained, as if that was all the explanation they needed.

The older couple stared in mild surprise. "You don't say?" Mark asked rhetorically. "Pardon my ignorance, but ain't all this a little out of sorts for you?"

"Very much so," Ilse said, sitting properly upon the ledge beneath the water.

"We aren't completely cut off from the rest of the world," Abel said. "My family makes furniture. We go to town every week."

"Didn't mean to offend," Mike said, raising both hands from the water. "Forgive my ignorance."

Abel gave a short nod. "Forgiven," he said, then smiled. "Is this your honeymoon, too?"

Jessica tittered, a light, airy sound that was echoed by her husband's deeper chuckle. "Far from it," Mike said. "We've been married for eleven years."

Jessica squirmed against her husband. "High school sweethearts," she said, then tilted Mike's face to hers for a soulful kiss.

Ilse glanced questioningly to her husband, seeking encouragement. His smile was all she needed, and she relaxed somewhat, sliding closer to him in the water. One of her hands beneath the churning water settled onto Abel's bare thigh.

Mike drained his glass once the kiss was ended, and craned his neck to look beyond the tub. I made a gesture. "I think we all need another round. Our treat."

"Well, that's very gracious," said Abel. "Thank you."

He winked. "I got a feeling this trip just got more interesting."

* * * *

Despite their natural reservations, a round of cocktails allowed Abel and Ilse to open up to their new friends. Mike and Jessica seemed honestly interested in the lives of their Amish companions. There was much talk concerning the differences between the way the couples lived their lives.

"What kind of dancing do you do?" asked Ilse, emboldened by alcohol half an hour later. "I've seen some ballet."

Jessica gave the young blonde a catty look. "Well, now, don't be shocked, but I'm a topless dancer. Nude, too, sometimes."

Ilse's eye bulged. "Topless? Nude?" she queried. "In front of other people?"

Mike casually reached over to cup one of his wife's breasts. "Best damn titties in Fort Lauderdale," he proclaimed proudly.

Ilse took a sip of her drink. Abel pulled her close, draping an arm around her shoulder. "My wife is a little, um, inexperienced about some things."

"Well, maybe we'll just have to change that a little," Jessica declared, making her thin brows dance. "You know, just from looking at you, I can tell you got a nice little body. And titties like yours . . . firm and round like that . . . you'd get a lot of attention in my club."

Redness spread like a rash across Ilse's face. "I could never do anything like that," she insisted.

"No? You sure about that?" Jessica asked, then eased up slightly out of the water, looking about quickly. Satisfied that no eyes were turned their way, the woman brazenly pulled her bikini top aside, exposing her tanned breasts and dark pink nipples. "Try this."

Ilse stared, eyes wide, mouth agape. "I-I-I couldn't," she stammered, then searched her husband's face, as if to ask, could I?

He encouraged her with a look. Why not?

"Come on, honey, whip 'em out," Jessica pressed. She jiggled her breasts back and forth. They glistened enticingly from the water, nipples fiercely erect.

"I don't know . . . ." Ilse uttered, but her hands were already on her chest, fingertips curling beneath the fabric that kept her modest.

Abel brushed his wife's ear with his lips. "Go ahead," he whispered.

Ilse nibbled her lip, then suddenly jerked her bikini aside with both hands. But her breasts danced free for only a moment before she covered them again.

"Oh, come on!" cried Jessica teasingly. "That wasn't nothing! Set 'em free, baby!"

Ilse rolled her eyes, face glowing. She did not want to admit that she was enjoying the attention. In their community at home, she was just another woman, clad in the same clothing as everyone else. Here, however, she was an individual, unique, and the subject of interest.

"All right!" she exclaimed at last, and proudly pulled her top aside, leaving the fabric there. Her young tits sat high and proud, freckled and pale, with small, dusky pink nipples sitting atop the raised mounds of her areolas.

"Oh, damn," Mike commented quickly, making no effort to conceal his interest. "Those are some nice puffies."

"Ain't they?" Jessica asked, sitting up in the water and moving closer to the young blonde.

"What do you mean by 'puffies?'" Ilse asked.

"It's the way your areolas stand out like that. They're called puffies. Not too many women have them."

"Well, they sometimes do that . . . ."

Jessica moved closer in the water, a penetrating look in her eyes. "You mean, when you're turned on," she said meaningfully. "Like you are right now."

Ilse couldn't answer. All she could was swallow nervously and watch the sultry brunette as she moved before her. Their legs touched beneath the water. The women were inches apart, naked breasts rising and falling, decorated with droplets of warm water.

"You're a very sexy girl," Jessica whispered, slowly bringing her hands up out of the water, like Venus rising in a clam shell, before gently placing them upon Ilse's naked tits. Ilse jumped at the contact, but did not push the older woman's hands away. Her body was tense, breath shallow. She squeezed Abel's thigh beneath the water.

"You've never been touched by another woman, have you?" Jessica asked, her fingers caressing Ilse's nipples. They stiffened quickly, pushing out as if asking for the attention. Ilse could only shake her head vehemently.

"Then, this would be new, too," the brunette whispered, before lowering her head. She suckled softly upon the blonde's left nipple, pulling it into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the swollen areola, awakening nerves. Passive, Ilse did not move. She closed her eyes, relishing the novel sensation.

"Looks like the ladies are getting to know each other pretty well," Mike commented with a meaningful look to Abel.

With effort, Abel managed to glance away from the sight of his wife being pleasured by another woman. He read the expression on Mike's face; it was one he had seen before, more than a year previous. An expression that lead to a single night of strange but memorable pleasure.

"Yes, it looks that way," Abel agreed.

Mike stood in the water, just high enough for the moment that his swollen erection was visibly outlined by the tight white male bikini he wore. But then he slipped back into the water, closer to Abel now. He kept his gaze locked on the young man. "How about us?"

Abel trembled with both nervousness and arousal. A hidden, dark feeling which only once before had been indulged was suddenly dragged from the depths of his libido, especially once the attractive, dark-haired man slid his hand up Abel's thigh, to find the outline of his own stiff erection.

"I thought so," Mike commented with a sly smile. He massaged Abel's cock slowly, then gave a quick look to his wife.

Still suckling Ilse's breasts, Jessica caught the message in her husband's eyes and let her hands drift beneath the water. One joined her husband's in groping the young man's cock, while the other found the fleshy mound beneath the blonde's slightly-parted thighs. The young woman gasped, head falling back against the edge of the tub. Beside her, Abel squirmed as a pair of hands stroked his suddenly-exposed penis under the water.


Attention suddenly drawn to the steward standing above them, whose warning look told them all they needed to know, the imminent lovers suddenly stopped. Jessica and Mike backed off slightly, giving catty looks to their new friends. Embarrassingly, Ilse covered her breasts and snuggled against her husband.

"Looks like we've gotten ourselves worked up," Mike commented, reaching for his drink.

Abel cleared his throat. His cock was still hard, and still exposed beneath the water. Ilse had not noticed. "Maybe it's time to go."

"I couldn't agree more," Jessica declared, reaching out to touch Ilse's glowing face. "We have a stateroom. Plenty of space."

"With a king sized bed," Mike added suggestively.

Again, Ilse sought direction -- or encouragement? -- from her husband. Abel fought against his urgent libido, trying to think rationally. We don't know these people, he tried to tell himself. But how much do we need to know, other than that we're attracted to them?

Finally, Abel nodded. "Sure."

* * * *

Nervous apprehension combined with inebriated anticipation as the young couple followed their new friends through the ship's corridors. Ilse squeezed her husband's hand in a near death grip. Neither of them spoke, afraid that doing so would reveal their fears and dispel the moment.

With occasional looks and smiles back to the couple behind them, Mike and Jessica considered their good fortune at having seduced such an attractive, inexperienced couple. They nearly felt as if they were courting a pair of virgins.

Finally, at the door to their cabin, Mike and Jessica stopped and faced the Amish newlyweds. "You two can leave whenever you want," Mike said firmly. "We have no expectations at all."

"Just hopes," added Jessica with a sultry glimmer across her face.

Abel nodded with a reaffirming grip of his wife's hand. "Thank you for that kindness," he said.

With an impish smirk, Mike turned back to the door, swiped his card, and pushed it open.

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