Cruising Amish


The room beyond was easily twice the size of the accommodations Abel and Ilse enjoyed, with large bed in the center of one wall, a couch, chair, and large television, and a bathroom that held both a full bath and shower. The balcony, visible through wide-open windows, was home to a table and pair of chairs.

"So, come in, make y'all selves comfortable," Jessica cooed, casually reaching back to untie her bikini top. She let the garment flutter to the ground as she stood by the bed. She bent at the waist, hooking her thumbs beneath the damp bottoms, and cast a devilish grin over her shoulder. "I certainly am."

Neither Abel nor Ilse could avert their gaze as Jessica slid the thong-backed garment down her toned legs. As she stooped even more, keeping her legs straight, the smooth, hairless lips of her sex were revealed.

"In case you haven't noticed," Mike mentioned as he stepped past the young couple. "My wife is a bit of an exhibitionist."

Jessica laughed softly, then turned and sat on the edge of the bed, leaning back on her hands with her legs casually parted. Star tattoos decorated her lower abdomen, just over her ovaries, and a panther was inked into the tender flesh of her right upper thigh, as if clawing its way toward her vagina.

"Your turn, honey," she said, giving a challenging look to Ilse.

The young blonde trembled, but it was now more from arousal than apprehension. Leaving her husband by the door, she approached Jessica, untying her own bikini top and letting it fall. A few mere feet from the dark-haired woman, she slid the bottoms down off her thighs, with much more fluidity than Abel would have expected.

"Nice, nice," Jessica commented. "Love that little sashay in your hips, honey." Casually, she leaned forward and reached out, brushing fingertips through Ilse's soft bush. "Now, ain't that something. I never seen pubes so blonde."

Ilse regarded her bushy sex, then Jessica's hairless mound. "Why do you shave it?"

Jessica smiled and leaned back, kicking her feet up for a moment. "Why hide such a wonderful treasure?"

Mike cleared his throat loudly, garnering the attention of the naked ladies.

His wife rolled her eyes, then pushed herself up beside Ilse. "The boys, I think, require some attention," she commented. She gestured to Abel. "Come on, have a seat next to Mike, darling."

Numbly, guided only by his libido, Abel did as directed, slipping past his glowing wife. Mike had already settled to the edge of the bed and removed his deck shoes. Abel did the same, positioning himself on the mattress.

"Now, do what I do, honey," Jessica instructed, getting on her knees before Mike. With an almost predatory gleam in her eye, she gripped the waistband of her husband's shorts and pulled. He lifted up enough to assist, and the swimsuit came down, revealing his proud -- and, like his wife, smooth-shaved -- sex. His cock jutted up straight once it was released, a pale, circumcised staff with a broad pink head.

Ilse stared a moment, then let out a nervous laugh before pulling on Abel's shorts. As his came down, his cock also bobbed free, slapping to his abdomen. Visibly thicker and uncut, surrounded by a nest of dark, fine hair, the differences between the two men could not be more obvious.

"Oh, honey, I bet you have fun with that thing," Jessica remarked, even as she took her husband's cock in her hands.

Ilse answered while staring up into her husband's eyes. "I certainly do," she answered.

Jessica tittered, languidly stroking Mike's erection. "So, what do Amish girls know about giving blowjobs?"

Ilse frowned in confusion, while somewhat awkwardly mimicking the southern woman's strokes on her husband's penis. "I don't know what that is," she said.

"Well, watch and learn, honey, watch and learn . . . ." she trailed off as she lifted up and directed the tip of Mike's dick toward her mouth. Wetting her lips for effect, she licked all around the pink head, then slowly up and down the shaft for a few moments before finally sucking the glans into her mouth and pulling in her cheeks.

Ilse watched the woman bob on Mike's cock, listening to the wet, push-pull sucking sounds. She watched Mike's face dissolve into an expression of lust and gratification. Then she looked back to Abel.

"Would you think less of me if I . . .?" she asked timidly.

Abel reached down to brush away strands of damp blonde hair. "I could never think less of you, no matter what we do, so long as we both want it."

His words heartened her, and she smiled, pleased, before focusing her attention on Abel's impressive penis. As Jessica had done, she licked her lips, then, for the first time, slipped out her tongue to taste her husband's cock. Her hands scrolled the milky foreskin down, exposing the glans, and she lapped all around it, tasting the clear seepage that emanated from the slit. She considered the flavor a moment, then smiled and continued.

"Put it in your mouth, honey," Jessica urged. "Use your lips and tongue, but don't touch it with your teeth. Just suck, and move your mouth up and down. Trust me, honey, a good blowjob is worth a good fuck any day."

Ilse nodded, unable to conceal the excitement on her face. She stared at the tip of Abel's cock, thinking, briefly, this is where my children will be coming from. But then she parted her lips and covered the purplish-pink head with her mouth, sucking in the first couple of inches. But not tonight. Tonight is for pleasure.

Abel arched his back, suppressing the urge to shove his cock deep. This was not the first time he had been so serviced, but the sight, the feel, the entire circumstance of his innocent young bride performing such a deliciously decadent act upon him was overwhelming. He felt the questing wet firmness of her tongue, the pressure of her lips, the warmth of her mouth . . . such sweet bliss!

Slipping her wet mouth from Abel's cock, Ilse looked up at him with wide blue eyes seeking validation. "Does it feel good?" she asked him.

Abel's head spun. "Oh, so very good," he panted, placing a gentle hand on the back of her head.

With a broad smile and blushing giggle, Ilse plunged her mouth back down, sucking nearly half her husband's length. Beside them, Mike and Jessica watched.

"I think she's a natural," Jessica remarked, rubbing Mike's cock around her mouth.

"Sure looks like it," Mike answered, then groaned as his wife took him into her mouth and pushed down. Inch after inch slid past her lips, until the head nudged the opening of her throat and popped within. Her chin pressed against his hairless balls, her nose against his abdomen. Mike uttered a staccato groan of pleasure.

Ilse tilted her head, not removing her mouth from Abel's cock, to see what made Mike give such a sound. Amazement was obvious upon her face at what she witnessed. She popped her drooling mouth off Abel's penis. "How do you do that?"

Jessica pumped her husband's cock with her mouth and throat for a few moments, before releasing him with a gasp for air. "Practice," she informed, stroking Mike's slick penis. "Maybe I'll teach you how to do it. Not that you'd have an easy time with a monster like that."

"I can't even imagine," Ilse muttered, before returning to her oral worship.

"Well, don't try, 'cause you'd choke on it, honey," Jessica warned. "Besides, I think what you're doing is enough to get him off."

Abel nodded vehemently, making both Mike and Jessica laugh and Ilse beam at her accomplishment.

"Now, let's make them come," Jessica announced, all but attacking Mike's cock. She stroked and sucked in tandem, making her husband squirm. Mike gritted his teeth, clenching the sheets of the bed. His thighs spasmed. He seemed to glare at his wife as she began working him to orgasm.

Inspired, Ilse copied the brunette's movements, wrapping her right hand around Abel's cock, pumping it with a firm grip as her mouth glided up and down the first few inches. Her husband shuddered at the intense sensations. His penis tensed and throbbed within her mouth.

"Fuck yeah, baby, make me come," growled Mike. "Show Ilse how you take my load."

Jessica whimpered around her mouthful, sucking, stroking, pulling, pushing. Her body undulated as she serviced her husband, more than eager to receive her reward. After only a handful of seconds more, Mike was gasping and groaning, throwing his head back.

The first spurt of thick semen gushed into Jessica's mouth, and she immediately slid back, masturbating her husband's cock with the head just past her open lips. Jet after jet of milky fluid splashed into her mouth, upon her tongue. A few dribbles escaped to trickle down her cheeks. She swallowed quickly, then descended with a guttural moan, sucking passionately to get every last drop of precious sperm Mike had to give.

Both amazed and intimidated by the sight, Ilse worked Abel with her hand and mouth, anticipating the sensation of her husband ejaculating in her mouth. What will it feel like? she wondered. What will it taste like?

But she had little time for such thoughts, as Abel was soon gasping as well, his hips vibrating as orgasmic waves thundered through his body. His cock swelled and burned pleasurably, then erupted within Ilse's mouth.

Her eyes flew open wide at the rush of thick, rich, warm fluid that inundated her senses and flooded her mouth. She emitted a muffled squeal, unsure of what to do with the unexpected geyser between her lips. Still, she continued sucking, her lips a vacuum seal around the head of Abel's cock. Her hand slowly pumped up and down, feeling the pressured pulses within the shaft that heralded each salvo of cum.

"St-st-stop," Abel gasped, sitting up and grasping both Ilse's hand and her head. "Don't move, just . . . just suck . . . softly . . . ."

Ilse shifted, feeling her cheeks ballooning. Her husband's gift swirled in her mouth, soaking into her cheeks, flowing to the entrance of her throat. She swallowed some of it reflexively, and grimaced slightly at the unexpected flavor.

"Oh, go, girl," Jessica cheered as she watched. "You took it like a champ!"

Gingerly, as Abel released his hold, Ilse slid her mouth from his cock. A strand of thick fluid stretched from the tip of Abel's penis to her lower lip. She brushed it away and sat back, contemplating the thick fluid in her mouth. All she tasted, all she smelled, was semen. It was pungent, but not all that unpleasant. Different, to be sure, unlike anything she had ever tasted before. But there was a strange sweetness to it, like the flavor of homemade whisky or the taste of fresh seafood.

"Go on, girl," Mike coaxed. "Just send it all down."

Ilse glanced to him, then to Jessica, reading their aroused expressions. Then she looked up to her husband's flushed and sublime face. He gazed upon her like a penitent man at the feet of the Virgin Mary.

The corners of her lips curled upward. Keeping her eyes locked on Abel's, she sucked in her cheeks and swallowed down every bit of his precious gift. Breathing out, she licked her lips and smiled in triumph.

Jessica and Mike both applauded. Abel fell back on the bed with a contented sigh.

* * * *

The ladies headed to the bath to freshen up, giving their husbands time to recover. Clad in bath robes, Abel and Mike headed down the hall to an ice dispenser and filled up a bucket.

"You've got an amazing little wife there," Mike remarked as he held the bucket beneath the noisy machine's funnel.

"As do you," returned Abel.

Mike winked and chuckled. "I know this might be touchy ground, but . . . if you think you and Ilse are up for it, we could, you know do more."

Abel fidgeted slightly. "I am not that naïve to think it wouldn't be a possibility," he said. "I would like to leave it up to her."

Mike fixed him a look. "But how would you feel about it?"

Abel frowned in contemplation. "I'm not sure," he admitted. "I guess . . . it would be one of those things where we would just have to see where it goes."

Mike grinned. "Can't ask for more than that."

They returned to the cabin a minute later, ice bucket filled, to find a tantalizing sight awaiting them. Ilse and Jessica writhed upon the bed, fresh from a quick shower that left their hair wet and plastered across faces, shoulders, and backs. They kissed passionately, hands roaming along slick, naked flesh. Jessica was atop the young blonde, one hand aggressively squeezing one of Ilse's firm breasts. For her part, Ilse was kneading Jessica's taut buttocks. Both women moaned softly in the throes of budding passion.

The ice bucket clattered to the floor, followed quickly by a pair of white terrycloth robes. Mike and Abel approached the bed, drinking in the scene before them, wondering if they should merely watch, or include themselves.

Noticing the presence of the men, Jessica offered a wicked smile before trailing a series of kisses down Ilse's young, freckled body. The blonde looked to Abel, reaching out to him. He climbed onto the bed beside her, erection already prominent.

"Abel, my husband, I wasn't thinking, I--"

"Shh," he interrupted, then bent to kiss her. "It's all right. You want this?"

She nodded slowly, then suddenly winced, grimacing with an expression of unexpected pleasure.

Abel looked down, seeing Jessica between his wife's splayed thighs, her mouth pressed firmly to Ilse's succulent pussy. The soft tangle of blonde pubic hair was ruffled by Jessica's nose as she twitched her head back and forth. The brunette seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the taste of Ilse's young cunt, for she moaned and licked as deeply as her tongue would allow.

Mike stepped behind his wife, cock engorged. With little in the way of finesse, he shoved into his wife, making her falter in her ministrations upon Ilse. Her eyes tipped back a moment, but then she gathered her wits and resumed devouring the blonde's pussy as her husband fucked her.

Abel felt a bit out of place, unsure of what to do. Ilse was too occupied to give him any attention, and Mike had a monopoly on his wife. Thankfully, the older man realized this, and bent over to whisper a suggestion into Jessica's ear.

"Sounds good to me," Jessica announced, withdrawing her now-glistening mouth from Ilse's genitals. Climbing onto the bed, she turned about and straddled the blonde's body, with her face above Ilse's pussy and her pussy above Ilse's face. Once comfortable, she resumed sucking and licking the blonde's saturated cunt.

Watching avidly, Abel knelt by the bed, looking upon his young wife's flushed face beneath Jessica's smooth-shaved sex. Ilse looked lost to the world, gripping the other woman's cheeks, chaotically flicking her tongue out to taste Jessica's inner thighs. As if by accident, she managed to find the brunette's swollen clit with her tongue, and licked around it.


The young man looked up at the sound of his name. Mike, standing on the other side of the bed, made a swirling motion with his hand, indicating that he and Abel switch places. With a nod and a grin, Abel rose and stepped around, passing Mike as the latter climbed onto the bed behind his wife.

Coming onto his knees between Ilse's spread thighs, Abel stroked his cock in readiness. Curling her tongue from within the blonde's slick lips, Jessica eyed the stiff penis before her. "Not that you need it, but let me get you ready," she declared, before opening her mouth to take Abel's cock. The young man moaned, feeding the woman his length. Her mouth was much more talented than his wife's, and she took him to the root after only a few plunges, her throat rippling around his shaft.

She released him after perhaps a minute, grunting as she was filled from behind. Mike gripped her hips as he fucked her. Abel could only imagine the sight his wife now had, looking up upon a stiff cock entering Jessica's pussy. He wondered if his wife was licking Mike's balls, or tickling Jessica's clit with her tongue.

The possibilities made him twitch, and he lined up his cock with his wife's ready and waiting tunnel. Jessica split the blonde's lips apart with her fingers, guiding Abel's cock home. Then she began laving both Ilse's clit and the top of Abel's shaft with oral attention.

The bed frame creaked as the two men fucked their wives. Both women moaned and sighed, when their mouths were not otherwise occupied, and clutched each other desperately as if to keep from being pushed too far by their aggressive husbands. The sweet aromas of sex flooded the air.

At one point, Jessica reached for Abel's cock as he pulled back, and pulled it from his wife's pussy. She sucked on it voraciously, tasting the depths of the blonde's tunnel, before directing the cock back inside its sheath. Giving Abel a naughty smile, she lifted up and kissed him, imparting the rich, musky flavor of his wife.

They changed positions, with the men laying upon their backs and the women astride, giggling and making comments as they fucked their husbands with as much urgency as they had themselves been fucked. Abel and Mike exchanged looks as their wives rode them to glory, sharing grins that complemented the abandon with which Jessica and Ilse enjoyed themselves.

And then it happened. The turning point.

Having treated everyone to an impressive display of orgasmic eruption while grinding herself onto Mike's penis, Jessica declared she needed to cool down. With the statement that she wanted to watch Abel and Ilse, she slid up on the bed while Ilse lay on her back beside the brunette, with Abel between his wife's thighs, slowly and tenderly thrusting into her.

"It's so hot watching other people fuck," Jessica said, casually stroking her smooth-shaved, swollen pussy with one hand while fondling Ilse's breasts with the other.

"I agree," Mike commented, kneeling upon the bed beside Ilse, across from his wife. His cock was semi-erect, glistening with Jessica's fluid. He knelt near Ilse's head. The blonde's face was heady from the orgasms she had enjoyed, a consummate mask of pure hedonistic bliss.

Abel leaned over to kiss his wife, who returned the affection with heat and need. Then, as he lifted up slightly, still pumping into her with long, slow strokes, Mike shifted on his knees, bringing his cock closer to Ilse's face. He was testing the waters, Abel knew, wanting to see how far the younger couple was willing to go.

He stroked himself over Ilse's face, and the young woman watched with heavy, interested eyes. Mike's cock returned to full mast within moments. Slowly, tentatively, she turned her head, parting her lips. It was an obvious invitation.

For a moment, Abel nearly stopped his movements as he watched his wife lick the tip of another man's cock. A brief sense of jealousy flashed through him, but it was gone the next instant. He watched with fascination as Mike slid that wondrously bulbous pink cockhead into Ilse's mouth, as she sucked on it amid faint muffled whimpers and moans.

And then Abel, lost to his own lust, lowered his head once more, first kissing the corner of his wife's mouth, feeling through the flesh of her cheek the intrusion of this other man's cock, and then slowly, carefully, letting his lips and tongue trail along the shaft of Mike's penis. He tasted the tangy essence of Jessica's pussy, felt the firmness of the swollen tissue beneath the skin.

Mike hissed through his teeth. "Oh, yes," he moaned, sawing his hips back and forth. The head of his dick slid from Ilse's mouth . . . and was quickly captured by Abel's.

Abel trembled atop his wife, giving in to the forbidden thrill -- one only once before enjoyed -- of sucking another man's cock. Mike's penis was not very thick, but that broad, spear-like pink head mashed pleasantly against his tongue with every thrust. He thrust firmer, faster, into Ilse's body, spurred on by the erotic rush of pleasing another man.

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