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Cruising with T


Hi, I'm T and this story is about my husband's official 50th birthday present. Hubby and I have both written prior stories and my most recent (Hubby's Birthday Present) was about the "unofficial" 50th birthday present I arranged for him and hopefully you will enjoy this one as well.


Hubby turns 50 this year and his "official" present was a Caribbean Cruise we were taking with my sister Beth and her husband Mark and hubby's cousin Lisa and her husband Glen. My sister and her husband had staring roles in hubby's unofficial present (prior story) and this was going to be our first opportunity to be with them since then.

It was our first cruise and the initial plan was a cruise for just the two of us but other people found out and before we knew it, the other couples were coming along. This was fine with us because we all have a good time together.

My sister is a little older than me and has a body very similar to mine (look at the picture on our profile). As you can read in the prior story, we'd recently became MUCH closer and I was craving another taste of her pussy and my nipples got hard every time I thought about Mark and hubby's cocks fucking me at the same time (prior story).

Cousin Lisa and her husband Glen are in their early 30's and the cruise would be a break for them because they'd had a baby almost a year before and this was their first time away from him. My pussy was focused on Mark and Beth and frankly, I hoped Lisa and Glen didn't get in our way.

Glen is the serious type but still fun to be around and has an athlete's body reflecting his college baseball days. They live in the same city we do and we saw them fairly regularly at family functions. I'd noticed Lisa playing with him at a pool party once and his cock seemed huge.

Lisa has curly blond hair and is about 5"9" and probably weighs about 135lbs. normally. She's fun to be around with vivacious personality to go along with her gorgeous face and body. She'd worked hard since the baby was born to get her figure back but since she's still breast feeding, her 38d tits still had the lovely sway of a mommy's tits. You would think all I think about are tits!!

My husband absolutely loved fucking when I was breast feeding because he could suck my breast milk and 11 years later, he still talks about how much he craves the sweet taste. He'd mentioned a few times in passing that if Lisa needed any help with her milk, he'd be glad to volunteer. She reminded me a lot of my college lover and sometimes I had the same thoughts.

I knew from talking to Lisa that she was going to pump milk to freeze for their baby while they were on the cruise and the baby would be staying with her parents. Our son and Mark and Beth's kids were all staying with my parents so the only major thing any of us had to deal with prior to the cruise was watching the Weather Channel constantly worrying about early season hurricanes.

The time arrived and we all flew down together to Tampa where the cruise ship would depart. We were all in a festive mood and the girls were looking forward to shopping in Grand Cayman and Cozumel and I think the guys were just looking forward to a week of fun in the sun.

Although hubby had given me a good fucking the night before, being the perpetually horny slut that I am, I couldn't help watching Beth's every move. She was wearing a pair of tight tan shorts and the thong she was wearing was easily visible to anyone who wanted to look.

Her beautiful tits were swaying under a thin cotton top and her nipples looked like little erasers poking through the fabric. Was it just me or were her tits just begging to be sucked?

About an hour into our flight, I caught her eye and nodded back toward the restroom. I got there first and heard a knock just seconds later. An airplane restroom gives a whole new definition to the word tiny but all I needed was room for my mouth on Beth's tits.

Beth whispered, "Miss them baby?" as I squeezed her tits together so I could suck both nipples into my mouth at the same time. I bit down and she moaned as I replied, "Fuck yes I missed them!"

She scooted her ass up onto the sink and I quickly pulled her shorts and thong down and buried my face into her sweet wet pussy. I'd shaved her pussy for the first time on her last visit and I saw it was still baby smooth. I heard a porn star in a movie say that pussy tastes so good that even girls want it and she wasn't lying.

Knowing we didn't have long before someone would be knocking on the door, I didn't waste any time. I reached up and cupped both her tits and rolled her nipples between my fingers as I started to gently suck on her clit. I'm sure the possibility of getting caught added to what I was doing to her and it wasn't long before she started to cum.

Her hands reached behind my head pulling my face into her pussy. She moaned softly as I continued to gently suck her clit as her orgasm ran on. I finally stood up and she started licking her juice off my face and we locked into a deep kiss with our tongues swirling her pussy juice into our mouths.

I leaned back against the wall as she pulled her thong and shorts back up. She turned around and looked into the mirror to rearrange herself and I leaned forward reaching around to cup her tits. I whispered, "I hope you're horny this week sis, because I need to taste more of you."

She giggled and replied, "Mark's already said that the only way you're getting my ass is if he gets some of yours too." I laughed and said, "Oh that can definitely be arranged, hubby's said the same thing about you!"

I looked into the mirror and fixed my hair as she asked, "What about Lisa and Glen, have you ever fucked them?"

I replied, "No but I've been thinking a LOT about Lisa's big tits." She giggled again and said, "Sis you are such a horny slut!!"

We casually made our way back to our seats and each of our husbands gave us a knowing look as we sat down. Mark leaned over and said, "They've started already and we're not even there yet!" and we all laughed.

We got through the Tampa airport and the shuttle to the cruise ship without any problems. Thank God our luggage did as well because I had some special items packed away in our checked luggage.

Since this was our first cruise and also hubby's "official" 50th birthday present, we'd saved for this trip and had a Penthouse Suite. This meant we had a king size bed and a fold out couch with a bigger room and a balcony.

The others had normal balcony staterooms and we all went to our rooms for some quiet time before dinner. I didn't know for sure what the other girls had planned for their quiet time but I was going to get some cock.

We decided to shower first and not wanting to waste any time, got in together. Being a cruise ship, even in the Penthouse Suite, this was cozy but I still had room to kneel and soap hubby's cock and balls.

As he leaned back, the shower water rinsed off the soap and I pulled his cock up so I could suck his tight cum filled balls. Stroking slowly up and down his shaft I gently cupped his balls and squeezed them as I licked his salty pre-cum off the tip of his cock.

I love to suck him, and still gently massaging his balls; I slid my mouth down over his cock and listened to him moan as my lips reached the base of his shaft. I took my other hand and ran my fingers into the crack of his ass. He knew what I wanted and shifted his weight so I could probe his tight little asshole with my finger.

My finger was wet from the shower water and I looked up at him and said, "Is that what you wanted baby?" as I pushed my index finger up into his tight asshole. He moaned his reply and I slowly started fucking his ass with my finger to the same rhythm of my mouth on his cock.

I was still gently squeezing his big balls and started feeling them getting tighter which told me I was soon going to have a mouthful of cum. I love his cum but selfishly wanted it in my ass since it had been awhile since I'd been ass-fucked and (blush) I was already thinking ahead to the possibilities of the coming week.

Still slowly fingering his ass, I squeezed the base of his cock with my other hand and said, "Baby do you want to cum in my mouth or my ass?" Being married to this guy for almost 20 years, I was pretty sure what the answer was going to be!

He pulled me up and started kissing me as he cupped my tits in his big hands. I love to feel his hands on my tits and if you've ever read any of our other stories, you'll know I REALLY love to have my ass fucked.

Yes ladies, I love to have my ass fucked. Hubby's always been patient and caring and when it's done properly, a cock fucking your ass will rock your world and for me anyway, the orgasms make me crave it.

Hubby pinched my nipples like he knows I like it and looked down at me as he said, "Does my baby need her ass fucked?" I moaned my reply as he spun me around to face the shower wall. The warm water ran over us as he soaped my body paying special attention to my pussy and ass.

He slowly knelt behind me trailing his tongue down my back and into the cleft between my ass cheeks. I leaned forward and reached back to pull my cheeks apart for him. His tongue probed my asshole as he slid three fingers into my wet pussy.

He fucked me with his fingers and tried his best to slide his tongue into my tight asshole. The sensations traveling to my brain were delicious; the warm water running over my tits, his fingers slowly fucking my pussy, that hot tongue probing my asshole and the feel of his whiskers between my ass cheeks.

A warm glow was spreading up into my belly and I knew he wasn't going to stop until he made me cum anyway so I gave in and felt the warm glow turn into a toe curling orgasm that washed (no pun intended) over my body.

As my orgasm ran on, I felt him take his pussy juice soaked fingers and gently slide two into my asshole. The sensation triggered more heat up into my belly and my knees almost buckled as another wave of the orgasm traveled into every corner of my body.

Part of my brain was floating in the warm glow of my orgasm and part was aware that he'd pulled his fingers out and had bent me over further, briefly shoving his hard cock deep into my pussy to lube it for my ass. One long hard stroke into my pussy to coat it and then I felt the swollen head of his cock slide past by anal ring.

He waited as he always does for me to give him the OK which as usual was a, "FUCK me with that hard cock baby, bury it in my ass! Fuck your little whore; I need to feel your hot cum deep in my asshole!"

With that, we both moaned loudly as he slowly (remember the patience ladies) pushed his cock deep into my ass. I was pushing back against him waiting to feel his balls against my pussy.

My lips were so swollen and part of the wonder of being fucked in the ass is feeling those big balls slapping against my swollen labia. I had both of my arms outstretched against the shower wall and was using the wall to push my ass back against his cock.

Ladies, if you've never been fucked in the ass, do yourself and your lover a huge favor and try it. If you've tried it and it wasn't glorious, I can almost guarantee that your lover wasn't patient and didn't give you time to relax. I guess it's possible that some women might not like it just like some don't like having their pussy eaten but WOW are you missing a lot.

As the warm water continued to cascade over us, he was running his hands over my hips and back. He leaned forward to cup and squeeze my dangling tits and whispered into my ear, "Is this what you needed baby?" I couldn't form a reply and he just chuckled as he pinched both of my nipples between his fingers and then rammed his cock into me slamming his balls against my pussy.

After almost 20 years of marriage, he certainly knows what I like also because almost immediately another orgasm exploded through my body. I was screaming, "FUUUUCCCCKKKK MMMMEEEEE" as his cock pounded my asshole.

He gradually slowed down to let me fully enjoy the orgasm and when I finally calmed down he asked, "Do you want my hot cum baby?" I gasped, "Oh you know I do, I want to feel the throb of that cock deep in my asshole." He replied, "Beg for it baby."

My hubby tries his best to be a considerate lover and hold his own orgasm until he's given me at least one but we both know I can make him cum is seconds anytime I want to. I looked back over my shoulder and smiled and said, "Since when do I have to beg for your cum?"

He moaned as I squeezed down on his cock with my anal ring muscle. I teased, "Give me that cum or I'll get some from Mark, if I remember correctly he loves fucking my tight ass." As I said that I moved my hips to grind my ass back into his cock.

He grabbed my hips again and started pulling his cock out where just the head was trapped by my anal ring and then slamming it deep back into me. As he picked up his pace, his balls were smacking hard into my swollen lips and this little slut was in assfuck heaven.

Finally, I could feel his cock get even harder announcing the cum about to explode into my asshole. I was ready to cum with him and gave him one last little encouragement, "Harder baby, fuck your whore harder!"

As his cock throbbed in my ass, shooting rope after hot rope of cum deep into me, another orgasm washed over me and my knees did buckle as he held me with his hands on my hips. My conscience vaguely registered him screaming, "Take it bitch, take my hot cum!!"

I finally came back to reality with him gently kissing and massaging my back. He whispered, "Did I ever tell you how much I love fucking you sweetheart?" I leaned back against him with his shrinking cock still held by my tight anal ring and replied, "I think it's a very mutual thing."

He gently pulled his cock from my ass which left me feeling almost empty and I turned for a full embrace kiss. We kissed and talked about plans for the coming week and finally washed his cock and my asshole again before getting out.

Let me just interject at this point that I really appreciate all the e-mails we've received from couples and guys or girls who were convinced to try anal sex because of our other stories. We would also love to hear some describing how it went!

I collapsed onto the bed with that well fucked feeling that women know. The glow from the orgasms and the lingering just fucked asshole sensations drifting through my body. Hubby lay down beside me and we took a quick nap before getting dressed for dinner.

Everyone who's been on a cruise knows what a big deal they make of dinner and we were looking forward to our first evening aboard. We'd arranged to all be seated at the same table and everyone had dressed appropriately.

This wasn't a formal dinner but the guys were all wearing casual slacks with sport shirts and jackets and each of ladies had chosen light summer dresses and of course I wasn't wearing any underwear. My eyes almost popped out as Lisa and Glen walked up because she obviously wasn't wearing a bra and her big tits looked like they were ready to fall out the sides of her dress.

I guess she'd either pumped her milk prior to coming down or Glen had sucked her dry because she didn't appear to be worried about her milk leaking through her thin dress. I later learned that she was starting to wean her baby and wasn't bothered with leaks much anymore.

Hubby had a hard time keeping his eyes off her tits and it really didn't bother me because I was having the same difficulty. Lisa looked positively radiant and obviously this trip was something they really needed.

We had a wonderful dinner together and went dancing afterward. Hubby was dancing with Beth while I danced with Mark and I could feel Mark's cock pressing against me at every opportunity. I laughed at him and said, "Didn't sis fuck you this afternoon Mark?"

He laughed back as he replied, "Yes she did but I couldn't help thinking about you guys in the airplane restroom!" Sis had obviously shared our little mile high experience. I pressed against him and said, "You men are all alike, a couple of girls eating pussy and your cocks turn to stone."

He moaned through the music as I softly cupped his balls through his slacks. I whispered, "Is sis going to share your cock with me this week?" I felt his cock throb as he replied, "Oh yeah, she wants two cocks this time while you ride her face!"

My pussy seemed to quiver as I pictured that in my mind. In my prior story about hubby's unofficial birthday present, I was the lucky recipient of both their cocks fucking me at the same time and it was something that every girl should get to experience.

It was getting late and after the long day we all agreed to call it a night and made plans for the next day. Hubby and I fell into bed spooning with me behind him and I automatically moved my hand between his legs to cup his balls as we both fell asleep. As I drifted off to sleep, I thought what a lovely day it had been.

The next two days were a blur of activity and damn it, very little of it involved sex. The first full day aboard was cruising toward Grand Cayman and we explored the ship and all it's shops. The next day we arrived early at Grand Cayman and spent the day ashore shopping and running around.

Yes I'm a woman and yes I like to shop but my horny mind never strayed far from big tits to suck and pussy to eat while I got fucked. Hey what can I say, I staaaaaay horny!! I did get a nice slow fuck from hubby before falling asleep the third night but I had bigger plans.

We arrived early at Cozumel on the third day aboard and by this time; I think we were mostly shopped out. I'd already started making plans to ditch Glen and Lisa right after dinner that night and meet Beth and Mark for some serious fucking and pussy eating.

The guys were going to spend the day together doing "guy" stuff and we really hadn't decided what we were going to do. The guys left just as soon as we arrived at Cozumel and we'd decided to sleep late and then head to shore.

Beth came by our room about 10:00 and caught me still getting dressed. We were meeting Lisa at about 10:30 at her room and big sister took one look at me standing there in my panties and pushed me back onto the bed.

I moaned as she slowly licked my labia through the thin material of my panty. She slowly moved up over my body tracing her tongue up my belly and onto my tits. She started to suck one of my tits and I spread my legs wide to feel her weight pushing against my pussy.

Big sister was the aggressor this time and I arched my back and lifted up my hips as she pulled my panties down. She moaned as she looked down on my clean shaven pussy. She knelt on the bed and gently pulled my already swollen lips apart with her fingers.

I whispered, "Suck my clit Beth" and gasped as she ran two fingers into me. I lifted off the bed to meet her mouth as she gently hooked her fingers under my pubic bone searching for my G spot.

I moaned loudly as she found it and started to rub her fingers around and over it. God it felt so good. She whispered, "Do you like that sweetheart, do you like what big sister is doing to your wet pussy?"

I moaned a barely audible, "Yeeessss" and reached to pull her head into my pussy. "Is this what you need?" she asked and gently sucked my clit into her mouth. Flashes of light exploded behind my eyelids as my body arched up off the bed and I started to cum.

I love when my husband eats my pussy and he often makes me cum but I think every woman reading this who's been with another woman will agree that there is a difference. Somehow a woman's tenderness or inherent knowledge of a pussy just makes it better.

A woman's tongue just seems to move differently over you as she instinctively knows what you need. Beth certainly knew and the orgasm pulsing from my clit into every corner of my body was the evidence.

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